Getting To Know Kim Namjoon
HAPPY TUESDAY!!!! I hope everyones tuesday was better than mine. I was just unproductive today. I am here to bring you a weekly dose of Joonie. This cutie should be one of your biases by the end of the quarter if not already. You ready to get to know Namjoon? Name: Kim Namjoon Stage Name: Rap Monster Nicknames: Rap Mon, Moni, Leader Mon D.O.B: September 12, 1994 (Heehee I'm his noona, just kidding we're the same year.) Sign: Virgo Blood Type: A (fun fact, I bias mostly A blood types. I found this out through lots of research and it scared me, cause I don't pick A blood types on purpose.) Height: 181cm Weight: 64kg •He has an IQ of 149. This kid is smart. •He is the top 1% smartest kids in Korea. Family: Younger sister, Mom, and Dad. •Listening to music calms and relaxes him. •Makes me fall for him everytime he had blonde hair. •Has the best looking legs! Constantly make him wear shorts. •King of DESTRUCTION (that's ok so am I) •DIMPLES THAT SMILE AND DIMPLES! A complete squish even without trying! The love he has for fans is so much that seeing him cry and be speechless brought me to tears. I have a thing for his legs, and he is just rude when he shows them. RUDE! Best part about him having a twitter is when he posts selcas. He is one of the Selca Kings. Someone let him have an Instagram cause his ascetic is on point always. #KimDaily is a thing SUCH A DAMN TEASE! LIP BITING AND FINGER BITING LORD. That mole under his lip, yeah I like that mole. His love for Ryan is adorable! I look foward to sharing more reasons to love this kid every tuesday. I could keep going, but then I wouldn't have anything else to share. So I must stop for now. Code Name: Loners @CrookedShadow @Lexxcisco @LemonLassie @VeronicaArtino @ESwee @twistedPuppy VIXXEN squad: @Helixx @resavalencia @AimeeH @LemonLassie @StephanieDuong @JiyongLeo @turntuptae @JordanShuler @awkwardjazzy @adritae @xoxorittie @InfinitySky @ChaErica @CrookedShadow @Jaerinn ODD SPIRIT MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @Helixx @PolarStarr @awkwardjazzy @InfinitySky @MelissaGarza @stefaniTre WE ARE ARMY MOD SQUAD: @PolarStarr @LemonLassie @IsoldaPazo @Bangtanss @SkyBlast @Helixx @mbg3t SO BEAST MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @MelissaGarza @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @KenyaMendoza @axosrain @Helixx MELODY MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @IsoldaPazo @MandyNoona @Bangtanss @Helixx @MelissaGarza CHOCO CONE CREW: Jiji- @JiyongLeo Helixx- @Helixx Mandy- @MandyNoona Stef- @StefaniTre Stephanie- @StephanieDuong Sol- @IsoldaPazo Lemon- @LemonLassie Vinny- @twistedPuppy Aime- @AimeeH Stephany- @Stephany123 Michelle- @Bangtanss emily- @ercurrent VINGLE FAM: @SarahVanDorn @ZitaMahoney @KaitlynHewitt @AbbyRamey @NaughTAE @princessunicorn @BrennaTran @SugaOnTop @bbyitskatie @CrookedShadow @ToppDogg @BBxGD @lovetop @Emealia @KpopGaby @ashleyemmert @KeziahWright @twistedPuppy @Ercurrent @JaiiPanda @Sailynn @AmberFranco @sarahdarwish @LocoForJiyong @MadAndrea @SimplyAwkward ARMY TAGLIST: @merryjayne13 @StephanieDuong @VKookie47 @KarenGuerra93 @Choijiah @AaliyahNewbell @KenyaMendoza @StefaniTre @sarahdarwish @kristendmh @QueenPandaBunny @JaxomB @SweetDuella @ESwee @tinytreeleaf @tayamay1232 @maddsanzen @JohnEvans @Badtz @resavalencia @ImHayley @IrishCabacungan @AgentLeo @karinamiranda81 @luna1171 @ShailaZaman @imiebegay14 @AlenaSegura @Josyy7 @AshleiRyals @Tamaki1618 @selfishmachines @StephaniePoore @kimnam94 @SugaKookieV @VickyLe @KokoroNoTakara @shellyfuentes70 @jademarie4567 @sweetnothing34 @Pickles440 @Swhitta @inuyashagal @XxGummybear92xX @Baekyeol27 @170cme @luvella18 @bangtanella @Eli20 @StephaniePoore @jennissa711@jiminakpop @thatphamily @hayoungforever @destiny1419 @Kyokeo @MelissaGarza @Vay754 @2ilVer @TerraToyaSi @cathysanchez157 @Kpoplover2016 @LinnyOk @adritae @pharmgirlerin @hskswife @YiselRamos @iraVVIP @shisuschrist @ThanaPlague @kee1999kee @Viresse @JasminMartinez @hopesforsuga711 @TracyLynnn @EvodiaEbraheem @Jaerinn @ShannonSaysHey @JasminMartinez