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BTS In Black Airport Fashion 🖤
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A Reminder That Yoongi Is Smol 😍😢😭
Literally small. ╥﹏╥ My eye sockets are sweating-- ♡♡♡ BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: A: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16 @AngelaDarkness @animani B: @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol27 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO C: @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyun D: @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders E: @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @Eswee @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem G: @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 H: @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie I: @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan J: @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @jjrockstar @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals K: @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94 @KokoroNoTakara @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo L: @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuan @laurenkim3 M: @maddsanzen @MaggieHolm @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeart N: @nykechun P: @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 Q: @QueenPandaBunny R: @resavalencia @RKA916 S: @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StefaniTre @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta T: @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim V: @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 W: @warning X: @xLonelyUnitatox Y: @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @Yugykookie97 Z: @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon BANGTAN’S ARMY TEAM TAGLIST: @PolarStarr @Addixtion @SkyBlast @warning @YulaGyeom @Changkyunie @awkwardjazzy
Just One Day
“You’re a wonderful person that can make anyone go crazy for you. And I was one of them but I guess we weren’t meant to be and we have to accept this as it is. i just hope that you’ll meet a good person, someone who’ll have your best interest at heart, someone that will love you, make you happy and make you feel everything that I could do” said Namjoon “I know that what I'm about to say will make me look like a jerk but I'm at a point where I don’t really care anymore because this will be the last time we’ll ever see each other so, please when we do see each other on the streets just act like a total stranger towards me because I’ll be doing the same with you. I hope that you find your happiness because I think I already found my happiness” said Namjoon looking towards my sister “Since the day you ask is over I’ll be taking my leave…” even if today is the last day I get to see you I regret nothing at all because I know that once I'm gone you’ll still be here and I’ll be looking over you. Even when I love you more with every minute that passes “Namjoon…I…I…” I tried to talk and let him know that I still love him more than ever but I couldn’t because my through was closed tight and every time I tried it would just get tighter “Good bye y/n I really do hope you find your happiness” That was the last thing Namjoon said to me right before he started to walk away from me. I was stood there frozen because the love of my life was walking away from me. And all I could think was that maybe this was for the better, for him to think that I didn’t love him any more when in reality he was, and is everything to me. I stood there looking at him and seeing how he walked away from my life when suddenly it was all silent....... All I could her was Namjoon calling my name I was in his arms it was so warm yet I felt so cold and all of my body was in pain but I didn’t cared all I cared was that I was in his arms once again “Y/N!!! Can you hear me???” “N…Nam…..Namjoon….. I’m” “Why???? Why did push me out of the way….WHY????” “Thank you” “What? Why” “For being my happiness and making me feel like I was someone special. You made me feel loved for once in my life and I thank you for that. I... I… *cough**cough* *cough* I …” “shhh you’re going to be ok I'm going to make sure of that don’t worry I’ll take you to the hospital and everything will be ok trust ok, just don’t talk anymore ok please?!.......SOMEONE CALL FOR HELP PLEASE” “Namjoon I feel cold and tire I want to sleep…” “Yah….Yah…Yah ….don’t close your eyes, just look at me ok. Stay awake help is on its way just stay with me ok. If you stay I’ll give you more days ok we can spend all the time together I promise just stay awake. PLEASE!!!!!” “*cough* *cough* *cough* my time is coming. But don’t be sad I’ll always be looking after you but before I go promise me that you’ll be happy and that you’ll forget about me, us. And that you’ll live your life like we never meet....ok?” “What?! No I can’t and I won’t because you’ll be there with me so stop talking like that you’ll be fine” “Please just promise me you’ll be happy with the one you love you” “I…I …I ... Promise that I’ll be happy that we’ll be happy together” “Namjoon?” “Yeah?” “I want to be selfish just this one time. Can you give me one last kiss please?” “If you don…..” I was interrupted by the pair of soft lips that were kissing me with such passion but at the same time gentleness. He kissed me like the first day I had forgotten the feel that sadness took over because I knew I was never going to feel his lips on mine ever again. After sometime he pulled away and looked straight into my eyes As I was taking my last breath I looked him in the eye and said “I’m sorry for causing you pain, but I don’t regret ever loving you like I did and will do until the end” I raised my hand to his face and said my last words “I love you, and I will always love you Kim Namjoon. Thank you for giving me just one more day to love you with all my heart and soul” And with that everything went black and silent for Y/N “Yah...Yah...Yah… wake up help is here come on please !!! Y/N wake up please don’t do this to me.. I... I.....I love you, you can’t leave me like this. Please open your eyes please……Y/N!!!!!!!!!” But y/n never opened her eye or did she? So I was thinking about making this a oneshot but I kind of want to continue writing it but I'm not sure. So I would like for you y/n to leave a comment saying if I should continue it or just leave it as a oneshot if you wish to be remove or tagged on please leave a comment thanks Tagging the beauties: @MrsJungHoseok@aliendestina @EireneJoseph @FalseLove @kennaxx @MrsBangYongguk @poojas @MrsChanyeol @AmberRelynn @AbbyRamey @BBxGD @2Roxy1903 @2SugaOnTop @Sailynn @yougotnojamz @nikkynoel @Desybabyyx3 @marshalledgar @Lexxcisco @UnnieCakesAli @jessicaacosta90 @ARMYStarlight @sarahdarwish @summerblack2 @kpopandkimchi @mellyortiz @reyestiny93 @MadAndrea @SarahVanDorn @KwonOfAKind @Lexxcisco @PrincessUnicorn @innyrod3 @garanoxgrace @AmberFranco @KaitlynHewitt @jenxchan @TaehyungKey @SashaLove @BelencitaGarcia @xsandos17 @tiffany1922 @Orihemay @StephyBAP @JadeOwens @DanaAmoi @addri @MariaMontoya1 @resavalencia @NicoleFireRose @BTS34443 @ParkHwaYoung @youngjaegot7 @PatriciaS @may99 @MnM1264 @maysaarah @nathalyalamos298 @SummerWhipple @VIPFreak2NE1 @StephanieAyalah @SugarMint @DominiqueLewis @GossamoKewen95 @chisom756 @Jinnyrod3 @loftonc16 @RKA916 @MichelleRosa @narutobandgeek @RKA916 @faith92 @divanicola05 @Bizzycx @jessicalnichols @MsLoyalHeart @Eliortiz13 @Princess2425 @IsoldaPazo @JessicaFigueroa @resavalencia @JaxomB @elizabeth1234 @yaya12 @BridgetJara @mellyortiz @jocelynleosmusi @Michelle305 @Stephany123 @leelee12 @KassieXiong @ThyaremyCreator @HopeAndSunshine @Jaysbae13 @VKookie47 @vipgirl5 @DeyaniraEstrada @SamanthaAcosta @Jessicalista @Animezkpopgirl @Orihemay @DominiqueLewis @janessaakemi @lalaMF