Fly me away BTS story
Fly me away BTS story
Fly me away! Epilogue
Epilogue! So it's finally finished. I thought I would be sad to see it end but I realized wait wait wait, I can continue with their adventure in Korea! I got a couple people who were interested and figured yes! I so am willing! lol So this may be the end to 'Fly Me Away!' BUT it isn't the end of the adventures of Arianna and Trinity! So I would stay tuned to that. And please let me know if you would like to continue being added to it! I'll gladly keep everyone on but I would like to double check! Plus I may be making a card asking which title to use for it. I'm inbetween a few titles but can't decide. Okay so now this part is done I will let you all get to the story! “You two will have to take your seats. They are not the best but they are close to the exit so that you can just go through that door and come to the backstage after.” Suga explained when they got to the concert hall. “That’s fine” Trinity said. “Lead the way” She added. Once the guys sent them on their way they took their seats in the last row of a section right next to the door. Ari stared straight and realized she couldn’t see the back of the stage, than again it didn’t really matter to much if they could or not. “Why do we have pretty princesses in front of us?” Trinity questioned. Ari looked at the people and realized like 5 rows of people had headbands that had crowns that were lit up. “I want one!” Ari whined than looked at her. “Omg I want to get one for Kooki!” She said. “You think he would wear it?” she asked. “I don’t know but I must try!” Ari said before she set off to ask those girls where they got theirs. Ari asked the girl at the end and she directed her that they were sold in the lobby so she ran past Trinity and made her way to the lobby. Inside the lobby was crowded but somehow Ari managed to get to the merch line and get 2 headbands with crowns on them and a couple glow sticks. “What did you get?” Trinity asked when she got back. “Oh come on wear one with me right now!” Ari said putting one on her head and the other and Trinity’s. Just as she was doing that screaming erupted and they both turned to the stage just in time to see that, one they could see back stage, and Suga was there waving. Trinity raised her hand and than pointed at him. How he saw Ari would never know but all of a sudden he started to do a little dance and oh god Ari burst out laughing and had to bend over in 2 to keep herself under control. “They did it on purpose!” Ari told Trinity. “Oh yes he did” Trinity said. “Oh look there is another one!” “What are they doing?” Ari questioned as they started grabbing onto each other and than all of a sudden Suga was getting a piggy back ride. “That is epic!” Ari said just as the two disappeared. The concert started shortly after that and with all the hype of the crowd they couldn’t help but get into it and scream and yell along with the crowd. When they danced Ari couldn’t take her eyes off the stage, the bits that she could see had her wanting to fan herself, Trinity was past that she was going between shouting and holding onto her chest. By the time the show ended Ari was slap happy and Trinity was jumping off the walls. “Can we go in back now?” Trinity asked. “Can we leave now?” Ari questioned. “Nooo, look come on” Trinity said pulling onto her arm and dragging her. “The show isn’t over, they are still on stage” Ari pointed out. “And I’m sure they will remain but you want other’s following us?” Trinity pointed out. “No” Ari pouted. “Fine” she started to walk alongside Trinity. Rounding the corner of the exit they both made their way back to a door that led to the backstage. They waited for a good twenty minutes in the changing room the group was using and when they finally did come in each boy looked so exhausted. Ari and Trinity vacated seats and let them sit on the couches. “You guys were amazing tonight!” Trinity complimented them. “The vibe was rocking!” “ It really was good!” Ari chipped in. “You all seem really tired now” she added. Namjoon rolled his head to look over at her, the look said it all. “Your saying the obvious” Jin said. “No worries she does that a lot, ignore her” Trinity said. She was leaning her hip against one of the couches, close to Suga. Small talk was made for several moments before Trinity slid the headband crown on Suga’s face. “There, a fitting crown” She laughed. He looked at her and grinned. “It fits” he said like he was cinderella. “Who are you giving yours to?” Trinity questioned Ari. “Decisions” she mumbled. “Gimme” Kooki held out his hand. “Omo, you’ll wear it?” she questioned but didn’t give him an opportunity as she moved it off her head and quickly put it on his. “That is precious” Ari laughed. There was snickers coming from the others and than staff members came in. “Hi touch and photo op is starting” the woman said just as Ari started yawning like crazy. Her slap happy attitude came to an end with doing nothing. She stared at Trinity and than back at them. “Trin trin” She whispered. “I’m not leaving.” Trinity knew her to well. “You will drag me away and shove me into a wall before I’m compliable to that.” It made everyone laugh except Ari and Namjoon. “That’s fine.” Ari nodded. “I’ll leave you here. Um sorry to be the party pooper but no sleep is killing me officially now” She said. “Sleep here until we are back. Than I’ll take you to hotel” Namjoon said. “Awe!” A round went around the room. “Shut up” Namjoon said. He was blushing even as he spoke though. The guys left leaving Ari and Trinity by themselves. “I’m not joking though, and that couch looks comfy” Ari said as she sat down and than laid out. Trinity just laugh. “No no I’m following suit. I may have gotten more sleep on the plane but all that running around wore me out” Trinity said taking custody of the other couch and laying down. Within minutes they were both fast asleep. Ari woke up as she was being moved. She wasn’t sure what was happening or even how long she had been out for but apparently long enough for them to come back. Ari opened her eyes and spotted Trinity opposite of her leaning against Suga’s shoulder, it was than she noticed that her head was in someone’s lap and someone was petting her head. “How long have we been out?” Ari asked as she slowly moved so she could stare up and right at Namjoon who was looking down at her. “An hour” he shrugged. “Your still wearing the crown” Trinity said making Ari look over to see what she was talking about. Sure enough Kooki was still wearing the headband and J hope now sported the second one. “Kooki wouldn’t take his off but the other was passed around everyone. Someone else gave us a third one so Tae got one as well” Suga said. “I wish I could have seen that” Trinity sighed. “I’m sure people will post pictures of themselves with us.” Suga commented. “Are you two ready to go to your hotel?” Tae questioned. “Yea, we really should.” Ari said getting up off Namjoon than decided better and rested her head on his shoulder. “Let’s head out” Suga said. “We have a couple weeks off. Keep in contact and we’ll get together again” Namjoon said to Ari. “Definitely.” Ari nodded against his shoulder. “Let’s get you to your hotel before you fall asleep again” Namjoon chuckled. Ari and Trinity exited through the front of the building as to not walk out with the boys but they told them to meet them on the corner a street away so they could get a ride. “This was fun!” Trinity yawned. “You think they will really call?” she asked. “Considering they brought it up I’m sure” Ari nodded. When they exited there was a bunch of people still there waiting, probably for rides or to spot BTS. “Probably a good idea we meet them a couple streets away” Trinity said. “Do you want to see if they-” Just as Ari started to speak she saw the black van leaving the parking lot. “Nope they are gone” she said finishing her sentence. The two of them walked a little ways until they saw the van waiting for them and than walked over to it. The got the ride to the hotel with the boys and than they left after saying goodbye’s and how they would call. “This was a great start for our trip” Trinity said as they laid in beds. “It really was” Ari said with her eyes closed. “So do you have a crush on Suga or what?” She laughed half heartedly. “Well you and Namjoon were getting very close too” Trinity laugh. “Very true. Okay I’m about to fall asleep. Let’s go exploring tomorrow!” She said. “To exploring!” Trinity said. “ And you better not get us lost!” Trinity added making them both chuckle. So how did you all like the epilogue! I didn't focus to much on the concert just because time with the members felt more important! Plus I didn't want to make it longer then it already turned out to be lol. I hope to see you all around. It's been great sharing this story with you all! The support and love of the story has been great! Tag List!!!!! 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Fly me away! Part 18
It's the final Chapter! It makes me sad to say that but I am hoping as a bonus at some point there is an epilogue coming out. Anyway I'm going to say thank you to all my readers and I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing! I had a needed to write goofy nonsense and nothing romantic, I know a few were disappointed by that and I sorry but maybe next story will be a romance! So now I'm going to say bye bye! And have fun reading! “I wonder if we can take a Korean guy home” Trinity said randomly. Still groggy from sleep I stared at her. “You want to kidnap a guy?” I asked her. “Well who else will?” she questioned. “There’s something wrong here” Suga interrupted. “Who would you kidnap?” he asked nervous. “Well it can’t be any of you guys. As much as it has been fun talking to you guys, but you have jobs and a busy schedule wouldn’t want to deprive you of that” I told him. “Which is why it has to be someone else” Trinity said. “I don’t want any part of that” I said. It made her laugh. “O come on, be my accomplice” she said. “Nope, I’ll just bail you out of jail. “ I told her, than shrugged. “After I form a bond with said kidnapped guy” I added chuckling. “You choose a guy over your best friend?” She sounded like she was shocked, sounded, she really wasn’t. “Probably. Give it a couple day’s” I said with a nod. “Oh gosh, this is playing right into the dream I had” I laughed. “You dreamed I kidnapped someone?” she questioned. “Ne” I drew out the word. “I dreamed I was kidnapped and than turned out it was by some hot guy and I started to like him but than Namjoon rescued me for some reason” I explained shortly. “I rescued you?” Namjoon asked than nodded. “Hero!” He said making a pose. “What did I rescue you from?” he asked. I shrugged. “Drug lords?” I said questionably. “I could take them” he nodded his approval. “Ladies and gentlemen we will be landing shortly, if you can turn off electronics and return your seats to the upright positions” The speaker went on and announced. “Oh my god, We’re almost there!” Trinity said. “I’m sad this is over but dear god I want OFF” I said. “My legs hurt from not moving and my back is stiff” I complained. “I know what you mean” Trinity said. “My back is killing me” she agreed with me. “It’s going to land in another twenty minutes and than we have to wait for deboarding” Namjoon said. “Your probably right” I nodded. “So are you guys getting off first and with a bunch of security?” I asked him. He just nodded. “So once you're off the plane than we’re not going to see you?” Trinity questioned sadly. “You’ll see us at the concerts” Namjoon said. “If you still want the tickets?” he questioned. “Sure” I nodded. “Can’t leave off just like this now can we?” I laughed. “If you come backstage after we can get food!” Suga said interrupting us. “Meal time!” I said happily. “Well that’s just more incentive!” I added making him laugh. “Are we going to get off first or wait until rush is over?” I asked trinity. “We can wait for a little bit” she said. “That works. And you have our hotel information right?” I asked her. “Yup, it’s in my purse and we’ll have to get a phone, oh I don’t know if our phones will work here” Trinity looked scared for a minute. “We can try when we get on the ground, if they don’t than we can just get a pre-paid cell phone” I told her. “What company do you have?” Namjoon questioned. “If you have a chip for your phone it will work” he added. “Virgin mobile. Definitely won’t work. It didn’t in Ireland but I can still hook up to internet and use snapchat and facebook” I told her. “I have t-mobile and the international chip thing I think mine will work” Trinity said. “It will!” Namjoon said. “Yey, we’ll have one working phone!” I said with a sleepy smile. “And soon a pre-paid. Think we’ll want one so that we don’t use up all the data on my phone” she said making me laugh. “Or if we get split up and can’t find each other.” I added. “Remember when we went to a concert and afterwards in the crowd because our phones were dead we couldn’t find each other for like twenty minutes. That wasn’t bad but just think that was one building this is an entire city” I told her. “You are directionally challenged. Don’t blame it on phones not working” Trinity said. “Well duh. I know I am but that doesn’t explain getting lost” I shot back. “Oh it does” she said cryptically. I stared at her for a moment. Than I turned to Namjoon. “So what are you guys doing after deboarding?” I asked him. He thought about it for a moment. “Going to the dorms than studio. Our concert is tomorrow night so we can get over jet lag” he said. “Nice!” I nodded. “Gives you time to relax” I added. “What will you be doing?” he asked turning the table on me. “Hmm. Well first going to the hotel, than since it’ll be afternoon I’ll end up dragging Trin trin to a coffee shop before exploring” I told him. “You won’t have to drag me around. I’m going willingly!” Trinity interjected. “Good I happy!” I grinned. “IF you hadn’t I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go on my own” I told her truthfully. “You know with getting lost and all that” I shrugged. “Well no worries, you’ll have plenty of time for that” Trinity said laughing. “You are that directionally challenged?” Namjoon asked. “Hmm, oh yea. We’ve realized that if it’s the two of us, it’s not an adventure if we don’t get lost at least once” I told him. “That strange” he shook his head. My ears started to pop and the plane started its descent. The plane was nose diving and I had to grip onto the arm rest. “We forgot to put earplugs in” Trinity said. “I know” I groaned even as I realized I still had the headphones around my neck. “Here I said handing one to her and putting the other in my ear. “This’ll help at least” I said as I pressed the button on my phone to put the music back on. Got7 started to play. It helped with the popping of the ear’s as we went down until we felt the landing. A noise came from ahead of us. When the plane stopped moving I let out my breath that I subconsciously was holding and took out the headphone. “Yey we made it!” Trinity shouted making several people laugh. “I so happy, so happy!” she sang delighted by it. I joined in doing jazz hands and ended up laughing halfway through the second verse. “Welcome to South Korea!” The intercom spoke than started speaking about getting off and such. After the first couple words I didn’t pay attention. It was the end of the plane ride! Sadly it was the end of our time with BTS, Panther, and Daniella. It had been nice getting to know them and have fun on the long plane ride. Panther had been anxious to get off the plane so once the guy’s got off with security surrounding them the group that was ready to go got off. It took about three minutes before there was gaps in between people leaving. Daniella went first and than me and Trinity got up and grabbed our carry on’s before getting off the plane. When we got of the plane I took notice of the vast difference of this airport verses the one we came on. “Wow” Trinity said before people started walking around us to get by us. So we started to move and made our way to the luggage area. “It’s the middle of the day I guess it gets busy. Oh I bet if you go out those doors they have that waiting area where you can get people who are coming off the plane. I’ve seen that in drama’s” Trinity exclaimed. “I’m so excited. Were actually here. Arianna. We are here!” Trinity exclaimed making me chuckle. We sure were!!! The End! . . . Or so. . . . Shall the story continue????? Tag List!!!!! 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Fly me Away! Part 17
So it's winding down. This is a short chapter and I'm sorry for that, I"m running low on creative juice! I wanted to get this out today before I couldn't! So here we go! “I’ve been abandoned” Trinity said staring at Suga. He looked over at Namjoon who was alseep now. At some point he had dozed off as well. “Do you travel?” he asked all of a sudden. “Hmm, kind of. I do a bunch of road trips but never been out of the country before” Trinity said. “I have a list a mile long of places I want to go” she added. “What top place?” he asked. “Korea!” she said than laughed. “Next will be Sweden, or maybe Finland? Oh but I want to do Iceland” Trinity couldn’t make up her mind where to go next. “Those are the top three, Ari wanted to do Finland a few years back, she’s part Finnish which is why” she explained. “Pretty places. Went a trip to Sweden and Finland” he said. “Did you love it?” she questioned. “It was an experience” he said than laughed. “Want to see picture?” he asked. Trinity looked at him. A slow smile spread across her face before she shook her head vigorously. Suga took out his camera and started to go through pictures, pointing out the ones he was in and saying which ones he got to take. “Wait wait so most of these you took?” Trinity asked taking the camera from him to get a closer look. “MY baby!” He said lunging to get his camera. Trinity couldn’t help but laugh as she handed the camera back to him and watched him craddle the camera. “I like sky!” he said. There were a decent amount of pictures of him making strange faces or the clouds and blue sky. “It’s a pretty blue sky picture” she told him. “Where did you take the funny face pictures?” she asked. “They not funny!” he said making her laugh. “Oh yes they are” she laughed. “I was on the bus!” he told her. “I did not act goof at the concert after that” he said sounding proud. “Oh, okay” she nodded. “Hey, random. What if you could never sleep longer then 5 hours a night But you could craft and control your dreams every night?” Trinity questioned. “No more than 5 hours, that mean I have more time to practice” he thought about it seriously. Trinity started to poke Arianna. “Would you?” He asked her. “More hours to be awake!” she nodded. “Plus I don’t sleep that much to begin with, at least this way I wouldn’t be tired when I woke up” she added. “Arrii” Trinity poked her but she just moved and made a funny noise. “Did she just snore?” Suga questioned. He leaned over the seats and poked her. Another noise came out and than her hand started to slap the air. Trinity poked her in the side. Ari mumbled something before turning to face Trinity but her eyes were still shut. “What did you say I couldn’t hear you?” Trinity said. “You know your missing these amazing pictures Suga took” she said. A mummbled reply came out of her. My nap lasted a good twenty minutes! With the laughter and poking I couldn’t take it any longer. Sleep was of no avail. *Back to Ari* “What do you bloody want!” I moaned opening my eyes slightly and facing Trinity. “What if you could never sleep longer then 5 hours a night But you could craft and control your dreams every night?” she asked. “Wait you woke me up to ask me that?” I asked. “Do you know how much I hate you?” I narrowed my eyes. “LALALALA I didn’t hear you” Trinity said covering her ears. “I”m going back to sleep” I said moving to get comfortable again. “No, you can’t sleep” Trinity went back to poking her. “Come on we only have an hour left before we land” She said. “If you can make it we can sleep when we get there” she told me. It made me laugh. “Oh no, when we get there we’re going to the hotel and than explore! I have to be awake for it” I told her. “Well than you missed your opportunity to sleep earlier when we all took a nap” she said. “Ugh Fine. I’m awake” I told her. “What is it you want to do now that we're all up?” I asked her. “Look at Suga’s faces” she grinned. I stared at her blankly. “You want to stare at Suga?” I asked her. It made her laugh. ”The picture’s he took of himself making faces” she said. So we both looked at his pictures, all 200 that were taken within a ten minute period. That boy could take photo’s! Tag List!!!!! 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Fly Me Away! Part 16
As I'm waiting for my cookies to bake I thought to myself I haven't updates this story in a while and I have it sitting on my computer with the next chapter up and ready. So in between my baking I decided I'm going to whip up a card while I wait! lol Now there is two conversations going on and the gap shows some time has gone on in between them. I just figured I would let you know before you read it! And yes one of these conversations actually happened in real time (my roommate is having major issues with her computer) can you guess who wore the pink dress. and whose chest that is omg the pics got cropped. lol With just three more hours of the plan ride. Time was now starting to go by extremely fast. With idle chit chat among the guys and the pairings Trinity and I ended up talking to one another for a while. “I’m starting to want off this plane Trin.” I told her. “It’s only been half a day” Trinity said making it sound like it wasn’t that long. “You make it sound so short that way” I laughed. “Anyway I wanted to ask you something” I looked over at her. “What?” she asked. “Don’t tell me you want to stay in one of those capsule hotels were you sleep in that little cubicle. It’s too claustrophobic for me” she shuttered at the thought. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Capsule hotels are in Japan. You know we would have gone there for a couple hours with a layover in Tokyo. Knocked it off our bucket list” I told her. “Oh yea I forgot about that. And no I wasn’t to thrilled about where my luggage went to” she said. “I know, but you know it is a little better to lose it at the beginning of the trip than at the end. I mean you have all your important items in your carry on but on the way back with all the souvenirs and knick knacks I would hate to lose it on the way back. “ I explained to her. She sighed. ‘Ari, that doesn't help. I prefer not to lose it at all” she said. “Well duh, but if it happens” I shrugged. “So what is it you wanna do?” Trinity went back to asking “wait don't tell me, you want to go to that hair show that you've been talking about over the past week?, I already told you your doing that on your own. I'm not going to spend a hundred dollars to get into that fair and than end up buying products and spend a fortune!” Trinity exclaimed making me laugh. “ yup and we already discussed that. You're going off you visit the temple in the mountain the day I do that’ I told her “but that's not it” I added quickly before she could come up with another idea. “ They have a place or town, whatever that you can go to and dress up in those really old clothes they wrote back in the olden days-” “Are you talking about what happened in that drama you saw and those american tourists wanted to take a picture cause they were dressed in that funky dress and as an old school scholar?” Trinity cut in and asked. “Yes! I exclaimed. “ I'll go but I won't dress up” she said. ---- “Hey what ever happened with your roommate's computer?” Trinity asked after I pulled my tablet out. I had just turned it on when trinity asked. “Last I heard, I think a week ago, the computer they sent out, brand new, crashed five minutes after she turned it on.” I told her. I could feel Trinity cringe. “Yea Jen didn’t take it very well. She went into meltdown mode and we went through the phases she’s going through” I added. “What happened with the first two they sent out?” Trinity asked as she took the tablet and started going through the music. “Well the first one the keyboard and the screen were coming off but it still worked for the most part. The second one wouldn’t even turn on and now this one the hard drive crashed and than it tells her she needs a password to get into the computer. She’s having a tough time with technology” I explained the problems she’s been facing with her computer. “She’s gone through the stages of non-existent character to angry prisoner -” I was cut off. “Wait wait back up. Non existent character?” Trinity questioned. “Oh yea at some point because they were trying to get her to pay for another warranty on the computer she called herself a non-existent character from an unwritten book.” I explained. There was muffled laughter coming from ahead of us. “Okay, now the next question. Angry prisoner?” she asked. “Well see Jen was going on about how Lenovo takes no prisoners and than I butted in and corrected her by saying technically they do take you prisoner because they’ve deprived you from getting your computer fixed, getting your life together and no internet for three months. They’ve taken you prisoner” I went on to tell her than continued with the short story. “So after that Jen decided she liked the sound of that and was like well I’m not going to be an angry prisoner or one of those carefree prisoners. I’ve gone to Stalker prisoner. I will call them every day, send them messages off my phones internet and if I must go to facebook look them up and send messages there. I won’t give up!” There was a burst of laughter from ahead and this time I couldn’t ignore it I looked over the seat to see Namjoon and Suga curled up and holding onto each other as they laughed. I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter which brought Trinity’s attention to what was happening. “So after that I told her there were stages she was going through, first was angry prisoner, second is stalker prisoner, third is insane prisoner and than there was the abyss” I said which made them laugh harder. “What is past abis?” Namjoon questioned between laughter. “Oh well we actually did come up with that. Past abis is social media suicide. Which is where you start to attack through the media, call up tv stations for a story on them and their horrible service and if you can go on jerry springer, like who’s the baby’s daddy, except it would be which computer works” I said. “This sounds like a bunch of stages” Trinity said as I sat back in the seat and took the tablet from her to go through music choices. “Oh while we were talking about it I looking across the room and I swear the picture of B.A.P I put up, three of those guys were staring and it looked as if they were completely judging us” I told her. “Should I listen to B.A.P?” I asked her. I was creating a short temporary playlist for the next hour so I could get a little sleep “A poster judged you” Trinity laughed. “So hard” I agreed with her. “Ari there is a problem when your poster judged you for something you said” she laughed. “Well when it happens, it happens” I shrugged. I selected to listen to B.A.P, Exo, Got7, Royal pirates, Helly luv and yes my three favorite songs that were american. ‘Shut up and Drive’ and ‘Let me think about it’ which both came from St. Trinians movie and than my third song was ‘Down to the Second’ By Zach Berkman. “Do you think they will be okay?” I asked pointing ahead of us to the two guys who were still in a fit of laughter. “I don’t know” Trinity said. “Maybe” she shrugged. “Are you going to take a nap?” she asked me as I yawned. I was getting tired. This entire time I had yet to sleep and had been set to stay up the entire time but a sudden sleepyness had set over me and I had kept yawning through the entire story I was telling. “I’m fading. I don’t think I can stay up any longer” I told her. “Can you wake me in an hour?” I asked her. “Who will I talk to when you're asleep?” she asked. I raised a brow which made her laugh. “Good point.” When I got my headset in I pulled out my panda from my carry on at my feet and snuggled. I was just about to sleep when my earbud got pulled out and than my panda was being pulled from me. “Panda!” I called out grabbing onto the foot that I still had in my hand. “My panda!” I said again. Suga was staring down at me with the rest of my panda. “You can’t sleep!” he said tugging on panda. “Yes I can!” I whined as I pulled panda and reluctantly got him back. “I have a stuffed animal too!” he said brightly before he disappeared for a minute and than came back up with a stuffed dog in his hands. It was brown with black spots on it’s back and was in a sitting position. It’s large eyes looked like eyes and not little black beads. “See I call him Puggy!” he said chipperly. “Nice, he looks soft” I said reaching out to pet but he pulled it away and hugged it to his chest. “My Puggy!” he said, which made me think. “Did you just copy me?” I asked which made him laugh. “Oh you so did” I said as I set panda in my lap and than went to grab him. Instead of grabbing him though Trinity snuck in at some point and took ahold of the dog and snatched it out underneath us. “Muhaha mine now!” Trinity said. “Here you can have Birdy” She said handing her stuffed bear to suga. He looked at it and than at Trinity. “Are we trading?” he asked. “Not unless you give me this” she said holding up the dog. “I not” he said. “Are you going on about animals again?” Namjoon cut in to ask. “No. Ari is going to sleep with her panda and Trin Trin and Suga are going to talk and leave me alone to sleep” I said looking back and forth between the two. When neither said anything I put my headphone back into my ear and than with one last look turned the other direction and got comfy for a little nap. Tag List!!!!! Grouping for bts Fam tag list! @AngelaDarkness @Anarose @amberg171997 @BridgeJara @BetseyBleau @blackvelveteen @Cassierchiqua @Choijiah @chisom756 @Defy24601 @drummergirl691 @DaeBae @ezzygomez24 @EmmaJolie @Gaehwa @HayleyYates @Izzy987 @IsoldaPazo @JaxomB @jojojordy2324 @JeniseRamos @JessicaFigueroa @KeraDelatorre @KarlythePanda66 @Kpossible4250 @Kpopandkimchi @koinii @KiinLyr @lovelyashley91 @LittleJiminie @Michelle305 @mrsjeon @MaritessSison @merryJayne13 @MoraLesley @NicoleFireRose @NadineEsquivel @NaBi7 @Orihemay @pharmgirlerin @Patmanmeow @PatriciaS @RKA916 @Raenel @resavalencia @RavenQueen0810 @SarahVanDorn @Sarahlvester @Starbell808@StephanieAyala @SindyHernandez @SugaOnTop @Szewwy, @sierrakuper @Saeda1320 @sugacubezzz @Tigerlily84 @TKOtaku @TesneemElAlami @tiffany1922 @VmeetL @yaya12 @Znae