Save Me
Save Me
Save Me : PT 16
She had just stepped out of the shower when she heard the buzzer from her system. Why did he have to show up early? She looked at her phone and realize that she was actually running late. She must have wasted more time thinking about things in the shower than she realized. Cree sent him a quick message before drying off and putting some comfy clothes. Going over to the monitor on the wall she hit the button letting Namjoon in. Quickly she cleaned up the living room getting any signs of garbage or stray clothes out of it. Soon there was a knock on her door making her much more nervous than she really should have been. Making her way across the room she checked herself one more time in the hall mirror before opening the door. “Did you drown in the shower? I understand cleaning up after work but you had a whole hour before I came over.” “There you go being mean again.” She pouted at him turning from him to go to the kitchen. “The living room is right there.” She went to the freezer grabbing the bottle she bought a few days before pouring two cups of it mixed with a little bit of soda. Back in the living room she handed him one of the cup sitting awkwardly beside him on the couch. “Should I turn on the TV, maybe a movie, some music? We can hang out in silence too.” “You don’t have guys over much do you. If it makes you feel better, you can turn on some music. TV or a movie is too distracting I would rather have stayed home.” “Why are you always so mean about things?” She turned on some music from her phone. “The guys say it’s because I drink all the time so I no longer know how to filter what I say to make it sound nice.” “Why do you drink so much anyway? There must be a reason.” He signed at her question staring at his cup before taking a big gulp. “If you don’t want to tell me that’s okay.” She looked down at her own cup deciding the awkward atmosphere was too much and downed half of it. From the burn in her throat she had made it a little stronger than she intended. Half the bottle later she finally felt the awkwardness was gone. He would talk to her about anything under the sun unless it was actually about any actual problems he might have been having. Her cheeks were probably pink and her eyes felt kind of heavy. She should not have kept drinking till she felt comfortable. “You keep dodging the questions which are the whole reason you’re here. Small chit chat no. I want to know the real stuff. Why you drink. Why you are so mean. You are killing yourself drinking so much. I thought you drank a lot but you drink more than that. You’re going to get liver cancer or something.” “Why do you always talk like you know everything? Don’t you ever get tired of being smart?” “I love being smart. It’s gotten me a lot of places. More places than alcohol will get you. Where do you work a gas station or something? No, no even there they wouldn’t let a drunk work around something that could explode.” She heard him inhale like he was going to yell at her again but instead his lips were against hers. He pulled back almost as quickly as he moved in. “Sorry I just couldn’t think of another way to make you shut up.” Unsure if it was the alcohol or the fact that it had been a long time since she even kissed a guy, she found herself moving closer to him. Leaning in she kissed him putting her hand on his chest. His lips moved against hers and she could feel his hand against the back of her head. His other hand went just under her shirt resting on her side. Shifting she applied more pressure to his lips almost desperate. His tongue was warm and soft, though almost instantly it was gone. He stood up clearing his throat. “I should go home now. It’s getting late and you have work or class or something tomorrow.” Not even having time to protest he was out the door. She mentally hit herself for being so stupid, how could she just do that? He probably thought she was just some easy American girl now. Stupid stupid, stupid. @Emeaila @taetaebaozi @SeventeenBias @caitiesu @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @poojas @JessAS @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @LilySilver @MadAndrea @ILikeHisFace123 @MayDerYang @Ercurrent @SamanthaRae19 @ArielaPicazo @Valerie816 @PliaVaj @TLeahEdwards @Mightmuffin @VIPFreak2NE1 @MalihaAhmed @torchix @VeronicaArtino @FalseLove @justcallmekyki @ToppDogg @meggie68 @maddiedo @karinajune1017 @VikaAlex @DawanaMason @4dalientae @JadeOwens @Eliortiz13 @Helixx @PrincessUnicorn @SilentPianist @KokoroNoTakara @Kiyofugi @Cassierchiqua @LemonLassie @Cassierchiqua @viviano6 @BlackJackXXX @LocoForJiyong @YongRaviZiMon @drummergirl691 @SerenityThao @Izzy987 @Jinnyrod3 @EliseB @MelinaHernadez @resavalencia @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @SusiBosshammer @IsoldaPazo @VKookie47 @pharmgirlerin @Msrayray95 @krin @minimonkey07 @kandle779 @BBxGD @MaritessSison @SarahVanDorn @AnnieGoodman @amberg171997 rroyalreisx @ivyheart13 @Defy24601 @VixenViVi @MelissaGarza @jojojordy2324 @SassyMaknae @JaxomB @KiinLur @unnieARMkeY @SimplyAwkward @nenegrint14 @yaya12 @moonchild03 @obiterdictum @CuteBabyLay @EverieMisfit @Saeda1320 @catchyacrayon @KristinaCaron @animezkpopgirl @MariaMontoya1 @jimin21abs @pandaqueenbee
Save Me : PT 15
“I know you’re trying to finish the project by tomorrow but are you sure you’re okay Nabi?” Koko had been bugging her all morning about her mood. She just wanted to focus on work so she would not have to think about Yoongi. It was hard because of how close his desk was to hers. She had even brought her headphones today so she would not be able to hear him the few times someone came over to talk to him. “I’m fine Koko, promise. The presentation is tomorrow so I really need to get the slideshow finished. Just make sure you and Cree get the rest worked out.” Koko just smiled at her and went back to where Cree was at a table putting a chart together with craft supplies. Putting her headphone back in from where Koko took it out she went back to work on her computer. “I’m so glad we got everything finished. Tomorrow will be a piece of cake.” Cree was standing with her at the lift gates waiting for it to come back up. “Yea just remember the cues and it will go smoothly. I can talk till I’m blue but if you don’t change the slide at the right time I can’t use my visuals.” Cree grabbed her elbow smiling big. “Don’t worry I think I can do that much. Where did Koko go anyway?” “She said she had to meet Tae for dinner so she left as soon as she finished.” “Oooooh~ I saw they hit it off really well at that group date. Speaking of do you know a guy named Jung Kook?” “Yea I saw him when I ran into them at the grocery store. He seems kinda shy and awkward. How do you know him?” “Oh he’s in the same class as my friend Sely. She should hang out with us when she isn’t in class. You’ll like her she’s cool like me.” “Wow it’s a small world. I haven’t been living here that long but I already know people who knows someone that knows someone else I know. That was a mouthful.” They stepped inside the lift hitting the button for the bottom floor. They had waited to go down last not wanting to be squished inside the lift. Just before the doors closed Yoongi stepped into the lift. Instinctually she turned her body away from him towards Cree. Why did he have to be on the lift with her? It was already hard to look at him without her chest hurting. “Are you doing anything later?” She really just wanted to talk about anything right now. “Yea. Namjoon is coming over later to hang out. He feels bad about the other night so he wanted to make it up to me.” “At least he apologized for hurting you.” She had not realize how much that statement was pointed at Yoongi till she saw his eyes squint in the mirror. How could he have possibly known he hurt her. Sure there was the time at the norebong, but he would not have known about last night on her way out. Why did it have to be so complicated with him? @Emeaila @taetaebaozi @SeventeenBias @caitiesu @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @poojas @JessAS @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @LilySilver @MadAndrea @ILikeHisFace123 @MayDerYang @Ercurrent @SamanthaRae19 @ArielaPicazo @Valerie816 @PliaVaj @TLeahEdwards @Mightmuffin @VIPFreak2NE1 @MalihaAhmed @torchix @VeronicaArtino @FalseLove @justcallmekyki @ToppDogg @meggie68 @maddiedo @karinajune1017 @VikaAlex @DawanaMason @4dalientae @JadeOwens @Eliortiz13 @Helixx @PrincessUnicorn @SilentPianist @KokoroNoTakara @Kiyofugi @Cassierchiqua @LemonLassie @Cassierchiqua @viviano6 @BlackJackXXX @LocoForJiyong @YongRaviZiMon @drummergirl691 @SerenityThao @Izzy987 @Jinnyrod3 @EliseB @MelinaHernadez @resavalencia @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @SusiBosshammer @IsoldaPazo @VKookie47 @pharmgirlerin @Msrayray95 @krin @minimonkey07 @kandle779 @BBxGD @MaritessSison @SarahVanDorn @AnnieGoodman @amberg171997 rroyalreisx @ivyheart13 @Defy24601 @VixenViVi @MelissaGarza @jojojordy2324 @SassyMaknae @JaxomB @KiinLur @unnieARMkeY @SimplyAwkward @nenegrint14 @yaya12 @moonchild03 @obiterdictum @CuteBabyLay @EverieMisfit @Saeda1320 @catchyacrayon @KristinaCaron @animezkpopgirl @MariaMontoya1 @jimin21abs @pandaqueenbee
Save Me : PT 14
Andrea looked up from the book she was reading when Nabi came in the door. There was a gloomy air about her that was not their when she had left. “What’s up?” “Nothing. I’m tired so I’m going to go to my room.” Something really was not okay with her. Pulling out her phone she flipped through pulling up Hoseok’s number to text him. ‘Hey what was the favor you asked Nabi to do?’ ‘Just to go give Yoongi some dinner why?’ ‘She looked like she was about to cry when she just walked in.’ ‘Really everything seemed fine when she text me.’ ‘Maybe Yoongi was being mean to her again. I don’t think he likes her too much.’ ‘He’s being mean to her?! I’m going to have to talk to him.’ ‘No don’t. I don’t think it will help anything. Nabi can deal with it herself and if she can’t she will let someone know. She’s a strong girl just give her time to work it out. They work together after all they will have to get along at some point.’ ‘Okay I won’t say anything. How are you doing by the way?’ ‘I’m doing good. I am finally to the point where Jess will let me run the store by myself in a few more weeks. Trying to get her to have to confidence to ask Jimin to go out for coffee.’ ‘Oh I think I CAN help with that. I know a little something myself.’ ‘Don’t get to wrapped up in their love affair. Take care of yourself too.’ ‘I will. It’s late so I’ll let you go. It’s about time for bed right?’ ‘Yea I should be heading to sleep. I’m sure Nabi is passed out by now.’ ‘Goodnight. Sleep well.’ ‘I’ll try. Goodnight.’ She smiled at her phone before getting up and heading to her room. @Emeaila @taetaebaozi @SeventeenBias @caitiesu @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @poojas @JessAS @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @LilySilver @MadAndrea @ILikeHisFace123 @MayDerYang @Ercurrent @SamanthaRae19 @ArielaPicazo @Valerie816 @PliaVaj @TLeahEdwards @Mightmuffin @VIPFreak2NE1 @MalihaAhmed @torchix @VeronicaArtino @FalseLove @justcallmekyki @ToppDogg @meggie68 @maddiedo @karinajune1017 @VikaAlex @DawanaMason @4dalientae @JadeOwens @Eliortiz13 @Helixx @PrincessUnicorn @SilentPianist @KokoroNoTakara @Kiyofugi @Cassierchiqua @LemonLassie @Cassierchiqua @viviano6 @BlackJackXXX @LocoForJiyong @YongRaviZiMon @drummergirl691 @SerenityThao @Izzy987 @Jinnyrod3 @EliseB @MelinaHernadez @resavalencia @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @SusiBosshammer @IsoldaPazo @VKookie47 @pharmgirlerin @Msrayray95 @krin @minimonkey07 @kandle779 @BBxGD @MaritessSison @SarahVanDorn @AnnieGoodman @amberg171997 @xroyalreisx @ivyheart13 @Defy24601 @VixenViVi @MelissaGarza @jojojordy2324 @SassyMaknae @JaxomB @KiinLur @unnieARMkeY @SimplyAwkward @nenegrint14 @yaya12 @moonchild03 @obiterdictum @CuteBabyLay @EverieMisfit @Saeda1320 @catchyacrayon @KristinaCaron @animezkpopgirl @MariaMontoya1
Save Me : PT 13
Hoseok had sent Nabi message with an address so she had gone there. She knocked on the door waiting a bit before he answered. He motioned for her to step just inside the door before having her wait in the foyer. She could hear loud yelling from somewhere in the apartment but she just tried to ignore it. “Thank you so much for this. I would go give this to him myself but if you couldn’t here all the noise.” Hoseok said apologetically. “It’s okay. I’m sure whoever that is needs you more than Yoongi right now. Where is he by the way?” She asked. “I’m sure you know where your job is. I messaged him and he said he was still there. Please make sure he eats before you leave.” He handed her a bag with food in it. “I will don’t worry. I’ll message you after he eats.” “Again thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me.” He quickly went towards the screaming. She let herself out making sure to lock the door before she closed it. She waited for the bus a million questions running through her head. She would have to talk to Hobi later when things were more calm. It was not that long of a ride from his place to her work and she was relieved. The bus was nice but there were just too many people on it. Going inside she made her way to the lift pushing the button for her floor. Sure enough when she stepped out of the lift there was a light on near where her desk was. “Yoongi?” She called out remembering what he had told her last time. There was no response so she went towards the light that was on. There was no one at his desk or anywhere near it. She saw papers all over his desk from a recent project he was working on there was even a bottle knocked on its side amongst the papers. Setting the food on her desk she tried her best to straighten up the papers without messing anything up too much. She had picked up the bottle of pills to grab a few more papers but it was yanked from her hand. “What do you think you are doing with my stuff? Trying to sabotage me now?” He looked furious. “I just came to give you some food from Hobi. It was a mess I was just trying to straighten up so you can eat.” “I don’t need your help I’m not a child.” He threw the bottle into his drawer before sitting back down at his desk. Grabbing the bag, she gently set it on the side of his work space before sitting at her own desk. “You did what you were asked so why haven’t you left?” “He said to make sure to stay till you ate it.” He just shook his head with a sigh before going back to work ignoring her. Before she knew it her head was laying on her desk and she was deep asleep. She had a long day getting all the details worked on for her own project. She was working on it at her place when she had gotten the message. Nabi’s head shot up and she rubbed her eyes yawning a little. There was a small blanket draped over her back that dropped into her chair. Yoongi was still working silently, headphones in his ears now. She looked around noticing how dark it had gotten outside. How long had she been asleep? He was still working even now? Stopping his work, he pulled out the bottle of pills before taking a few with some water. She was going to have to figure out what those were, Hobi probably knew. “Go back to sleep. It’s strange to have you just stare at me like I’m some kind of abstract painting.” “Sorry. Have you eaten yet?” “Yea I ate so you can go home. It’s dark so be careful.” “I’ll see you tomorrow. Try not to stay too late.” He waved her off and she just bowed standing up and going back to the lift. She was waiting for it to get to her floor when she noticed something in the trashcan. Looking around she reached inside picking up what she had hoped it was not. Why would he have lied to her about eating? It looked like he might have taken a few bites of it before throwing it away. She put it back in the trash and stepped onto the lift feeling a sudden pain in her heart. Leaning against the side she squeezed her eyes tight trying her hardest to hold it in. It was warm as a few tears slipped down her cheeks. @Emeaila @taetaebaozi @SeventeenBias @caitiesu @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @poojas @JessAS @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @LilySilver @MadAndrea @ILikeHisFace123 @MayDerYang @Ercurrent @SamanthaRae19 @ArielaPicazo @Valerie816 @PliaVaj @TLeahEdwards @Mightmuffin @VIPFreak2NE1 @MalihaAhmed @torchix @VeronicaArtino @FalseLove @justcallmekyki @ToppDogg @meggie68 @maddiedo @karinajune1017 @VikaAlex @DawanaMason @4dalientae @JadeOwens @Eliortiz13 @Helixx @PrincessUnicorn @SilentPianist @KokoroNoTakara @Kiyofugi @Cassierchiqua @LemonLassie @Cassierchiqua @viviano6 @BlackJackXXX @LocoForJiyong @YongRaviZiMon @drummergirl691 @SerenityThao @Izzy987 @Jinnyrod3 @EliseB @MelinaHernadez @resavalencia @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @SusiBosshammer @IsoldaPazo @VKookie47 @pharmgirlerin @Msrayray95 @krin @minimonkey07 @kandle779 @BBxGD @MaritessSison @SarahVanDorn @AnnieGoodman @amberg171997 @xroyalreisx @ivyheart13 @Defy24601 @VixenViVi @MelissaGarza @jojojordy2324 @SassyMaknae @JaxomB @KiinLur @unnieARMkeY @SimplyAwkward @nenegrint14 @yaya12 @moonchild03 @obiterdictum @CuteBabyLay @EverieMisfit @Saeda1320 @catchyacrayon @KristinaCaron @animezkpopgirl @MariaMontoya1