This Is How Our Love Began
This Is How Our Love Began
This Is How Our Love Began Epilogue
JiminXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smi-Smut 3 years, 51 weeks, and 6 days. Your relationship with Jimin had to be the best relationship you have ever been in. He kept his promise and changed his ways. He wasnt a playboy anymore. He dedicated himself to you and only you. He was nice, caring, basically everything you could ever want in a boyfriend. 
You two were sophomores at a performing arts university. He was into dance and you went into singing. You made your choice to sing after Jimin and many people around you told you how good of a singer you were. Your dad didnt really mind your career choice, he just wanted you to be happy while doing what you wanted to do. Yes, you still lived with each other. Yes, your dad and Jimins parents knew about your relationship, how could they not? Trying to hide 3 years together while living in the same house is hard. But that doesnt mean you didnt try… It went smoothly for the first few months or so, but his parents noticed how close the two of you were getting and how at some points when they came home from work, they caught you two sharing a kiss before you and Jimin ran away to your rooms. Plus, Jimins mom was a professional at finding things out by body language. They easily let it slide. Jimins mom was the happiest out of the three parents. She secretly really wanted the two of you to be together, constantly reminding you how cute the two of you are together, making you blush and hide your face in Jimins chest. 
The only rules they had were:
- No overdone public displays of affection 
- No staying up to do things after everyone was asleep
- No sex in the house (Because no one wants to clean up after the two of you)
- No going out of the house past 11 (Unless it was an emergency) You and Jimin could agree to that easily. The first year went by fast. Sure there were times you wanted Jimin and times that he wanted you. But you blamed the teenage hormones about it. 2nd year went by pretty well too. No fights, no anger, no one walking out of the room. It was all make out sessions, close cuddling, and lots of hugs. Then the third year came by and everything was getting a little too hard to do. Homework was soon piling up again because of university, late night visits to each others rooms became less frequent as you usually fell asleep on your desk with your book open. But no matter what, you always woke up in bed, tucked in perfectly, a warm sensation tingling on your forehead. Jimin still took care of you. He still loved you dearly, and no matter how tired he was, he would always have just enough energy to carry you from your desk, into your bed, planting a kiss on your forehead before he left to go back to his room and flop onto his bed. He couldnt deny the fact that there were times he really wanted to sleep with you because you looked so cute and cuddly to him. There were also times that he hated you because you moaned his name in your sleep, which was an indicator that you wanted him there, and he couldnt stay. Which also accidentally or non-accidentally caused a little problem in his sweats, fighting himself not to tackle you right there and then, and to go to his own room to.. take care of things. But tomorrow was your anniversary. Tomorrow is the day that you and Jimin confessed your feelings for each other on the night of prom. It was the best day of your life. Tomorrow is your fourth year being together and you knew exactly how to spend it. All day with him. You didnt go to school on Fridays, which evidently was your anniversary date, meaning, you had the day to yourselves. 
You and Jimin were beyond comfortable at this point. You did everything together. You didnt care about the way you ate because of his presence. Your eating habits stayed the same, fast and messy. But he didnt care. He only cared about if you were getting food into your system. 4 Years, 0 weeks, 0 days Your anniversary.
How do you spend it? Jagi~ He called out at the empty house, Where are you? He giggled as he opened doors to random rooms. 
The two of you were doing the most adult-like thing you could ever think of. Playing hide and seek. The house was a mansion, Jimin could never find you, but you could always find him. Mostly because he hid in the same spot. All
Time Sometimes he would change and it would surprise you. But he always stayed in the upper floor of the house. Most of the time, in your room. 
You liked this one spot in the basement. It was a mini theatre room with the comfiest chairs in the world. You hid under the chair, or beside it. It was big enough to cover your whole body. You sat there as you heard thumping around the house. You tried not to laugh at how childish Jimin actually was. Tugging on the hem of your shirt or on your hand when he wanted something. That child-like sparkle in his eyes whenever you got Jimin something he loved. He looks so much different on the outside than the true Jimin on the inside. You wanted to surprise him. You made a mini video of all the greatest times you had together. It included silly pictures of you guys, cute videos your friends took of you hugging or kissing, catchy titles and mini captions and dates of your favourite days together. It was basically anything you could imagine. You hooked your laptop to the projector and put it on auto replay, hoping Jimin would find you soon enough to catch it from the very beginning Jagi~ I think I found you He says as he opens up the door to the theatre, Who left the projector on? He questioned as he noticed the bright changing lights in the theatre. It faded into darkness 
perfect you thought to yourself. The video restarted and he walked inside. He watched the video playout as slides from prom and grad showed up. At some points, he questioned how or who took the picture. But for the most part, he was enjoying what he was seeing. He was enjoying it so much that he was going to cry. His voice wavered, j-Jagi, where are you? Are you in here? Because I really need to hold you if you are… 
He walked down the mini stairs to the front of the theatre, revealing you from you hiding spot. 
You found me you smile sweetly 
Aish. Come here he picked you up into his arms and gave you the biggest hug ever, Did you make this? 
You nod shyly. 
I love it he smiles at you before giving you a sweet kiss on the lips. Im glad you do He held you in his embrace, Happy anniversary you smile 
Hmm, four years together, huh? What should I do for my baby girl? he teased, kissing your forehead
You pulled him in by his shirt and kissed him roughly. He loved this side of you. He loved that fact that you looked so innocent, but you werent even close to that. This is who he fell in love with. You parted the kiss and his eyes were dark, hooded over with lust and greed. He had been so patient with you and his family, but his time was cutting short. He didnt want to pleasure himself anymore. He wanted you and he had wanted you for so long. Sure you were his, if you were talking about a relationship in general, but in short, he wont be able to control himself much longer if he doesnt fuck your brains out soon. He hated the fact he felt like this. He hated that he was so needy. He hated that his parents wouldnt allow it, and he hated it the most when you wore something a little too revealing, causing his mind and thoughts to go wild, forcing himself to stop before he does something he doesnt want to do. 
He even thought about bending the rules a little bit. Not by much, just a little. Just enough that he doesnt have to use his own hands for pleasure anymore. I dont know You said, out of breath from the intense passionate kiss you had just shared. You looked at him seductively and he immediately took your hand and dragged you to his car, Where are we going? 
Thanks you answer back with a tone of sarcasm. 
I dont know if you feel the same, but I.. I-I really REALLY Need you baby. Its driving me to the point of pure insaneness. 
..Oh that was all that managed to come out of your mouth, B-But Jimin! What about the rule??
Fuck the rule. If you continue teasing me like this, then I wont even be able to keep my hands off of you anymore. 
Teasing you? What are you talking about?? 
Every day. Every. Single. Fucking. Day 
you swallowed harshly at his serious tone. You cant deny the fact that you havent thought about this before. You probably wanted Jimin as much as he wanted you. You wouldnt go to the extremes of pleasuring yourself, but you have thought about it quite a few times. Especially when you accidentally walk in on him as hes half naked. O-Okay… But still, the rule…
He pulled out of the driveway, making sure to shoulder check, Technically, the rule says No sex In the house. So, doesnt that mean we can have it somewhere else? 
I swear to god Jimin if you fuck me in this car Ill-
Woah woah woah. No, of course not. Not for our first time at least… he mumbled. You smacked him on the back of his head, making him wince. 
Im taking you to a hotel. I know a buddy there 
You know buddies everywhere
you take his hand in your as he drives, Anyways, Im excited you smile at him, leaning over to peck him on the cheek. Dont rile me up now, Just wait and see what I have in store for later tonight baby girl Credit to btsfanficsandscenarios @VIPFreak2NE1 @musicfomo @megancurrent9 @HayleyYates @tiffany1922 @drummergirl691 @ninjamidori @KaitlynHewitt @DestinaByrd @Kpossible4250 @HayleyEastman @OliviaZenger @SunnaWalo @Destiny98 @BrendaPham @QueenLele @ChelestiEdwards @ToppDogg @MomoChamie @EliseB @Jessicalista @anarose @JessicaVang @BridgetJara @JaiiPanda @UnnieCakesAli @JoseCullen @DamarisCisneros @tinathellama @KaeliShearer @EniorehFrancois @Oriheymay @exokpop12385 @SarahVanDorn @SindyHernandez @EvelynLoyalRico @Defy24601 @CindyHolguin @Elaynethtrumpet @LemonLassie @ParkHwaYoung
This Is How Our Love Began Part 10
JiminXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst/Semi-smut After a long night of you and Jimin having fun, it had to end at some point. So you and Jimin sat in his car for a while, just talking about life, school, anything really. But the topic that still plagued your mind was in the gym where Jimin said, Shes Mine What did he mean by that? Could he have possibly liked you back?
Hey Jimin You interrupted him mid-sentence, What did you mean when you came up to me and Tae and said shes mine? He blushed hard at your words and tried to hide his face from you, I-I dont know.. It was just the first words that came out of my mouth 
Did you… mean something by it? You took his hand and he gazed into your eyes. He had no idea what to do. He knew he liked you, but was now really the best time to confess his feelings towards you? Did he want to risk a friendship? He didnt even know if you liked him back. What if you didnt feel the same way? Then how would life turn out? Would you still be under the same roof? 
Jimin really wanted to confess to you, hes been planning on it for a while now. But all of those questions took its place inside of his head, and he got worried about what you would say. Even some nights he would have dreams and thoughts about what it would be like for him to be your boyfriend. He didnt deny the fact that he absolutely loved it. Kissing you, holding your hand, embracing you, and cuddling you. Plus the fact that youll always be together because you live together. But then that brings up the thought of what would happen if you broke up. 
There were only a few downsides of dating you according to him, everything else was a plus. So yeah, this was the time. Hes going to do it 
I like you he said bluntly. This took you aback, W-What? 
he stared into your eyes and squeezed your hand tighter, I like you. I know this isnt like me to confess to you, being a playboy and all. But Ill change my ways! If youll be my girlfriend that is… Ill really commit to our relationship! Ill make sure youre always happy! Ill kill any one that touches you. Jim-
I fell for you because I had no idea what your true side was. But after you opened up to me, I couldnt help but totally fall for your personality. Which led me to crazy dreams and thoughts about dating you. He rubbed his neck, I loved it…
I know you probably dont feel the same but, if you give me some time, Ill get over my feelings-
You interrupted him with a kiss and he smiled into it. 
He looked at you with wide eyes, Shut up you laughed, I get it! I like you too, okay? You dont need to get over your feelings There was a silence in the car for a while, Then, what does that make us? he asked
Hmm, I dont know 
No no no! Dont tell me I confessed all of those feelings towards you and youre not even going to go out with me! 
You giggled as he looked around the car, flustered, Then I guess Im your girlfriend you smile. He pauses and looks at you, Really?
Yes of course! But I swear if you cheat on me with another girl, youre really going to get it 
No no! I wont! I promise! I actually really want to commit to our relationship His legs were bouncing up and down with anticipation, I-Im sorry, but can I kiss you again? Ive been waiting too long to feel your mouth on mine. And now that I finally have, I dont think Ill be able to have enough of it 
You just smile before leaning in. The kiss was sweet and it melded together perfectly, like you found your other half. 
Lets go home he smiles, pulling away. You nod your head in agreement and intertwine his hand in yours as he drives off. Credit to btsfanficsandscenarios @VIPFreak2NE1 @musicfomo @megancurrent9 @HayleyYates @tiffany1922 @drummergirl691 @ninjamidori @KaitlynHewitt @DestinaByrd @Kpossible4250 @HayleyEastman @OliviaZenger @SunnaWalo @Destiny98 @BrendaPham @QueenLele @ChelestiEdwards @ToppDogg @MomoChamie @EliseB @Jessicalista @anarose @JessicaVang @BridgetJara @JaiiPanda @UnnieCakesAli @JoseCullen @DamarisCisneros @tinathellama @KaeliShearer @EniorehFrancois @Oriheymay @exokpop12385 @SarahVanDorn @SindyHernandez @EvelynLoyalRico @Defy24601 @CindyHolguin @Elaynethtrumpet @LemonLassie @ParkHwaYoung
This Is How Our Love Began Part 9
JiminXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst/Semi-Smut This is the day. The day everyone has been waiting for. It was prom night. Everyone buzzed around the school as they discussed meet up plans. 
Couples excited to see each other all dressed up, volunteers running around the school trying to get things prepared, and last minute people trying to find dates. 
You took a deep breath as you stared out into the empty classroom. You were waiting for Jimin. He was in detention for, who knows what. And it didnt end until 5. 
Half an hour left. You decided to finish up homework as you waited. Nothing except the ticks of the clock could be heard. It was peaceful. You plugged in your earphones and worked away. You didnt mind singing out loud since no one was here anyway. Or so you thought. Jimin POV
He impatiently tapped his foot, wanting time to go faster. He wanted to see you and apologize to you that he was caught in detention. As soon as the clock struck 5, he zoomed out of the door before the teacher could even say a word. He ran through the halls to find your class. Then maybe he thought he would surprise you. He heard a voice coming from inside. He thought he was going crazy. 
The walls were thin, so you could always hear people from outside even with the door closed. 
The voice he heard was beautiful, angelic if you say. He closed his eyes, immersing himself into the sweet tune of what sounded like eyes, nose, lips by Taeyang. He then realized that that was your room. You told him you would wait for him, but could this voice really belong to you? There was only one way to find out. 
He slowly opened the door, careful not to disrupt the singing. He saw a girl, her head stuck in her book and she sang and bobbed her head to the music playing from her phone. It was you. He was amazed. He had no idea you could sing like that. He slowly walked up to you and started to softly sing along with you until you noticed. 
J-Jimin?! You ripped the headphones out of your ears and stood up, Dont scare me like that! You hit him on the chest, he only laughed, Sorry baby. Ready to go? 
You nodded, embarrassed with flush cheeks. The two of you didnt talk as you walked down to the parking lot to his car. Jimin broke the silence, I didnt know you could sing 
You stared at him confused, What are you talking about? Im a terrible singer you laughed at yourself. 
He shook his head, Have you even heard your own voice before? 
Well, yeah. But the voice in your head sounds a lot different from what it actually is. Like, you sound really good at singing in your head, but then, when you record yourself, then its basically like someone died inside of you He laughed 
I think you have an amazing voice… he said shyly, but loud enough for you to hear. You blushed, Thank you 
You got home around 5:30 and as soon as you got inside, you had to go and get dressed. It didnt start till 7, so you still had time to get ready. You didnt want to get your hair done professionally because of costs, so you did your own. You followed the tips your friends gave you. And Jimins mom helped you out a bit when you didnt know how something worked. 
You werent really the type that did your hair often. Sometimes you would tie it up, but thats about as extreme as you would get. This was really a change.
There Mina said as she finished curling your hair and doing your makeup. She tied it up to one side and put a black rose on one side, which elegantly fit in to the style of your dress. Wow you stared at yourself in the mirror, was that really you? You looked completely different. Like a totally different person. Your makeup was done perfectly, but you didnt expect any less from Jimins mom. 
Thank you so much. Its perfect You give her a warming smile. Tears were springing to her eyes, Go put your dress on You quickly nodded and went to your room. You zipped up the back and stood in front of your mirror. You looked damn good. And sexy. This was definitely an eye pleaser. Come downstairs Honey! You heard Mina call from downstairs. You fixed a few things on your dress before heading down. 
You saw Jimins head turned towards the door, facing the opposite of the stairs. He was talking to his dad. 
There she is! your dad said, going up to you to give you a hug, You look beautiful he smiled. 
You looked up to see Jimin staring at you. As soon as you made eye contact, he glanced away, the blush crawling onto the tips of his ears. Mina quickly turned her son around to face you, Dont leave your date by herself! Be a true gentleman! He rubbed his neck as he walked towards you nervously. Youve never seen Jimin like this. All flustered, barely looking at you. Maybe you just looked that good that you had a huge effect on him as well. 
Jimin? You say. He looks up at you shyly, blushing, Y-You look really… wow… Youre really beautiful, Y/N You decided to toy with him a bit, Im only beautiful today? You pout at him and turn the other way, N-No! Youre always beautiful! You just… Look, I dont know… Extra beautiful today..? You laughed, What the hell Jimin? 
His mom and your dad got several pictures of the two of you together before you were actually able to go outside. 
You sat in his car for a few minutes. He was still shy and blushy. You liked seeing this side of him, but it was also kind of weird not seeing his usual teasing self. He rubbed his hands on his knees before he started the car, S-Sorry, I dont mean to be so, nervous and everything. Its just. When you walked downstairs, I hardly recognized you. You literally took my breath away 
You blushed at his comment and looked down at your legs. He gave a quick peck to your cheek before he started driving.
He helped you out of the car as soon as you reached the school. He held your hand all the way inside. You could feel peoples stares on you. Along with whispers of, Who is that?
Does she even go to our school?
Shes really pretty 
You felt more confident about yourself. Jimin squeezed your hand tighter and started walking at a faster pace. Could he possibly be, jealous? He found the table that had the both of your friends names on it. He sat you down as your friends screamed and told you how beautiful you were. During Prom, you got up to dance a few times. Most of them were because you were dragged off your feet from your friends. But other than that, you would sit at the table and quietly look at your phone as your friends danced crazily. Jimin was with his friends, but he would walk back to the table to talk to you for a while before going back up because multiple girls wanted to dance with him. 
He looked at you for permission and you just nodded and giggled as a wave of girls took him away. You shook of the small feeling of jealousy that settled in your stomach.
You decided now since no one was at the table, it would be a good time for you to get out of from all the heat, ending up in the hallway, which is evidently where you bumped into Taehyung. He was smiling as usual, Wheres Jimin? He asked 
I dont know. Hes probably dancing with some girls You rub your arm
Huh. Have you slow danced with anyone yet? Or were you waiting for Jimin to ask you?
You didnt say anything. You just looked at the ground, which is what Taehyung took as an answer, You want to dance with him, dont you? 
You shyly nod, Youre so tough looking on the outside, but in reality, youre such a cute, fluffy person, here, come with me he said as he pulled your hand back into the gymnasium. A slow song was playing and he took you to the middle of the room in between some other people. 
What are you doing? You ask
You and Jimin are honestly so innocent. Do you really not realize the feelings you have for each other? 
W-What are you talking about? He doesnt like me the way I like him. Taehyung only smiled before placing his hands on your hips, You have no idea how wrong you are. You were about to ask what he meant by that, but you were too focused on the thought of slow dancing. You didnt know what to do. No one taught you this. You apologized to Taehyung multiple times and all he did was smile and laugh. 
Why are we doing this Tae?
Youll see he swiftly moved with you to the outer rim where you saw Jimins head peeking out over someones shoulder. You saw him look at you with fire in his eyes. 
Just a bit more Taehyung said, looking at Jimin as well. Jimin ran up to the two of you and teared you apart 
DONT TOUCH HER! SHES MINE! He pulled you into him and your face hit his chest. 
Taehyung put his hands up, Dont blame me, youre the one that left her sitting all alone at the table. He teased
Jimins eyes softened as he looked at you. Taehyung took this moment to walk away and find a new dance partner. 
Im sorry y/n. I didnt mean to burst out like that 
You only chuckled, trying to hide your blushing face, Its fine Jimin
I didnt mean to leave you alone! I was going to come right back to you! I… I just got carried away by other friends
Jimin. Its okay you laugh, Dont worry about it 
He just smiled sweetly at you before realizing the position the two of you were in. He looked at you with widened eyes. Here you were, standing in his arms, in his embrace. Giving him the look that drives him crazy, Want to dance? 
Of course Credit to btsfanficsandscenarios @VIPFreak2NE1 @musicfomo @megancurrent9 @HayleyYates @tiffany1922 @drummergirl691 @ninjamidori @KaitlynHewitt @DestinaByrd @Kpossible4250 @HayleyEastman @OliviaZenger @SunnaWalo @Destiny98 @BrendaPham @QueenLele @ChelestiEdwards @ToppDogg @MomoChamie @EliseB @Jessicalista @anarose @JessicaVang @BridgetJara @JaiiPanda @UnnieCakesAli @JoseCullen @DamarisCisneros @tinathellama @KaeliShearer @EniorehFrancois @Oriheymay @exokpop12385 @SarahVanDorn @SindyHernandez @EvelynLoyalRico @Defy24601 @CindyHolguin @Elaynethtrumpet @LemonLassie
This Is How Our Love Began Part 8
Genre:Fluff/Smut JiminXReader Your POV
PROM WEEK!! Prom night was coming up in less than a week. You didnt plan on going since you didnt really have anyone to go with, or anything to do when you got there. Your friends asked you just to go for fun, but you said you rather not spend money on a dress and your hair. In reality, you did want to go. And you wanted Jimin to take you. But him being the person he is, you thought he probably already had a date… or several. You sighed as you rested against the couch. In the past month, you and Jimin have never been closer. Hugging and holding hands was a normal thing that the two of you would do now. Sometimes when you couldnt sleep, you would walk into Jimins room and he would accept with open arms. Even his mom would tease the two of you about it, making the both of you blush and look away from each other. You didnt mind it though. You didnt deny the fact that you had feelings for him. You tried your hardest not to show it, but it didnt really work when he teased you every single day. Jimin walked downstairs and sat down beside you, turning on the tv. You took no time to cuddle into his body as he placed an arm around you. Multiple times you thought that Jimin may return back the feelings you have for him. But you werent too sure since you dont know how he acts when hes with other girls. You would throw his arm off of you at this thought, but, you liked his warmth. And you enjoyed his presence. You just hoped he felt the same. Jimins POV
He has been waiting to ask you to go to prom for the past month. But he had no idea if you wanted to go with him. Girls were piled up, asking Jimin to go with them. He politely declined them all and it made them all wonder who he was going to go with. Or even if he was going at all. But he had to, right? He was so popular; everyone was going to vote him as Prom King. He knew this too. He knew people would vote for him. He wanted to attend, but he didnt want to go alone. You were the only one that was in his mind whenever he thought of a girl. 
"Y-Y/n" he broke the silence between the two of you watching tv. You were drifting asleep so you hummed in response, "Are… you going to prom?"
You snapped awake and he looked at you, his eyes wide.
He casually looked the other direction, "I-I just wanted to know" You gave him a questionable look, but answered him, "I wasnt really planning on it… I dont have anyone to go with…" you murmured, more to yourself than to him. 
"Seriously?!" Your face was shocked and he gave you the same look back. 
"Jeez! Whats so shocking about that" You ask, thinking of an answer you hoped he would say
"Well… I-I dont know… I just thought maybe you would have a date because youre so… beautiful, you know?" You blushed, did he just call me beautiful? 
He looked at you and you looked back at him. He was really falling for you and he hated the fact that he couldnt tell you. 
"Y-You should go with me!" He blushed hard and tried to hide his face. 
"Are you asking me to be your date?" You smirked at him 
"What if I am?" he tried to return the smile you gave him, but he was too flushed to
"Then I would most gladly accept" you smile as you cuddled into his chest a little more. 
He was too happy for his own good. He licked his lips in anticipation and kissed your forehead before getting up and almost running out the front door. You could practically hear him scream 'Yes!" from outside and it made you giggle. When he walked back inside, he was calm, cool, and collected. He ran his hand through his hair, " I knew you wanted to go with me" he tried to hide his huge grin with a smirk, but it failed, and all you did was laugh. Your POV
'Shit. This means I have to buy a dress' You roll your eyes and head upstairs to call your friend, "Want to go dress shopping?" you ask
"What? But I thought you werent going to prom…?"
I changed my mind 
"Was it Jimin? Did he ask you?" you heard your friend chuckle "...Maybe" you laughed
"Of course! Ill pick you up, be there soon!" Jimin was a little bundle of joy ever since you agreed to go with him. He smiled more at school. He was a lot friendlier to everyone. He didnt seem like the typical playboy everyone knew anymore. He practically pranced around the hallways. His friends would look at him funny but they had no idea what was going on in his head. The dress you bought was beautiful. It was an elegant black with a ombre to white near the bottom. It had black lace that went around the hem. It showed off your curves and made your boobs look amazing. You wanted to keep it a secret from Jimin. So you could surprise him when you wore it. You wondered what his reaction would be like. Jimin had tried several times to see you in your dress. He asked you constantly. The only thing you told him was to wear black and white so the both of you would match. He told you he liked it because it was classy. You and Jimin had a strange tension between the two of you. You both felt like you liked each other in the same way, but no one said anything or made a first move. Because of this, the both of you do a lot of playful flirting. His friends kept on telling Jimin to just go and ask you out already because they all know he liked you a lot. Jimin himself was just too afraid to admit the truth. Credit to btsfanficsandscenarios @VIPFreak2NE1 @musicfomo @megancurrent9 @HayleyYates @tiffany1922 @drummergirl691 @ninjamidori @KaitlynHewitt @DestinaByrd @Kpossible4250 @HayleyEastman @OliviaZenger @SunnaWalo @Destiny98 @BrendaPham @QueenLele @ChelestiEdwards @ToppDogg @MomoChamie @EliseB @Jessicalista @anarose @JessicaVang @BridgetJara @JaiiPanda @UnnieCakesAli @JoseCullen @DamarisCisneros @tinathellama @KaeliShearer @EniorehFrancois @Oriheymay @exokpop12385 @SarahVanDorn @SindyHernandez @EvelynLoyalRico @Defy24601 @CindyHolguin @Elaynethtrumpet @LemonLassie