Hoya - Protection
“Where are you? Are you OK?” Hoya exclaimed as you picked up the phone and put it to your ear. “I’m fine, Hoya. I am just at school” Calmly replying to the worried friend on the other side of the line, “I just came out of my Language class” you explained as you could hear him breathe heavier into his phone. “Well make sure that you don’t lounge around.” Hoya strictly said as he came back to his senses, trying to calm himself down. “Ok, I have to go to the library and then I will be heading home.” You explained your schedule to try and ease his thoughts. “Ok, bye.” Hoya disappointingly said as he hung up the phone, depressed that he would have to wait a little longer to see you. He looked at the clock on his phone and thought about the distance and how much time it would take to get to you. He stood up grabbed his keys and ran out the door. – A couple of months ago you walked out of your apartment and collapsed as you walked to the stairs, exhausted from the countless hours of studying and what little food you had to eat. Hoya walked out of the apartment next to yours, about the same time that you had collapsed. He gazed upon the lifeless body that lay in front of him. He shifted his head from side to side looking up and down the hall for anybody else that could help. He walked a couple of steps and kneeled by your head, he turned you over to your back gently, and he grasped your wrists and pulled you up leaning on his shoulder. He carried you into his apartment, for he didn’t know what to do besides to be hospitable. He placed you gently on his couch, rubbing a cool towel on your sweaty head. He sat beside you until you woke up. Your eyes groggily opened as you set your eyes on his beautiful face and his oncoming smile. “Hi there” He said with a warm, welcoming voice. You pushed yourself up so you sat upright leaning on the armrest of the couch. “Are you hungry?” He asked as he looked at your pale figure. “Yes, and a little thirsty too.” You said quietly not trying to intrude “Coming right up!” He said as he shuffled to the kitchen. You watched the kind stranger cut up various fruits and put them into a white bowl and sprinkled a mix of spices on top. He walked over with the bowl resting in the palm of his hand and a tall glass of water, with cubed ice that sloshed around with each step, clinking the side of the glass. He handed you the bowl of fruit as he placed the glass of water on the contemporary coffee table. You took a small bite of his fruit salad creation and relaxed when the spices hit your tongue causing you to grin widely at the familiar taste of home that you had purely missed while being at college. You savored the final bites of the fruit salad before diving in for another bite. He sat there awkwardly playing with his perfect fingers as you finished eating. “So what’s your name?” He asked trying not to make direct eye contact “__________” You responded, “What’s yours?” “Lee Ho Won, but you can call me Hoya.” He smiled as he looked into your eyes; you broke eye contact and looked down at the bowl that rested in your hands. – You still remembered what happened that day like it was yesterday. All the fun, laughs and secrets that you shared with each other, still stayed in your memory and made you smile every time that you thought about the first day. Every day since then he has talked with you, texted you or written you a note. Today was just another day, no different than any other times that he had contacted you. You searched the library for the text books that you needed and began to walk out of the library, after checking them out. You pushed the heavy doors that relished the sun and the slight breeze that blew through the trees. You skipped down the steps enjoying the beautiful day that surrounded you. A man walked past you, you didn’t think anything of it due to the college setting, he suddenly turned around and pushed something into your back making you uncomfortable as you arched your back with your backpack balancing on one shoulder. He grabbed your upper arm pushing you towards a white car. “If you make this difficult, you will be hurt. Just walk, don’t scream or make eye contact with anyone, just do what we say.” A husky cracking voices’ message pierced into your head as you tried to do what he said while formulating another plan in your head. Hoya’s black Jeep pulled up afar from the white car that the man was leading you to, you turned your head at the arriving vehicle. Hoya unlatched his door and stood out the doorway and watched you as both of you walked towards the curb. You looked over at Hoya; the man pushed the object into your back a little more, poking through your blouse. Hoya stepped out of his Jeep and jogged up to the sidewalk. The man pushed the object into you with more force; you felt a warm liquid run down your lower back, knowing that he had drawn blood. You glanced down at the passing sidewalk. The cracks passed under your feet as the man pushed you faster and faster to the white car that was approaching. Hoya began to quicken his pace as he saw the man’s hand on your arm forcing you forward to the car. He was unsure of what the circumstances that were being taken to get you off campus. Another man opened the back door as you were feet from the car, you watched Hoya as he ran up to the man behind you and took hold of his collar, holding him with a fist in the air ready to strike. The man holding the door, pushed your books out of your hands as they tumbled to the ground, the man took you by the wrist and threw you into the car. You braced your arms against the door frame of the white car, pausing for just a moment looking over your shoulder as you got a good look at the man, you ripped your wrist away from his clenching hand running causing him to leap after you and grab you around the waist. He lifted you off of the ground and walked back over to the car. He placed a hand over your mouth but you wiggled out of the grip, you kicked and screamed as you began to gain an audience from fellow college students. “Hoya!” You screamed as the man threw you in the back of the car and threw your books and backpack on top of you. The distracted Hoya watched you pound on the window after they threw you into the car. The man held Hoya and threw him to the ground, Hoya turned from his stomach to his back. The two men had scrambled into the car with you still in the back. You started to pound on the window as they started up the car. He rose to his feet and ran to his Jeep chasing after you. You continued to pound and hit the window with all you had in hope that Hoya might come after you. You punched the back seat as tears finally released from your eyes. You tried to look out the window to figure out where you were, you found a cross street and looked at the street signs. Inconspicuously pulling out your phone and texted the cross roads to Hoya in hope that he could find you. – Hoya drove furiously after you. Making sure that the men didn’t get what they wanted. His mind filled with images and slow moving pictures of your beauty and grace. His phone buzzed and he snapped back to reality, looking down at the text, he saw the random names and thought where he had seen them before, he figured it out and chuckled to himself and drove to the clues that you had left him. He was more determined than ever to get you back. – You gathered your books into the backpack so that you could make a run for it if you needed to. A loud engine began to roar behind you as you turned around and pounded on the window again. “Hoya, Hoya, help please!” you yelled at the glass as if he could hear you. Tears streamed down your face as you saw his through the window. The car took a vase of action throwing you off balance and rolling around in the backseat. Hoya dodged traffic that they were now weaving through. You sat up near the back window again as you began to pound and yell to the window. The man in the passenger seat reached back grabbed both of your hands and tied them around your back, with zip ties so you couldn’t untie yourself. He turned around and shoved you into the seat, trying constantly to turn around and every time he shoved you back into your seat, then he began to hit and slap you for turning around. You kept screaming his name endlessly hoping that he could help somehow. “Shut her up!” The driver yelled as he handed the other man a bandanna to wrap in your mouth. He shoved the wrapped bandanna into your mouth causing it to be agape as the tied it around your head. They turned you around and hit you a couple of more times before they threw you back against the warm cloth that wrapped the seats. The car began to swerve at an alarming increasing amount of speed, tears flowed down your face from helplessness and from the sorrowful feeling that rested in the pit of your stomach and began to seep into your thoughts. The car turned onto a dirt road and still picking up speed with every passing mile, they began to swerve between trees and rocks that they were passing. The car began to slow as it approached a small wrecked cabin that was tilted to one side. The car was parked within the trees, trying to conceal the secret that they had. They took you out of the car, you gazed down the long driveway hoping that Hoya would show up, you longed to see his face, you longed to see a friend. They pushed you into the small cabin that leaned to one side. They removed a couple of objects out of your walking path so you would be able to walk through. Your eyes wondered around the small prison as they pushed you through a tall door frame. The room had no windows, but it was lit by several small candles around the room, an old iron bed frame with a worn out mattress with pure white sheets hugging its corners, there was a floor length mirror and a chair off in the adjacent corner. You stood your ground as they tried to push you into the room. That stronger man lifted you up around your waist and threw you over his shoulder. He walked over to the bed and set you down on it with your back against the headboard. Two other men undid your previous wrist ties and grabbed both of your wrists and placed them above your head and latched them to the bedframe with more zip ties. Your head hung down and touched your chest. One man followed your arm down with his finger and lifted your chin slightly. He pulled the hair out of your face as you jolted your chin from his grasp. “She’ll get used to it, just leave her.” The extra men gathered by the door locking he door as they exited. You sat there looking around the room trying to see what you could use to escape. You heard some movement outside, you focused on what you could hear, closing your eyes you could faintly hear a conversation forming, and rocks clicked as their shoes ran over the rocks. They were talking about you. “Boss, did we get the right girl?” Some of the many men asked “Would Lee Howon be following us, trying to get her back if she wasn’t?” The boss questioned “Ahhhh, Boss you are smart.” The same man commented denouncing himself in the process. The boss chuckled evilly as they returned back to the cabin with the slamming of the door. You watched the door as the footsteps approached. A man opened the door; he was the only one so far that wasn’t wearing a ski mask. He walked in with two other men that stood on either side of the door frame. “Hello” he said with a kind voice, you avoided eye contact, “Be nice, we are only trying to help.” He walked up to the side of the bed and sat close to you. You pulled away as he put his hands up to your face; he reached for the bandanna and pulled it out of your mouth. It fell onto your chest soaking with your saliva. “We are going to ask you a couple of questions, beauty. Please answer them for me.” He said with a seductive voice, he rubbed your cheek and you looked the other way. “Are you the girlfriend of Lee Howon?” You stared at the wall. “Do you think he is coming?” You glanced down and then back up, trying not to show emotion. “Look at me when I talk to you.” His hand grabbed your lower jaw pushing your cheeks together and forced you to look at him. Once again you moved your eyes to avoid eye contact with him. He slapped you several times across the face, his rings scrapped across your face leaving impressions and bruises where he hit you. He moved back and walked to one of the other guards, passing something to him. The tall bulky man approached as the blade reflected the candlelight in the hazy room, you started to squirm and kick it out of his hand as he moved towards you. He pulled your knee sock down exposing your lower log. He hung the knife over your fresh, clean skin, with a sudden movement the blade dug into your leg and you whined at the pain. You retracted your leg but he held it firmly against the white sheets. The blade seized as blood ran down your leg and you opened your eyes to see him exit the room. You tried to fold the comforter so that you could try and slow your bleeding. Several hours had passed and still no sign of Hoya. They had integrated you, punched, kicked, smacked, slit and beat you. Every time the door would open you curled yourself into a ball until you didn’t have enough energy to. A chubbier man opened the door and walked in with a tray. “Lunch time, my lady” He said in his falsetto voice. Setting the tray of food on the bed, he fed you gently slipping little pieces of bread and grapes into your mouth. The meal was devoured and he got up and walked to the door. “What time is it?” You whispered for you had no voice after screaming at so many men. “Umm, about three” He said as he opened the door and walked out. Your head hung against your chest once again. A small knocking from the wall woke you as you looked around. “Hoya?!” You asked the strange knock, he responded by taping three more times on the wooden wall. You did it another time to make sure you weren’t hearing things, and again he responded with small knocks against the wood. A smile appeared on your face as Hoya’s face set into your mind. You heard his footsteps on the pine needle covered tin roof, it creaked and cracked with every step. All five men came into the room. You tried to remain unemotional to help Hoya. The ceiling began to give as you watched the cracks seeped across the ceiling. In an instant Hoya fell through the roof taking out two of the men that he had landed on. Hoya took his stance from the debris and found an opponent that was ready to strike. Battling the man opposing his every move that the man executed, he knocked the man to the ground with one swift chest kick. He looked over at you as you looked over to another man that was fast approaching. A man from the rubble emerged and walked up to you and cut a piece of duct tape and placed it on your mouth. You yelled anyways, he flung you over his shoulder and carried you out of the room, kicking and screaming. You yelled for Hoya as the man was taking you away from him. Hoya looked up at the muffled screaming and saw the man close the door behind him. The man messed with the locks on the door. His fists pounded against the door, you heard him as he shouted for you. “Hang on I will be right there!” Hoya shouted through the door as the man took you out of the small cabin, he jogged to the car placing you in the backseat, and he climbed over the seats to the driver’s side and put the key into the ignition. He turned the key but nothing happened, he slammed his hand against the dash and continued to turn the key. You slowly grabbed for the door handle when the man got out and grabbed you by your wrists and pulled you out of the car. He drug you along behind him, you dragged your feet hoping to slow him up. He lifted you again over his shoulder and began to jog through the forage that was nearby. He was very clumsy and he tripped over a branch that was bursting out from the ground. Both of you crashed down to the dirt as approaching footsteps became louder and louder. The man mumbled under his breath as he flung you over his shoulder once again. He ran to the boathouse that wasn’t far away. He put you in a small boat and pulled the chord that revved the engine, he connected the remote control to the motor, he tied your hands behind your back and zip tied you once more. “Hold this, you let go, you go.” He said as he placed a round object in your hand and removed a pin, you sunk into your despair as you figured out that it was a grenade. He pushed the boat away from the shoreline as you looked around the large lake, no houses, and no docks, there was no activity around. You found the man far in the distance as he stopped the boat, lowered an anchor and threw the remote control into a can and lit it on fire, he escaped through the brush lining. You sat and waited trying to loosen the straps around your wrists and ankles. You looked around yelling what you could through the duct tape over your mouth. You grew tired of trying to rebel against the little plastic that was around your ankles and wrists. You tried to take your mind off of the imminent danger that stared you in the face. The lapping water against the boat sides aggravated you more than soothing you. The brush seemed to crackle in the distance, you brought you head up from the bent over position that you were in. You looked over in the direction, you squinted your eyes to enhance the person that was coming through the brush. A man emerged from the tree line frantically looking around, he ran over to the smoking can where the remote control was burned to a crisp. You started to fidget in the small row boat that you were in. You began to whimper and yell once more hoping to catch the attention of the man on the shore. He moved away from the can slowly as he rested his hands behind his head, pacing up and down the shoreline, he turned to look over the water. He bent down and bug through the rocks on the beach, his head lifted with a rock in his grasp and stood up, the rock dropped out of his hand and you began to yell once more. He stammered on the shoreline trying to find a way to get to you. He took off his shirt and ran into the water; you felt a wave of peace came over you as he swam towards you and the little boat; you cheered him on as he swam to you. After a couple of minutes he reached the side of the boat. His arm flung over the side of the boat grasping onto the rope that was inside the boat, the boat tipped towards his weight and he pulled himself inside. He sat across from you gasping for air, his bent over figure glistened in the sun with his wet skin, the beaded water sat on his skin and drizzled down his lovely muscles. The cool water dripped off of his hair and into the bottom of the boat. You watched his shoulder blades ascend and descend with every breath, his stone washed jeans clung to his thighs tightly and his shoes molded to his feet. His head slowly lifted as he was catching his breath. You finally realized that the man was your one and only one, Hoya. “Are you ok?” He asked as he sat up revealing his chest and abdominal muscles. You nodded your head slowly at his question. He moved closer to you, stretching his hand up to your face. He wiped his thumb on your cheek; you closed your eyes at his touch. He started to gently lift the corner of the duct tape from your mouth. You felt warm sensation serge through your body and your heart began to race as your thoughts slowed; you nodded slowly as he held your chin with his free hand. He quickly ripped the tape off of your mouth causing you to moan at the pain that he inflicted on you. Once the tape was removed he rubbed his finger over your new skin and a tear fell down your cheek. You looked down to your ankles; he looked down as well, resting his forehead on yours. His cool hair mingled with your warm hair, he wrapped your arm around his, he pulled you over to where he was sitting and laid you on your back, and he moved your feet on the side of the boat and leaned over you to grab your feet. Your head rested on one of his thighs while he grabbed the zip tie and began to pull, you looked up and saw his chest muscles ripple and his arms tense as he began to pull. The zip tie snapped, he sat upright repositioning your legs so he could help you sit upright. You turned your back to him as he began to work on your wrists. He suddenly stopped pulling and rubbed the side of your hand that held the ball of death. “I know,” You hopelessly said. He grabbed the zip tie again and pulled it apart. You were about to bring your hands around in front of you but he held your wrists. “I am going to take this from you, Ok?” He rubbed the side of your hand once more “Just don’t be the bomb.” You said sarcastically trying to lighten the mood; he smiled as you looked over your shoulder at him. He gently took the grenade from your hand. You blushed at his hand being in yours. “Ready?” He asked turning you back around “For what?” You said turning to face him “To go” He whispered looking into your crystal clear eyes. You nodded slowly; he threw the grenade up into the air as far as Hoya could throw it. He threw himself over you wrapping his arms around your head and holding you close to him. You lay on the bottom of the small boat with him on top of you, shielding you from the blast. The grenade exploded in midair, debris started to fall as you began to notice how hard he was breathing and how fast his heart was beating, your cheek brushed up against his smooth chest. You gently pushed him off of you as he still clung to you. You pushed away a little harder as you felt him move his head to look up. A shot was fired above his head; his head dove down into the boat and fell into your hair holding you closer than ever. You wrapped your arms around his back and heard another shot. “Ready?” His warm breath grazed your ear as his whisper soothed you. You looked at his chocolate eyes; he rolled to the side of the boat, he grabbed you around your waist and rolled you on top of him. The boat started to flip. You closed your eyes and plugged your nose preparing for the plunge. The cold, brisk water engulfed you as someone pulled you up to the surface under the boat; guns were firing overhead and then cease fire. “Swim, whatever you do don’t let go of my hand.” Hoya debriefed as you nodded at him “Ok.” You breathed as he took you under. He pulled you under swimming with his arm to the shoreline. You tried to swim as much as you could but your lack of energy and your wounds stung with the water on them, they had you occupied at the moment. You were a few feet from shore; you could feel the soft, smooth, refined gravel beneath your feet. Hoya pulled you to shore, you limped as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you pulled your arm across his shoulders, emerging from the lapping waves he bent down and grabbed his shirt that was covered in sand. You stood there balancing on one of your feet as he grabbed his shirt. He looked up at you from his crouched position; he saw your leg as a trail of blood ran down your leg from the cuts you had received earlier. He scooted over towards your hurt leg, you had it raised behind you but then you moved it and placed it on Hoya’s strong thigh. He started to wipe away the blood with is shirt. He ripped a strip of his shirt off and tied it tight around your calf. A couple more shots came whizzing by and he grabbed your waist and pulled you into the forest. You stopped when you reached a clearing, you tried to catch your breath by stopping and he knew that you had to still keep going. So you stood on top of a nearby rock and sat on his back as he gave you a ride as he ran through the forest. Your head rested on his sweaty, bare skin in between his shoulder blades. You closed your eyes at the immense amount of pain that you were in. He set you down on the edge of a paved road. He spotted a motorcycle nearby, he hotwired the motorcycle and drove it over to where you were. You hopped on the back, wrapping your arms around his strong torso; you fell unconscious during the winding roads of the countryside. – “__________?” Hoya leaned in to kiss your forehead. “Where am I?” You asked looking around, “Your apartment” He shamefully said as he turned to grab some new cotton swabs for your leg. “How did you get in?” You really wanted to know since he didn’t have a spare key and you left yours in your bag. “I picked the lock.” He dabbed your leg gash again, making you wince as you sat up. “So what are you doing now?” You smiled at his answer “I am cleaning your wounds that I inflicted on you.” “You didn’t inflict them on me, those men did. Don’t blame yourself Hoya.” You sat up and place a hand on his back “They only wanted you because of me. They wanted to kill you because I wouldn’t sponsor their product.” Hoya confessed, “This wouldn’t have happened if they knew that I-I…” He trailed off “That you what? That you would have done the commercial?” You tried to dig a little more out of him “I have to go get you some ointment.” Hoya gently moved your legs onto the couch from his lap. He walked to the bathroom. You stood up and followed him in there limping all the way. “Just because our parents are friends and they moved us next to each other doesn’t mean that you have to like me.” You said as you steadied yourself on the doorframe. Hoya took a tube off of the shelf and fiddled with it in his hands. “I wouldn’t have done the commercial even if I knew this was going to happen. Even if our parents are friends and they put us as neighbors wouldn’t change the fact that I worry about you all of the time. I worry that people will hurt you because of me or I will hurt you with my feelings that you would never want to accept.” Hoya walked out of the bathroom patting your shoulder. You turned to face him “Hoya? How could you say that? I might have the same feelings for you as you do for me. Take that chance and face your fears. Isn’t that what you did for me when I was in trouble, you faced your fear of being caught, handling a bomb, swimming for long distances, and loosing me.” You still leaned on the doorframe as he turned around at the last comment you made. “How do you know that I was afraid of losing you?” He walked back to you slightly “All of the notes, phone calls, the first time we met formally. Also your mom told me.” You smiled towards the end as he tilted his head back and smirked. “Let’s talk care of your wounds and then you can take care of mine.” He said scooping you up into both of his arms as he carried you wedding style to the couch. Never underestimate the power of a friendship. It is the most influential force, whether it is in marriage, in families or with friends. They can help you in your darkest hours and your spotlighted moments. ~ Unknown
Hoya - Lonely Hearts
Five…Six…Seven…Eight, two bodies floated across the wood floor. Twisting, turning, moving with the music in perfect harmony, Hoya twirled you around him as the music continued. The music cut and you were in a dip position with Hoya looking down on you he smile and brought you back up into the upright position. “Take five, everyone.” The choreographer boomed as the dancers dispersed and talked, you walked over to your bag, your hand wrapped around your water bottle. You slid down the wall and sat on the floor engaging all of your senses into feeling that water rush down your parched throat. You closed your eyes trying to escape but you never had been able to, you thought of how your job would have been different if you weren’t so shy and if you weren’t so music crazy, but none-the-less you loved the position that you had landed. Even though you had never had any specific dance training you always were chosen to be the lead in everything that you do. All of the other girls and back-up dancers didn’t really like you for that reason as well as being a good dancer without having to work at it. But what they didn’t know was all the time, money, and pain that you had put into your career. “Hello?” Hoya squatted on the tips of his toes waving his hand in front of his face. You lowered the water bottle from your lips as you gazed on one of the members of Infinite. “Hello” You stretched out one of your legs and then started to bend over to stretch. You felt a hand on your back pushing you down a little further so that the pressure could stretch the tender muscles that you had been using. You gently sat up and took another sip of your water. “Let’s run that again!” The choreographer yelled over the chatter that filled the room. Hoya’s hands outreached to help you up; you slid your water bottle into your bag and placed your hands in his. You were impressed with the strength that he had to pull you up as well as his manners. After running that song another fifty times, everybody was free to go home. You walked over to your bag, placed some extra clothing that you had thrown over there into your bag. You said farewell to the manager and choreographer and left the room. Walking down the long lonely hall where only your thoughts accompanied you through your long journey. You looked at your phones ominously as the hallway opened into the main lobby. You heard your name faintly from behind you. You thought it was just the other girls making fun of your again. You name increased with volume as you slowed down and looked over your shoulder. “________” Hoya ran down the hall that you had just walked down, catching his breath as he reached you. You rummaged around in your bag to find your water bottle and handed it over to him so that he could breathe again. He placed the water bottle onto his soft lips and took gulps of water as you looked around you both. “Thanks.” He said as he handed the water bottle back to you. “No problem. Is there something you wanted?” You asked hoping to not pry. “Oh…well…I-I was just going to say, See you tomorrow.” Hoya showing his white teeth through a smile “Oh, ok. Well see you tomorrow too Hoya.” You bowed to him and then you walked towards the door. Hoya watched you as you walked to your car and drove off. His hand pushed against the glass with regret as he hoped that he would get another chance to talk to you. – “Ok everyone this is a dress rehearsal, please go get changed in fifteen minutes.” The manager announced over the conversations that created a wave of words. Walking into the dressing room was like a war, it smelled of toxic fumes from all of the perfume and all of the hateful comments that you had received in that room made you super uncomfortable. You changed into ripped jeans that fit you perfectly and hugged you in the right places and then you put on a white tank top with a levi jean jacket and headed out of the war zone to do your hair in front of the mirror. You placed all of your hair into a ponytail and grabbed another sip of water before the guys started emerging from the guy’s dressing rooms. You watched the guy’s reactions as they watched you walk across the floor to the manager. You talked with him a little longer than usual and then you had to go warm up. The other back up dancer girls started to emerge as well but they looked different than you since you were given the part of lead back up dancer. They wore shorts while you wore full length jeans they also didn’t have the jean jacket that you had. All of the boys gathered on the floor as did the girls. The music started up and you danced like you had before no difference, no changing in your dancing was made. The other back up dancers began to get in your way and trip you. Fortunately Hoya was right there to catch you before you fell to the hard ground. “Take five.” The choreographer said as they cut the music. You walked over into a corner of the room and sat on the ground and buried your face into your hands. Silent tears fell as you sat there waiting for the dancing to start up again so you could release your anger. You felt a gentle hand on your back rubbing in circles. Your eyes lifted to see who it was, you gazed upon the soft eyes, brown hair that always looked perfect and his gentle smile welcomed you out of your little world. “Hey, I was just seeing if you were ok from the dance practice. The girls can be a little mean sometimes.” Hoya commented as you placed your head on your knees and wrapped your arms around your legs to create a small ball for yourself. You nodded at Hoya’s comments. “I was so happy when they partnered you with me. I could barely contain myself because I could see that you weren’t like any of those other dancers that just wanted to be with the celebrities, but you wanted to dance because you felt a connection with the music not with the guys that you were hoping to get from the dancing.” A smile appeared on your face as he kept rubbing your back. They called all of the dancers back and he helped you up. You danced with everything you had and people noticed, especially Hoya. Practice ended the comments that the girls made to you didn’t seem to matter anymore because you knew that someone had your back. Hoya walked you down the hall to your car; he got into his and followed you out of the companies’ parking lot. – The brisk cool morning air bit your nose as you began to walk out to your beaten down old car. You opened the door and pushed the key into the ignition. You turned the key, your car made a bad revving noise and then high pitched grinding came after. You pulled your key out of the car, slammed the door and started to walk to the companies’ building. You walked for a half an hour before you started to freeze. You stopped in a small shop and got warm for a couple minutes and then walked out of the door. There was a car that passed by that looked really familiar to you and you watched that car as it pulled over to the side of the busy road. Hoya got out of the car and ran up to you. You could hardly believe your eyes. “What are you doing out here. It is so cold out. Why didn’t you call me?” Hoya pulled you in for a hug to try and warm you up. “I couldn’t call you because I don’t have a phone. My family was too poor to buy me one before I came over seas to find a job. My car wouldn’t start because it is a poor car that I could barely afford as well.” Tears started to form in your eyes as he took your hands and breathed on them so they could be a little warmer than they were. He placed your hands into his pockets and escorted you to his car. He started to drive off to work and you embraced the warmth of his car and the kindness of his heart. It was like any other day in dancing until it ended that you had to walk home now. You sat along a wall in the main lobby as you watched everyone pass you and go out to their cars. They were saying mean comments to your face and you couldn’t help but curl into a ball and sit there singing softly to calm yourself. The lobby had suddenly become desolate after a couple of hours. Nobody was around and the security guards were patrolling outside. You made yourself a little bed against the wall and fell asleep until the next morning. Singers, dancers, managers all walked by looking at you curled in a corner like a hobo. Placing judgments all over you as they passed by not even trying to understand why you were there. A hand on your shoulder gently shook you back to reality. Hoya’s kneeled next to you as you awoke. Nobody was around you, just him. You sat up, rubbed your eyes and gathered all of your things together. “Why were you here?” Hoya asked helping you clean up your belongings. “I couldn’t contact you and I didn’t want to walk home under the cold falling snow. I also thought that it would save me a trip in the morning.” You watched Hoya’s face as he smirked at you. You both walked into the practice room together, Hoya placed all of your things in your normal spot. You went to go get changed since he was already in his when he went looking for you. “Where were you?” One of the girls asked “Probably with Hoya, he and she are like totally together.” Another girl commented “Oh, did you like you-know.” Girls were now surrounding you pushing you out of the door. You managed to get your clothes on before they shoved you through the door exposing you to the rest of the crew and managers. “I-I-I’m so sorry.” You stood up from the middle of the dance floor with everybody looking at you. You opened the door and ran down the hall. Everybody stood there and Hoya looked at the girls that acted surprised. Hoya opened the door and ran after you. You started to slow down your running when you heard someone coming up from behind you. “________ wait!” Hoya yelled as you stopped before heading up the stairs. Hoya surrounded you in a hug and you let out all of your tears when he wrapped his arms around you. He tried to help you calm down but it was no use. “What did they do to you?” Hoya asked when you were whimpering now “They did e-everything to me. It hasn’t been easy to learn a new language, travel around the world, find a job, try to sustain yourself on no money, while still sending money back to your family who is barely eating in America. I can’t so anything right. I am only seventeen, I have a family that is counting on me to provide money for them and I cannot even eat when I am over here to save money. Now I have to get my car fixed…” You trailed off and started weeping again. “You know I am here for you right?” Hoya said rubbing your head as you sobbed, you nodded your head and he held you even closer than before. His phone rang and he answered it after checking with you. “What do you mean I have a fine?” Hoya started to get unglued, “Just because I left practice to help a friend you are going to fine me?… Her as well? … Are you insane?… How much is the fine?…”Five thousand dollars!” Hoya hung up the phone and kissed the top of your head. “Don’t worry I will take care of you and pay for your fine.” The next couple weeks were hard on you and Hoya. Everyone excluded you because of what the managers had done and threatened them with. Sitting eating lunch together, he let you sleep in his apartment since your rent had run out and you couldn’t pay for another month, he was your guardian angel who was as lonely as you are. Friendship needs no words – it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness ~Dag Hammarskjold
Hoya - The Birth of a Friendship
The smell of puppies and kitties spread throughout the air as you opened the doors to the Forever Happy Pet Shop. You had been working there for a couple months now, right after graduation you landed the job and you loved everything about the job except the cleaning part but as soon as you had some music playing you always managed to make it through. You were usually the only one working there. It was a small pet shop on the edge of the city, so they didn’t need very many employees. You had about thirty or forty pets that were either abused or puppies that ‘weren’t good enough’ for the larger pet shops in the city. You were leaning against the counter engaged in your story that you were writing on the front desk. A bunch of cameras, microphones and people were filing into your store. You picked out one of the faces in the crowd, you went up to your boss and asked what was going on. “Well, these celebrities needed a pet shop with underprivileged pets and so they found ours, contacted me and next thing I know they want to shoot a couple episodes here for their new series. I thought that it would be good publicity so I agree and here they are.” Your boss got excited with every passing moment. You went back over to the front desk and watched everybody as they crowded around the pets with their large equipment. You watched the pets’ reactions to these men but then flashes of light outside of the shop caught your eye and turned your attention to the screaming girls and the flashing cameras that was following around this group of guys. They looked a little older than you but not by much. You watched them as they passed by the front desk. Your manager grabbed your arm and started dragging you into the crowd of people with all of the cameras. “Will she do?” your manager asked this short man with a fedora on “She is perfect. Where did you find a beauty like her?” “She is my best employee and she has pet experience as well.” “She sounds very qualified. Perfect now we just need to get her into the look we want. Take her to hair and makeup. Right over there, Sir.” the director pointed into the group of boys. You manager guided you to the group and found a open makeup lady and they started on your hair and makeup. You sat on a stool as she brushed your hair, braided a part and put the rest up into a bun. Next was the makeup. You have really never worn makeup and so you were very nervous about having make up on. She put on mascara, eye liner, and a little blush on your cheeks. When you were finished they sent you over to costumes where they placed you into a knee length navy blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. You looked like a nurse but in navy blue, you weren’t very fond of this idea but you went with it anyways. You were placed with instructions to get certain animals and so you rehearsed getting the animals out and what little lines you had to say. When you started filming they just filmed the boys going up to the glass cages and playing with the animals from behind the glass. Then you were cued to go up to the group of boys and say your lines. “Hello. Can I help you this morning.” You said with the typical happy-to-help servant voice. “Yes. Could you get out this one?” One of the members said “The yellow Labrador puppy.” You confirmed, they nodded in unison. You went to go get the puppy. When you came back out with the puppy they were on a scene cut. You walked over to your manager and asked what was going on “Well one of the boys messed up and so they want to start where you are bringing out the puppy but first they also need to clean him up a little bit, so take him over to the makeup ladies.” The manager pointed you into that direction and you walked over with the puppy in your arms to the ladies. “You? Puppy? Both?” the lady questioned “Puppy” she grabbed the puppy and the puppy started to whine and to bark. All of the boy members looked over at you and the puppy. “You better hold him.” the lady gestured for you to pick him back up. When you picked him back into your arms the puppy rested in your arms and calmed down immediately. She brushed his hair and made the puppy look presentable. When they were finished you were pushed into the back of the shop into the retrieving room and they cued you to come out with the puppy. All of the boys were awing when you came out with the puppy. You handed the puppy to the one guy that asked to see him. All of the guys huddled around the puppy and the puppy began to get nervous and began to yelp. “Give it back! Give it back it doesn’t like me!” L yelled. L handed the puppy to Hoya which handed the puppy back to you. Once again the puppy was calm and shy as usual in your arms and the boys circled around you and the puppy just petting it and having a good time. They called cut and all of the boys dispersed besides Hoya. He just stood there petting the puppy with care, sometimes his eyes you glance up at you and you would be staring down at the puppy. “That is enough for this morning we will take a lunch break and then meet back here at one.” The director announced and most everybody had dispersed within ten minutes. You returned the puppy back to his cage and grabbed your lunch as well. You sat at the front desk with your ear buds in, drowning out the sounds of the equipment with your music. It was about time for the break to be over, so you cleaned up a little and sat at the front desk until they needed you again. You began writing in your story again. “What are you doing?” you manager startled you. You jumped in your seat shuffled the papers and put them away. “Go over to the makeup now.” you could tell that he was under a lot of stress and so you did exactly what he ordered. You looked in the mirror, you bun was coming out and so the lady let your hair down and you turned your head to the right as the lady had ordered. Sitting next to you was Hoya. You were very surprised you tried to look away but she yanked on your hair and you had to look at Hoya. He turned his head and you were looking at each other and you both couldn’t look away. You were stuck looking at Hoya for a good fifteen minutes. They finished you and the directors assistants positioned you in the way that they wanted you. You finished the next scene and the next. By the end of the third or fourth scene they had found their puppies that they were going to use for the show. You walked over to the makeup lady after the end of the day of shooting and you unleashed your hair from that awful bun that they had put you in, you shook your head to loosen your hair and ran your fingers through it a couple of times before you looked up and saw all of the boys looking at you with a shocked face on. You walked past them and sat in the all-too-familiar stool and sat down. You looked around the ladies were all too full of the other members and so you took the liberty of taking off your own makeup. You walked over to wardrobe they handed you your white tank top and your jeans that you wore to work every day. You were changed, walked into the back pulled out a puppy who’s leg needed to be re-wrapped because of the doctors orders. You placed him on a little table and unwrapped his wounds. You manager said goodbye and left. There were only a few people left taking down equipment and such. You finished cleaning the puppies wounds that he had received by playing with another puppy and started to re-wrap the wound when a friendly voice caught your attention. “Hello” You slowly looked up and say Hoya standing there “Hi.” you said with a soft voice “So, do you like work here?” “Yeah, full time” “What do you do in a place like this?” Hoya began to question you “Well, I clean their pens and clean the puppies and kitties. I also make sure the shop looks good, I feed and water the animals and just look after it til closing time.” “What are the hours of the shop?” “They are eight to eight” “Wow that is a long work day. I bet it gets pretty boring.” “Well, not really I usually find stuff to do or I write stories.” “What kind of stories do you like?” “I write all different kinds.” “Have I read any of your writing?” “No.” “How are you so sure?” “Nobody reads my stories. I keep them all private.” You finished wrapping the little puppies wounds and you checked the rest of his body for new wounds. There was a silence between Hoya and you. “So, what is this little guys’ name?” “This is Buddy.” “What is wrong with his leg?” “He just got into a little fight with another puppy, they just had a little disagreement about food.” Hoya chuckled.”What is so funny?” “It just kind of funny that puppies are so similar to people.” “What do you mean?” “Well, with Infinite we all fight about food all the time, but we don’t hurt each other physically, well maybe, its more mentally.” You picked up the puppy and headed to the back room and placed Buddy into his own pen while he healed. When you came back out Hoya was waiting for you at the door. “How did the producer find you?” “I was just working here and my manager just grabbed my arm and here I am.” “Well I have to go, my manager just texted me. So I guess I will see ya later?” “Yeah see ya later.” you made your way to your front desk and pulled out your story. Hoya looked back at you before he totally left the store. He admired your hair and how it flowed and conformed to your face like a puzzle. How simple your skin is without makeup and the way your pencil flowed across the paper like a slow but steady river in the mountains. The next couple of days you filmed the rest of the series and when you finished they threw a party for all of the members and you and Hoya talked, you became really good friends with all of the Infinite members but especially Hoya. You really enjoyed having company within the shop. When everyone left the next couple days seemed to screech by. You tried hard to write stories but you had writers block. You couldn’t think about anybody besides the Infinite group but especially Hoya. ~A couple weeks later~ You had just opened up the shop and finished cleaning and feeding all of the animals in the shop. You settled down and you surfed the internet. The little bell rang as someone walked in through the door. You glanced up and saw Hoya you walked around the front desk and looked at him as he found his way to a new puppy that was in the window. “Hello?” you squeaked “Hi.” he swung his head around to meet your eyes “Can I help you with anything?” you were trying to be polite and do your job “Yeah. Can I see this little guy?” “Sure I will be right out in a second.” you went into the back and grabbed the little Burmese Mountain Dog. You handed the dog to him and he cradled it like a little baby. His hand wrapped around the furry little body and scratched the belly as the puppy began to fall asleep. He looked at you as a smile crept across your face. “What is his name?” “Actually, she is new here and we, I mean I haven’t named her yet. Would you like to name her?” “Are you serious?” His eyes glistened with excitement “Yep.” “I think I will name her ________” “Wait, are you serious?” “Yeah I think it fits her perfectly.” Hoya commented “Well that is my name.” “_____________, that’s you name, I have always wanted to meet someone with that name.” Hoya began to get really quite, you stuck out your hand “We never really had a proper introduction, Hi my name is ________” Hoya grasped your hand and gently shook it “Hi my name is Hoya, I am from the band Infinite. It is a pleasure of mine to meet you.” you both bowed at each other. “So what do you like to do for fun?” “I like to dance and sing. You like to write stories, right?” “Yes, but I like to do other things as well.” “Like what?” “Reading and learning new things.” “I like learning new things as well.” You both froze when your eyes met, Hoya handed the puppy over to you and you looked down at the puppy. “I am going to put her away.” “Ok” when you returned Hoya had his hands behind his back. “What’s behind your back.” “Oh ah.”He took a deep breath and closed his eyes and handed you a note with a rose attached to it. You read the note Your appearance takes away my breath Even though I never met You beautiful smile makes your outfit complete Even though I never met You hair falls along your face like a waterfall that soothes my soul Even though I never met My mind races as I think of you I never want you to be alone ~ Hoya You looked up from the note and tears formed in your eyes. This is the first note that a boy has written to you before. Hoya moved in to you and moved his hand up and down your arm. He placed his hand on your shoulder. “I mean every word of that note, poem thing.” “Thank you” that is all you could saw because you were so stunned, “Everyone notices everything. Friends notice the good, most people notice the bad but when you find a true friend you cannot help but notice both. But they love everything about you still the same.” You pulled Hoya in for a hug and he rubbed the back of your head in circles and you moved your head into the notch in his shoulder. Next thing you know you were slow dancing around the pet shop with Hoya’s hands around your waist and yours around his muscular neck. The time seemed to fly away as you embraced each others friendship with open arms.
Hoya - The Greatest Distance
You and Hoya, Hoya and you; being inseparable was an understatement; you completed each other, you went everywhere together. There was not one day that had gone by that you weren’t with him or thinking about him. He always showed you off in public and with the fans. He wasn’t afraid of what the media said about you two, he was fearless. You were looking through pictures on the computer about you and Hoya. It had been six years since the media had found Hoya and you, both singing and acting in a drama together, since then everything fell into place; you have been married to Hoya for four years and had a son together, who was two, Teo. Filing through the pictures of you and Hoya in the hospital with Teo brought tears to your eyes as you watched the years fly by with all of the beautiful memories that you have made together over the years. Hoya entered the room and saw you staring at the computer with tears in your eyes, he came over and wrapped his arms around your neck and raised your hands and rested them on his. He kissed your head as a tear rolled down your cheek. Wiping the tear away he brushed your hair away and pulled up a picture on the computer of your wedding day. “I am so glad that I got the chance to marry you.” He whispered in your ear causing another tear to fall “I am too.” You stared at his almond brown eyes. You both leaned in for the kiss as Teo came into the room and pushed Hoya over to the floor. Hoya naturally played along and fell onto the ground like he was hurt. Then Teo became increasingly worried and ran over to you looked at you and then back at Hoya. “Mommy, Daddy is hurt can you help him?” Your child looked up at you as Hoya did and your heart melted as you moved off of the chair and onto your knees. “I think I can, but you need to help me OK? It will only work if we do it together.” You stared into Teo’s eyes as little tears began to form. “Ok” Teo squeaked out. You motioned for Teo and you to kiss Hoya on either cheek of his face then to give him a big hug. “DADDY, WAKE UP!!!” yelling at his dad to wake up. You both did the spell that would bring him back. You leaned in and kissed his soft, pink cheek then tucked your head into the notch of his neck and your son followed you. You felt a hand gently rubbing your head and you kissed his neck. You looked up and placed your head on Hoya’s chest as you felt him breathing and his heartbeat was soothing to you as well. You watched as Hoya put his hand on Teo’s back, Teo’s head rose from the shoulder of Hoya. “Daddy, you came back.” Teo whispered loudly into Hoya’s ear, so you could hear it as well “I couldn’t leave you alone with Mommy.” Hoya explained as you closed your eyes and let his hand slide down to your waist. The computer made a noise, for an incoming message. You got to your feet to see what it was; Hoya put Teo into both of his secure hands and started tossing Teo into the air and catching him. Teo was obviously enjoying himself as you looked at Hoya. You caught Hoya’s eye and he set Teo down and told him to go play in the other room. Teo ran through the door laughing, with a big smile, his little legs pounding against the wood floor. Hoya came over and wrapped his hands around your waist as you opened up the email called Music Announcement it was from Woollim Entertainment. The email read: Infinite Members, Sorry for the late notice but we need you to go on a special assignment for us. You will be going to Europe for the NEW YEAR’S KPOP BASH. We need you all to attend and to be present. You will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM. Please be ready to go to the airport. See you tomorrow. P.S. – Hoya you cannot bring your wife or kid this trip (it isn’t in the budget for them, and you cannot personally pay for them either, like you did last time. They will have to stay at home). You reached the bottom of the email and tears began to swell in your eyes again. Hoya squeezed you tighter and buried his face in your hair. You turned around and engulfed him into a big hug. Tears were streaming down his face as you began to shush him and try to calm him down. Teo stood at the doorway and looked at you to and knocked on the door frame. Your head turned and acknowledged him to come in, Teo came in and placed his tiny arms around his father’s waist as he was doing to you and held tight. Hoya sat up from the comfort of your shoulder and looked at Teo hugging his dad around his waist. Hoya picked Teo up and placed him on his lap on the bed; you walked over and sat next to Hoya, hugging his arm. “Daddy, don’t cry. Everything ok, you see… Smile, please.” Teo gave a smile with the few teeth that he had showing. Hoya pulled all the happiness within him to force a smile, pulled him into a tight hug, then Teo ran off into another room. Your hand intertwined with his and your head leaned against his shoulder as you sat there thinking what you could do in this situation. “I guess you will have to pack.” You started staring ominously at the wall “Can you two fit in the suitcase?” Hoya looked down at you seriously “I think we could but we would pass the weight limit.” You chuckled under your breath. You both sat there for a while thinking and becoming increasingly scared with every passing minute. Teo came into your room once again. “I better get dinner, Hoya. I will be back.” He released your hand and fell to his back on the bed. You picked up Teo and headed for the kitchen. You fixed a small dinner for Teo and you. “Mommy, why is Daddy so sad?” Teo looked at you while he ate another bite of his sandwich. “He is sad because he is leaving on a singing trip.” You explained “Isn’t he coming back?” “Yes, in a while.” You started to get quite again as Teo began asking more questions. “How long is a while?” “Now, it is a month.” “How long is a month?” Teo was now getting more curious and you were getting more agitated “Four weeks. Please just eat your food, Teo. No more questions.” As you got Teo ready for bed Hoya made an appearance in Teo’s bedroom, Hoya grabbed a book and sat in the rocking chair as Teo walked over to Hoya and jumped on Hoya’s lap. You left the room and worked with the dishes in the kitchen. “Goodnight, Daddy. Have fun singing.” Teo said in such an understanding voice “Goodnight, my biggest fan. I will be thinking of you and mom the whole time.” Hoya whispered as he closed the door and joined you in the kitchen. Hoya just stood there in silence as you two did the dishes together and cleaned the house as best as you could. You were becoming very tired then Hoya turned on the soft music. “Can I have this last dance?” Whispering to make sure he didn’t wake up Teo Hoya held out his hand as you placed your hand in his a calmness swept over you. He wrapped his hands around your waist and you swayed across your living room for hours. He led you to bed, you both were tired enough to go to bed but you couldn’t fall asleep, you lay in bed, and he intertwined his fingers in your hair, then to your hand. You lay on his chest embracing every heart beat and every breath that he took; time seemed to slip through your fingers. The dark clouds hid the sun from shining through your window, raindrops started to fall lightly to the window, rolling down the window with every second. His phone buzzed, he reached and grabbed it off of the stand next to the bed. “What does it say, Hoya?” “They are going to pick me up here, since it is on the way to the airport and you need the car.” A tear rolled down his face again. “Hoya? Why is this so hard for you? I will be here with Teo when you come back. I will always be yours no matter what.” “We have never been that far apart before for this long too. I am scared that when I come back Teo will be all grown up and I will not be able to see that month of his life ever again. I just don’t want to miss more of his life and yours and ours as a family. For a month I will not be around to play with you two, to dance with you two, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you two. It scares me.” Hoya started to embrace you then he looked at the time. He gently pushed you off of his chest and onto the pillow beside you. You watched him as he got up and walked to the closet. Pulled out a suitcase and put in some clothes. You climbed out of bed and started folding his clothes that were in the suitcase. He took off his shirt and you stared at the beautiful body that was before you. You stood up and hugged him; he clung to you as he embraced you, rubbing your hands up and down his soft muscular back reminded you of the first time you met on the drama. Flashes of your life together went through your mind. An hour later, you finished packing his clothes and he was all ready to go. Someone knocked on the door and Hoya slowly walked to the door as you grabbed his suitcase. You opened the door and the manager was standing there. “Time to go, Lee Ho-won” The manager said with a harsh voice, “I will be at the end of the hall when you two are done.” He grabbed the suitcase and walked down the hall. Hoya looked at you and simultaneously flung each other into each other’s arms. You kissed him on the lips as you two finished embracing. “You can always call me and Teo.” You reassured him. Hoya nodded his head as he held back the tears. You watched him as his left your apartment, his hair flowed as he walked and his muscles tense as he stopped at the door frame. You ran up to him and hugged and kissed him for the last time. Watching him walk away with his head down, he looked back at you when he walked to the manager that look was like watching you die. It was devastating. When he left the apartment you leaned against the front door and cried. You couldn’t stop until Teo woke up. Teo came up to you with his train pajamas; his messed up hair and climbed into your lap. “Mommy? Why are you crying like Daddy?” “Well, Daddy left this morning. Mommy is sad because we have never been apart for this long before.” A tear fell from your face. Teo wiped it from your face. “Why did you do that Teo?” “Daddy told me look after you like he does.” You embraced Teo in a hug. “Daddy, come back, don’t worry. Smile Mommy.” Teo looked at you with the cutest smile ever and you smiled back. Teo hoped off of your lap. “Now, what breakfast” he patted his stomach as he walked away, just like Hoya you thought to yourself. The computer made a noise for a video chat conversation. You acknowledged the request and Hoya appeared in the hotel that he was supposed to stay at. He was sweating and he looked at you with the eyes of his and you started crying. Teo came and talked with Hoya until you had to put him to bed. You placed the laptop on your bed and lay next to the computer all night long. You just talked with Hoya and enjoyed having him around, even if he wasn’t right next to you. It was early in the morning and the sun was coming up “I forgot to tell you something.” Hoya confessed. “When I am without you I cannot think of anything but you and Teo. So I wrote a song for both of you it goes like this.” Hoya started singing You’ll never know what you’ve done for me, what your faith in me has done for my soul…You’ll never know the gift you’ve given me.. I’ll carry it with me (yeah…yeah…) Through the days ahead I think of days before you made me hope for something better (yes you did) And made me reach for something more You taught me to run, you taught me to fly, helped me to free the me inside Help me hear the music of my heart help me hear the music of my heart, you’ve opened my eyes, you’ve opened the door to something I’ve never known before,and your love…(love) Is the music of my heart.. (music of my heart) You were the only one always on my side (always on my side) Seeing me through You were the song that always made me sing I’m singing this for you (singing this for you baby) Everywhere I go, I think of where I’ve been (think of where I’ve been), And of the one who knew me better, than anyone ever will again What you taught me, only your love could ever teach me, you got through when no one could reach me Ohh…ohh…ohh, cause you always saw in me, all the best that I could be it was you who set me free… You’ve opened the door (opened the door), to something I’ve never known before (never, never, felt before) And your love…Is the music of my heart.. Music of my heart, Music of my heart, is the music of my heart… You fell asleep while his song kept playing. He stayed on chat watching you for the rest of the morning. I will always be with you, no matter how far apart we are ~ Unknown