Lets make a story with ikonπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
Lets make a story with ikonπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
Doomed to repeat.
I finally have it finished!!! @DeniseiaGardner * Trigger Warning!! * * Slight abuse* * Among other thing* It does get very dark towards the end so if you can't handle things along those lines please don't read. ( I hope you enjoy) The three character I was given Yunhyeong, Amber, and Hongbin. Plus my main character. I hope you guys enjoy, it's not the best but hey I had fun writing it ^_^ . β€œ Is that Today?” I sighed heavily looking towards the calendar hanging on the wall as a big red circle stood out against the rest of the unmarked page. β€œ What are you getting worked up about Jayde?” A girl asked as she slowly made her way towards me until her eyes landed on the wall. β€œ It's that time again huh?” She sighed throwing herself onto the table in front of me. β€œ Every time we get comfortable in a new town we have to leave.” I pouted throwing my arms across my chest like a five year old. β€œ Jayde grow up will you. We have been doing this for how long now.” A Voice scolded me from behind. β€œ Yeah, but that's just the thing Hong-bin we have been doing this for centuries now. Why can't we just stay in one place.” I whined once again as I slowly made my way towards him. β€œ Jayde you know that we want to be able to just as much as you, but you know why we can't.” He sighed pinching his nose in frustration. β€œ Amber a little help please?” He asked looking towards the girl on the table. β€œ Nope you are all on your own there Bin you know how she gets.” Amber laughed jumping down from the table heading towards the stairs. β€œ Fine just be ready by night fall I have calls to make.” He started to walk away shaking his head only to come to a halt. β€œ Jayde I don't want you to panic, but this time we are going to Seoul.” He said then was gone just like that leaving me frozen by his words. No I can't go back there not after last time. β€œ They went this way!” A sharp voice rang through the crowd as the villagers lifted their lanterns and stakes high with a cheer. β€œ I told you not to mess with humans!” Hong bin yelled while keeping my bloody body cradled in his arms. β€œ I am so sorry Hong bin, and you too Amber I..” My voice trailed off as my consciousness slipped away sending me into floating in a black abyss. By the time I awoke we were already safely hidden on a boat heading for London, but what scared me the most is they never once mentioned what happened again. Without much say so in where we went, the next few hour were agonizing as we sat silently on the plane. β€œ It won't be like last time Jayde.” Amber smiled unable to bear the atmosphere any longer. β€œ How do you know?” I snorted glaring towards her. β€œ As long as you do as you are told this time we won't have any problems.” Hong bin finally sighed looking towards us annoyed. β€œ You seriously still blame that on me?!” I exclaimed baffled by their attitude. β€œ Who should I blame then? You have no idea what I went through to make sure you lived!” He hissed back with a tone that said he wouldn't hear anymore on the subject. The next couple weeks slowly trudged by while we spent each day getting the new place set up. β€œ Hong Bin when can we eat! I am starving here.” Amber whined as she dramatically threw her arms in the air. β€œ It's been weeks since We have been able to eat anything!” I joined in her dramatic tantrum. Sometimes I didn't know how Hong bin dealt with us after all these years together. β€œ We can go tonight, but you have to behave both of you.” He smirked giving into our demands. Maybe the hunger had gone to his head, but if we could finally eat we weren't going to complain as we both quickly got dressed for our night out. As we walked into the musty old bar the familiar scent flooded my senses burning my nose. β€œ Why do all humans smell the same no matter where we are.” I scrunched my nose in disgust no longer wishing to breath as I held my breath. Hong bin only chuckled while slowly walking towards his new found target. β€œ He has horrible taste.” Amber winced after looking towards his choice in women. She slowly made her way towards the bar where her target was sitting half way on the stool fighting with the bar tender. β€œ You have even worse taste.” I sighed looking around the room for someone completely drunk since it was easier for them to forget. That was when I saw him standing there scanning the crowd until his eyes met mine making my blood run cold. β€œ No that isn't possible.” I shook my head trying to erase the vision from my sight. β€œ Um excuse me?” The voice said as they lightly tapped on my shoulder causing me to jerk around with an inhuman speed. β€œ Sorry if I scared you, but I wanted to make sure you were okay you looked a little pale.” The man smiled just like he did many years ago. But there was no way it could be the same person I scolded myself looking closer towards them man in front of me. β€œ I'm sorry but your name isn't Song Seung-hwan by chance is it?” I heard myself say before I could filter my loud mouth. β€œ No my name is Song Yunhyeong, but that is my grandfathers name funny that you would know that name.” He said quizzically while studying me with a smirk. He knew. He had to know if he was related to that wicked man. There was no denying he had to know what I was as his eyes sparked to life. β€œ Shit!” I whispered to myself trying to come up with an excuse to leave. Hong bin was going to kill me if this Yunhyeong guy didn't beat him too it. β€œ You feeling okay?” He asked sweetly reaching his hand slowly towards my head. β€œ Who me yeah I am just fine, but sorry I think my friend is calling me it was nice meeting you.” I quickly said with a bow trying to head towards Amber before it was too late. β€œ That's funny I didn't hear anything.”He stated grabbing a hold of my wrist tightly. β€œ Maybe we should talk somewhere private.” He smirked while turning around pulling me along. If it wasn't for the fact it had been weeks since I last fed I could easily get away. After walking for quite some time in silence we finally came to a stop in front of an abandoned house as he quickly pulled me inside. β€œ Okay we should be safe enough here.” He sighed releasing his hold on me as he quickly went to the window. β€œ Safe didn't you bring me here to kill me?” I heard myself ask dumbfounded once again unable to think before I spoke. Just as soon as the words left my mouth he was doubled over in laughter. β€œ Kill you? Idiot I just saved your life and you thought I wanted to kill you?” He looked towards me while wiping away tears from his eyes. β€œ So you know what I am yet you saved my life?” I asked not buying any word he was saying. β€œ Well yeah I knew you the moment I saw you my grandfather has made sure we all know your face since we were young.” He laughed pulling out a picture as if to prove his story. β€œ Of course he would do something like that the sneaky bastard.” I hissed almost falling into rage. β€œ Hey when was the last time you ate because I was serious when I said you looked pale.” He asked looking towards me worried before quickly adding β€œWell paler than you are supposed to be.” He smiled trying to be friendly. β€œ Maybe around a month ago?” I stated more to myself than anything as his eyes grew twice their size. β€œ No wonder you didn't fight me when I pulled you here. You need to eat!” He started to panic as he quickly pulled out a small knife bringing it to his shoulder before I knew what was going on. β€œ Here quickly before we have to move again.” He smiled as a bright red line formed where the knife had once been as it beckoned me closer. β€œ Wait I can't do this.”I tried to turn my head as my body slowly moved on it's own as if under a spell. β€œ Never turn down a hunters blood silly girl it will help you far better than any normal human's blood.” He said proudly closing the distance between us as I instinctively wrapped my arms around him biting where the cut was made. Part of me knew it might be a trap, but my hunger took over leaving me unable to think properly as I quietly drank my fill.” There now do you feel better?” He asked with a smile once I finally pulled away wiping the reaming blood from my lips. β€œ So how long till the poison kicks in?” I asked with a raised eye brow only to get a shocked expression in return. β€œ What poison exactly are you talking about?” He smiled not giving away anything as I huffed out in frustration pinning him to a wall. β€œ You could tell I hadn't eaten so you brought me to an abandoned house forced me to drink from you so I couldn't fight you when you tired to kill me.” I named off while holding up fingers earning only laughter. β€œ If I wanted to kill you I could of many times already, also even if you fought me I could kill you easily.” He smirked looking extremely relaxed for someone pinned against the wall. Next thing I knew I was thrown against the wall Yunhyeong once stood as my hands were being held tightly above my head. β€œ I don't need petty tricks You may be a vampire, but I have been forced to train since I was three years old just to be able to over power your kind.” He whispered softly near my ear sending shivers through out my entire body. β€œ That's horrible making a small child learn things like that.” I gasped horrified at how they treated their young so carelessly. β€œ Well it does have it's benefits.” He boasted looking towards my arms tightly pressed into the wall with a smirk. β€œ I don't know where your mind is going, but you need to slow down boy.” I said only guessing what thoughts were crossing his mind. β€œ Well your friends are here anyway so I guess I should leave for now.” Laughing he walked away as if nothing had happened right before Amber and Hong bin come running in through the door. β€œ Didn't I tell you to behave yourself!” Hong bin yelled gripping my face tightly in his hand. β€œ You could have been killed!” He continued to yelled as Amber only stood there watching horrified as everything unfolded. β€œ But I wasn't!” I tried to say, but next thing I knew I was tossed to the ground. I hated when he lost his temper I was always his target as he pulled me up by my hair. β€œ Hong bin it hurts!!” I yelled trying to claw at his hands hoping desperately to be released from his grip. β€œ Where is the human you were with?!” He demanded yanking me towards his face as I screamed in agony. β€œ I don't know!” I yelled dinging my nails deep into his skin, but nothing worked as his grip never loosened . β€œ Remember what happened last time you got involved with a human, you let our secret out and it almost cost us our lives! I will be damned if I let you repeat your mistakes!” He yelled tossing me away as my head slammed into the wall making my vision fade. When I awoke I was laying in my bed, but my arms felt heavy as if something was weighing them down. I quickly found out they were chains as I tired to sit up only to find out I couldn't move. β€œ Hong Bin!!! How dare you do this to me!” I yelled loudly thrashing around trying to break free. β€œ Well I don't trust you Jayde.” He said standing in the door way with a smirk on his face drinking a dark liquid from a glass. After a minute the familiar scent hit me as my face turned to horror. β€œ Please tell me you didn't?” I begged as his eye lit up walking closer towards me. β€œ Oh this why don't you taste it and tell me.” He laughed manically bringing his lips to mine forcing the dark ruby liquid into my mouth. β€œ You idiot! You really went to kill Song Seung-hwan the leader of the hunters!” I coughed on the vile blood in my mouth. β€œ After all these years you still remember the taste of his blood so well.” He snickered forcing another large amount into my mouth as I gagged multiple times squirming around trying to escape from Hong bin. β€œ You should of seen the way he begged for his life.” He gloated sickly waving the glass in front of him as he recalled the terror of his fallen victim. β€œ Where is Amber?” I asked calmly trying to bring back the person who had been with me for centuries, but the person in front of me was nothing but a complete stranger. β€œ Oh her who knows she left two weeks ago?” He thought for a minute before answering with a playful smile. β€œ Wait two weeks?!” I tried jumping up only to be reminded of the chains digging into my skin as I winced. β€œ What did you do to me?!” I demanded looking into his dark blue crystal eyes searching for any remainder of the friend who was once there. β€œ All I am doing is keeping you safe from those demons! Why can't you see how much you mean to me Jayde.” He exploded as his glass made contact with the wall. β€œ Why do you always pick humans over me?” He pleaded as he slowly climbed onto my bed drawing closer each second. β€œ What are you talking about Hong bin I have stayed with you for two hundred years! You are my dearest friend..” I started to say, but he wasn't hearing a word I said as he forced his lips against mine for the third time. β€œ There in lies the problem Jayde my dear you only think of me as a friend.” He laughed humorlessly as he pulled away looking down towards me as his expression darkened. β€œ I will make you mine.” He hissed before he forcefully kissed me once again as tears fell from my eyes. β€œ Please don't do this.” I begged, but it fell on deaf ears as his hands slipped underneath my shirt. β€œ Please stop!” I cried thrashing around only earning a cold laugh as he continued his sick game. Just then the door exploded from it's hinges with an ear shattering noise. I wasn't sure if I should be happy or terrified as I saw his eyes staring towards us from the door, but he wasn't alone there were 6 others standing with him along with Amber by his side. β€œ Well what do we have here?” Yunhyeong smirked towards Hong bin as nether made a move. β€œ It looks like a party that we weren't invited to.” A taller man said from the back as his eyes were wild with rage. β€œ To bad for you that I love crashing parties.” The shortest person said looking up towards the taller guy with a smile right before they quickly separated completely surrounding us. β€œ You okay Jayde?!” Amber said keeping her distance as the guys were slowly closing the distance. Unable to mutter a sounds tears fell from my eyes knowing the outcome before it even came to be. β€œ Oh look Jayde your knights in shinning armor come to your rescue, but wait aren't they Hunters who kill our kind?” He laughed looking towards me as he gently caressed my face as pain twisted onto his face. β€œ I just wanted to keep you safe. You were my most important person, and the thought of losing you was too much to handle.” He sighed taking one last lingering glance at me before hurling himself towards the closest hunter ready for his fate. Tears exploded from my eyes as the sickening sound of bones crunching beneath the weight of a stake while it passed into his chest. His body crumpled to the ground seconds before he was nothing, but a pile of ash laying undisturbed on the ground as the room grew silent. β€œ You okay?” A small voice asked from my side as all eyes were now fixed on the two of us. β€œ Amber did you get them?” I asked while they all watched us without a sound. β€œ Yeah.” She mumbled while fighting tears as she threw her arms around me. β€œ Boss what do we do now?” The boy closest to us said while all eyes slowly looked towards Yunhyeong. β€œ Wait you are the boss?” I said as my filter once again failed me as he smiled towards me. β€œ Well since your pal there killed the old one someone had to take over.” He said with that quizzically look in his eyes once again. β€œ You know that is a good look for you.” He winked before giving orders to help free me. β€œ Why is your head always in the gutter you pervert.” I forced a smile before wincing from the pain of the chains. β€œ Well whose wouldn't be when they see a extremely attractive girl chained to a bed half naked.” He smiled as it just hit me I was scantly clad in a room full of guys. I quickly screamed as the chains fell limp while I tried to run towards the closet, but fell face first on the floor in stead. β€œ Are you sure she is a vampire?” The taller guys asked as everyone tried to hide their laughter. β€œ She most definitely is Ju-ne, but not as gifted in the grace department.” Amber said joining the conversation as if they had all been old friends. β€œ That's for sure in all my years I have never seen a vampire fall on their face.” The smaller guy tried to hide his laugh as Yunhyeong smiled helping me up. β€œ Well there is a first for everything isn't there.” Yunhyeong smiled. β€œ But Jayde these are my closest friends we all trained together since we were young. The order from oldest we have Jinhwan, Me, Bobby, Hanbin, Donghyuk, Ju-ne, and Chanwoo.” He pointed everyone out one by one with a proud smile. β€œ So you aren't going to kill us?” I asked looking towards them all one by one. β€œ Well no not unless you want to be killed?” Bobby asked puzzled looking towards me. β€œ Is she always like this?” Jinhwan looked towards Amber who only nodded with a laugh. β€œ I told you last time if I wanted to kill you I easily could, but no I didn't come all this way to save you again just to kill you.” Yunhyeong laughed while covering me with a blanket. β€œ Why did you save me?” I heard myself ask before I could stop myself. It was a habit of mine I don't think I will ever be able to fix. β€œ Because I am nothing like my grandfather, Who made our whole generation train from a young. While he poisoned us with blood from your kind so we would live longer than the average human. I want to bring peace not fighting.” He smiled as our faces twisted in horror. β€œ I knew he was sick, but that is just horrible.” I sighed remembering the man he pretended to be only to fool me. β€œ It's in the past now, but what do you say let's make a better future for the world together.” Yunhyeong smiled holding out his hand towards me waiting for my answer. β€œ I would love too.” Smiling I took hold of his hand as the room erupted with cheer. We all knew that changing thousand year old beliefs wouldn't be a walk in the park, but as long if we all stayed together we could write a better future for generations to come. Well..My baby =(. I would love to hear what you all think? * shamefully asking for feedback xD* Anyway I hope you are all still with me and that you enjoyed it. winkonic squad β™‘β™‘β™‘: @IsoldaPazo @twistedPuppy @B1A4BTS5ever @Moose1998 @resavalencia @vipgirl5 @LocoForJiyong @JohnEvans @xxchicharitoxx @AubriePope @reyestiny93 @LemonLassie @SuperJuniorelf @kennaxx @KAddict @amberg171997 @KpopQueenaBee @awkwardlove23 @NicoleFireRose @salo @janessaakemi @LisetteZapata @mrsjeon @swarrier16 @LysetteMartinez @MrsChoiJunHong @JaiiPanda @janessaakemi @JuanitaBooRivΒ  @punkpandabear @kikie311 @GiriBoyXAOMG Tagging the fam: @VatcheeAfandi99 @BBXGD @LocoForJiyong @kpopandkimchi @luna1171 @thepinkprincess @MsLoyalHeart @PrettieeEmm @CreeTheOtaku @Lexxcisco @MissyKim @ibMIMI @SusiBosshammer @IsoldaPazo @VeronicaArtino @sosoaloraine23 @Kieuseru @twistedPuppy @ElleHolley @AaliyahNewbell @EmilyGardner @jessicaacosta90 @kpopINT @AubriePope @Moose1998 @obiterdictum @ivyheart13 @AimeeH @VIPFreak2NE1 @AbbyRamey @MisaAmane @StefaniTre @LinnyOk @KaeliShearer @ChaHakyum @BluBear07 @Starbell808 @imiebegay14 @Mercedesbenz98 @JustinaNguyen @Dabaesaplayer @mrsyookihyu@Sunnydaebak @YongRaviZiMon @MaricelvaRomero @InnocentiaKishi @PassTheSuga @DeniseiaGardner @divanicola05 @EXOAsf @Stephany123 @MelissaGarza @xxchicharitoxx @Defy24601 @JackieG1617 @RaquelArredondo @karinamiranda81 @HerosBells @Kitty17 @kpowell @ChelseaGarcia @mrsjeon @bubblekookie @SharayahTodd @aliahwhbmida @Dabaesaplayer @swarrier16 @JohnEvans Ikonic fam: @Jinnyrod3 @resavalencia