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Foreign Flower (A BigBang Novel)
Greetings and welcome! Another episode of a tale of 5 kings is underway! <3 Need a recap? I gotchu fam! :* <3 > Preface -> Chapter 1 --> Chapter 2 ---> Chapter 3 And here's the Chapter 5! :) It's been a long week, so to prepare for the weekend, hope you enjoy the following episode to heart's contentment! *bows* Heads up- it's a pretty good sized chapter..... I kinda (really) like to write..... Sorry! Chapter 4 You hit the snooze button on your alarm clock then opened one eye to peek in its direction. 8:35a.m., shined in a soft neon blue. The memories of dinner with the guys last night made you wonder if it was all just a dream. Getting hit on by the waiter, trying to bribe the guys to eat cake with you, playing twenty questions and trying to keep your inner fangirl under control. You remember the guys arguing about who's turn it was to pay for dinner when the waiter showed up, but in a sly French tongue, you managed to convince the waiter to charge your card instead. "I'm bad!" you laugh and roll over on your bed, recalling the memory of looking back to see the shocked expressions of all five members as the waiter told them that you had paid for everything just when you exited the restaurant. It was like a sweet revenge for asking so many questions. “Well I did off to pay the first time, no harm done right?” you mutter while stretching. You change into your running clothes then grab your keys and iPod and bolt out the door into the fresh morning for a quick run. After half an hour, you come back, shower, and pour yourself a bowl of cereal, dedicating the rest of the day to finish catching up on Netflix and using the freedom to chat with your best friend via Skype. The remainder of the small vacation dragged on slowly. Ever so often you would get a goofy video from Dae-Sung, but other than that, the phone remained silent. You visited the local temples, walked around a couple of the shopping centers, and even read an entire book at a nearby park. Life in Seoul was peaceful and relaxed during the final days. It felt like home, being there in the beautiful city. The morning following the last day of a serene vacation you grab your sports bag, fill it with necessities to dress back into work attire, and leave the apartment in gym clothes, determine to use the facilities that the company provided in order to get a decent work out. “Maybe I can use the dance studio,” the thoughts linger as you walked into the building. The receptionist welcomes you back and begins some small talk. You stop to reply and ask her about her time the last few days but after exchanging a few words, her phone rings and you carry on towards the studio. You peer around the corner of the door and see a group in the middle of practicing a choreography. You sigh heavily and turn around in disappointment. “Hey! Hey you! Come join us!” a voice yelled over the music in English. You pause for a second then retraced your steps back to the door. You peek your head again and see a tall fit man motion you to come inside. You take a few steps before you realize that you were talking to the main choreographer of the company. “You're the translator from the States right? If you're interested, just jump in, we're learning something new today with the back up dancers and you can just fill in for a couple of missing people,” the choreographer nodded politely. “I just came to work out,” you reply bluntly. The choreographer laughed, “you're funny. Consider this a work out then.” You smile then dropped your stuff along the wall and stand in the middle where the choreographer had pointed. At first, it was felt awkward. The only thing that crossed your mind was how ridiculous you probably look, compared to these professionals, but quickly dismiss the negative thoughts as soon as a girl next to you asks you to help her out with a few steps. <<Breathe. Just have fun with it, I can do that... right?>> You think with a smile on your face. “Alright, this will be the last take, please keep it in sync!” the choreographer said. To your surprise, you had keet up with the choreographer better than you had imagined. After the song ended, everyone gathered around and complimented each other on doing a good job, yourself being included in the praising. “Please practice with us again, sunbae.” “You help a lot when it gets tricky, sunbae! Thanks a lot!” “You should also be a choreographer too!” You bowed multiple times and shared a few laughs before the choreographer approaches you. “Have you danced before?” he asked. “Not professionally. Just some school events here and there,” you respond. <<If only you knew how many hours I spent learning the choreography to BigBang's songs>> The fangirl inside sighs at the unspoken truth. “You dance pretty well, your posture is always correct, and you learned fast today. Whenever you need a work out, just stop by,” he smiled and bowed his head. You mirror his actions then giggle as soon as you're in the safety of the small shower room on the other side of the building. You wash off, and dress quickly into your office clothes. The rest of first day back was filled with visiting the trainees and expanding on their lingual studies. None of the main artists were scheduled to visit, so it became a pretty smooth day. For the following days, you show up to practice with whichever group was practicing, helping the choreographer in anyway he asked, and jumping in to get a work out too. Your social life at work began to increase as well with everyone greeting you whenever you're seen outside your office and engaging you into some small talk. Nothing major, but enough to give off the impression that you were indeed, an easy going and cheerful individual. You cracked jokes here and there with some of the staff, and continue giving advice to the women staff who would approach you with their problems. Soon after, everyone began to refer to you as the maknae of the company, a title that even brought a smile to Papa YG whenever he'd use it around you. On a bright morning, you arrive to work later than usual since the dance practice of the day had been cancelled. The moment you sit down in your office chair, a small group of your co-workers peer through the door way. “Are you ready?” one of the older ladies asked. “Ready for?” your look at them with a suspicious expression. “You don't know?” another lady tilt her head in confusion. You shook your head slowly. “Big Bang is doing a getaway show for their fans in the mountains and their main staff is joining in to helping out on set,” a girl explained from the back. “And what does this have to do with me?” you scratch your head. "Aishh" the women swore like rehearsed unison then slip inside and crowded around the desk, leaving you pinned against the wall behind you. “You're part of the main staff!” they all exclaimed in sync, making you flinch at the perfection they had pulled twice in one day. “How?” you managed to mutter out. They all swore again, some of them even face palmed. “That's not important. What is important is that there is a hot spring in the log house where we're going which means we all get to have some girl time when we're not working!” one of them replied. “That and you're coming too, right?” You stared at their faces. Each one was beaming with excitement, the type of expression you get when you realize there's still ice cream in the freezer. You smile and shake your head. “I'm happy that my unnies accept me into their circle of friendship, so of course I'm going.” They all cheered and began to talk about what was expected of the hot springs as they left your office. You set your head on your cool desk and ran your fingers through your hair. “Aishh, why did I take this job?” you laugh to yourself. By the end of the day, you had been briefed of what was to happen on the trip by the CEO. When you arrive back to the apartment, you instantly start to pack a couple of bags with essentials. Throughout the evening, thoughts about what would and could happen begin to spring in your hyperactive imagination. The staff was to stay in the main log house where the hot springs were located while BigBang would stay in a cabin down the road while the shooting took place. Your only tasks was to be on set to help with any pronunciation that was acquired to do since there was a segment in English. You chew on your lip as you toss and turn for a couple of hours that night when the 'what ifs' were at their peak, then knock out sometime after two in the a.m. The next morning, you arrive at the company and see three vans and a nice looking Dodge Ram truck with equipment in the back, parked in the front of the building. You walk inside and see everyone in a big group with a few guys arguing. “What's going on?” you ask one of the cameramen. “Apparently all vans are manual drives and we're short one driver who is able to drive stick shift,” he said quietly. You smirk, “I see, thank you.” You nod at him them make your way towards the middle. “If you need a driver, I got you,” you smile at another cameraman that always cracked a joke with you. “You? Drive stick?” he said in disbelief. You sigh then pull out your phone and open your photo gallery to a picture of a car and hold it up to him. “Back in the States, this is my ride. A classic muscle car with nothing but pure horse power to make it purr. I named it Castiel, after the angel,” you smirk then hit the power button on your phone to make it sleep and slide it back into your pocket. “Well well well, the company maknae is full of surprises! Alright, problem solved, let's get going!” Everyone cheered as the cameraman gave you the keys. With the staff piling into the vans, you catch a glimpse of Dae-Sung laughing with Tae-Yang. Seung-Ri caught your gaze then gave you thumbs up before shifting his direction to a smirking TOP and a dragon shaking his head. All the vans departed and joined the morning traffic. The girls in your van laughed and gave you props for the girl power you had executed in front of the guys then began to play American pop music and sing along. As you merged on the main highway, you loosen up and laugh with the girls. You weaved in and out of the other vans, occasionally passing the Dodge that had the Big Bang guys on board. Dae-Sung made silly faces at you every time you looked in his direction, making you smile at his silliness. An hour into the drive, the girls begin insisting that you tell them stories about living in the States, to the point where they all began to bribe you with food if you spilled some beans. After being bribed with enough food to last you a week, you give in share the funniest stories you can remember. In some moments, you even do impersonations and sang along with whatever song that was on, preforming whichever 80's dance move that was possible behind the wheel. The other drivers would point at you goof off too, a shared communication that carried on when everyone stopped at a connivance store to refuel. “Just so you know, we all know you're a dork underneath that poker face,” one of the camerawomen from another van teased as you search for a snack. “I'm never said I wasn't,” you push your glasses into place and wink, making her laugh. When you set your items on the counter to pay, a hand reaches out and pushes your hand away. “I got this, you don't have to use your money,” Tae-Yang's voice said behind you. “So you think my money isn't good enough here?” you instinctively say in a playful sass. He blushed, “No, uh, that's not what I meant.” You smile and gently face palm, “I'm just teasing, thank you for your generous gesture.” You grab your things and walk outside with him, only to find yourself surrounded by the staff members and be bombarded with questions about the stories you told in your van. “I take it my stories traveled pretty far in a matter of minutes,” you say, taking a sip of coffee. “One of the noonas recorded one of your stories and sent it to the crew!” a cameraman laughed. Once you laughed with him, everyone around you laughed too. Not only were you welcomed into the close knit BigBang family, you were finally quite popular with everyone. People started heading back into the vans after stretching their legs, giving you a moment of peace as you finished your coffee. “You have a tendency to get along with everyone, don't you?” Ji-Yong appeared beside you with a drink in his hand. “I've been told that a lot, yes,” you run a hand through your hair, trying to seem as cool as his posture. “I thought you said you were shy.” “I am, but only in certain situations with certain people.” He brought his cup up to his lips and smiled into it. “I'm kind of jealous that you're making all these bonds with the staff but leaving us out of the loop.” You raise your eyebrows in disbelief, then hide your face behind your hand as your body shakes with the giggles escape your mouth. “Seriously? I thought you didn't like me,” the fangirl says out loud before the logic manages to comprehend what was processed. He looks at you with a confused smile, “What makes you say that?” You turn away and ruffle your hair one more time, “Dunno, you're pretty quiet around me. I just thought maybe you were jealous of how cool I am.” You turn your head to watch him laugh and hide his face behind his hand and left as Seung-Ri approached your position. “What's wrong with him?” Seung-Ri asked with innocent curiousity. You broaden your smile and shrug your shoulders then walk back to the van. The rest of the ride to the hot spring was full of karaoke and answering whatever questions were thrown at you via text from other members of the staff texting one of your passengers. By the time you pulled into the drive way of the log house, it was late afternoon. Everyone unloaded and checked in. The male staff members stayed on one side of the house while the ladies stayed on the other side, but everything was connected with an enormous kitchen, living room, and play room. You set your stuff inside your room, thanking the heavens to be lucky enough to room alone, leaving the king size bed all for your taking. An unexpected knock on your door made you jump in your own skin. “What's up?” you say as you open the door. “We flipped a coin downstairs and got first dibs on the hot spring tonight. Get ready!” one of the hair dressers excitedly exclaimed. “Thanks girl, I'll be down in a minute.” you call out as she turn away. The hot water made your body react with goosebumps as you eased in. You leaned back, eyes closed, and enjoyed the steam on your skin while the water relaxed your muscles. “What's on the agenda tomorrow?” one of the girls asked. “The usual, get to the boys before screen time, then stick around for the touch ups and change of wardrobe,” another co-worker replied. “I heard there was a new director coming from the States to work with the company on a few projects.” “All the way from America? Wow, the company is getting pretty far out there in the business world.” <<I wonder if I can sneak out here to the springs when no one is around and enjoy some peace. Would I be considered rude? Hmm, what am I going to eat for dinner? What is there to make? Never thought I'd see the day where I actually miss being away from my refrigerator. Grrr, I'm getting hungry already.... What if I just walk into the kitchen and cook something? Would I have to cook for everyone else? Aishh, that'd be embarrassing!>> You sink lower into the water until it covers your pouting lips and hides your facial expressions. After a few more minutes of pondering, you stand, and excuse yourself from the rest of the ladies. With a towel wrapped around your body, you slip back into the log house through the back door and sneak your way back to your room, trying hard to avoid being caught and embarrassed with only having a towel on. Once inside your room, you finish cleaning off with a quick shower, then tie your hair into a messy bun and belly flop onto your bed. Your fingers grasp around your phone, then mindlessly swipe the password to unlock, and tap on the Spotify app to play some music. “Go eat,” you talk to yourself. You grunt as the battle between your rumbling stomach and your exhausted muscles begin. Moments later, you're up from your bed and in front of the mirror. “Leggings and a sweatshirt? How much lazier can I look? Watch out world, this is my ugly side!” you say while tucking a small lock of hair into your bun and pinning it with a bobby pin. You walk down the hallway and into the common area and spot Dae-Sung playing against Tae-Yang on a Wii. You stop for a brief moment to observe their bromance, then continue into the large kitchen, only to see about a dozen boxes of pizza laying on the counter. Your jaw drops as the scent of basil and garlic kiss your nose teasingly, causing your mouth to salivate on spot. “Oh hey!” Seung-Ri appears beside you. “Shocked to see some pizza huh? Some of the staff members arrived a little while ago and brought them in. We're having pizza for dinner tonight,” he smiled proudly. Your stomach growled loudly, making you clutch onto it and look away from Seung-Ri to hide your blush. “Was that you?” TOP said from behind. “No....” your voice trailed off. The two of them chuckled. You moved from the doorway to the refrigerator and opened it to grab a bottled water. “If you're hungry, go ahead and grab a slice,” TOP encouraged. You shook your head after chugging the entire water bottle, hoping it'd satisfy your stomach until everyone joined for dinner. “I'll wait, it would be rude if I grabbed a slice before my elders,” you blush. “Are you always this polite?” Seung-Ri raised an eyebrow. You scratch your head in embarrassment and shrug, “Usually. I'm a little old school with my manners.” “That's too cute,” Seung-Ri winks at you. You roll your eyes and smile as you dispose of the plastic bottle in the recycling bin. “Seriously though, if you're hungry, eat,” TOP leaned against the doorway, arms across his chest in a cool, nonchalant way. You bowed and thanked his generosity but denied the offer. He sighed heavily and shook his head. At that moment, Ji-Yong walks in. “What's going on?” he asked TOP. TOP smirked and pointed at the counter. Ji-Yong turned towards the direction of TOP's finger. You watch Ji-Yong in slow motion as his jaw dropped like yours had, and his eyes almost pop out of his socket. He quickly recovered his expression when Seung-Ri began to laugh at his hyung. “She had the same reaction,” Seung-Ri said, pointing towards you. Ji-Yong looks at you and flashes his glorious famous smile at you. “Great minds think alike, don't you think?” Ji-Yong observed. You roll your eyes again, <<he's such a dork>>. “I'm telling her to grab a slice because we heard her stomach growl but she won't budge until the rest of the staff eats too,” TOP threw you under the bus. “Really? You're a girl, you need to eat so you can grow to be big and strong like TOP-hyung,” Ji-Yong said as TOP flexed his muscle, making Seung-Ri fangirl over TOP's masculinity. You face palm at their dorky behavior then slide your hand down to your face. With a finger, you tug down on your bottom right eye lid, and stick out your tongue. The unexpected expression made the guys freeze with shocked expressions. “Oh, I see how it is,” Ji-Yong switched to a more serious expression then turned around and stomped around the corner to another room. You leaned against the counter with your arms crossed, and checked out your nails, trying hard to act cool like TOP. “She's gonna regret it,” Seung-Ri murmured to TOP. “I think we all are for provoking her to taking such dramatic steps,” TOP looked at his feet and shook his head. As you look up to reply to them, you see Ji-Yong coming back with an evil look, trailing behind him was Dae-Sung and Tae-Yang. “I didn't know dinner was here! I'm starving!” Dae-Sung laughed. “Ji-Yong, how come you came to fetch us? You could have just yelled you know,” Tae-Yang scratched his head then flipped open a box of pepperoni pizza. “Oh hey! Are you here for some pizza too? How long has it been since you've had pizza? I bet you've had some really good pizza in the States huh?” Dae-Sung smiled at you with a welcoming expression. You smiled shyly then fixed your attention to Ji-Yong. “That's playing dirty,” you growl at him. This time he came up to you and took his turn to cross his arms across his chest. “I never said I was going to play fair. You better grab a slice before a) it's all gone, or b) I manage to get the rest of the staff in here,” he smirked then turned his back to you with a sassy "humph" and engaged with Seung-Ri in grabbing a slice. TOP chuckled to himself when you finally caved and grab a slice. You stood behind him as you put a packet of Parmesan into your mouth and tore it open with your teeth. “You started this,” you mumble to him. “Me?” he chuckled again. “You shouldn't have tattled on me,” you hiss and slowly sprinkle the cheese on your pizza. “I was only obeying your stomach's honest desires,” he shot you his famous fox smile. “My stomach was just playing the song of its people for me, nothing else.” “Well excuse me for listening to the lyrics too closely,” he covered his face with his hand as he laughed. “Your other oppas want to hear your jokes too, ya know,” Tae-Yang called out. You smile and bite into the pizza. Your eyes close and literally feel them roll to the back of your head in glee. The crust was light and airy, while the tomato sauce was full of flavor, exploding in your mouth the sweet and tangy but the lightly salty cheese complimented everything else that the slice offered. It had been too long since you last had pizza, and even though it was made in another country, your taste buds accepted it as superb taste. “Looks like you're enjoying yourself over there,” Ji-Yong snapped you back into reality. Your eyes fluttered open to a world where every pair of eyes seemed to be concentration on you. You chewed slowly then swallowed, being as cautious as a doe in front of a predator. “I like food,” you confess in a low voice. “Then you should have eaten when you first came into the kitchen,” Seung-Ri grinned as he stuffed his face with pizza. “It would have been rude if I began before my elders,” you retort. “Wait- what's going on? Why are you guys teasing our little sister?” Dae-Sung exclaimed with a mouthful of pizza. “She didn't want to eat before the others even though TOP hyung and Seung-Ri clearly heard her stomach growl,” Ji-Yong answered. “But we count, and we're eating, so please enjoy some more!” Dae-Sung encouraged. “You're too sweet for your own good,” Tae-Yang teased. “You're never gonna let this down, are you?” you bark at Ji-Yong. “Nope, that way you'll think twice before you challenge your oppa,” he smirked. The other guys laugh when your cheeks filled with color, but the pizza was too great to walk away from. After the first slice, you went for seconds, then thirds, stopping at the fourth slice. At that point, you had drank another bottle water but thanked yourself for wearing pants that stretched. “Damn,” Tae-Yang chuckled. “Where do you keep it in?” You shrug your shoulders while you wash your hands to remove the leftover grease of the pizza. “Like I said, I like food.” “But how do you not gain weight?” he continued. “I work out? Just like any other person,” you raise in eye brow at him. “What do yo do?” Seung-Ri asked. You lean back on the counter top, “that's a secret” “Why?” Ji-Yong pushed the question. You smile and shrug again, “does it matter? I treat my body well.” Everyone turned to look at Seung-Ri who was finishing his last slice. He turned bright read and tried to crack a joke but failed. For a moment you were confused, but then you remembered that in an interview with the members, TOP had mentioned that Seung-Ri often worked out really hard but later indulged himself with biscuits or crackers. You laugh to yourself at the occurring situation then excuse yourself after wishing them luck on their filming tomorrow. On your way to your room, a co-worker stops you to tell you that pizza was in the kitchen ready to eat but you simply thank her for the notification and proceed back to your room. Your stomach was full, it had been a long day but it was full of laughter, new memories, and strengthening friendships. You smile while you think back at how your idols looked after you and your health with the whole pizza situation. “I'll get them back,” you mutter to yourself as you drift to into your food coma. Whoo! Yay for pizza! :D Our kings are gentlemen for looking after a lady! x) What did you think? The shooting is the next day! There's a hot spring! And are you on Jiyong's bad side or is he just being playful? :o What's to happen next? How will the story progress? Guess we'll just have to wait and find out! ;) :D Thank you for helping the novel get 200 likes! I don't even think I know 200 people in my life but you're all my family so I guess that counts!! :D <3 Please stay tuned for the next chapter! *bows* <3 <3 #reallywantpizzanow....... #justsayin' #didanyoneelsecatchthatSupernaturalreference ? x3 Tagging my Double FF, B to the B squad! <3 A - @a514girl98 @AaliyahNewbell @aegyoprincess @AdiaJasinski @aguileragissel @akachan @akikou1407 @alekxb5 @AlexErica @alexiselcox @AlexisRiver @aliahwhbmida @AlishaMunoz @AlysonLR @amandamuska @amberg171997 @AmiArt @amobigbang @amullins2007 @anahiml11 @anarevilla34 @AngelLewis @Anna5221 @AnnaArai @Annaharris1989 @AraceliJimenez @AristaJ @ArtCrazy @AspenKoi @AubriePope @AviKim @ayoitsdiana B - @babysanchez1253 @bambamisbae @bangtangirl @BBxGD @BekiKunstman @BessanMerab @bettytolliver @bigbang18 @bigkpopfan @Bizzycx @BlackJackXXX @BlackXShield @BrandiGrann @britneyamanda @britneyluong @BrittVictoria @BrooklynDaniel @btsgotshinee C - @Caky @CallMeMsDragon @CamrynCherry @CarenBoykins @CarlaAcosta @CarolPantoja @catchyacrayon @CeilidhHoadley @ChavaBerry @ChelseaAustin @CheyenneNichols @chelle1971 @chinabarrier16 @Choijiah @chowchowneko @Christine084 @cindystran @crakys @CreeTheOtaku @CrookedShadow @cruzmiriam22 @CrystalBlunt @CrystalGuerra @CSVIP @cue2pal @CyanJRincon D - 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