Dragon Ball Challanges
Dragon Ball Challanges
{DBC} Ani-May: Z Warriors Pokemon Team
Hello Nakama and Z Warriors! Ani-May continues and it'd time to combine my two favorites, Dragon Ball and Pokemon! of course Goku, Vegeta and friends can handle any threat and is stronger than anything in the Pokemon world but what if they needed Pokemon? What Pokemon would they want to have on their team? Who will be the Pokemon master? This should be a fun challenge. Pick a member of the Z warriors and choose their Pokemon team! Let's go with a full team of six, well suited for the character of your choice. Vegeta's Team Feraligatr: The tough, scary looking water Pokemon is the perfect starter for the Prince of Saiyans! It's big and tough I couldn't imagine a better partner for the prince. Tyranitar: Another beast of a Pokemon and a great sparing partner for Vegeta. This dark, ground pokemon can cause some serious damage just like the Saiyan Prince. Gengar: the scary, gas based, ghost Pokemon is perfect for Vegeta's team. A trickster and powerful ghost type that would take after his trainer. Dragonite: The very powerful dragon Pokemon that'll surely make the Saiyan prince proud. It's fast speeds and overwhelming strength can make any trainer proud and Vegeta would love to have such a powerful Pokemon on his team! Houndoom: This Hell Hound would be man's best friend. Vegeta needs a companion such as this. The dark, fire type with a taste of blood and doggy treats. Scizor: This steel and bug type is a Pokemon all tough trainers should want. If any Pokemon can cut down that clown Kakorot's team it's this one. Do you like my Pokemon team for Vegeta? What Pokemon team will you pick and for what Z Warrior? make your own card with your own team and don't forget to tag me in it! Make sure to follow all of the DBC's! Check out the Mid Week Mini's Check out all of the great cards from everyone in the community! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day! Don't forget to Rock the Dragon!