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Learning About "I Love You" with Rem :P
*Spoilers for Re:Zero below!* I'm here today to share what I've heard about the difference between different ways of saying I love you in Japanese! Why? Because in the most recent episode of Re:Zero (SPOILERS PEOPLE, PEOPLE), Rem made a kind of confession to Subaru that can be better understood if you understand a bit of Japanese! Why you ask? Because Rem didn't go the "suki" or "daisuki" route when talking to Subaru. She went full on aishiteimasu!!! Let me explain that a little bit~ [好きです (suki desu)], [大好きです (daisuki desu)], and [愛してる( aishiteru)] are all ways of expressing love...but which one is used makes a difference in the impact! First off is "Suki desu" or 好きです 好きです often gets translated as "I love you", but really, it's more like "I like you" in most cases. This is the phrase used most in confession scenes, and it has a romantic connotation in that sense. The phrase 好きです (suki desu) could also be used by married couples as a means of affirming their love daily, if they did that. It’d be the American-equivalent of a “I love you.” Next up is "daisuki desu" or 大好きです 大好きです often is translated as "I love you," and this would be more correct. It's virtually a more blatant version of "I love you." It nearly always has romantic connotation. Couples might use this, but it’s typically used by particularly young or lovey dovey types. Older couples typically don’t use this phrase that often. And then we come to what Rem used: "愛してる" or aishiteru 愛しています is something that Japanese people may only say a very few times in their life is extremely strong. It definitely means "I love you." A lot a lot. The kind of thing you might say to your husband or wife on their death beds. This is an expression of love so extreme, so ridiculous, that an individual would sooner interpret this as a mocking, comical line, than one to take solemnly. In different anime, you might find this when the childhood friend tries to earn the affection of a not-so-smart MC, you know? And there you have it - Rem has really, really proven that she is too amazing! But, in my opinion, still not the girl for Subaru. Rem is amazing, sure, but I think her and Subaru are better as friends :D