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Top 10 Things First Worlders Take For Granted.
Everyones heard of first world problems; "My iPhone is only at 36% and my charger is all the way down stairs." Things around that nature. And while I am NOT above a few first world problems, aka when I get a brand new iPhone and my iCloud isn't acting right I freak out, I just recently thought of all of the amazing things that we first world, "developed nations" have that we take for granted. And there are HUNDREDS of them, so I figured I would just list the top 10. 1. Education. Yes, while our education still leaves a lot to be desired, at least ALL of our citizens have the right/responsibility to receive one. According to UNESCO, 61 million primary school-age children were not enrolled in school in 2010. Of these children, 47% were never expected to enter school, 26% attended school but left, and the remaining 27% are expected to attend school in the future. 2. Freedom to oppose their government. We live in a world were we can stand up and say "fuck our government and fuck everything they stand for." In many other places, this is NOT acceptable. According to quota.com, a survey found that only 16% of the world’s inhabitants live in countries with a Free press. 3. Women's right to vote. It might have taken FOREVER (still bitter) for women to be granted the right to vote, at least we have it! Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Vatican City, Eritrea, and Lebanon either do not allow their women to vote or have strict religious views and costumes which still forbid women to vote or hold a place in office. These strict religious views hold back even more women in other counties. 4. Access to safe and CLEAN health care. I currently have an awful stomach bug and had to chill in the ER for 5 hours with an IV. Never once did I worry weather or not I would receive help, be given clean needles, or be ripped off for my medical assistance. Nor did I even have to worry about a hospital being to far for me to get too. According to humaniam.org over 1/3 of the world population does not have access to the medicines essential to their health and survival because of the high prices and the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia only count 1 doctor for over 2000 inhabitants; this is 6 times less than in developed countries. 5. Electricity. We plug in our phones, our TVs, our microwaves and our hair curlers. We leave lights on all the time. Yet globally over 1.3 billion people are without access to electricity and 2.6 billion people are without clean cooking facilities. 6. Year round fruits and veggies. This sounds crazy but right now, if its snowing where you live YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE FRUIT IN YOUR GROCERY STORE! It just doesn't make sense since we can't grow it right now. Yet we have year round fruit and we still bitch about it being too expensive (I do it all the time, no judgement). But we should remember that we are lucky to even have year round fruit. 7. The internet aka GOOGLE. According to the United Nations News center, 57% of the world’s people remain offline and unable to take advantage of the enormous economic and social benefits the Internet can offer. That means BILLIONS of people have no access to information such as safe sex, basic human rights, how to create clean water ect. 8. Indoor bathrooms and running water. We use our bathroom a million times a day. Flush the toilet, wash our hands, take incredibly long showers. Yet 2.6 billion people around the world lack any sanitation whatsoever. In FACT, over 1 million people LIVING in the United States lack indoor plumbing. How insane is that!!? 9. Free elections. While our elections sometimes seem an impossible choice (most find voting the choice between the lesser of two evils) we at least get a choice. There 7 counties have never held an election; Brunei, Eritrea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Vatican City, and Western Sahara. Many communist and authoritarian countries hold elections; however, those elections are seldom considered free and fair. 10. Refrigerators Sound dumb to end this list with talk about refrigerators but think about it. They keep our food fresh, they keep it from rotting which it turn keeps us HEALTHY! They are one of the main kitchen appliances that help us keep ourselves healthy and nourished. Without them we wouldn't be able to keep food without a shit ton of salt (pirates anyone?), or keep veggies and fruits or as long.