Team Baby Kihyunnie's Cards
Team Baby Kihyunnie's Cards
Life With Kihyun: Day 4 {Results}
Here are the results for day 4! I would like to start off by apologizing for the enormous delay! My life has been so crazy this past week and a half... To make up for it I tried to make the results a little longer than usual...thank you for being so patient and bearing with me! Dress #1 : Wedding Under the Stars @karinamiranda81 @IsoldaPazo @JaxomB Standing in front of the mirror, you couldn’t help but to smile at the reflection looking back at you. It was finally your wedding day, and you most definitely felt like the happiest bride alive. You watched your reflection as you turned, the dress swaying gently with you. The dress gave you an elegant air; the silk accentuating the curves of your body while the lace provided the finishing touch that completed the classy look. You and Kihyun had decided on a different kind of wedding: one under the stars. When he first mentioned it, you had absolutely fallen in love with that idea. You hear a knock at the door, which snaps you out of your daydream. “Come in!” you call out to whoever was on the other side of the door. You turn around to watch (b/f/n) walk in, holding the veil in their hands. “Ready (y/n)? Let’s do this!” They helped secure the veil on your head before stepping back to take a good look at you. “You look stunning! Kihyun won’t know what to do with himself” (b/f/n) teases. You hit their arm playfully, and allow them to lead you to your father who is waiting near the door. Your father offers you a hug, taking care to keep your look intact. “I’m so proud of you (y/n)...” he smiles at you. “Thanks dad…” you give him a quick peck on the cheek before following him to the car that would take you to the venue you rented. ~time skip~ You had finally reached the venue. You weren’t really sure what you were feeling at that point. You felt your chest would burst from all the emotion that was building up in there. You were nervous as to what the two of you had in store for the future, but ecstatic that you were able to marry the man of your dreams. Your father steps out of the car and offers you his hand. You take it, and together you walk up to the end of the aisle they had made out of flower petals. The aisle was lined with candles, which gave the park such a heavenly glow. It was the most beautiful thing you have seen. All of a sudden, the traditional music starts playing. You and your father start walking towards the altar, where you make eye contact with the groom. The two of you never looked away from each other your whole descent, entranced by each other’s beauty. Once you finally reached the altar, he took your hands in his and gave you his trademark eye smile that makes you melt each time. “You’re so beautiful, (y/n)...” he whispers, trying not to get caught by the vicar. “Not to shabby yourself Mr. Handsome” you reply. You feel your knees going weak at the feeling of so many people with their eyes on you, but the warmth from Kihyun’s hand reassured you. You paid attention to the words the vicar was saying while looking right into Kihyun’s gorgeous coffee brown eyes. “Do you, Yoo Kihyun take (y/n) to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the vicar finally asks. “I do” he says with absolute sincerity. “Do you, (y/n) take Yoo Kihyun to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the vicar asks. The audience is silent, waiting for the two words to emerge from your lips. You take a deep breath before giving your answer. “I do” You may kiss the bride The audience stands up and cheers for the two of you, as they had witnessed the start of a new life for the two of you. Kihyun embraces you in his arms before leaning in to give you a deep kiss that conveyed how much he loved you. It was the sweetest and most magical thing you had experienced. As you pulled away, you leaned your foreheads against each other and just admired each other. Someone from the audience cleared their throats, causing you to look at them. “Um, is it time to throw the bouquet?” your cousin asked timidly. You let out a short chuckle at the innocence of the question and nodded. Turning your back towards them, you release the bouquet into the crowd that had gathered behind you. You turned to see who had caught it, and it was none other than the cousin that had asked you. You waved at her, watching her look up at you in awe. You take Kihyun’s hand, and head towards the dance floor for your slow dance. A new chapter of your life had just began, and you wondered what was in store for you. You lean into his arms and breathed in the familiar scent that you would wake up to every morning. Credit: @swarrier16 Dress #2: Resort Wedding @CLAKPOP @NaBi7 @Astrohelix A simple but elegant and golden necklace was put around my bare neck by my wedding stylist who also happened to be my best friend. "You look gorgeous..." She said in awe as she finished locking the clasp. She put her hands on my shoulders proudly as she looked in the mirror at me. I looked at myself in the mirror and touched the necklace delicately, "It's amazing. I love it! Thanks so much for choosing this. Of course you know what I like." I glanced up from the mirror and noticed that ( y/b/f ) was crying. I immediately got up from my seat and hugged her as she laid her head onto my shoulder and continued crying. "What's wrong ( y/b/f )? Why are you crying? I should be the one crying," I asked jokingly as I rubbed her back. "I'm just really happy that you're getting married, my own best friend..." She mumbled as she continued crying. I kept shushing her in reassurance as I patted her back. After she calmed down, we waited until my soon to be husband, Kihyun was ready. To cut down some time, I ended up telling stories about Kihyun and I, one being how we both agreed to have our wedding on an ethereal and gorgeous beach during our fifth anniversary. It was time to leave. I took a deep breath as I was by the exit of the tropical building where I put my dream wedding dress and jewelry on. "Have fun out there okay? I'll see you guys after the wedding," ( y/b/f ) said as she hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and let go when I saw my father. "You look very handsome," I complimented as we linked arms. "You look lovely yourself, ( y/n ). I can't wait to see you and Kihyun marry. Me and your mother get to witness another wonderful occasion with you. Ah I want to cry right now," he said as he pretended to wipe his eyes. I lightly shoved his shoulder and laughed. I quickly stopped as we saw the beautiful wedding arch that was adorned with many tropical flowers. What amazed me more was that it was on the ocean while laying on a hovering white platform that was supported by the tropical woods of this island. I could hear the calming sounds of the waves crashing against the sand. It was a good thing that there was a roof to the platform, or else the bright sunshine would've blinded my eyes with it's beauty. I grinned with joy as I saw Kihyun, looking handsome with his suit, waiting by the arch. As my father finished walking me to the arch, I faced my body and head towards Kihyun and let the priest speak their words. After staring into each other's eyes, the priest said his final words since there were no objections to be made. Kihyun slowly came forward, putting his arms around my waist as he held me tightly and I put my arms around his neck. "How are you?" He asked as he smiled playfully as he brought his face closer. "The happiest woman in the world now that I'm finally married to you," I replied as I went in for the kiss. The kiss that showed our marriage was sweet and long, if only it could last forever. But now, we enjoyed this moment by our dream wedding destination. I could hear the cheers, clapping, and tears falling down as we kissed and when we went apart, he came forward again and hugged me tightly as I laid my head on his shoulder. When everyone has calmed down, the wedding was over. All we had to do now, was of course to enjoy our time here and swim in the ocean that we reserved just for our wedding. My best friend came out excitedly in her swim suit and nearly leaped in my arms as I was talking to Kihyun and his group of friends, who I grew to think of as family. "Relax!" I giggled as she almost made me fall down. I wrapped my arms around her as she cried onto my shoulder. "I'm just so happy," she said with a muffled voice since she dug her face into my shoulder. "Ah, now you're overreacting," I said as I let her go and patted her head. "No I'm not... It's truly a happy moment, you're like a sister to me," she pouted. I heard her boyfriend yell for her and looked towards him. She looked at me confused then looked at my direction. "We'll talk about how you and Kihyun kissed passionately later, you two have fun okay?" She said as she wiped her eyes and ran away to her boyfriend. "( y/n )!" Kihyun called out to me and I turned around to find him going into the waters. "Come catch me if you can!" He teased and dived under the water, making himself disappear. I instantly ran and dived into the water when it was deep enough and swam around looking for him. Once I did, he took me by the waist and brought us to the surface of the water, kissing me lovingly in the process. We stayed there for what felt like a long time, spending the moment like it was our last as this kiss felt heavenly. In the waters, brightened by the sun, we stayed there. Kissing and embracing each other because we have been vowed to be married to one another forever. credit: @Kyokeo Dress #3: Chapel Wedding It was finally the day you had been waiting for: your wedding day. You sat staring into the mirror in front of you as the stylist applied the finishing touch on your makeup. You felt a hand grasp onto yours, and smile at the familiar touch of your mother. “(Y/N)…you look so beautiful” your mother says, tears of joy pooling in her eyes. “I’m so happy for you!” “Thanks, mom” you smile once again and give her hand a gentle squeeze. “(Y/N)!” you hear as (b/f/n) comes bursting through the door. “I’ll be in the chapel” Your mom gives you a kiss on the cheek and leaves to take her seat. “I can’t believe this is happening!” (b/f/n) exclaims as they plop down on the couch next to you. “You and Kihyun are the most perfect couple to exist!” she sighs happily while sinking into the couch. “You and Changkyun are so cute together! You’ll get here soon enough!” you giggle as you poke her side. She blushes at the mention of her boyfriend of two years. You had set them up together, and were glad that they hit it off really well. A coordinator comes in through the door, signaling the start of the ceremony. You bid farewell to your best friend, and take your place behind the door with your father. You take a deep breath to calm your nerves as your father lowers your veil and takes your arm. “I’m so happy for you (y/n)...” he trails off. You give him a quick hug before you hear the music playing from the organ on the other side of the door. As the door opens, you and your father start walking down the aisle. You look up at the altar and see Kihyun waiting for you, looking stunning in his suit. As you reach the altar, you take your place across from him as he takes your hands in his. While the vicar was reading off the vows, you were getting lost in his beautiful brown eyes once again. “Do you, Yoo Kihyun take (y/n) to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the vicar finally asks. “I do” he says without an ounce of hesitation. “Do you, (y/n) take Yoo Kihyun to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the vicar asks. “I do” you answer from the bottom of your heart. He squeezes your hands, and you try to imagine what your life will be like from now on. “ may kiss the bride” you suddenly snap out of your trance. Kihyun looked amused at your reaction as he put his arms around you and pulled you into the most magical kiss you had experienced to date. The audience cheered and you leaned in for another peck. As you pulled away, you realized it was time to throw the bouquet. You faced backwards and threw it over your shoulder. You heard squealing and then silence as you turn around and are met with (b/f/n) with the bouquet. In front of her was Changkyun down on one knee proposing to her. You watched her say yes, and then ran up to her to congratulate her. “I told you you would get you happy ending!” you winked at her before giving her a hug. You meet up with the rest of Kihyun’s members and give them all a hug before rejoining your now husband and heading off to your car. You were excited to start a new chapter of your life with Kihyun. He had given you all you have ever asked for and more, and you couldn’t imagine life without him anymore. You lean into his arms in the car as he plants a kiss on the top of your head. “I love you (y/n)...” he whispered as he pulled away. “I love you too Kihyun” you whisper back. Credit: @swarrier16 And that concludes this door game! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Monsta X Team: @JohnEvans @VatcheeAfandi99 @PrettieeEmm @Vkookie47 @IsoldaPazo @BBxGD Monbebes: @JessicaEvaristo @Kyokeo @MelissaGarza @ekahjw @ortizwendy17 @StefaniTre @HerosBells @MissyKim @Starbell808 @LizaNightshade @ciabri22 @amberg171997 @Kayto4 @KierstinAndrews @P1B2Bear @CrystalGuerra @Bwolfgirl @ILikeHisFace123 @lovetop @jiyongleo @NekoYoongi @michievip @TerraToyaSi @JaxomB @punkpandabear @PrettieeEmm @MryMrgn4578 @twistedPuppy @kpowell @ZionPerezFowler @CrystalBlunt @IsoldaPazo @Jinnyrod3 @KpopIsLife16 @1kpop @Sisicup @kpopandkimchi @mycreativename @xXYGXx @DominiqueWhitak @unnieARMkey @AimeeH @JamiMislap @Xoxojessica12 @aleciaLOVES @anarevilla34 @unnaturalaries @Byeoli @phxcur93 @sierrakuper @SerenityThao @Starbell808 @KennaStarz @MarcoLopez @LeighHolgate @JacquelineTakas @majesticrose14 @GeetanjaliRao @Sisicup @KpopIsLife16 @1kpop @AdaVanson @ArmyofKookie @NaBi7 @7mnsaaa94 @xoxorittie @Kdragons137 @JaeLayJooWonho @MonAnnahiX @AneebaNasir @Kayto4 @TiffanyBibian @mrsyookihyun @dallasyamane @Zyxzj @sherrysahar @mrsyookihyun
Kihyun at Fansigns!
Hello! I'm back with another card for Team Kihyun and it's going to include many pictures of adorable Kihyun at fansigns C: He makes a wonderful princess and his smile is contagious! Glasses suit him very well and the headbands he wears make him look so adorable ^o^ Further proof that these headbands make him look cute! This picture makes me want to squeal out of joy because panda hat + glasses = CUTENESS OVERLOAD Bubble blower + killer tongue + smiling machine = PERFECTION More adorableness for you guys :3 Here's a last picture for you guys! I had to put this because I laughed so hard at it. Poor Kihyun! Wonho rejected his heart :C Team Kihyun!!! @AneebaNasir @CrystalBlunt @LizaNightShade @NaBi7 @Kayto4 @swarrier16 @dallasyamane @Kyokeo @MandyNoona @mrsyooKihyun @CLAKPOP @Kdragons137 @TiffanyBibian @swarrier16 Monsta X Team: @JohnEvans @VatcheeAfandi99 @PrettieeEmm @Vkookie47 @IsoldaPazo Monbebes: @JessicaEvaristo @Kyokeo @MelissaGarza @ekahjw @ortizwendy17 @StefaniTre @HerosBells @MissyKim @Starbell808 @LizaNightshade @ciabri22 @amberg171997 @Kayto4 @KierstinAndrews @P1B2Bear @CrystalGuerra @Bwolfgirl @ILikeHisFace123 @lovetop @jiyongleo @NekoYoongi @michievip @TerraToyaSi @JaxomB @punkpandabear @StefaniTre @PrettieeEmm @MryMrgn4578 @twistedPuppy @kpowell @ZionPerezFowler @CrystalBlunt @IsoldaPazo @Jinnyrod3 @KpopIsLife16 @1kpop @Sisicup @kpopandkimchi @mycreativename @xXYGXx @DominiqueWhitak @unnieARMkey @AimeeH @JamiMislap @Xoxojessica12 @aleciaLOVES @anarevilla34 @unnaturalaries @Byeoli @phxcur93 @sierrakuper @SerenityThao @Starbell808 @KennaStarz @MarcoLopez @LeighHolgate @JacquelineTakas @majesticrose14 @GeetanjaliRao @Sisicup @KpopIsLife16 @1kpop @AdaVanson @ArmyofKookie @NaBi7 @7mnsaaa94 @xoxorittie @Kdragons137 @JaeLayJooWonho @MonAnnahiX