Fictionless Love (A BTS Fanfic)
Hello everyone! And welcome to the fiction part of Memein' Fiction Mondays~ This chapter is a good ;) Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~ Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 - Night of Surprises Previously... "Hello again, Hyun-Ae," he said in the voice that I once loved dearly. I felt so many emotions running through me at this moment but all I could think of was the pain he caused and how he hurt me. "It is great to see you again. You look good," he continued, causing me to start to tear up. Only one man could cause me to be like this and I thought he was out of my life, for forever. But I guess I was wrong. "K-Kyung-il?" ~~~ Hyun-Ae's P.O.V At this time, the only thought going through my head was run - run far away. But I couldn't let him see that he still got to me, after a year. I decided to stand my ground and face him, no matter how hard it was for me to do. "What are you doing here?" My voice started to shake as I spoke. He laughed at my question. "I go here too. What, I can't be on campus and at my old friend's birthday party?" "I didn't mean it like-" "Oh so you guys know one another already?" Jimin interrupted. I stared in response, startling him. "Yes we do. We know each other real well" I cringed at his words and the way he looked at me, eyeing me up and down as if he would eat me whole. At my surprise, Jin moved in front of me, blocking Kyung-il from my view. "Don't talk to her," he hissed. "Wow, someone is a little testy," Kyung-il responded. "What, I can't talk to my ex-girlfriend?" " guys dated one another?" Jimin asked, just now understanding the situation. I saw the clocks turning in his head until something clicked, changing the way he looked at Kyung-il and instantly backing away from him. "Hyun-Ae," Jimin started. "Is he one of the friends who-" I nodded. I reached for Jin's shirt, gripping it tightly in my hand as I was trying to prevent the unwanted tears to fall out from my eyes. "So are you just going to turn everyone against me, Hyun-Ae? Is that what this is now?" Kyung-il made a 'tch' and started to run his hand through his hair aggressively. He started to inch closer to me when Jimin stopped him. "Kyung-il, that's enough." His face had suddenly turned serious, something I hadn't seen from Jimin before. "Back off, Jimin," Kyung-il shoved him onto the ground, startling both Jin and I. "What the hell is your problem, Kyung-il!" I yelled, running over to help Jimin up. "You! You are my problem!" He was shouting now, attracting other people outside to our conversation. I stepped out from behind Jin to face him. He can't do this to people. Especially not the people that I care about. "Why am I the problem? If I remember correctly, you were the one who cheated on me." His face softened at my words. "Hyun-Ae," He reached out to grab me, and I brushed him off. "Don't touch me. Don't speak to me. Don't even get near me. I don't want to see you again." I started to walk away when he said something that made me stop. "I broke up with her." I quickly turned around to face him once more. "I broke up with her because she wasn't you. I think about you everyday. I miss you Hyun-Ae. I miss talking to you, seeing you, I miss your touch. I never should have done that to you and I am sorry." Unable to hold them in any longer, tears slowly rolled down my cheeks. Jin and Jimin were standing behind me at this point. I knew that if he tried something that they would stop him but I needed to do this on my own. I can't get them involved. "I want you back Hyun-Ae." Kyung-il slowly moved towards me and as he was only inches from me, he reached out to wipe my tears. I almost gave in to his words, his apology, but then I stopped myself. I shyed away from his touch, letting him know that I didn't want him near me. He lowered his hand and his face seemed saddened to see me reject him, but I didn't care. No amount of words that he said could make me forgive him for what he did. "Hyun-Ae, I-" "Good-bye, Kyung-il." I backed away before he could finish and broke through the crowd and started running. Running away from all this - from him, from the past, from the feelings that I once had for him. After running for what seemed like miles, I slowly sped down, and I felt numb. The tears were endless at this point. I bent down, hugging my knees as I cried - questions circling in my mind. Why did I have to see him again? Why did I come to the party tonight? If only I had said I was busy or something, I would not have had to see him. "Hyun-Ae," A hand gently caressed my shoulder as I shook. Any other time, I would have rejected someone touching me but I was too out of it to care. A pair of arms slowly wrapped around me as well from behind, holding me gently. I heard another person come right in front of me, taking my arms in his hands, to remove them from my face. My vision was extremely blurry but I was able to make out Jin in front of me. As he held onto my arms, the tears and snot dripped from my face as I continued to become more of a mess. His face was one of sadness as he saw me this way. I decided that it was time to try to calm down. I began to take in deep breaths and after my uneven breathing slowed, I felt more calm. Jin eventually released my hands and I used them to wipe my face and the snot from my nose. I slowly got up, the other boys helping me and I could barely feel my legs - resulting in me almost falling over. I nodded to them that I was okay and they let go of me so I could stand on my own. I turned around to all of them and saw that all 7 of them were here. All 7 of the boys. I forced a smile to let them know that I was feeling a little bit better. I continued to wipe at my face, realizing how I must look, as I began to speak. "Wow, am I a mess." I started, trying to ease up the atmosphere. They stayed silent at my comment only giving me small smiles as a response. "You guys didn't have to be here. I am sorry that this happened. Especially on your birthday Jimin. I shouldn't have-" "Hyun-Ae, don't." Jimin said. "It's okay. Don't feel bad about this. I didn't even know so I feel horrible being the one who brought him to you in the first place." "You didn't know. You couldn't have known." "It doesn't make me feel any better though. I can't believe he did something like that to you. He cheated on you. He was one of the last people I expected to do that but I guess you don't always see people for who they really are." "And he had the guts to say he wanted you back? This guy is a tool!" Taehyung chimed in. "I should have kicked him before we left," J-Hope demonstrated what he would have done to him, making me laugh. "Do we know where he lives? I want to go trash his place." Yoongi said. "Show him to mess with our Hyun-Ae," Namjoon threatened, the boys nodding in agreement. "Are you okay, Noona?" Jungkook asked, as he approached me. I shook my head, giving him a small smile. He then hugged me, surprising me as he hasn't ever touched me before. "Daebak." J-Hope said in awe. "Has he got over his fear of girls?" Taehyung questioned. "N-No. Just my fear of Noona. She isn't so scary anymore. Not after watching all that snot come out of her nose." I hit him on the head, making the other boys laugh as he released me from his arms. He looked shocked at my actions, as if not expecting me to do something after he practically made fun of me. "Are you sure you are okay?" Jin asked, still looking concerned. "Yeah." I sighed. "I am still kind of shaken up about it but mainly because it was the first time I have seen him since we broke up and because of some of the things he said." "Have you forgiven him?" Jimin questioned. "Hell no. He cheated on me with my best friend behind my back for three months. How can I believe anything that lying mouth of his says when he kept something that big hidden from me for that long." "Good. I was about to hit you if you said that you did." Taehyung teased. "Yeah he doesn't deserve you. You are too good for him." Yoongi added. "I can't believe that I was ever friends with a person like that." Jimin shook his head. "And things only get worse..." We all looked at him in confusion. "He is in our Psychology on Monday and Wednesday's now." He whispered. "What!" I yelled. "Why?" "He said that his other Psychology class was conflicting with his work so he had to change to our class. I was excited upon hearing it but after this, even the mention of his name will make me want to kill him." So I have to see him twice a week. It won't be bad...right? "But don't worry Hyun-Ae!" Jimin suddenly exclaimed. "We are not going to let him near you!" "Yeah! We will all make sure that there is no possible way that he can sit by us in class." J-Hope stated. "If he even looks at you we will just glare daggers at him until he knows not to mess with you - or he has to deal with all of us." Taehyung added. I smiled at them, fully feeling their sincerity in their words. "Thank you guys. I don't know what I would do without you," I continued to rub the mucus and tears off as they were talking, trying to make myself not look like I had just balled my eyes out for 10 minutes. "Okay," Namjoon said, clapping his hands together. "So I think someone should take Hyun-Ae home. Just in case. How-" "I'll do it!" Jin, Yoongi, and Taehyung all yelled at the same time. We all started laughing at them. "Yah! I am her best friend!" Taehyung staring daggers at Yoongi. "So what? I am her friend too!" The boys continued their little contest while Jin came over to stand by me. "Why don't we just get out of here before they start pulling your arms and acting even more like children." He whispered into my ear. My heart started to race as he was too close for comfort. I nodded. He gave me his hand to help me up and as we waved to the others, Jin and I ran as Yoongi and Taehyung were still going at it. We ran hand-in-hand - he held it against my will might I add - until we were far away from the other boys. Jin started to slow down as we both neared our running limit. We both started breathing a little heavier than before and when we made eye contact we both laughed. "They are so silly." Jin said. "They fight over the strangest things." "Yeah but that is why I love them. Because they are strange." He smiled at my comment and I smiled back, happy again for the first time tonight. We started walking towards my dorm, side-by-side, cracking jokes when he brought up something that made me stop. "So you were going to tell me something earlier before...he...interrupted you." He started looking at me as he said it. I started to turn red, remembering that I was planning to confess to him before Kyung-il showed up out of no where. "Y-Yeah...that can wait..." I turned away from him, hoping that he didn't see that I was red. "Ah come on. What were you going to say?" He nudged me on the shoulder, egging me on. I shook my head. "I will tell you...another time..." He pouted at my response making me giggle at how cute he was being. After a while, we made it to the entrance of my dorm. I started climbing up the steps and stopped. I turned around to face Jin who was on the steps below me, flustered at how we were at eye level with one another. "I can get to my room from here. You can go back now." I placed my hands in front of me, embarrassed. "I want to walk you to your room though just in case. What if he is there, waiting or something?" "But-" "No buts. I am coming in and taking you to your room, young lady." I stuck my tongue out at him, making him smile in return. "Fine." He walked ahead, me trailing behind him. He opened the door and gestured me inside. I quickly followed and froze when I walked in. "Okay so-" Jin bumped into my back, pushing me forward a little bit when he saw what I was staring at. The lady who was doing the hall sweeps was right in front of us. Expect her back was turned so she hadn't quite seen us yet. Panicking, I searched for a place to hide before she looked back towards the door. After seeing a door open beside us, I grabbed Jin's wrist and pulled him with me as I ducked down and swiftly made it to the door. After we made it inside and gently closed it, I breathed a quick sigh of relief. "Who was that?" Jin whispered. "The head of the dorm. She wanders the halls when its late to make sure there are no boys left in the dorm. Kind of strict huh?" "I would say. Our head just sits on his bum all day and couldn't care less if girls stayed the night. So what are we going to do now? We can't go back out there - can we?" I shook my head. "Not until she moves or something. If she sees us - we are definitely dead." I peeked over her desk to see that she had disappeared. I glanced around to make sure I wasn't seeing things, when she suddenly appeared again, and I moved my head down a second after. "Is she still there?" Jin asked. I nodded. "So what do you think we should-" Before he could finish his sentence, I heard the door on the other side of the room open, making Jin and I freeze. She was humming a song, swinging her keys back and forth on her index finger, when she sat at her chair at her desk. Jin and I on the side of it, remained completely still scared that one small movement would make her see us. Jin and I glanced at each other, still panicking. I then instantly became embarrassed after realizing how close we were and I moved my head the other way. She then abruptly got up out of her seat - making me almost fly across the room and hummed her way to her private bathroom. After peeking over the side of the desk and seeing the door close, I gestured to Jin to run back out the door and we ran up the stairs, and headed to my room. I started to get the keys out of my bag and just when I was about to unlock the handle, the keys slipped from my hands, falling on the floor. "Hurry!" Jin whispered. "I think I hear her coming!" I gathered my keys and somehow opened the door, closing it quietly behind Jin and I as we went inside. I slumped against the door, relieved to have gotten inside when I heard yelling and running down the hall - confirming that the head of the dorm had heard us. As the footsteps neared my door, I ushered Jin to my bed to hide. I quickly covered him and I was able to sit down at my desk and pull up a page on my laptop when she opened the door. I turned around, pretending to be surprised by her appearance. "Y-Yes?" "Did you hear someone come by? I swear that I heard people running in the hall." I shook my head. "No. I didn't hear anything." I lied, trying to keep a straight face - something I am no good at I might say. "O-Oh. I must just be imagining things. Sorry to disturb you Hyun-Ae. Have a good night." She closed the door behind her and after hearing her steps disappear down the hall, I let my head hit the desk. "Is she gone?" Jin whispered, sliding out from under my covers. "Yeah, we are good." I heard him breathe out and put his hand up to his heart. "Thank heavens. I thought my heart was going to explode." I laughed at his reaction. "I swear, it's like a constant party in here or something. Both you and Taehyung in here..." "Taehyung has been in here?" Jin looked at me in shock. "Yeah, he has spent two nights here. One was after the night he broke up with his...girlfriend...and the other was...last night. He came without giving me any warning though-" I started laughing at the thought when I immediately stopped. Jin looked upset - almost angry. I was taken back by his sudden change. "W-What? Why are you looking at me like that?" I became flustered very quickly as I had not seen him like this before. "Did he do something to you? Because if he did..." "Ani!! He even puts up a pillow barrier himself to separate us." I interrupted. "He just can't sleep by himself so I let him sleep in my bed with me..." His face seemed to lighten up at my words. Why is he getting so intense? "So I can't leave until morning right?" He changed the topic. I sighed. "Yeah. Sorry. I should have just gone in by myself and not have dragged you into this mess. Let me make you a bed on the floor to sleep-" "No." "No?" I repeated, surprised by his answer. "I am going to sleep with you." Hmm... What. My ears must be deceiving me. "What did you-" "I. am. sleeping. with. you. in. your. bed. tonight." My face started to turn beet red at what he was saying. Excuse me...Jin say what?!?! Mwahaha. And another cliffhanger~ What will Hyun-Ae do with Jin's sudden straightforwardness? And will Kyung-il give up that easily? Stay tuned for the next chapter! Love you all! XOXO Also, if you would like to be added to the taglist for this series, let me know as I would love to add you! 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