Story time!!
Story time!!
Byun Baekhyun pt.7
I'M FINALLY BACK!! Summer was amazing and it's already the second month into school I hope everyone is doing well !! SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR SUCH A LONG TIME all the back to school stress was killing me TT (here goes nothing) I'll try to make it up in this next chapter!! ❤❤❤ In the last Chapter// Part *Kai's P.O.V* the way he yelled for her made me realize I was gunna have more fun then I expected. >>> Let's just say your little Maria isn't feeling to well... but we are still at school" I said in a sly voice as I hung up.... ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *Chen's P.O.V* I noticed the stranger was on the phone now... obviously he didn't care much for Maria because while the nurse and I were trying to figure out what was wrong he was talking to someone and for some reason I felt like he was pretending to sound inocente when out of no where his voice changed... it became sly, almost like a wolf who was planing something bad... I don't know what it was but it sent a chill down my spine. *Baekhyun's P.O.V* Both Lexi and Chanyeol followed me as I ran to the nurses office. I assumed I would find Maria there because Kai had mentioned something about her not feeling well... I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that they were together... alone... or so I thought. As soon as we ran in the the office the nurse stood up and asked us all to keep it down because there had been someone "resting" in one of the beds. Immediately I ran and swung the curtin open and I fell to my knees when I saw her lying there stiff and her face colorless... *Chanyeol's P.O.V* We got the the nurse a little after Baekhyun because Inoticed Lexi looking a little odd. I knew she was worried so I slowed down and we walked the rest of the way because I wanted her to feel better but that all changed when we got there. As soon as we walked in we saw Baekhyun on his knees holding her hand.. she looked really sick. But why..? She seemed perfectly fine at lunch... I looked down at Lexi and I saw tears forming. Right away I hugged her... I didn't even think about it I just did what my heart was telling me to do and it was almost like if I triggered something because as soon as she felt me wrap my arms around her she hugged me back and began to cry her heart out. I didn't blame her Maria didn't look good at all. I was just about to ask the nurse when suddenly the paramedics came rushing in. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!! I thought to my self not wanting to frighten anyone more than we already were. We watched them put her on a stretcher and one guy asked the nurse who was going to ride with her when Baekhyun blurted "her cousin and I will be going with her" he looked over at me and I nodded in reassurance as they walked out following the paramedics. Through all this panic I had failed to notice the boy in the chair by the bed it was Chen. What was he doing here..? *Chen's P.O.V* Chanyeol and I made eye contact and I got up immediately. What's going on here?!? asked, I could here the true worry in his voice. It's a LONG story I said while I motioned for him to take a seat net to me. I was going to start from the very beginning with every little detail I thought would be important. ///time jump/// After telling Chanyeol everything I felt a weight lifted from my chest we were still left really confused. All that came to mind was.. What's wrong with Maria..? Why was she with Kai...? Did they already know each other..? And lastly why was Lexi so devastated when she saw her cousin..? Did she know something...!?!?! HEHE (EVIL LAUGH) we will find out the answer to all the questions in the next chapter but until then I hope you guys are doing good in school it's 11 pm on a Saturday night homework can wait till tomorrow ❤❤ HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THIS CHAPTER !! BYE !!
Masks pt.1
~So the first card posted was like a "preview" but this is the actual part 1 [ Also very important (Y/N) stands for Your name ] for the people who didn't know~ *Your P.O.V* "THANK YOU FOR FLYING WITH US. IF YOU ARE VISITING WE HOPE YOU ENJOY KOREA, IF YOU LIVE HERE WE HOPE YOU FLY WITH US AGAIN" a lady's voice was heard over the speakers as our plane finished landing I wasn't exhausted like my mom and step-dad because they were working from their computers and I slept most of the time and when I wasn't sleeping I was practising my Korean... I was almost fluent because I grew up learning Spanish and English but when my mom met Eric (mystep dad) we began to learn. it's been 7 years now because my mom and Eric met when I was 10... but when I was 6 my dad died ina car accident on his way to work in Mexico but my mom and I both knew he would have wanted us to move on in life so we did but we never have and never will forget him. *time skip* "your P.O.V" All I could think about on the drive to our new house was what it would look like and what school in Korea would be like. I was exited to see and live in a place that was different from where I was born and used to but most of all I was scared... scared I wouldn't fit in and moving would have just been a waste of time and money. Why am I like this...? I asked myself. Why can't I ever be positive...? "I don't know how" I answered my own question. I had been told for so long that I actually began to believe I was worthless... *time skip* *mom's P.O.V* Awww, look at my sweet baby... she's grown up so fast and beautifully, I'm thankful for having her. She's a living reminder of her dad but I'm also thankful to Eric because with out him our family wouldn't be completed... I love him and need him... we need him, he's always been so good to both of us, I don't think they will ever know how thankful I am to have both of them. (Arriving at the house) "YAA!! (Y/N) wake up we're here, take a look at the house it's gorgeous !" I tried to say it loud enough for her to hear/wake up and she did. *Your P.O.V* I woke up to my mom's voice saying something about the house and she was right, it was like something seen in dramas. I couldn't fully grasp the idea that it was ours and we were actually going to live here now but it all slowly came to me as soon as we got off the car and proceeded inside ^ New house ^ *Your P.O.V* "(Y/N) I heard Eric call while coming in with our luggage" it was only a little because we sent our things before us and had them set up by a interior house designer so we wouldn't have to worry when we got here and by the looks of it they did a wonderful job. The house was very open and since it was mostly white on the inside it felt calming "Ready to see your new room?" Eric asked me after giggling with my mom a bit (they were acting like teenagers hiding something). I followed them both down some stairs that looked alot like the rest of the house 'White' but then they suddenly stopped at a door with (Y/N) written on it. I felt special. we walked in and it was beautiful Since we were down stairs a got a view of the garden that surround the house and I couldn't help but cry, I was going to start fresh.... a new life... no one knew me and so far no one hated me *That's it for this chapter! ❤ ! I used pictures to set the tone of this story, I hope you guys liked it* (BTW the pictures aren't mine creds to the real owners)
Byun Baekhyun pt.6
(This chapter might have some drama/beef hint hint) * Mysterious guy P.O.V * Both the nurse and that random dude were staring at me, it was beginning to become uncomfortable *BUZZZZ* I completely forgot I picked up her phone before running here. It had slipped out of her pocket when that guy picked her up and ran so I picked it up and ran after them. I stayed behind because it was also my first year here and I still didn't know how to get to the nurses office *BUZZZ* *BUZZZ* her phone kept going off but she had a password so I only caught glimpses of what was being sent MESSAGE FROM: LEXI >Hey!! Maria!! Where are you?!? >YAA!! DON'T IGNORE ME > I know you have your phone with you!! > I'm with you know who... ANSWER!! CALL FROM: LEXI >>> "Hello..? Maria...? Can you hear me...? YAA!! WHY ANSWER THE PHONE IF YOUR NOT GUNNA TALK!!" I heard a girl screaming into the phone from the other line. I'm so stupid! why did I even answer it's not my phone how am I going to explain this.... >>> "Hello...? Who is this...? Im sorry but Maria can't come to her phone right now..." I tried to say it in a calm voice but for some reason it came out creepy... why do i always become a creep around girls it's not my fault I'm a F boy by default (For the people who don't know what that it, it's just a boy who plays with girls... they don't actually have feelings for them). >>> "Who are you!?! Why do you have her phone?!? Maria doesn't talk to people let alone boys so who are you what did you do to her" !?!?! The girl on the line was now screaming with a little bit of fear in her voice then it happend... "PASS ME THE PHONE! NOW!" I heard a voice in the background become angry... but not just any voice it was Byun Baekhyun and I was triggered, a smile widened on my face and I thought I would have some fun. >>> "Hello...?? This is Kai, Maria's boyfriend... who am I speaking to?" I asked in the most innocent/serious tone I could. *Lexi's P.O.V* Maria's sister was her ride home but she had to leave early and her friend asked me to say goodbye to Maria for her and that she would call her later today so I was gunna surprise her. I went around looking for Baekhyun and I finally found him in a classroom talking to a teacher he wasn't speaking formally to her which seemed odd because it was only the first day. She noticed me first (the teacher). "Hello may I help you?" she asked me with a kind smile. "O-Oh I'm... I mean... I-i was just looking for Baekhyun" I managed to stutter. It was her... she was so cool!! she used to be famous in Korea for being in dramas (she had a killer smile that millions of fans adored) but what was she doing in America being a teacher..? "Ahhh... I see another one of his fans..?" she asked me and brushed me aside like it happend normally. "N-no mam I just wanted to asked him if he could take Maria home because she didn't have a ride and I have to leave soon" I said quickly with my face turning a bright red. I noticed he got up immediately after hearing her name "Mom, I'll go home with Chanyeol today don't worry about me driving alone... see you at home" he yelled the last part as he took me by the wrist and ran out. "MOM!! SHE'S YOUR MOM?!?" I yelled before he stopped as we reached the cafeteria where Chanyeol was siting with his headphones on, I felt my face turn red again as baekhyun asked him if he wanted him to give him a ride home so it wouldn't be awkward "You can sit in the back with Lexi" I heard him whisper loud enough so I would hear. "NO!! I'll walk home..." I said putting my face down. "I'll walk you..." Chanyeol said softly as he took his headphones off and walked up to me. "OR! we can all go home together I'm my car" Baekhyun said while wedging himself between us. "Yeah. O-okay" I said while I took out my phone to message Maria. She wouldn't answer my texts so I decided to try calling her, it rang a little but then the call was connected. CALL TO: MARIA >>>>>> "Hello..? Maria...? Can you hear me...? YAA!! WHY ANSWER THE PHONE IF YOUR NOT GUNNA TALK!!" I was getting annoyed and was about to hang up when... >>>"Hello...? Who is this...? Im sorry but Maria can't come to her phone right now... I freaked out and I bet you could see it on my face by the way Baekhyun and Chanyeol stared at me. >>> "Who are you!?! Why do you have her phone?!? Maria doesn't talk to people let alone boys so who are you what did you do to her" !?!?! Baekhyun eyes widened when he figured out it wasn't Maria who answered her phone but a boy... Chanyeol recognized that look and was ready to hold him back but not before he yelled at me to pass him the phone, he didn't say it in a rude way but in a seriously worried tone. I passed it to him. >>> "Hello...?? This is Kai, Maria's boyfriend... who am I speaking to?" I asked in the most innocent/serious tone I could. >>> KAI !! I SWEAR !! IF YOU LAY A FINGER ON MARIA YOU'RE DEAD!! he yelled at the phone you could tell they knew the person on the phone by the way Chanyeol froze at the name...Kai.... "WHERE ARE YOU?!?" Baekhyun was now yelling with fear in his voice which was new because as far as anyone knew... he wasn't afraid of anyone or anything. *Kai's P.O.V* the way he yelled for her made me realize I was gunna have more fun then I expected. >>> Let's just say your little Maria isn't feeling to well... but we are still at school" I said in a sly voice as I hung up. That's it... he's coming... ❤CLIFFHANGER❤!!! I hope you guys liked it, that's it for now I'll update the next chapter tomorrow.
Hey guys! I just started writing this new story I hope you guys will like it I'm going to try to make it short but it will be a Jungkook story ❤❤❤ Yes the Golden Maknae ❤❤❤                        **Intro/ your P.O.V** I was never good enough. that's all I thought untill I met him. You're too fat... your skin isn't dark enough... your teeth are disgusting... go back to where you're from.... KILL yourself!! You've heard these things all your life and always brushed it off or 'let it's slide'... at least that's what you looked like on the outside but he knew it wasn't real he saw how hurt you were underneath but you'd carried on so long with the hurt you couldn't stop if you tried it.                               Growing up I was always bullied just for being who you was... I didn't fit in... I was an Alien. But because as I got older the bullying became more of a threat I had to change schools...a lot so I didn't get the chance to make many friends... I did end up meeting this girl her name was Suzy but we only talk over video chat and messages now because I left Mexico... it wasn't safe for me there. Since my mom remarried to a Korean guy we moved with him to Korea because he inherited a huge house and lost of money when his parents passed away. We moved in right as summer started and I was to start high school when vacations finished. I had 2 months to settle in.                    **End Intro/ Your P.O.V** Well... I hope you guys liked it so far that was just a short preview I hope you guys read the rest that comes thank you for reading/liking/supporting me... it really means alot
Byun Baekhyun pt.5
Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been really busy since it's summer I will try to post more often!! TT *Maria's P.O.V* "That's it for today thank you for being a good class I hope it continues throughout the year" our teacher said after the last bell rang it was 2:35 pm now and next was tutorial from 2:40pm -3:30pm we were told it was optional the first 2 weeks of school so I was going to go home because since it was the first day no teachers handed out homework. I was on my way to my sisters car when I felt someone grab one of the straps to my back pack I turned around smiling expecting to see a familiar pink sweatshirt but it wasn't... OMO it's a stranger RUN!! I yelled in my head but my legs were frozen I looked down black pants, black shoes, I looked forward black shirt, this person is in all black and really tall.. what do they want? what should I do? who's gunna help me? for some reason I kept thinking 'Maria... don't make eye contact and Baekhyun will pass by and save you'... Baekhyun why did everything keep coming back to him?!? I felt myself getting lighter and the world began to spin "my head hurts" I said right before I fainted the last thing I heard was my name. *Chen's P.O.V* I was in my car already about to turn the corner to exit the school parking lot when I saw her, her hair was the cutest shade of brown it looked like honey and cinnamon mixed together ironically they were both sweet but who is she with...? why isn't she looking up...? does she even know him?!? for some reason my heart began to beat faster. *BEEP* the guy behind me began honking without realizing it is had started a long trail of traffic. I parked again and got down as I was walking towards her I noticed her looking pale even though it was freezing the color was gone from her face and then it happend... she fell... into his arms.... "!Maria!" I yelled as I ran to her. "Who are you? What did you do to her?" my heart began to pound why was she with him in the first place?!? I was about to punch him but Maria, she was still in his arms I reached to get her away from him and she was burning her forehead was so hot we were both worried as we looked up at each other "let's take her to the nurse" the mysterious guy suggested. "Okay grab her things and follow me" I ordered he did as he was told but by the way he stayed behind me and followed me exactly I could tell he was new too. 'He's a freshman like her... did they know each other?' we reached the nurses office and I layed her on the bed while he explained what happend to the schools nurse. "Okay, I understand... What's her name?" she asked as she sat at her computer to begin writing the report. "I-I don't know...." as soon as thoes words came out of his mouth both the nurse and I looked at him in shock. 'Who is this guy anyways?!?' I asked before yelling her name "Maria her name is Maria it's her first year here" the nurse typed some things quickly and got up to aid her. **Once again sorry for taking so long to update but I didn't want to just wing it** P.S: I'm working on a new story tell me if you guys have any suggestions on who the lead roll should be they can be from any Kpop group its not limited to just EXO ❤
Byun Baekhyun pt.4
At first I was scared to post my own stories but it's fun and it's what I like to do so I'll keep doing it *thank you guys for supporting me to do what I enjoy* *Maria's P.O.V* I looked over at Lexi and her face was almost back to normal "You really like him don't you?" I asked her positive I knew what her response would be "Yeah, I guess I do.." she looked at the floor and smiled to herself so I knew what she felt was serious. "Well since we still have time how about you actually show me around" I said in a serious voice but laughed a little after so she knew I was joking "That's actually a good idea, follow me" she said while grabbing my left backpack strap and pulling me along. *Baekhyun's P.O.V* I drank my water and sat there thinking about how Lexi turned red as soon as she heard his voice she wasn't even facing him xD it was adorable because I don't think she's noticed that Chanyeol has liked her since elementary school. "YA! what were you thinking about that you spilled your water" I heard Chanyeol ask a little confused because I had spilt a lot and didn't notice. It had slipped my mind that he was there but I was happy that he was because I had something to ask him "How do you know her!?!... I mean how do you know Maria?" I tired to play it off cool but I think I was just making it worse. *Chanyeol's P.O.V* Inner Monologue [Wow she so pretty I can't believe I just sat by her (Lexi) I didn't really think about it, I went with what my heart was telling me and Baekhyun hyung he was acting so awkward around Maria I've never seen him like that and hes been my best friend since I could remember... does he perhaps like her...?? Ahhh why am I wet??] "YA! what were you thinking about that you spilled your water" I asked him a little confused because I thought he was paying attention but apparently he was in some sort of deep thought, he hadn't even noticed I was eating his food xD he must like her a lot. "How do you know her!?!... I mean how do you know Maria?" he asked me and he could not have made it more obvious... it was official he fell for her but how!?!?! it's the first day of school!! "Oh um she's in the schools marching band... we met over the summer in early week" I told him simply. "Early Week..? What's that??" he asked curiously you could tell that the musical side to her made him fall for her even more. "Early Week is for students who are going to be in the music programs to get to know each other and the upperclassmen so they could be comfortable asking for help when they need it" I told him "Ohhh... that's all right?" he asked "Yeah pretty much... um oh now that you're asking during early week she became close friends with one of the guys from Choir named Chen he's supper cool and he sings amazing" I told him not thinking anything about it. "What!?! is there anything else I should know?!?" he asked me frantically "Oh yeah Maria and Lexi are cousins" ** I hope you guys liked it !! for other people writing their own stories !!❤FIGHTING❤!! **
Byun Baekhyun pt.3
Thank you guys for liking my stories !! comment if you have any requests for a different story including a different member or members from a group you like :) *This next part is later in the day* Your P.O.V The bell dismissing us from 5th period to lunch had just rang and I got a text from Lexi telling me to meet her at the cafeteria because she had saved us a table and I was thankful it was stressing me out so much in previous classes thinking about where I was going to eat lunch because I didn't want to eat in a uncomfortable small space. Once I found my way to Lexi we set our things down and got into the line which didn't take long because many people where still looking for a spot to sit. I had been listening to a cover of one of my favorite songs when I felt a small tap on my head I instinctively turned towards Lexi thinking she wanted to tell me something so I took out my head buds and she shrug and gave me that 'it wasn't me face' so like any other person I turend the other way and saw a person in a pink sweatshirt 'it's baekhyun' I told myself immediately. "Hi, did you miss me" he asked playfully while patting my head I looked at Lexi so that she would say something to make him leave but instead "do you want to have lunch with us?" she said fearlessly. "I thought you'd never" he said before putting a soon in his mouth to reach for napkins. I hadn't even noticed we were already done getting our lunches. we walked to the table together and he gave me his extra spoon I had forgotten to get one 'why does he make me feel like this?' I asked myself he was different he made time fly but at the same time it was like everything around us was frozen 'are you crazy Maria? you just met him' I tried to convince myself it was nothing but the feeling lingered. "do any of your friends have this lunch as well?" I asked to cut the awkward silence "YES! I forgot my friend Chanyeol has this lunch, I completely forgot" he said sounding a little disappointed in himself. 'huh... the feeling a mutual' I mumbled to myself. "What was that?" Lexi asked curiously "PINK! I like your pink sweatshirt" I said randomly "Thank you..?" Baekhyun replied he sounded confused yet surprised and he began to blush a little. "HAHAHA!! are they flirting with you hyung?" we heard a loud but bubbly voice say when we looked up we saw a tall good looking guy walking towards "W-who's he?" I asked openly "He is my best friend Chanyeol" Baekhyun said with a smile even cuter than i could have imagined after processing it a little I remembered that's the guys Lexi told me would be her future husband during gym I look at her and she was burning red and If she was wishing he'd sit next to her she got her wish granted although I doubt she wanted him there because as soon as he sat down her face went from light red to a dark roes red "Hey Lexi, didn't you promise me you would show me around the school during lunch?" I asked her while giving her the 'I gottchu fam' face "YES! YES! I totally said I would" she said as she stood up quickly and waited for me to gather my things "Good bye Lexi" playfully (I think he had caught on to her little panic) "Good bye Maria" Chanyeol said while waving "We will eat well" they said in unison as we walked away. Baekhyun's P.O.V I had been counting down the minutes left untill lunch 'I wonder what her name is, does she have 1st lunch as well?' I kept asking myself 'how was I dumb enough to not ask her her name?' *BAM* "Byun Baekhyun!!!! I heard the teacher yell don't slam the desk like that this is your first warning" ...'Wow first day and I'm already looking like the bad guy to my teacher' I said to my self. !RING! !RING! !RING! finally...lunch. I ran around the school hoping to see her and ask her if she had 1st lunch and just as I was about to give up I saw her "she beautiful" I whispered while walking her direction she looked so cute with her beanie and coat on I just wanted to hug her when I finally got close enough I tapped her head so she would face me but she faced to her friend instead and I waved my hand but she still hadn't noticed I was going to just walk away but she ended up facing me "Hi, did you miss me?" I asked while patting her head. 'God I'm such a dork she'll never like me at the rate I'm going' I said in my head. I looked over at her friend and gave Lexi the friendliest smile I could without making her feel uncomfortable "do you want to have lunch with us?" she asked. My reply was even dumber than the first thing I said we headed to their table together I had gotten her (Maria) a spoon because I noticed she didn't get one and I gave it to her once we sat down. I was bummed out that I forgot to look for Chanyeol but it was that girl she was beginning to make me feel things I hadn't felt before when I saw her I completely forgot about how annoyed I was in class and my struggle to find Chanyeol but she made every thing go away it was soothing in a way and then out of nowhere he appeared but as the first sound of his voice Lexi blushed to the point where she looked like a cute little red flower 'ahh the color of innocence' I thought not soon after I don't think she was able to bare it so they left but not before we said goodbye "Good bye Lexi" I yelled playfully because I knew the real reason why they had to go and then everything froze when I heard Chanyeol say "Good bye Maria". "Was that her name" I asked as soon as I saw they were a far distance away "how do you know her? What is she like? Do you think she'd want to hang out.... with us i mean... both of us" questions where just spilling out of me I could not have looked any more desperate. ** tagging the people who asked ** @FaithMorisson @NikkoNikole