Fashion for Late 20's Early 30's Women
Fashion for Late 20's Early 30's Women
4 Ways to Spice Up a Little Black Dress
Every smart girl has one: a little black dress that fits like a dream and can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. The best little black dresses can go from the office to a dinner with friends to a night on the town. Make the most out of this closet staple with this season's hottest accessories. A few ways to make this classic piece look trendy and fresh: Pair it with a Scarf This season's scarves are light, oversized and colorful. Pick a bright, solid hue to add drama or a fun, colorful pattern. Scarves can be worn in a circle around your neck for a casual and funky feel. Or, wear a diaphanous square scarf around your shoulders for an elegant nighttime look. Slip on Some Boots Want to make a silk or lace dress less formal and more fun? Pick a pair of boots that contrast and add interest. Cowboy boots in fun colors like gold or red are showing up on high fashion runways. If your style is more elegant than eclectic, choose black knee-high boots with dramatic high heels. If the weather is still too cool for bare legs, consider adding patterned tights to your outfit. Wrap It in a Belt The right belt can completely change the look of a well-loved dress. Skinny leather belts in bright hues are a subtle detail that add shape and a bit of color. Or, go for chunky belts to make your little black dress the perfect piece for a city outing. Try different widths and materials to get different looks. Make a Statement Large statement necklaces are still popular on the runway and the red carpet this year. For a daytime look, pick a necklace with large, geometric pendants in dark neutrals. At night, go for drama and sparkle. At the Oscars this year, actresses were seen wearing large pieces with pale, sparkling jewels. Get a similar look at a more affordable price by picking silver or crystal jewelry to set off your black dress. By adding well-chosen accessories, you can make your little black dress the most versatile piece in your closet. Use your creativity to make this simple piece a one-of-a-kind show-stopper that is your very own.
2014 warm weather fashion trends
Depending on where you live, it might be difficult to imagine wearing lightweight fabrics and enjoying a walk in the park. However, warm weather season will be here throughout the United States in just a few weeks. Is your wardrobe ready? Adding a few new fashion trends to your closet for the coming warm weather season doesn't have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of little things you can add or even put together with things that are already in your closet that can make you look fashion forward this season. Below are just a few ideas to get you started: 1. Add a little orange."Elle" magazine calls orange the "new black." Although there are certainly a lot of pumpkin-colored dresses on the New York and Paris runways this season, you don't have to spring for a designer dress to take advantage of this trend. A vibrant orange scarf can add a little "pop" to a classic black dress or the casual combo of black jeans and a white tee. Or, scour the second-hand stores for some Bakelite orange earrings with combine vintage with trendy. 2. Be crafty. Colorful hand-made purses, jewelry and other accessories are another trend for spring and summer, according to "Harper's Bazaar" magazine. They call it "hippie haute," but we call it crafty and affordable. Dig out that macrame purse of your mother's or haunt the import stores for colorful woven bracelets or a backpack with a Central American Indian design to rock this look. 3. Black and white is back. Black and white never seems to go out of style, and "In Style" magazine is lauding the combo as a trend to watch for this spring and summer. This one's easy to create with items you already own. Instead of black pants and a white top, however, go all black or all white with a single accessory like a scarf or purse in the opposite color. Getting your closet ready for warm weather season doesn't have to be expensive or involve replacing a lot of items. All you need is a plan and a few well-chosen accessories and you'll be all set for when the weather breaks.
Fashion tips for the workplace
It can be all too easy to fall into a rut with what you wear to the office: You want something that you can put on in the morning and know you'll look fine from your a.m. meeting to lunch in a chic restaurant and after work drinks with the girls. So when you put together a few chic outfits, it's easy to recycle them because you know that they work. Help your personal style and your work wear style mesh with these fashion tips. General workplace fashion tips Learning the rules of workplace style will help teach you where and when you should break them. In most workplaces, business style or business casual rules the roost. This brings certain expectations regarding silhouettes, cut and color. If you work in a more creative office, rules might be more relaxed and you may be able to show up in graphic tees and leggings (both of which would be major no's in a business casual environment). Rules that cannot be broken, for example, include showing cleavage, wearing super short skirts and letting your bra hang out. You'll have more leeway with rules like footwear (so long as you keep office appropriate shoes at work), sheer fabric (if you're covered underneath, you're good) and accessories (where you're free to have fun, mostly). If you're not sure what fashion rules fly in your workplace, dress fairly conservatively and watch other professional women for clues on what is and is'nt office appropriate. Incorporating trends into work wear This can be a bit tricky, as appearing too trendy can make your colleagues take you less seriously than they otherwise would. Showcase your style confidence by wearing trends: As a statement color - A pop of radiant orchid in your shoes or necklace shows you're trend savvy without going overboard. As an accessory - Small doses of a trend -- say, a fitness inspired handbag instead of Lululemon as work pants -- demonstrate that you can be hip and work appropriate. Knowing when to draw the line - Midriff tops may be in, but they don't belong at work. Edit yourself before you leave for work and ensure all outfits are office appropriate These fashion tips should help you to feel confident in your workplace style while still retaining your fun spirit. Have you ever made a style mistake at the office? What was it?
5 hot handbags for Spring 2014
Handbags can be the perfect way to try the latest trends, even if you're commitment-phobic. They can easily update and modernize a look without totally stealing the scene, and they are a piece of affordable luxury that can brighten a long, cold winter. Spring 2014 showed off a ton of awesome bags including these 5 trends that combine fun styles, textures and shapes. 1. Active lifestyle totes - As Lululemon continues to trend, handbags for 2014 take inspiration from activewear. This can be a great thing for ladies who want to tote gym gear around, or just look comfy and elegant. Lanvin's functional strappy leather bag riffed on this idea to wide acclaim at NYFW. 2. Oversized totes - As handbags have gotten smaller and smaller, women have had to pare down their purse contents. Luckily, the oversized tote is in for 2014. Standouts from NYFW 2014 include an oversized croc gym bag from Bottega Veneta and a square-edged duffel from Alexander Wang in pale pink or white. 3. Backpacks - Love them or hate them, backpacks are back for S/S 14. These aren't canvas rucksacks; think leather, suede and textures. Backpacks are a wonderful way to tie in the menswear/androgyny trend in the fashion world. Look for a durable leather satchel with masculine details like buckles and straps, like those from Frye. For a streetwise take on the backpack trend, take inspiration from Chanel's graffiti tote, which debuted at NYFW. 4. Classic white totes - Creamy white leather handbags were in for S/S 2014, with runway standouts from Victoria Beckham and Steven Alan. Sure, white can be tricky because it will really show any speck of dirt. However, these handbags are just perfect for the first warm, pretty days of spring and work well anytime you need a little bit of classic elegance in your look. 5. Statement sheaths - Not everything to hit the runway at NYFW was big and bulky. If you preferred a slimmed down handbag, draw your inspiration from the range of styling statement sheaths carried on the runway. Standouts included the mustard schoolgirl clutch from Alexander Wang, the emerald beaded number from Alice + Olivia and the tortoiseshell hard-sided clutch from J. Crew. What do you think: Did you catch any of the clutches and handbags on display at Fashion Week 2014? If so what were your faves?
East vs West; East Coast Fashion Defined
When it comes to fashion, who wears it better; New York or LA? For decades the two regions have battled between everything from runway trends to retail fashion tips. Does it matter which part of the United States you live in? Do you think all fashion is created equally? What helps you spot West Coast fashion walking around in Time Square? We fashionistas believes fashion is about expressing ourselves and where we are from. However, when it comes to style, especially with celebrities, there is a distinct difference in what we should wear when visiting the West Coast from the East Coast and vise versa. With that said, let's us look into some of the differences between East Coast fashion and West Coast fashion. East Coast Fashion East Coast fashion is a bit more refined. It consists of more sophisticated looks with numerous accessories. For example, you might see someone in Soho wearing form fitting scoop neck, boxy blazer, waist belt, and closed-toes pumps. The color scheme in the East Coast tends to be more bold. The East Coast is known for their "New York City" street style, which combines both city life and dressing sleek into one outfit. We like to refer to this look as something you would see in the movie "Sex and the City." If you have seen the movie before you know exactly what look we are talking about. If you have yet to see Sex and the City, we are talking about elegant yet edgy fashion. West Coast Fashion Perhaps Hollywood is to thank, however we noticed that West Coast style boasts of the more casual look than getting dressed up everyday. When you envision the West Coast what comes to your mind? The ocean, the red carpet, beach bums and sand, right? Well the West Coast seems to incorporate all that into their style by creating layers, loose fits, and lots of open-toe shoes. You will notice that even though LA is crowded just like NYC, people in LA take their time getting places. This also contributes to their relaxed sense of style. We think West Coast residents do not live the same NYC "hustle and bustle" lifestyle, so their artsy look comes across as more mellow. Either way, fashion is fashion and both styles have their perks. What's your favorite style, and why? Sources: