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BTS: I Need U Part 9
Que tal peeps! This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing part 9 of this series. I hope you all are enjoying this collection. Yall know the drill Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series. Mature Content IMAGES AND PICTURES DO NOT BELONG TO ME. BESOS AND BLESSINGS UP! You wipe the tears from your eyes and tell yourself to toughen up. Maranda was balling her eyes out. You never thought you would be pulled back into this world. You grab your phone and text Jimin. Baby I know you are sleep but I love you. I never left on my own accord. This guy named Hansol has kidnapped me and my friend Maranda. I have no idea where he is taking us. My phone is about to die and Maranda's phone is dead. Yoongi may know this guy named Dong-Hoon and I know this is a lot baby. But I need you....please forgive me You press send and then a few seconds passed then your phone dies. It stayed powered up long enough to let you know the text was sent. You hold Maranda as she begins to shake while crying. You pat her head. "We are better than this girl. I know we will make it out alive. We just need to stick together." You say while trying not to crack. "But why us? We done nothing wrong but live.." She yells. The car stops at this lavish mansion. The guy looks back you recognized the face. It was Leech Hansol's pet who did the dirty things for Hansol. He grins and lick his lips. "Consider this your last moments of freedom bitches. Word of advice be nice to the boss. He's really pissed." Leech says. The doors were unlocked and these buff guys come and take you two away. They were rough and was throwing you two around. You walk down two long hallways with expensive art in the walls. A few girls run passed you two half naked and giggling. You two are shoved into a dim light bedroom. You can hear groaning and moaning. The room smelled of sex and burnt candles. Two young girls about 16 greet you and Maranda. They were bare at the top with thin sheer panties on. "This way. He's been waiting." The girl with purple hair says. Hansol was on the bed fucking these two girls when you and Maranda walked it. He continued having sex with them for about 2 minutes before he acknowledged you and Maranda standing there. He motions for the ladies in his bed to leave and wait for him in the hot tub. You had a look of disgust on your face. He grinned and sat on the bed. "Well isn't it my two favorite girls...Wild Child and Vixen. Where have my lost sheep been for all this time? Fucking other men for free?" Hansol says. "Look what do you want Hansol?" You says with confidence in your tone. "What do you think? I still own you two. You owe me money for all the years you two left and you will continue to work until all your holes are stretched out and your legs break." He sips some wine and look intensely at you two. "We belong to no one but ourselves. Just let us go and we will pay you. Money is not an issue." You say. "You think you are in a position to negotiate with the King of the Night?! You disrespectful bitch!" He says while getting up. He was still nude. He walked around you and Maranda bitting his lip. Then he got closer and grabbed you. You could feel his manhood poking you from behind. He smelled of sweat, weed, and some wine. He smelled your hair and then quickly jammed his two fingers up in your womanhood. You gasp in shock. Maranda yells while trying to help you but the girl with the purple hair hold her down as the other girl helps. "Ah not a virgin. That Jimin boy has done well. You will bring in even more money now that you are broken in." He says in your ear. He pushes you and you fall on the floor. He licks his fingers. "Give me that bitch Vixen and strip her.She will be mine tonight." He says while walking away. You lounge for one of the girls and begin punching her and pulling her hair out. Maranda begins fighting the other. It then begins the fight for your lives. You and Maranda were on top of the girls beating their faces in when out of nowhere you are hit with something metal. Suddenly you fade to black as you hear Maranda's screams muffle. Meanwhile Jimin lost his phone. He was super worried that you had contacted him, so he texted you and called you from Jin's phone. However he did not get any replies. He wanted to go home and begged to but he couldn't the company wouldn't let him. The guys were worried too. Namjoon called security back at home to go look for you. After the show security called back Namjoon and said that they couldn't find you. But there was a note left on the guys apartment stating that you were away with family. Namjoon thought that was weird since you never said you had family. "Bro security said she left a note at our place saying she was with family." Namjoon said to Jimin. "How can that be. She told me she didn't have family. That's fucking weird. I'm leaving." Jimin said. "I know you are worried but you have a contact with us Park Jimin. She is a grown woman and you just need to calm down." The manager said. 2 weeks passed and Jimin was a wreck. He wasn't sleeping. He, Yoongi, and Namjoon went to your place and it smelled really bad. Namjoon found the smell. It was coming from that box you hind under your desk. Namjoon pulled out the box and found the evidence you have been trying to hide. "Bro you need to look at this." Namjoon says. As Jimin look at the pictures with disgust and read the letter. Jungkook ran into the place. "Jimin your phone got mixed up with my stuff. You should read this text message." Jungkook hands him the phone. Jimin almost fell to his knees. He threw done the phone and jumped on Yoongi. "All this time you fucking knew about this shit and you didn't tell me?!" Jimin yelled. Namjoon pulled Jimin off Yoongi. "Look Imma let you pass cuz you all emotional but I don't know what's going on Jimin." Yoongi says while brushing off his shirt. "My kitten said you know this Dong-Hoon guy. She was kidnapped by this Hansol guy. Why didn't she tell me about this?!" Suddenly Yoongi phone rang. It was Dong-Hoon. He told him all he knew about the girls. Yoongi hung up and pressed his lips together. "Look, my friend from the streets told me way back that there was some rumors about your girl being a stripper. I told her about it. She didn't dismiss it but she told me not to tell you about it. I figured it was just a rumor becuase she don't seem like the stripper type. But then again those moves she had when she danced for you...Anyways she was pissed when I told her. I didn't think twice of it. Dong-Hoon hist called me and told me your girl and her friend Maranda was kidnapped just like the text says. Some dangerous guy named Hansol took them. He said word is your girl family sold her to this Hansol guy. He's the King of human trafficking. Anyways, your girl was forced to be a stripper. One day her and Maranda ran away and never looked back. Hansol has been hunting them down since they day they ran away. He threaten to tell the media about her and her connections with us. Dong-Hoon told me the location of this guy's house. But he warned us that this guy is mad dangerous." "Give me the address." Jimin says. Yoongi gives him the address. Jimin begins to walk off but Jungkook stops him. "You can't do this alone bro. We will help you." Jungkook said. "Yeah." Namjoon and Yoongi says together. "Let's call the others plus I have some boys that will back us up and give us some weapons." Yoongi says. Hansol was crude. He was evil! For the pass weeks he had you dancing. He would drug you by force. You don't remember most of the weeks. Maranda and you both have been locked up in his basement and made to dance a gun point. You were going insane since you had no control. The females that worked for him as his snitches hated you and Maranda. They would often enjoy the pain you and your friend was suffering. All you could do was think about Jimin. You still had hope and you knew he would come through. After dancing until your feet were bleeding you and Maranda were allowed to shower. You heard Maranda crying in the shower. You let her have her moment as you showered too. Hansol house was called the Golden Circus. We stayed locked up in his huge mansion. Even though he hated us two we had the best rooms. Our bathroom had double showers, marble floors, and gold sinks. But know of that mattered. All you could see was darkness. After you showered you helped Maranda take care of her cut up heels from those stilettos she had on all day. You drowned the cotton ball with alcohol and applied it to her wound. "Looks like he wins. No one cares about us." She says while gazing away. "He hasn't won yet I know Jimin and the guys will come through. We just need...." "Jimin and the guys....they don't care! It's been 3 weeks! What kind of boyfriend and friends just go ghost without looking for you. They are too busy making money and fucking their groupies. All men are the fucking same. Give them something tight and wet and they all turn into the fucking dogs they really are." Maranda says. You push her leg off of you. "You are wrong and this drugs got your mind fucked up Maranda! Not all dudes are like that!" You begin cleaning your wounds from your shoes. "You think you are so much better! You can't change mankind! Your own daddy didn't even care about you nor did mine care about me!" Maranda yells. You stare about her and throw the bottle of alcohol at her. "Get your shit together. Yeah our fathers were losers....but Jimin is different he loves me. The guys are different they care." Maranda stands up. "If they are so fucking different then where the hell are they. Where are the handsome Bulletproof boys?! Smashing ARMY GROUPIES!" You get up and smack her across her face leaving a mark. She smacks you back. You get up and throw more running alcohol on her hair. You two begin cussing. ask and forth when all of a sudden....... Oh snap! lol jajajaja....ah until next time peeps! 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BTS: Autumn Leaves Part 4
Que tal peeps! I know you all have been waiting for this series to continue. Mature Content This part gets really deep peeps so you are warned Yall know the drill This must receive at least 10 likes for me to continue with the next part of the series. "Credit to creator of this image" As you walked to the kitchen to gather some magazines you left on the coffee table you begin to hear loud noises and glass bottles. You ignore it and grab you a cup of tea before grabbing your magazine. However, the odd noises were getting louder. You walked to your patio door with your tea cup in your hand to see a few broken beer bottles on your patio. You noticed a male yelling and cussing as he threw bottles. You put on your patio light to see it was Yoongi. He was hella drunk. You quickly run out your apartment and help him into your place. He smelled really bad and was coming in and out of it. You quickly call Jin and let him know you found Yoongi. Jin informed you that they have been looking for him for about an hour. They would be over soon. You make a pot of new tea. While that was warming up you began to take off Yoongi's clothes. You would give him a bath or shower. Yoongi was snoring by the time you got to him. He looked super cute. Maybe I shouldn't undress him. Wouldn't that be like rape? You think while looking over Yoongi. You decide to do it anyway since he smelled so bad. It was actually easier than you thought it would be. You sit Yoongi in the tub and rinse him off with the removable shower head. Yoongi made odd noise as you tried to be quick as possible. When you were done he was coming to it. He stumbled to stand up and then he eyes widen. "You! You ruined my life! I hate you." He said in slurred words. You ignore him and dry him off as he continued to cuss you out. "Do you want to stay naked Min Yoongi. I don't mind it." You say while pointing at his manhood. He blushes as he realizes that he is nude. "What did you do to me? Give me my clothes you sick sick..." "You are drunk. I found you throwing shit at my patio window. Let's get you some clean clothes." You say feeling like you were talking to a drunk child. Yoongi follows you and you throw some clothes in the bed. You still had some of his clothes at your place for when he would come over when yall were fucking. You assist him with putting in his clothes. After dressing him you hear a buzz at your ringer and you see that it was the guys. You buzz them in and open your door as you checked on Yoongi. You help him walk into the living room. Jin walks up to Yoongi and scolds him. "Look at you looking like some sloppy drunk. If you gonna be drunk look good like me. You had us running around town looking for your ass! You know I need my beauty sleep." Everyone laughs at Jin. You offer everyone some tea as you tell them about how you found Yoongi. Yoongi was sobering up. "Well it's all your fault." Yoongi blurts. "Why waste your heart on someone who is cold." Namjoon says while staring at you. "Let's go home bros we have so much to get done tomorrow." You ball up your fist. How dare Namjoon just say that. Yeah I played my part but so did Yoongi. They have no idea what I've been going through alone. But you let it pass. Hobi sees you are upset. "Shorty are you okay? You seem tense." Hobi says. Tears began swelling in your eyes but you smile and fake a yawn. "No I'm gucci." "Well thanks for finding grandpa." Tae says while hugging you. The guys leave and you are alone. You sit in the kitchen and look at the wines you had. "Now I know why Yoongi was drunk. Feeling like shit hurts." You say out loud. You sit at the table and cry until you fall asleep there The next morning you wake up with a stiff back to find that you slept at the kitchen table. You look at your clock and see that you have 45 minutes until you have to go to your therapy session. You were happy that you were able to take a mental day today. You do the usual and get ready. You wanted to look presentable. Last thing you needed was for a therapist to judge you. You already had too many people doing that. You quickly finish your makeup and grab your shoes, keys, and purse. You were happy it didn't take much to get a taxi. You listen to music through your ear buds to calm you down as you watch the city people hussle in the city. The trip was about 20 minutes. You were only 10 minutes late but you were happy you got to the building I'm one piece. The building was actually nice. The location was near downtown area. You loved how it didn't really scream mental health clinic. You checked in and you sat down to quickly fill out paperwork. The receptionist was a pretty young girl with dyed brown hair. She was well put together and super sweet. She offered you some sparkling water and some snacks. This was new to you. Hell if the session goes sour I would just come back for the snacks. You thought right before your name was called. You followed an older woman to a nice tidy office. She offered you a seat on this nice red sofa as she sat across from you in a white chair. The office was very stylish with nice paintings of autumn scenery on the walls and the sound of nature softly playing in the background. "Hello I'm Mrs. Kim. I'm so happy that you made it. I will be your therapist." She smiled. Just great she just had to have Namjoon's last name. Why does the universe hate me so? You think as you push out a smile. "Hi. Nice to meet you." You say. "Well tell me about yourself? What brings you here?" You go over your basic background information and tell her you have issues with maintaining relationships. You pray that she can fix your problem so you can move on with life. "Now, you say you work at Big Hit Entertainment as an assistant choreographer? Wow thst must be very stressful?" "No, the job is actually rewarding and allows me to release stress. I live music and dancing." You say. "Well that good that you already are finding ways to destress somewhat. I would imagine a person in your position work with many people all the time and having relationships is profoundly important." She says. "Yes, it is. I have many social connections and I have to work with many people." You say. "Well it seems like you have a lot of experience with building relationships. You say you have issues with maintaining relationships. Could you clarify that for me. What does that exactly mean for you?" "Romantic relationships." You roll your eyes and began bitting your lower lip. "Romantic relationships. I see you are bitting your lip are you feeling uncomfortable?" "Yes I am. How am I supposed to air all my dirty laundry to some woman I don't even know?" "Now I can understand how that would make you feel uneasy." Mrs. Kim pauses. The silence made you feel as if you should speak or say something. You look at your watch and wish time would speed up. "Well...I'm a bit of a whore. I can't help but to cheat and sleep with other men. I usually don't care when I hurt these men, but for some odd reason this last boyfriend that I hurt is actually bothering me. All I want to do is fool around and have sex. Even after breaking up with Yoongi and then Namjoon basically said duces to me I've been screwing my co-worker again. He's a married man, so I feel better having an affair with him because no feelings are involved. I know it's wrong." "This must be a lot for you to share this with me. You are super strong for that. Can you speak more about your past? I have to ask this. But were you ever abused in anyway?" It was like the sounds of dead bells were ringing as you were forced to go back to the past. "I don't think so. I don't know my birth parents. I was told they were killed in a car crash when I was a baby. My grandmother was sick and could not take care of me. My parents siblings had kids of their own and didn't want to take on another child, so I was in foster care back in America until I was about 8. I was in and out of homes and never really knew what it was like to belong to a family. The summer that I turned 8 years old I was adopted by this wealthy family. The agency was super happy and knew I would have a wonderful life. But it was all the same except I had wonderful schooling and material things. My adopted parents traveled a lot and my adopted older brother James and I had a nanny. We are two years apart. I barely got to see them. They were more into making money and loving each other instead of being parents. I spent most of the time in school. I went to a dance school where Dance was my major but we did have core classes. James went to a regular private school across the street from my school. He was handsome and very popular. I never had any friends and I couldn't stand my adopted brother he was an arrogant piece of shit. When I was about 12 so of my female peers were dating but no one wanted me. I was the odd one. At 14 everyone was fooling around and I wanted to know how it felt. I would hear stories when we the girls went into the bathroom for bathroom break. Well I secretly caught on James watching porn and wacking off. I was intrigued by it and I would replay that image in my mind. Then 3 weeks later I walked in in him screwing some chick named Lyric. I would watch and I found it a turn on. He would bring different girls home for about a month. Well one day I secretly saw James again warching porn and wacking off. I walked in on him with boldness and I made him let me give him a blow job I told him if he didn't I would tell all his friends and I would tell the Kingstons as I referred to those humans that adopted me. I never addressed them as mom or dad. Well James gave in. We would fool know oral sex and sometimes I would allow his best friend Jaxson join in. I loved it! We would fool around at home, in the park, in the library, even in the limo that picked us up from school. I finally got what I wanted for those moment I was in control and there were no emotional attachments. I hated both James and Jaxson. Anyways the nanny walked on is three and told the Kingstons. I think I just turned 16 and the boys were 17 going on 18. Well precious James blamed it all on me! His parents were pissed and disgusted. They paid Jaxson to keep his mouth shut and then later that month we moved here to South Korea. I was enrolled into a boarding like dance school and never seen them again until I was 18. They told me that I had an account with money in it. They paid for me to have place to leave and said they would give me money and ish as long as I never contacted them or James." My face was cold and emotionless. "That must have been hard for you. This would be classified as sexual and emotional abuse. Yes, you say you made James and Jaxson engage in sexual acts with you but you were still younger. They could have said no. Your adopted parents were not there emotionally and then pushed you away." We continue to chat until the 1 hour session was over. We went over a safety plan and some assessments. I was able to make another appointment. After the appointment I felt the need to be reckless. Yes I did go over a safety plan but I could care less. When I went home I took a long bath. I sipped on some tea and cooked lunch. I answered a few emails and watched some TV. Then the urge hit me again. I wanted to call Lee but I knew he was busy working and was about to pick up his kid soon. Finally I get the urge to call.................... OMG the tea has been spilled peeps! Until next time! 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For The First Time
*I don't know what Juniors grandma's name is so this isn't actually based off of his actual grandma, or relationship with his grandma. * Alright onto the story....I hope you like it! continue reading? Part 2 I had been at my job for 2 years and never ever thought I'd find someone through one of my deliveries because I never cared to be in a relationship so I never thought one day could change me. There was this little lady that I just adored. I only got to see her once a week but we'd talk for 20 mins and catch up with each other. She was my favorite. I had gotten used to her always being home alone that when I went to deliver to her and a young man answered the door I was surprised. "Hi I have a delivery for Arlene." I said to him. "Come on in." He said holding the door open for me. I walked past him. He had an amazing voice that just kind of threw me for a loop. "Grandma your medicine is here." He yelled over me. "Oh (y/n) I'm so happy to see you. You can meet my grandson finally. Junior say hi this is (Y/N) she is such a ball of joy." She said walking into the room as fast as she could. "Nice to meet you Junior." I said holding out my hand to shake his. He glanced down and shook mine. "Yea nice to meet you." He said and walked away. Man not very pleasant. "Arlene I've been so excited to see you I have some big news." "What is it." she sat down at the table. "I got into the college I wanted...and because I did so my parents are letting me take a trip where ever I want." "Oh congrats deary. Where do you plan on going?" She asked "I don't know yet. I always wanted to go to Japan or America." "You should go to America. Japan is closer so it's cheaper when you go America isn't that cheap." I turned to Junior. He was standing in the doorway. "Thanks for the input. You are right with Japan being closer so it be easier to get there." I smiled at him. Then for the next few minutes we talked about her week and then I sadly had to leave. I sad my goodbyes and left. I almost got to my car when I heard my name called. I tuned towards the voice. "What's up?" "Thanks for talking to my grandma." "Trust me I love talking to her. She's always so lively." I smiled "Yeah she is a fun lady." "Yea...well maybe I'll see you around" I unlocked the car. "Maybe I'll see you next week." "Are you going to be visiting again?" "Yea I think I will." "Ok then maybe next time you join the conversation instead of standing in the doorway." "You saw that?" "Yeah but hey you were being shy. Your grandma has talked about you a lot and so she said that's your normal thing at first." "Ok then I'll be in the next conversation. " I hopped into the car and went back to doing my other deliveries. When I finished work I instantly called my friend Jenni and discussed where we would go. We both agreed on going to America but now was the time to figure out when we wanted to go. The next week came quickly and I couldn't wait to have my weekly chat with Arlene. I knocked on the door and waited. The door opened and there Junior was. "Hi (y/n)" He smiled "Hi Junior" He moved and let me in. "So don't be shocked." I turned to him. "What do you mean?" I asked but before he could answer I heard Arlene and turned back to say Hi. "Arlene what happened to you?" I was in shock. She smiled at me and sat down. "I fell off my daughters porch over the weekend." I was upset I walked over to her. She had a black eye and her eye was red. She had a bruise on her chin and her arm was wrapped up. "What did you hit?" "Just the concrete...I got stitches here." She pointed to her arm. "I'm so sorry." I started tearing up. I didn't like seeing her like this. She still was just as lively as before but I just wanted to cry. We finished our chat and I started leaving. I got in the car and started crying. She was such a trooper. I rested my head on the steering wheel and just let the tears flow. I heard a knock at the window and wiped my tears away and then looked up. It was Junior. I rolled down the window. "What's up?" "Can you step out of the car?" "Why?" "Please." I did as he asked and once I got out of the car he hugged me. I froze for a second but then hugged him back. "I'm sorry." I began crying again. "It's ok. You really care about my grandma don't ya?" "Yea she's one of the few people I enjoy seeing every week." I was finally calming down. "(Y/N) I don't know if this is weird but I want to give you my number." "Why would you give me your number." I looked up at him and froze. I was too close to him and being this close I couldn't hide how attractive he was. I lightly pushed away from him. "That way I can invite you to her birthday party and give you the address." "Ok that's fine. But I'm sure I'd have to give you my number to do that." I smiled making him blush a little. "That's what I meant." He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. We quickly exchanged numbers and then I hugged him one last time. "Thanks for the hug I really didn't mean to cry on you." "If you ever need a shoulder to cry on you can call me and I'll come to you anytime." "That's sweet of you." my phone started ringing. "I got to go but I'll see you again sometime." "Alright bye" He waved and walked away and I answered my phone and got in the car. I love this picture of him....God he kills me! Alright I am tagging all those that have been apart of my BTS fanfic tag list if you don't want to be tagged in my got7 stories please let me know so I can make sure to not add you to that tag list. 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want to continue the story? Part 2 Today I was in a hurry. I had an interview at a big company to be a make-up artist. I left giving myself enough time to get there. I got in the elevator and pushed the button to the first floor. I lived on the top floor. There were only 30 floors plus the garage under the building. I had a nice little ride to get to the lobby. It had gone down a few floors when it opened again. There was a man standing there, my breath caught in my throat. I just stared at him. He had Jet Black hair. He made I contact with me and smiled. He had dimples….They were so cute. I don’t remember seeing this guy in the building ever, and even though it is a big building I would definitely notice him. He got in and pushed the garage button. Then stood next to me. I had to force myself to look straight otherwise I’d just be staring at him, and that would be weird. “Hi” he said pulling me out of my thoughts. I turned to look at him and he was smiling. “Hi.” “What’s your name?” “It’s (Y/N)” “I’m Namjoon.” “Did you just move in?” “Oh no. I was just visiting a friend.” “Oh…ok I never saw you before so that’s why I asked.” “Do you know everyone in the building?” he seem intrigued by this idea I laughed. “No. I just wouldn’t forget someone like you.” I said looking away He laughed. “Fair answer.” Then the elevator shook. When it shook I tensed up until it stopped. Then not even a second later it jerked and stopped hard. I hit the floor. “Are you ok?” Namjoon asked coming over to me. “Yea” I just stayed on the floor. I didn’t feel safe anymore. He could tell I wasn’t alright and he went and pushed the phone button on the panel. When someone answered he told them what happened and that we were stuck between the 14th and 15th floor. They said they’d send someone to get us out. I was still sitting on the floor trying to stay calm. I hated the idea of being stuck in an elevator. I really never thought it would happen. He sat down next to me. “Hey (Y/N) are you sure you’re ok?” I looked at him. “Yea.” “I’m sorry.” He said looking away. Why was he apologizing? “What are you sorry for?” “This is probably my fault.” How could this be his fault? “Namjoon there is no way this is your fault.” “I break things too easily.” I couldn’t help but laugh at this idea. “Ha ok you didn’t break the elevator. It was moving after you touched the button.” “Well…I… guess… stop laughing.” “I’m sorry it’s too funny.” “My friends have witnessed the things I’ve broken so of course I think that it’s me who did this.” “Namjoon don’t be sorry, things like this happen.” He looked at me. “You’re very calm. Why is that?” I asked “Well I’ve been stuck in an elevator a few times.” “Really?” “Yup! The first time I was so scared I was by myself.” “Oh! This is the first for me. I’m glad you’re here with me.” He stared at me for a few seconds. “(Y/N) I know you’re not ok…your eyes show your fear…” “Damn.” I looked away. “It’s ok well be fine. I promise you well be out of here soon.” “Yea…I’m….” the elevator jerked again. I then pushed myself into the corner and pulled my legs to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs to keep me in a ball. “(Y/N) come here.” I shook my head. “I’m going to stay put.” He then scooted closer to me and pulled my hands off my legs. He then pulled my body closer to him and leaned my head on his shoulder and then he put his arm around me. “I’m here to help.” He smelled really good. I instantly calmed down and relaxed. He rubbed my arm to make me feel better. It had only been about 15 minutes since we got stuck in the elevator. “What do you want to talk about?” he asked “Um….What do you do?” “I’m a musician.” “Really?” I lifted my head and looked at him. “Yeah…have you heard of BTS?” “No…..Are you a new group?” “Yea so it makes sense not to know us.” He pulled out his phone and played a song for me. “Namjoon it’s really great.” “Thanks. What do you do?” “I’m trying to get a job as a make-up artist…..Oh my god! The interview.” I pulled out my phone. I prayed to god that it would work as I dialed the offices number. The girl who had set up the interview answered and I explained what happened. She told me that it was fine and that they would push the interview back an hour but if I couldn’t make it to call back to change it for a different day. I was so happy to hear that I didn’t lose my opportunity. “I take it, it went well.” “Yeah, they pushed the interview back an hour.” “Good. Now let’s keep talking to distract us from this situation. “Ha….ok…” I looked at my phone and saw that time has flown by… about 40 minutes we had been stuck in the elevator. For the next 20 minutes we talked about a bunch of things. We even ended up goofing around at the end. We could hear someone was working on getting the elevator door open. Then the doors slid open. They quickly got me out first and then Namjoon. “Thank you!” we both said and I turned to him. “I’m going to take the stairs…I’ll see you again hopefully.” I said walking towards the stairs. “I’ll come with you” Namjoon said and followed me. By the time we got to the 1st floor we had exchanged numbers. “I’m going to call you tonight.” He said smiling at me. “Ok!” I smiled back to him “Good luck on your interview.” “Thanks…I’ll see you later.” I waved and started to walk away. “(Y/N)” I turned back to Namjoon. “Yeah?” He walked up to me and kissed my cheek. “Bye.” And he was gone. I looked down at my watch and realized I couldn’t stand there staring in the direction Namjoon left. I turned and started to run to grab a taxi. I’m really glad I was stuck in the elevator with him. On the way to the interview and even during the interview I kept thinking of Namjoon. ❤ Alright tell me what you think... this one i had thought of who would be stuck in an elevator and thought of namjoon breaking it lol. 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