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My Everything: Part 7/?
Pairing: Taehyung/Jungkook Genre: Angst Summary: Jungkook was Taehyung's everything, well he was, until he found out Jungkook had a boyfriend, Park Jimin, after confessing his love. But what happens when Jungkook starts realizing he loves him back? And what about Jimin? Previous Chapter Jungkook blinked as he came into consciousness. He raised his hand instantly to his head as hr reluctantly sat up. His head was still throbbing as his eyes adjusted to the room's brightness. The last thing he remembered was passing out in V's arms. Jungkook's heart swelled at the thought of the boy worrying and taking care of him. With that thought he looked around the room. It was empty but the door was slightly ajar. Surely Jin wouldn't have left him alone in his condition. What was going on? Jungkook bit his lip preparing to call out for V. A loud shout from outside the room silenced him. Jungkook's head throbbed at the sheer volume of it. The anger was evident in the voice and Jungkook identified it immediately as Suga. Mustering the little strength he had he lifted himself up off the bed. Exhaustion burned his muscles as his limbs threatened to collapse. He had to keep in mind that his body was still recuperating. He cringed as he took a step toward the door leading out to the dorm's den. The shouts seemed to get louder. Jungkook's heart stopped as he heard V's voice amongst the noise. A moment later and he was on the floor. His muscles cried out in agony as he crawled to the door. Something wasn't right here.... ***** "Hyung please! Don't do this! Its not what you think." V mentally slapped himself. What was he talking about? It was exactly what it looked like. What he didn't understand was the anger Suga had right now. Of course he would be angry seeing that everyone knew about Jungkook and Jimin's relationship. But Suga's anger seemed deeper than that. It was like Jimin and him were together or something. In any case V couldn't let him tell Jimin about this. It wasn't the right time for him or Jungkook. V desparately grabbed Suga's shoulder. The tension that came over the older's body was dangerously high and V immediately retreated his hand. "Don't touch me Taehyung. Jimin doesn't deserve to be betrayed like this. Especially by the people he considers close to him. " Suga spoke in a low whisper but V could clearly hear the hidden warning in his words. Jimin looked at them, now with an uneasy expression. "What do you mean....betrayed hyung?" Suga looked at Jimin, his face sad but eyes firm. Before he could open his mouth another voice cried out. "Suga-hyung...please don't." All heads in the room turned their heads to see Jungkook crawling towards them. Jimin's eyes widened in shock. "'re awake! I was so worried. What are you doing out of bed?" Jimin took a step towards the pale-faced maknae but was stopped by Suga's arm. "Hyung what are you....?" Jimin trails off as he reads Suga's face, his brow creased in anger. Following his gaze he sees V run to Jungkook, leaning down to embrace him. "I can't believe you're awake. Aigoo you really chose a bad time though. You shouldn't be here right now. " The room is silent apart from V's comments as Suga and Jimin watches him lift Jungkook slowly to his feet. Jungkook smiles weakly as he drapes his arm around V's shoulder steadying himself. It was only then the two realized that they weren't actually alone and looked at their hyungs' stare. Jimin licked his lips nervously as he looked between the pair. "Uhhh...did I miss something?" Jungkook cringed at Jimin's hurt gaze. He always hated seeing that look even though it was because of him. Jimin was the last person he would want to hurt but yet he did it constantly. Jungkook sighed. What was he doing? How could he be leaning on another guy right in front of Jimin? He was the guilty one here. If anyone deserved to be humiliated it was him. Jimin took a step towards them. "Kookie...what's going on here? Are you feeling alright?" Suga scowled at the floor while pulling something from his pocket. Nobody noticed except V whose eyes widened in shock at the photos he and Jungkook took that day at the amusement park. Jungkook's grip tightened on his shoulder. They both knew exactly what Suga was intended to do. "Hyung please. If you really care for Jimin then don't show him those." V knew he looked pathetic and guilty but he couldn't let Jimin see him and Jungkook like that. He didn't think how their friendship would survive that. "Taehyung. You are the last person I need a lecture from. If you really cared these photos wouldn't even exist." Jimin's attention returned to V and Suga. The tension between them and Jimin knew it was because of whatever was on those photos in Suga's grasp. "Let me see them. I want to know what's going on here." Suga hesitated a bit as if thinking twice about what he was about to do. Jimin took a step towards Yoongi and grabbed his hand in a silent plea. Yoongi stole a gaze at V and gave the photos to Jimin. They all looked on as Jimin inspected the photos. Jungkook could only stare at the nasty brown carpet of the dorm as he listened to the rustling of the photos in Jimin's hand. He stole a glance at V, who was still holding him up. Jungkook stomach flipped when he saw the fear on the V's face. He didn't even want to look at Suga. He already knew he was staring at them with disappointment and rage in his eyes. Jimin hands shook as his eyes skimmed over the photos again and again trying to find a excuse for this. But the images never changed. Instead they mocked him, teased him about a love he could never have with Jungkook. Jimin continued gripping the photos his whole body shaking. V knew what was coming next. This was the ultimate act of betrayal as a friend. But his selfish want of love clouded his judgement and now he would have to take everything that was coming to him. " could you...I don't understand." V's eyes widened in shock as Jimin suddenly lifted his head. He was...crying? But V could see it in his eyes. The anger and hurt he brought upon his friend. "Why....why why why why?" Jimin's sobs were heavy and shook his body as he gripped the photos in one hand waving them angrily in V's face. "I-I trusted you... I considered you a friend but this... Why?" Jimin's voice gave out at the end as he backed away from V and Jungkook throwing the photos on the floor. Suga held his arm behind Jimin so the boy wouldn't fall. Jungkook pushed away from V falling to his knees in front of Jimin. He knew there was nothing he could do to make this any easier but he had to do something...anything to ease the guilt that weighed on his shoulders. And if that meant falling to his knees and begging for forgiveness then he would do it without a second thought. "I-I never meant to...hurt you Jimin. Please don't be too angry. I know it was wrong but I've felt this way for a while. The guilt I feel right now is like no other I felt and... I just want you to know that I'm sorry. Please Jimin forgive me.... Forgive me for betraying your trust and" Jungkook knew he couldn't look Jimin in his face. He felt the tears swelling in his eyes as they blurred his vision. The room was silent apart from Jungkook's quiet sobs. Jimin reached towards Jungkook but stopped as if he just noticed something. He looked at V with teary eyes and shook his head. "Don't....ever speak to me again. Neither of you." V's heart sank at the harsh words but his reaction was minuscule compared to Jungkook. Jungkook stared at Jimin in disbelief but then stared back at the ground, his tears staining the carpet. He didn't want to see anything...didn't want to hear anything. "I hope you're happy Jungkook." Jimin's voice felt like daggers in Jungkook's heart, repeatedly stabbing him. "Because you broke my heart. And after all those times... All those times I cared-" Jimin stopped, his face suddenly becoming rigid. "How stupid I was..." With that Jimin left the room. All was quiet until they all heard the loud slam of Jimin's door. Suga looked from V and Jungkook once more and with a frown made his way to Jimin's room. V fell to his knees, emotions overwhelming him. What had just happened? V suddenly wished Jin or Namjoon was here. Then maybe this would've went better. He looked over to where Jungkook now laid on the floor sobbing. "Kookie... Kookie are you alright?" V made his over to the maknae and wrapped his arms around him. Jungkook flinched and struggled out of his grasp. "V... Taehyung.... please don't touch me." Jungkook spoke softly, his voice drifting into silence. But V heard the hidden warning in the boy's voice. Jungkook grabbed a nearby couch and attempted to lift himself. V saw the look of exhaustion on his face and immediately grabbed Jungkook's arm to help. "V would you just leave me the hell alone?! Just...stay away." V was stunned into silence. Why was he acting like this? Did he do anything wrong? "Jungkook...why? Was it something I did?" Jungkook ignored V's question and slowly made his way over to his room. V only stared, tears forming in his eyes, as he realized what Jungkook was doing. It was over before it even started.... And it was his fault. "Jungkook please. Don't leave me too. You're all that I have now." Jungkook was at his door now not even looking at V as he closed the door. There was a click and V knew that the door was locked. He made his way over to the door, his tears starting to blur his vision. He knocked on the door praying for a response. But the answer was already clear in his mind. "Jungkook...Kookie please." V was sobbing now, his shoulders shaking from the intensity. He heard nothing from inside the room. V banged his fist on the door pleading quietly in his head for Jungkook to open the door. After all this... V slid to the floor with his back to Jungkook's door as the sobs continued to rack his body. He couldn't have guessed that on the other side of the door Jungkook was doing the same thing. ***** "Jimin... can I come in?" Suga was careful to not barge into the boy's room. He had just been through a lot and probably needed some time alone but Suga cared too much to leave him alone in the state he was in. Suga knew what a broken heart could make some people do. There was no answer and the door was unlocked. Suga slid in quietly and spotted Jimin in a corner with his head in his lap. "Jiminnie... It's me. Its okay." Yoongi crouched in front of Jimin and against his better judgement reached out and swiped a tear that was forming in Jimin's eye. "Don't cry Jimin. Please don't cry..." Suga cupped his hand under Jimin's chin and lifted his head so that their eyes met. Suga could see the pain and heartbreak clouding the brown orbs. And without thinking he leaned closer and closer to Jimin. He didn't stop until his lips met Jimin's own. Thanks for reading. I'll try to be more frequent with updates now. And a special thanks to @twistedPuppy for making sure this updated. 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