The Devil is a Part-Timer😈 {Anime Review #2}
Hey Otakus! Here's another Anime Review for you guys! (Sorry it tool so long to make one I usually have more time but last week was crazy xD) This weeks Anime Review is The Devil is a Part-Timer! Now before I commence my Review I do have to warn the people who have not seen this Anime yet that there will be *SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* so please continue to read on your own Terms❤ {Summary} Anime : Action/Fantasy/Comedy This Anime first takes place in a Fictional World called Ente Isla where there is a constant War between Good vs Evil. Satan and his Followers plan to take over the whole world until The Hero Amelia and her helpers begin to take back their country and even almost defeat Satan until he opens a portal escaping and proclaiming that he will return and when he does he will have Ente Isla then successfully escapes with his right hand man Aciel. The only problems are once he enters the portal he enters Modern Day Tokyo Japan and is completely out of his comfort zone ESPECIALLY because he takes a human form and is restricted of his powers (And little does he know that the Hero Amelia is coming too xD) So what would you do in his place? Try to do your best to fit in which is exactly what Satan did.... Now going by the name Sadao Mao and working at his nearest MgRonalds as a part-timer does his best to live with what he has basically done to himself but now struggles with finding a way to get back home and learning how to cope with all of the surprises he has coming his way. (No lie... this summary literally is just Episode 1 xD) {Animation Review} Animation wise this Anime is really good especially when an anime calls for Action and funny reactions. I love how hilarious the characters look in the situations they are in especially the scene where Lucifer is literally shitting brick (scared) and Satan is just so ready to beat some ass xD Overall the animation fits it really good. Is it the best animation I have ever seen? No but for its theme and content its good enough xD Rating : 8/10 {Plot Review} Plot wise I love the idea I think its well thought out Comedy and Action wise but as the story line goes I feel as if it got lost at some point especially when you start Shipping the people that "hate" one another. I love how the Hero and Satan keep fighting through out the series but towards the end I feel as if the while hey were enemies and Satan taking over the world gets lost. XD I guess I don't like Satan not acting like Satan. Overall its a good funny anime to watch but if you watch it and feel the same as me towards the end we should probably read the manga to see how this ends xD. Even though I sound unimpressed I still reccomend this Anime xD Despite my whining it is a good Anime! Rating : 7.5/10 I hope those who have not seen this Anime yet give it a try and I hope my Review helps you guys out! Thanks for Reading!❤ Tagging! (Ask to be Added or Removed) {A} - @AmazingAshley @AkiraItuha @AlexisUlloa @AdamDean @alexcattura @Alletaire @assasingod @alliepetey @AnthonyWinston @arnelli @AnbuRose @Aquatear @Animelover34 @Acestellean @AimeeH @awkwardjazzy @AndersonTapia @AnimeFreak484 {B} - @BlackDragon88 @Bmondragon93 @BellofRay @bribri21@BobbieStinson @biancadanica98 @BlackoutZJ @Bangtanss @Beanerific321 {C} - @Chokomoca @CrazyOtaku3 @ChristiLoveLive @CrookedShadow @ChristopherKenn @CarlosVega006 {D} - @DeVondreCallum @DanielDuRant @DestinyAgnew @DemonAngel522 @Dakotanl @dildil15 @DripDrop {E} - @ElaineMcgarden @ErzaScarlet56 {F} - @Franz115 @FirePrincess11 {G} - @Gracielou0717 @Gibbous1992 {H} - @HunnaBallue @hermoineNH1 {I} - @IzamarPalomo @Itlulia @ItaarePhj {J} - @JordanSwihart @jonathan11 @jjbosy @jungshook @JordanStevens {K} - @KageTsuki040910 @Kristalea24 @kouvarisb @KrisTheFreak @kell13 @KarinaRaygoza @KennyMcCormick {L} - @lexysan @LCordz @Leolaring @Lisanna10 @LizStepter @LoneRose72 @LeshelleHoward @LittleAika @lovelikematoi @Luna7 {M} - @mistymaity @mymi @mauriciorobles @micahirene @mayarich03 @MelissaGarza @MimmiBubble01@MorganAlys @MarcusCollins {N} - @neoncrysis @nimm14 @NeckoNecko @NeoNinjaRaiden @NathanielMoanan @NessaB @NatsuMasamune {O} - @OtakuDemon10 @OTPGaLe4eva {P} - @PRroxx05 @PaulinaLopezCal {Q} - @QBDaBest @quietone {R} - @RogueLeigh @RandomlyWrite {S} - @SimplyAwkward @Stefanighoul1w  @SarahSutcliff @shadow3750 @Slimbrown13 @SabrinadLoran @Sharia @SabrinadLoran @SAMURXAI @SteveZuniga @SeanBlake {T} - @TaehyungV @thunder1254 @TakamiRen @Taylor18920 @tkdwjd0626 @tvmar @TamashiRogue  @TylerCinamella @Tylor619 @TiffanyKidd {U} - @UbaldoRuiz {V} - {W} - @whatamooy  {X} - @xero0 @xxxkahrixxx {Y} - @Yorginsnarff @yulissab2015 {Z} - @ZakariahForbes @ZacharyStewart [ PLEASE DO NOT COPY TAG LIST ]