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The Evolution of Kpop Dance Practice Videos
They seem simple enough right? Just videos of the idols practicing their dances. But in the past two years what was once a relatively simple thing for groups to put together, has become just as important and unique as their actual music videos! Here's a little intro to that changes: First off, why do groups even make dance practice videos? In Korea, its really common for people to learn all the dances to Kpop songs. It was a lot easier when there wasn't a new song (and new group) every day, and dances went viral all the time. Think of the Wonder Girl's 'Tell Me' dance or Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry." Those were HUGE and everyone, even non-kpop fans in korea, knew the dance. So a dance practice video was made to help fans learn the dances, hopefully boosting the group's popularity :) Here's an example of a classic dance practice video (also an example of how dedicated kpop fans were back in the day to watch videos in this crappy quality hahaha) The camera barely moves (thus there are no closeups of the members) the audio isn't great, and other than Taemin's random smiles, they don't seem to be interacting too much with the camera. This isn't about fan service, its about giving an example of the dance. Then, groups started having some more fun: New "versions" started popping up where the focus wasn't on doing the dance perfectly, but just entertaining the audience. There were times when they weren't even dancing at all, just rolling on the ground (looks @ teen top lol) Then the dance practice that changed it all: (this isnt the first video to do this, but it is the video that completely changed how groups approached dance practices as well as filming music videos. You'll notice that camera movement before and after this dance practice is SO different (in MVs and dance practice) The movement, the interaction with the camera, the fact that you're IN the practice room with them. It's amazing. Compare this to the SHINee video in the beginning of this card (don't even compare the video quality, just notice the feeling you get when watching. you are THERE) To build on that feeling of being in the room, the Eye Contact version was born: Not only is the camera moving with them, they are IN YOUR FACE and staring into your soul. Its something that a music video or concert could never give you. GOT7 even did "boyfriend" versions, like crazy, angry, or cute boyfriend ;) Then came "part switch" version: So many fans only learn their favorite member's part in a dance so this challenged the fans, mande them focus on different parts, and got to show the member's hilarious personalities! It has just gotten funnier and more creative from there! I can't wait to see what they do next :D What's your favorite weird dance practice version?!