Stars within our Galaxy
Stars within our Galaxy
Stars within our Galaxy Ch. 20 (End)
Let me just apologize for the typos I'll try and fix it later but for now read and enjoy! Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung What: Fluff and Smut Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it. Jin's POV It has been ten months already and Y/n and Jin have been going back and forth texting, talking and going on a few secret dates since they reunited. Jin was a little more civil with having her around Taehyung than the reverse was. Jin was more settled in the fact that Y/n knew where she wanted to be this time. They were older and more mature now but he knew that she was right where she needed to be. They were taking things slow. They were giving each other small kisses and building trust with each other. She came to hang out with them or get coffee with him during their break if things were going slow. They were friends again and they were closer than they were in high school. She would hug and cling onto Jimin or Jungkook and sometimes Taehyung too. It didn't bother Jin because he could see she only had eyes for him. He felt bad about how things went down in their past but he was actually happy that things had worked out between them now. "Okay you guys seriously have to go now." Jin said to the other lingering in the living room. He had a big surprise for Y/n tonight and he wanted to be alone in the dorm to do it. Yoongi had actually helped him prepare dinner for the two of them and the boys were tasked with cleaning up the dorm. Now that it was clean they didn't need to be here anymore. They were enjoying their vacation time and they were a bit bummed that the first night of their vacation day would be spent wondering around outside trying to stay out of JIn and Y/n's way but JIn had been planning this for a few weeks now so they knew what was going to happen. They even scheduled a few activites for themselves while Jin was entertaining Y/n. He really hoped that she had a good day at work and if she didn't he was going to make sure her night ended in a fantastic way. He just had to make sure the others were out of the house by the time she showed up. "Jin relax you know anything you do she'll like because it came from you." Jimin said. "I know but I still want it to be special. Thank you Yoongi for helping me cook. She really loves your squid dish." Jin said atting Yoongi's shoulder. "You're welcome man. Good luck." Yoongi said. He walked out of the kitchen and walked over to get his jacket. The guys were crowding by the front door now. "Are you two going to sleep together tonight?" Hoseok asked. "Is that really something you want to know?" Jin questioned. Namjoon was cracking up beside him and then he looked at Jin, "Just- use protection if you do." Namjoon said. "Can we please stop talking about this. She's still my Noona. I won't be able to look at her the same." Jungkook groaned. The guys laughed and Jin started to push them out the door. They made jokes about him rushing them out but they continued moving and ran out of the house to get into the car. Jin closed the door behind them and sighed looking around at everything that he had set up. He had already sent her the time that she was supposed to show up and dinner was already premade she should've been here soon. He started to light candles and spread rose petals on the ground. This was supposed to be a really special date so he was going all out. He was doing it just as big as when they had their first date. That time was great, she came in a purple dress that stopped just above her knees, she had tan stockings on and she had short heeled tan shoes. She had really blossomed into a woman and Jin could tell. Things were a lot different about her now than who she was back then. Y/n was a little more heaed strong and she was very decisive in her decisions. Back then she was conflicted because of her feelings for two other men but now she was fully aware of how she felt and who she had feelings for. She was so head strong and she was getting a lot more credit at work than what she was orginalyl getting. She was working more in the astrology department at the lab which made her happier than ever. She was always caught in the stars. It was the first thing that he noticed about her. Twenty minutes went by past the time that Y/n was supposed to arrive and she hadn't shown up. Jin was starting to get worried and wondered what happened to her. He checked his phone frequently but he had no missed calls or texts. After another ten minutes passed, the door finalyl opened. Y/n had a key to their place. Her hair was coming out of her ponytail and she looked dishevled. She had on a black dress that she must've tried slipping on in the car because she was still trying to smooth it out in places where it was riding up. Jin smiled and she looked at him like she felt horrible. "I'm so sorry Jin. I tried to call but the stupid place I was at had no cell phon service, work held me up and then my phone died and I tried getting here as fast as I ca-" Jin cupped her face and kissed her. He could feel that the sudden kiss caught her off guard but she quickly relaxed into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his body. "I'm so glad to see you." he said. She chuckled, "Yeah in all my unearthly beauty right?" She said being sarcastic about the way she looked. "You're beautiful always. It doesn't matter to me how you dress." he whispered against her lips. "You still like the girl with light make up and curled hair though right?" She chuckled. "I like straight hair anyway. I could careless what you look like I just- I love you so much." She looked up at him and smiled, "You've made this day a lot better Jin. I love you." she said. He took her hand and he led her to the kitchen table. She was pulling her hair out of her ponytail and combing her fingers through it so that it would lay down nicely. She was cute when she looked frazzled. She sat down and they had dinner together. She complimented him on the effort he went through to put the dorm together. She liked the rose petals lining her way into the dining room. She asked where the guys were and she looked pleased to know that the whole dorm was just them for the time being. She talked about how bad her day was but that she was happy it ended this way. She had been stressed all day because there were multiple crisises in the lab and she had been running around all day trying to help where she could. Surprisingly, she was able to get everyone on track and help out that even her boss complimented her on her organization skills. Jin knew that was always a big things for her. Organization helped her kind of focus a little more on what needed to be taken care of first and then what could be taken care of last. The most important problems needed to be handled first and the least important could wait. He really hoped that she would get that promotion she was looking for a work. She'd been working there for a year and a half now. Surely she had shown that she was capable of handling other tasks than just being a lab assistant in a department that she didn't even like that much. He was looking for the perfect segway to ask her his question though and he could never really find the appropriate time. At most times he just enjoyed conversation with her that he forgot to ask and when he did remember, she was already in the middle of talking. Dinner had ended and they took their dishes into the kitchen and they helped each other wash dishes and dry them off to put on the wrack. She went to blow out the candles to make sure that they didn't burn down the dorm. She walked back into the kitchen and stood behind him, "I like how the smell of Vanilla just kind of took over the whole dorm. It really helps with the boy smell." she chuckled. "The boy smell? We don't smell that bad and didn't you say that Jimin smells like a baby with cotton candy." "I said Jimin looks like a baby covered in cotton candy. You know that one picture of him with pink hair and he has that powder blue fuzzy jacket. He looks so cute and innocent." She giggled. Jin chuckled and turned around to face her. He walked up to her scooping his hands up by her side so he could hold her by her waist. He looked down at her and deep into her eyes. "You know I've been thinking about us." "Really? What about?" she said placing her hands on his chest and coming closer to his body. "I was thinking about how all the guys love you and how we've grown stronger as a family." he said. "Yeah considering everything we've been through I never would've thought things would've turned out so well." She said. "I wanted to ask you something." She looked at him curiously, "Would it be okay if we made it public? I don't want to hide you anymore. I didn't want you to be hit with a lot of attention from saesangs or the press but I really don't want to hide that you're the woman I'm in love with anymore." Jin said. She stared at him for a moment to take in what he just said. She leaned back against the island in the kitchen and just stared at him with made Jin think that she wasn't ready for that step. He could understand her hesitation but he didn't want to have to hide their relationship anymore. He didn't want to have to sneek around he wanted to openly hold her hand and kiss her lips in public. He wanted to take her to dinner without the guys to nice resturants or go on cute little dates that weren't confined to the house or dependant on the rest of the members of Bangtan to make it look like friends hanging out. Y/n pulled herself up onto the top of the island and she was chewing her lip. Jin was still tall enough that her sitting on the island made her meet him face to face. "You know if you do that there could be a lot of pressure on you and the rest of Bangtan." She said. "I know and I've talked to them about it already. They're supportive of my decision as long as you're ready to go public." he said. "That means things could get a little harder for us. Are you ready for that?" she asked. "I think we've handle the worst already if we can survive that we can survive this too." "How does your manger feel about this? Have you talked to him about it?" Jin nodded and walked up a little closer to her. "I've talked to everyone that needs to know about it. Our manager will support us, he'll do his best to help us handle any backlash. If you don't think it's a good time right now I'll understand." She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment and then looked him in the eyes, "It looks like you've thought of just about everything," He nodded, "You've got all the answers." He shurgged, there was just one he needed. "So I guess that just leaves me right?" she asked. He nodded almost sweating with anticiaption. She looked at the floor once more and bit the corner of her lips again. A smile came over her and she looked up at him, "Okay then." "Okay?" He said surprised. She smiled and nodded, "Let's go public." She giggled. He quickly wrapped her in his arms and kissed her... Y/n's POV It was a bit surprising that Jin wanted us to go public but I liked that he didn't want to hide us anymore. Ten months of secreacy had been relaxing but also kind of hard. We were always going out together with the guys so it never felt like an actual date unless I stopped by the dorm and we hung out in his room. I can't lie I loved our Mario Kart dates. For a game that ends friendships it only made our relationship stronger. Jin kissed me hard and I giggled a little to know how happy he was about me saying yes. You would've thought he asked me to marry him. His lips suddenly trailed down to my neck and I let a small gasp of a moan. I covered my mouth and he shook his head. He removed my hand from my mouth and in an low seductive voice he said, "Let me hear you Jagiya." "Men." I said shaking my head. They all wanted to hear those noises meanwhile I was still embarrassed to hear them escape from my lips. He kissed me harder and he helped me wrap my legs around his waist. He pulled me off the island and perched me up higher onto his body so we could get to his room. I think he was rooming with Yoongi now so they shared beds. We would have to be careful because if we ended up on the wrong bed in the middle of hot passion Yoongi would cuss us out. He pulled me into the room and laid me down on the bed and started peppering kisses all over. I giggled at the soft tickle of his kisses. He stood up straight to take off his shirt and I followed by taking off my dress and letting it slide off the bed. I parted my legs and his body came between them and he crawled over me like a hunger lion that found it's prey. He kissed me with his necklace hanging off his chest. I ran my hands over his broad shoulders and moaned into his full lips. I could never get over how soft his lips were and how deep his tongue went in my mouth and caressed mine like he owned me. I felt his finger touch my nub through my panties and I moaned in his mouth. I turned my head breaking the kiss and he kissed by my ear. I moaned and melted down to the bed until my head rested on his pillow. He smiled at the sight of me turned on with slightly rosey cheeks. I bit my lip as he looked at me with hooded eyes, dark and craving more of me. He hooked his fingers into my panties and pulled them off my legs and tossed them on the same side as my dress fell. "Take off your bra." he told me. There was no request in his voice more like a demand. It was another side of Jin I hadn't known existed and one that I didn't experience when we first slept together three years ago. I sat up and took off my bra and I sat up with legs spred wide for him to see me wet and naked waiting for him to take me over. His eyes looked over me and that look alone caused my body to ache for him. My body warmed up and my core begged for attention. I licked my lips in anticipation. I saw his eyes linger at my wanting heat and then my eyes fell to the growing bulge in his pants. I was in need of him now. "Touch yourself for me." he said. I looked at him with wide eyes. I can't lie I wasn't expecting that but my body liked the idea of him watching me do something like that. I think I was too turned on to say no any way. I slid my hands between my parted legs and let my middle finger tease the bulge of nerves between my slick folds. My eyes rolled and my head went back for a second. I used my other hand to tease my nipple and the two sensations felt wonderful. I felt my toes curling up and then straightening out to kind of make me focus on not coming even though that wasn't working. I slid a finger inside myself and a more pleasured moan escaped my lips. I bit my lip and looked up to see Jin standing there, now without his pants on and rubbing his haard length. He looked so fucked out it was beautiful. He looked even more gorgeous turned on and this was the first time I realized I actualyl got to absorb the person Jin was when he made love. I got even more excited about that and I could feel my heart racing, the amazing rush that started at my feet and ran up my legs, thighs, heat, all the way to my head had me completely drowned in the ecstacy. Jin climbed over me and he kissed me hard. I felt him come to my entrance and without warning he entered me. I felt my back arch of the bed and I cried in his mouth. My hands came to his shoulders while one of his arms hooked under my leg. I could hear the wet smack of our kiss and it only spurred me on more. He was moving slow, teasingly slow to the point I whined, "More." I asked. "Tell me what you want jagi." he said in a low breathy voice. His eyes were half opened, caught between sweet pleasure. I was closing around him more, holding him tighter. "Fuck me harder." I begged. He kissed me harder and his hips picked up their pace. He lifted me a little higher and got a better angle just teasing a spot that I knew would rock my world. "Oh fuck. Jin." I moaned loudly. "Such a dirty mouth." he chuckled lightly. He moved faster and sat up running his hand through his hair. I clawed at his chest but was careful not to leave marks just in case. I was panting along with him and his eyes were rolled back. My other hand came to play with my nipple, to tease and tug it a little and then Jin moved out of me to get me in a different position. He turned me around so I wasn't facing him anymore and he bent me over the bed. He spred my legs open just a little more and he entered me again. I could hear the sound of our now sweaty skin slapping against each other. His hand had snaked around my body to play with my clit and I screamed into the bed sheets. I gripped at the and began to rock back into him as he rocked against me. I loved the way he was stretched me out and the way he reached deeper and deeper inside of me. I was amazed at the way this time felt, it was much better than the last. I think it was because this time we had invested so much more time into each other. "My fucking princess." He groaned lowly. I didn't even think he cursed like that unless he was anger but I loved the way "Fuck" rolled off his tongue like it was so natural. He changed our position again, flipping me back over so that I could face him. He parted my legs a bit more and dipped his head down to lick my clit which made me scream and grab his hair. My body waved into the bed and I cried out in heated moans with my eyes rolling back. I could hear him breathing as he came up for a second to say, "You like that princess." "Oh fuck yes. Yes." I said with enthusiasm. I was so high on sex. Jin went back to licking me between my legs like he needed me the to be soaking for him at all times. I felt him suck my clit inbetween his teeth and I cried out. I bit my lip but quickly whined and let it go as he began to suck on me more. My back rose off the bed and I was now holding myself up with one arm. "No, no. Stop." I begged. He looked up. "No." he said. He went back to sucking on my clit and I threw my head back in pleasure. He was really just going to tell me no like that. I was so okay with it, a Jin that was in charge in the bedroom was my kind of man. I remembered back when I tried to ride him and he quickly shut that shit down when he pushed me back down onto the bed. He I felt his tongue tease my rim and all the damn teasing was bring me closer. My legs tried to close and he only pushed them open wider and made me stay still. He wasn't going to allow me to stop him. I whined and begged but damn it felt so fucking good. A groan left my lips, it came from deep within my throat and I felt him hum onto my heat. "I'm going to cum." I warned. "No you're not. Hold it." he said. "What?" I said surprised. He looked up at me with even darker eyes and far more animale than before, "Hold. It." he demanded and emphasized each other. Oh god I was going to die like this. Jin was stealing everything from me and I was happily drowning in him. He sucked on me more, why did he decided he wanted to eat me out mid fucking I have no idea but good lord it was great I was so fucked out. "Jin- Jin. Jin I can't." I moaned and whined as I felt my walls closing in more. He had slipped his hand off of my leg and was now standing up. I hadn't realized he had been jerking himself off while he was eating me out. He quickly slammed back into me, scooping my legs up onto his arms. I moaned out loud and he lowered down to my body to kiss me while I became adjusted with his length inside me again. He leaned over me more angling me higher. He came up from the kiss and said, "We're going to come together." He instructed. I nodded and he began to fuck me hard and fast like he was eager to come soon himself. He moved hard and drove his body into mine quick and even. I felt my walls tightend around him more. I gripped his shoulders whil my hands ran through my hair. Our bodies were writhing together like we were going to create a super storm and I was so ready for the aftermath. I was closing in on the edge. "I'm cumming. Jin, jin...ahhhh." I was drowning in the amzaing sensation I felt like I was going to burst. "Me too." he warned. His hips stopped their even pace and broke up a bit. He kept moving fast though but I could feel it. "Come for me princess." he said. I nodded and he snapped his hips into me one more time. I screamed out into the room and felt his ribbons lace inside of me as we both reached our peak at the same time. His thumb went to my clit and started to rub it rapidl as he continued to ride into me to drive down his high. I whined and tried to stop him but he swatted my hand away. He continued until he was finished but he was driving me up a wall. I cried as he continued his playing on my clit and then he finally pulled out of me and rolled over on the bed to pant. "I forgot the condom. Namjoon's going to kill me." He panted as he realized he'd come inside me. "If it makes you feel any better. I've been on the pill for a few years now." I said curling into his body. He looked down at me with a cocked eyebrow. "Hey I had other boyfriends that weren't you Kim Seokjin. The last thing I needed was to get pregnant by one of them." He chuckled and brought the cover over me again... We woke up the next morning and I had to turn on of Jin's shirts into a dress again while mine were thrown into the washing machine. When I came out, Yoongi and the others were surrounded at the island and they all cheered when they say me. "So I guess things went well last night." Namjoon chuckled. I smiled, "I have no idea what you're referring to." "Aw come on Y/n you're glowing." Yoongi said. "That's because- I'm fucking beautiful. Shut up!" I chuckled not being able to come up with a good enough lie. The guys laughed, "I see why Jin looked like he just came out of a disney movie. He was whislting with the birds and singing." Hoseok said laughing. Jimin craked up and slapped Hosoek's arm before resting his head on his shoulder. "I'm too pure for this." Jungkook said. Jimin point to him and said, "Caught in a lieeeee!" Me and all the other started laughing. I went outside for a second to take a phone call which gave me the best news I had since yesterday. I came back in and looked around for Jin to see him coming back down from the hallway looking as if he were lost. He saw me and smiled looking like he found exactly what he was searching for. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He chuckled and said, "Y/n please, the guys are watching." he teased. "Oh don't stop on our be half." Taehyung teased. I looked back and stuck my tongue out at him and he winked at him which made me laugh but I turned back to Jin and said, "I just got my promotion at work. I get to do the research I've always wanted to do. They're switching me into the Astrology department Monday!" Jin hugged, "I'm so proud of you baby." he said be for pecking my lips. "What made them do that?" Yoongi asked. I turned to face them, "They said the criss that happened yesterday and the way I could take charge and be a leader in such a critical time proved that I had some skill. After I left work they started looking through all my research even the research paper I wrote to get into that school. There's a scientist that works there that I reall admire. He said he liked my hypothesis and said I introduced some new theories he wants to help me so if I can prove them." I said excited. "That's awesome." Jungkook said. I nodded happily. Jin wrapped his arm around me and gave me a small kiss on the lips. "We'll be going public will this affect anything? Should we wait?" He asked. I shook my head. "No I don't want to wait. I can take the punches as they come. Like you said, we've survived the worst. We can make it from here on." I said. And...... 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Stars within our Galaxy Ch.19
One more Chapter to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung What: Fluff and Smut Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it. "It really has Jin." I said. He gave me a big smile and then opened his arms to ask for a hug. I gave him one without hesitation. He looked down at me and said, "What are you doing in Seoul?" "I actually work at this science lab that they built a few years back. It's still fairly new so it's nice." I said. "I wish I could've taken you to the observatory back then." "Oh that's right I ended up going with Taehyung. You know he ended up telling me after that day that you had actually bought those tickets and gave them to him." I said. "He really did?" "Yeah, I'm mean you didn't think that he'd lie about it did you? He tells you guys everything and if I asked him he would tell me the truth too." There was a bittersweet feeling that rushed over me because there was just one time that he had lied to me or rather he'd just betrayed me. I don't know if he ever lied, even when I asked him why he had cheated he had been just as honest with me as ever. I guess the only lie he told me was when he promised the distance wouldn't cause us to break up. The other things he could've looked past still I think I lied on that end as well. I was starting to wear down from being away from him all the time. It was just harder to spend time with him and I cared about him that's why I made that day to surprise him. I wanted to try and respark what we were losing. I was his longest relationship at the time. I wasn't sure how long his others lasted or if he had any others and I didn't really care much. "Do you miss him?" Jin asked. "No. I mean not in the romantic sense but as a friend I kind of miss him being an asshole to me. I liked snapping at him." I chuckled. Jin laughed and our coffee came out. We grabbed our cups and he asked me to stay so we could talk a little more. I happily agreed and we sat down by the window. A few people took pictures of us sitting together and I looked at him and said, "Hey is it okay for me to be out like this with you?" "Yeah I mean we were friends in highschool too right. I think it's fine." Jin blew it off like it was nothing so I relaxed. "You know I've thought a lot about the last time we spoke to each other." Jin said. "I was really harsh wasn't I?" I said. I had done a lot of reflecting the past three years about my life; although, I had a few boyfriends in the past three years after Taehyung and I split up I never really found someone I liked enough to stay with. I started trying to look over my personality and all the things I had done in the past, kind of like me trying to pin point where I was going wrong with my relationships. At some point, I did realize that ,although I was nice to Bangtan, I had always been a harsh person. It was my main reason for hiding in my books and studies and trying to stay away from everyone else. I didn't like dressing nice because I didn't want to be grouped in with the metero girls so I became their opposite and there were times I just thought I was too intelligent to hang around certain crowds. Deep down, even if it didn't show it as much, I was a bit stuck up and that kind of made me a bitch. When I started to enjoy the attention I was getting from all the cool kids in school, I knew I was starting to become the very people I hated. I was so close to becoming a metero girl I was almost sick to my stomach with that realization. I didn't even have to be one of Chanlee's zombie followers; I just had to be openly bitchy enough to become one of them. I think with the confussion in my realtionship with Taehyung and even the acceptence of being a Bangtan member I was kind of conflicted. I was pretty much at war with myself without even realizing it. I mean I wanted Taehyung and I wanted Jin, I loved them both at once but I was denying Jin, whom I wanted, and running into Taehyung's arms who I was trying to fall in love with because I wasn't completely there yet. When I finally was, there was no issue anymore I was able to just get some focus and clarity and leaving that school actually was a bigger benefit for me than I had realized. I was seconds away from becoming a monster and I hadn't. I wanted to claw Chanlee's eyes out that night that she showed the entire school that me and Jin kissed. I knew Taehyung said that he was over it but it was one thing to know it happened and another to see it happen. Deep down I knew he knew I liked kissing Jin and that I didn't want to push him away but I also loved him and I wanted him to know that when we were together. I wanted him to know that I choose him and that I was in love with him and that I wouldn't go to Jin even when he had feelings for me. All that was three years ago. He cheated on me and I had forgiven him and because of their family dynamic they had forgiven each other. What I was thinking was impossible but what I was feeling was definetly still burning inside of me. Jin said he had been thinking about the last time we talked, I had been thinking about when we slept together and how strong he was. How he made my heart race and my body run hot till we were both sweating, panting, and just a mess completely. His broad shoulders and his rough kisses. I thought about his voice in my ear and his moans lingering there too and the way he kissed me while his hips found this sensual rhythm to connect with me. I thought about the twist in my stomach and how it just kept getting stronger with every move he made, the way he pinned my hands down and pushed me down so that I couldn't ride him. That night was unforgettable for me. "No you weren't harsh you were real with me and I can be proud of that. When you told me you needed me to close the door on you I couldn't really understand it completely but when you closed the door on me, after a few days I started to get it. Me and Taehyung were drifting apart, I was disgusted with him because of what he did, that he went after you and went through all of that just to break your heart but then it just hit me one day that I had told you to forgive Baekhyun when he had broken your heart. You forgave him so that Taehyung would forgive me for betraying him the night I kissed you. A lot of the decisions you made were to save mine and Taehyung's realtionship. I figured I owed it to you to be a man of my word and forgive him. I owed it to you to save our friendship no matter what he did to you because you had given up your happiness as well for the sake of saving ours." Jin said. I smiled lightly at Jin. "It still hurt though, I've held on tightly to that night. It's such a sweet haunting and sometimes I can hear your voice in my dreams; it sounds so real I sometimes wake up thinking you're just outside my door waiting for me to come hang out." he said "Did you ever- tell Taehyung or the others about what happened that night?" I asked. He shook his head, "No. I knew what I would be doing if I said that and I knew if I told the others they'd just talk about it and that would risk Taehyung finding out about it. I know Namjoon would've been disappointed in my actions." "Well it wasn't just you. I mean if we're being honest I was using you." He looked up at me and there was a plain expression but a tint of hurt in his eyes. "It's not in the way you think Jin. I mean yes I was using you but it wasn't to get back at Taehyung. I wasn't even focused on Taehyung until just after everything had happened. You showed up at my doorstep and I just acted. I wanted to feel good and I knew I could feel good with you. I don't want you to take it the wrong way; if it had been Kookie or Namjoon or even Yoongi, I wouldn't have done it I was in love with you for a while though." I explained. He nodded. "You broke my heart when you said we couldn't be together." he said "You understand why though right?" "Yeah, it took some time but yeah I finally realized why we couldn't be together. Things needed to die down. I even realized that maybe you being with Taehyung first was for the best. At the time I felt like he had chosen wrong but the mistakes he made helped me understand something. I don't know if we would've made it if we had been together too." "Why is that?" "It's not like I would've cheat on you but trainee life was just so restrictive. I mean even with our manager and our company being easy on us it was still just hard. Endless dance practice, language lessons, I still can't speak English," I laughed. "We were just always busy and so were you. I think as a trainee we would've grown apart, so you were right. We couldn't be together." I nodded. I felt my heart kind of sink when he said that. I think I was always just holding onto him all these years. I had always been waiting for that moment for us to just kind of meet up again and fall in love the right way. "I lied to you. When I told you I'd be there for you when Taehyung messed up. I wasn't there for you I was there for him at some point." "That's okay Jin, he's family. I'd want you to take care of him no matter what." "I remembered you said, at least not now. Like there was a possiblity of us in the future." I looked up at him and I'm sure my eyes were glittering with the thought that me and him might be something. He smiled softly at me and I smiled back. "Kim Seokjin, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I said. "No." he smiled. I laughed. "I am asking you to go out with me though." "I feel like I'm getting mixed signals from you." I teased. He laughed and straightend up, "I'm an idol now and I'm still busy but not as busy as I was as a trainee. If we're going to be able to move forward as a couple I would like to at least try to figure out all the parts where we might have issues. Starting with our jobs, dating an idol means you don't get a lot of privacy either." I chuckled, "Well my life's not that intresting at the moment. When I finally get that promotion at work we'll see how exciting my life will be." "I have to travel for work as well. Going some place with the guys it will be a vacation but not all the time will it mean that I can take you." "That's fine, not all the time will I be able to go." I laughed even though it was the truth. He reached for my hands on the table and took one in his hand. He kissed the back of my fingers and the softness of his lips made me feel weak. I felt myself melting. This was still the man that I said looked like an angel sent from heaven and right now, that opinnion wasn't even wavering. He was still by far the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I bit the corner of my lips slightly amazed with the lingering sensation of his lips on the back of my fingers. "I want us to work where you and Taehyung didn't. So let's just go slow. Let's go out, we can keep it a secret but you also have to come back to Bangtan." He said. "Oh you want me to be apart of the group. I mean that's just gonna be a lot of late night sessions with Hobi on learning your dance moves and as far as singing goes I was never gifted vocally." I teased. "Not like that." he chuckled. "I know." "It's not going to bother you will it? Being around Taehyung again?" He asked. "No, I'm three years over it." "All the guys miss you. Well all except Kookie." Jin said. "Wait, why wouldn't Kookie miss me?" "Well it's hard to miss someone you talk to often." "How did you know me and Kookie still talk?" I said laughing. "I didn't until you just told me. You two were always close. He thought of you as a sister." He laughed. "Yeah we were really close." "I've missed you Y/n." "I've missed you too." I said. We both smiled at each other and gave little laughs. He checked his watch and when he told me the time I realized I had to hurry back to work or I'd be late. He gave me his number, apparently he had to change it because his got leeked to fans and they wouldn't stop calling him in the middle of the night. After that I went back to work, I got a text from him later with an address and he told me to come as soon as I got off of work. I didn't really know where he was sending me but I texted him back and told him I'd be there and then he told me to text him when I was on my way. I don't know if it was because I was really excited to see him or not but time seemed to move slower after seeing him than it was earlier that day. I was just really excited to see him again and that he did want to be with me but he just basically wanted to take things slow and that was fine with me. I texted him that I was on my way after I finally got off of work and I was finally able to release my hair. Normally after work I would just keep it in but it was a little cold out today and having my hair frame my face helped my ears stay a little more warm. I pulled up at a large dorm and I realized he led me to their place. It was bigger than the dorm they had when we were in highschool. I was impressed with it. I got out of the car and walked up to the front door. I knocked on it, there was no answer. I tried turning the door and found it unlocked. I walked in cautiously and said, "I swear if there are a bunch of dead people in hear I'm going to scream." There was a little giggle that came in from my right side which caught me off guard and the lights suddenly flicked on. "Y/n!!!!!!!!!!!" All the guys screamed. I looked to my side and saw Jungkook coming from my right, that was his little giggle. He hugged me and said, "Noona, I've missed you." "Wow Kookie, what have you been eating? You used to meet me at eye level why the hell are you so tall now?" I laughed. He laughed scrunching his nose and showing his over bite. He had a large white shirt on and a black benie on his head. He was in his jeans and timbs and I could only laugh, classic Kookie look. I looked around seeing Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin standing in front of me. I walked over to them to give each of them a hug. Jimin smiled big at me giving me his eye smile, "Ugh I missed the way your smile makes my heart flutter Jimin. He's so handsome." I said. Jimin laughed, "I've missed you too Y/n." He said happily. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck and leaned on me a little. "Yoongi how have you been?" I asked him. "Tired, they woke me up to do this." he said. "Oh you know you could've slept I wouldn't be offended I know you." "I know you too. This is a rare sighting, after three long years our first Bangtan girl reunites with us. I had to be awake for the occassion." He chuckled. "I think that's Yoongi- hyung's special version of I missed you." Namjoon said laughing. "I have a bone to pick with you mister. All these concepts for the group, they're mind blowing, what are you and Big Hit trying to do to me?" I laughed. He hugged me again, "I've missed having someone smart to talk to." I started cracking up as Jin appeared and slapped his arm along with Hoseok. "Aw now you know you shouldn't hit your husband like that Jin." I teased. Jin chuckled and Namjoon cringed. I was so excited to see all of them again. I was really amazed that they had gone through all this trouble. There were balloons and food on the table it was like a little celebration. I couldn't believe what was happening. "You guys did all of this just because me and Jin ran into each other at a Starbucks?" I said. "It's your birthday idiot." I heard a deep voice from behind me. I turned around with my smile fading into a faint surprised look. I saw Taehyung leaned up against a wall that connected to a hallway. He looked at me with a blank face for a second. I walked over to him and stood in front of him. It had been three years since that phone call and the day I walked out on him. Three years and the first words he said to me were "it's your birthday idiot" that's okay though because my first words were, "Thanks Tae, I forgot Tae, how have you been Tae?" I added a little attitude to his nickname each time I said it. He stared at me for a second and then we both just started laughing. I turned to see the boys relaxing from their tense posture. I suppose they were just as worried about how we would treat each other when we saw each other again. I was kind of glad that he got what I was doing. The day he first talked to me at the party and he told me I was calling him Tae like we were friends. I hoped in a way it would say that we were still friends. He messed up my hair and said, "It's still cute when you call me that." as he walked past me. I laughed and fixed my hair as Jin walked over to me. I looked up at him, "I can't believe we all remembered your birthday and you forgot it." he said. "I've been so swamped at work." I said. "Alright time for Soju!!!!!!" Hoseok said. "Not too much we have practice tomorrow morning." Namjoon warned. I laughed as they headed to the table and Jin took my hand and led me to my seat. He sat on one side of me and Yoongi was on the other side. We ate and played a few games and they brought out a cake with Peach's face on it, which made me laugh because only Jin would be the one to do that. I was still Peach in his phone. It was kind of amazing even though he had changed phones he had kept my number and put it in his new one. I was so happy he had done all of this. I completely forgot it was my birthday though. I saw Taehyung had walked out onto their terrace and I walked out to talk to him. He was alone. I stood beside him and said, "Why aren't you in there having fun with the rest of us?" "I thought I should give you a little space." "I think we've had our space Taehyung about three years worth. Look if you think I'm going to come back just to try and push you away you're wrong." "I hurt you, really bad Y/n. What I said to you the last time we spoke.... None of that was true I was just an idiot." "Yes, you were an idiot and I'm glad that you could admit that, they say it's the first step." I chuckled. He looked at me still a bit serious. I sighed, "Look, I've had a long time to get over what happened between us. Isn't there some part of you that believes it was for the best?" I said. "There is." "Then what's the matter?" "I shouldn't have done what I did. I should've told you how I felt in the beginning. I wanted us to work but I gave up pretty quick on trying to fight for us. I was an ass." he said. "No surprise there." I smiled. He looked at me with wider eyes and I chuckled before I took another sip of my drink. "Look I forgive you, I do, so what do you say? Friends?" I held my hand up to him and he took my hand to shake it. "Friends." He said. I smiled and he reached out to my chest. I was about to shoo his hand way when I realized what he was aiming for. The necklace he gave me back in high school. "You still wear it?" he said amazed. "Yeah and the shirt too on my off days. I haven't stopped wearing it even after we broke up. I mean I take it off at work because it's a hazard in the lab but when I go back out I put it on." "Why?" he asked. "I don't know. You gave it to me the day you declared I was Bangtan. Once I was in, I was in for life. Even after I stopped talking to the group, I felt like I was still apart of you guys because of this. Plus it's super cute and goes with most of my outfits." "Aish." Taehyung rolled his eyes. I laughed and he looked back at me and smiled. I wrapped my arm around his neck, he had gotten taller too. He was far more handsome than he was in high school but Jin still had me. I loved him even now. That didn't take away from Taehyung's good looks though. "Ready to go inside?" I asked. "Yeah." One more Chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 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Stars within our Galaxy Ch.18
Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung What: Fluff and Smut Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it. Y/N's POV Jin kissed me hard and our breathing was heavy and fighting against each other. I could hear the kisses loud in my ear causing my body to stir and come alive in a fury. It was like a race; Jin couldn't stop himself, the same as me. I kissed him hard and he just pushed his lips down harder on me. His full lips took over mine and it felt like a suction was what kept us together. I could hear the wet sounds of our tongues wrestling with each other in a fury and it was driving me even more wild. I had loved Taehyung and we had slept together only a handful of times but this was an excitement I wasn't even aware of and it may have had something to do with the fact that I knew it was wrong but I loved it even more because of that. "We-- Shouldn't." Jin said. I held his face in my hands and nodded quickly. "You're right we shouldn't." I breathed out quickly. Despite that declaration, we quickly went back to kissing without hesitation. Jin wanted this as much as I did. I couldn't say that all my reasons were pure but I knew it wasn't just to get back at Taehyung. I'm not entirely sure it was to get back at Taehyung at all. I knew it was mainly because I felt like shit and I wanted some comfort but I hadn't even thought about Taehyung's betrayal. That might come tomorrow or after we had finished this but Taehyung was far from my mind. My mind was blank without a care of whether or not what I was doing was wrong or right. I was just in this moment and it felt so damn good. His full lips came down to my neck placing kisses on the side I could feel his warm tongue pressing hard into my neck and he was tasting me like he was hungry. The more he tried to eat me up the more I worked at taking off his shirt. I pulled him over to the door of my room and pushed him against the wall. I could see a hunger in his eyes I've never seen in any one before but I was sure mine matched his. The fact of the matter was, at one point, I had strong feelings for Jin too. He was right when he told me I was looking for him to tell me no that day I asked him if he liked me. I wanted him to say no so I could explore what could be between me and Taehyung but God right now I just wanted to explore what could be between me and him. I opened the door and walked in quickly and turned to beckon him inside with my finger. I saw him stand at the threshold for a moment. He was just staring at me, his expression softend for a moment but that same hunger still exisited in his eyes and I knew he wanted to eat me up and I was ready for him to do so. I removed my sweat shirt and was left in my white bra and my sweatpants. He looked at me curiously for a moment and then walked into my room and closed the door behind me. I smiled as he came in and started to remove his shirt. His broad shoulders were alluring especially when he collected me in his arms. He was stronger than I had realized. He led me down to the bed and pinned me there. He placed his hand by my head before he went back to kissing my neck. I moaned softly as he led his kisses down my body, his tongue creating a wet trail the further he went down. He grabbed my sweatpants and started to pull them off of my body. I looked up at him pulling them off completely and throwing them to the floor. He looked at my panties and drew them off as well but quicker like he couldn't stand to tease himself as well. He kissed a line up my calf and my inner thigh until he met my heat and placed a soft kiss on my clit sparking a moan to relase from my lips. The moan was soft and gentle but enough to make him stir more. His tongue lapped me up so I could hear his breathing between the wet slurps of him eating me up. He looked up at me from between my legs and licked his lips of my jucies. I felt my stomach greet a harsh coil. I was amazed at the rush he was giving me. I felt high and so sober at the same time it was hard to describe. I knew what I was doing and it was sending me over an edge and I loved it. "You're already so wet for me." he whispered lowly as he came to my lips again. "That's how much I want you." I whispered back. He nodded and slipped his pants off but didn't move from over me. He did it so effortlessly, just getting them off and slipping them to the side. He pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss him. I could feel his big hand cradle the back of my head and then I felt him push into me. I squeaked in his mouth but he moved roughly again. His movements were rough but I liked the way he did it. He kissed me through it and then he broke the kiss to lock eyes with me. His moans were soft and breathy, his eyes were dark and he held me close. He occasionally dipped his head down to kiss my neck and making me moan with him. His soft moans were so sweet like he was innocent but what we were doing was far from that. I looked into his eyes and they were full blown. He started moving faster inside of me and his moans became more prominet. The way his body rocked into mine and my chest, still covered in my bra, squished against him as he came down closer so he could kiss me made me tighten around him. I could feel my body just wanting to hold onto him and never let him go. His hand slid down my side to grab onto my waist and he started moving a little faster and a little harder catching me off guard. I looked up at him with hazy eyes myself. I loved the way he was touching me. He was breathing harder and I was feeling myself coming closer to an edge. I gripped onto his shoulders whinning as he moaned with me. His eyebrows pinched together as he moved more in me. My mouth was slightly open as he continued going with no intention of stopping. I made an attempt to get on top of him to ride him but as soon as I tried to get up he pushed me back down to the bed. He grabbed my hands in one of his hands and kept them down on the bed. I giggled as he did that and he smiled as he continued to ride inside of me. The slapping of our skin seemed so loud in the other wise silent dorm. "Jin. Jin." I whined. I heard his sweet moan as he called to me, "Y/n. Oh god- I love you." he moaned. His eyes were shut tight and I don't think he was aware of what he just confessed but at the same time neither was I. I just heard the words, they didn't completely process in my head. He let go of my hands to entangle his fingers in my hair again and he kissed me roughly. I could feel his thrusts become uneven and I could feel my body trying to tell me I wouldn't be able to take much more. "You're so tight." He whispered in my ear. "Jin- I'm gonna- gonna cum." I whined as a warning. He bit my lip and with a husky tone he said, "I know." He bent his head down to kiss the other side of my neck and he continued to ride in me as he gave my neck and collar bone soft sweet kisses led with his tongue. My body jerked and tensed as I felt my release come over me hard like a crashing wave. I tried to keep from screaming but it didn't help much because I instantly cried out loud while my eyes rolled back. He continued to move more and his moans became faster and his breathing was more laboured. He sounded closer than ever especially now that my walls were collapsing around his hardened member. He licked the bottom of my ear and nibbled on it for a second before he pulled out of me and I could hear his hand rapidly moving to finish him off. I heard him moan hard and long from deep within his throat. It had such a manly sound to it that I felt myself being stirred by that as well. He released on my stomach and panted while he tried to come down from his high. He rolled over onto the bed beside me and I laid their trying to catch my breath. I just felt tired though, too tired to remember to clean up the mess that was on my stomach. I felt my eyes get heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep.... When I woke up, I was covered in the sheets of my bed and apparently I had been cleaned up. I looked to my side and I saw Jin rolling over like he had just woken up from a nap. He looked at me and his eyes widened and he jumped up. He ran his hands through his hair as he looked around for the rest of his clothes. "Damn it, my manager is going to kill me." he said freaking out. "Jin." I said calmly. He turned to look at me and he sighed softly and caught my chin between his finger and thumb. He pecked my lips softly. "Taehyung can't know about this." I said. He looked at me and nodded, "I know I agree." he said. "Jin- what we did. It doesn't mean-" "I know. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wished it did but I know." he said. I looked away and I felt the bed kind of sink and go back up as he got off to collect his clothing. It was night time now and I couldn't go out because of my curfew but I also had no idea how hard it would be for him to leave. He'd been here for a while now. Me and him both put our clothes back on and I put my hair into a messy bun. I looked at him and said, "Jin I'm sorry." "You know you made the wrong choice choosing him, right? I told you- he was going to break your heart." "Message recieved." I whispered. "I never would've done this to you. No matter what, even after this entire year- I've loved you the same as I loved you the day we met." he said. "I don't know if it was a wrong choice though. Jin I did love Taehyung at one point as well. I loved you both and I needed you to close the door on me so that I knew it would be okay for me to be with him. You actually did me a favor." "But I still lost you in the process." he said softly. "I sometimes wished you would've said you liked me too so that I could tell Taehyung there was no way we'd be together but me and Taehyung did share some great memories together. That's why this can't happen between us. At least not now. There's just too much heart break that could unfold. You're all trying to build your careers I don't want to be the thing that drags it down." "Are you saying this is goodbye?" I nodded. He looked at me clearly feeling distraught after such a great time together. He nodded his head and I headed to the door and looked out to see if my roommates were there. I walked him to the door and he walked out and turned back to look at me. "I'll always love you Y/n." he said. He turned back around and walked away. I went to my room and called Taehyung. "Don't say anything until I'm done. I just called because I want to know why. Why did you do it?" I said. I could hear Taehyung sigh and then his deep soothing voice said, "There was just never any time to be around you. I missed you, I wanted to hang out but we only got one day a week, if that, to ourselves." "You stopped loving me?" I asked. "Maybe." He whispered like he felt guilty. I think that was supposed to hurt more but it didn't. It could've been that I felt the same or because me and Jin had slept together and I just killed all chances of us being together. I think that part hurt more. I nodded even though he couldn't see me and I took in a deep breath, "Why Heejin?" "She's training to be a back up dancer here. I knew she had a thing for me and we started hanging out. I started-" "You like her now. You should've just broken up with me first, as soon as you started to feel like you didn't love me anymore." "I didn't want to lose you." "No you didn't want to prove that everyone else was right about you but they were. I believed you, I loved you, I was loyal to you and you couldn't give me enough respect to be honest and just end it? When did the Taehyung I know become someone as fucked up as you?" I started speaking in anger and I could now feel the hurt of his betrayal I should've felt when I had seen him kissing her. "Y/n." "Save it, the Taehyung I loved would've at least been honest with me and told me the truth was you stopped loving me. I would've had more respect for you then. It wasn't that you didn't want to lose me it was that you didn't want Jin to get me. It's like some competition or something. You just didn't want him to win." "You're right. I didn't want him to win. I wanted to take everything from you before he did just to break his and your heart." I could hear a bitter tone in his voice like he was upset that I was accusing him of everything we had was fake. I wiped away angry tears and said, "Well you got your victory. I hope you enjoy it." I quickly hung up the phone and smothered my face into my pillow with tears running down my cheeks. Yeah it was best that me and Jin weren't going to end up together. I'd have to see Taehyung everyday and I may even cause some problems for the rest of the group. I just couldn't continue to do that... THREE YEARS LATER I ended up getting a low entry job at a science facility in Seoul after high school. I happened to move out there while Baekhyun was already starting up his career as an idol at SM. Mom and Dad at first continued to oppose it but they were starting to come around more. We texted each other back an forth about the things going on in their life. Gi Jong and him had broken up as well which I was super bummed about because I really liked Gi Jong but they remained friends and we all met up when ever we could for some coffee. It was easier to get to Gi Jong than it was to get to Baekhyun though. I understood Idol life was a busy life. Sometimes I think back to when I was dating Taehyung and I just think that it's better that we broke up. If he didn't feel the distance as a trainee he sure as hell felt it now as an idol. Him and the other boys had made it as idols and they were calling themselves Bangtan. No suprise there, Namjoon probably told his manager and gave some speech about its profound meeting to convince them to let them continue going by that name. They didn't speak of their eigth memeber a.k.a me and I mostly knew the reason why. I wasn't apart of the group therefore I wasn't important to mention. All the boys tried to keep in contact with me after me and Taehyung's break up but I didn't know if it was to check up on me or if it was to prove the point that once you're Bangtan you're Bangtan for life. I don't know how long it took for them to settle their differences but Jin and Taehyung were closer than ever and so were all the boys but I knew this about them already. They were such a close knitted family that it didn't matter when one of them did something terrible they would forgive and move on. It's what Yoongi wanted me to do but it wasn't that I didn't forgive Taehyung for what he did, in fact I was grateful because it led to that one night with Jin, it was just that I didn't want to cause problems. The only person I stayed in contact with was Jungkook. Let me tell you, this little boy would not give up, he texted me everyday just talking to me about how his day was and he just waited for me to respond. I told him that I wanted to be alone and that we shouldn't be talking anymore and he wouldn't accept that answer he just continued to talk to me like nothing had ever happened. So Jungkook was the only member of Bangtan I had kept in contact with these past three years. They were super famous now and I heard that Big Hit took really good care of them which made me happy so I wasn't too worried about their health or anything. I didn't keep major tabs on them I just kind of checked in every once in a blue moon and even asked Jungkook how the others were doing when I thought of them. I could just remember him, Jimin and Hobi taking me to the dance practice room to teach me. Jimin would be so disappointed when I didn't do a move right. Hoseok would just laugh at it for hours if my body moved in a weird way, where as Jungkook was trying to show me over and over, count by count, step by step how to execute the move. I got most steps but not all, I wasn't a dancer I can tell you that. Jungkook said that he figured Taehyung was just using Heejin for his physical needs and they had stayed together for a while before he finally dumped her. Jungkook speculated that he missed me. I doubted it. I didn't let him know that but I knew there was no way I would be going back to Taehyung. I heard that he did regret the last few words we said together though. Jungkook said he over heard him and Namjoon talking about what he said and Taehyund admitted he said all of it out of frustration and anger and he thought about calling me back to apologize but he knew I didn't want to speak to him. He was right. I was on my way to the starbucks down the street when I saw a bunch of girls crowding up on the sidewalk with their phones out taking pictures. I was close by a few of the musical studios so I was sure it was just some idol coming out for a drink and they were bomb barding them but I never turned to look to see who it was. I headed into the Starbucks to order my favorite cup of coffee and I suddenly had this weird tingle up my spine like I was being followed. I looked over my shoulder just as I was about to pay but at the same time a hand was reaching towards mine and pushing my hand down. "Don't worry I've got this." he said. I looked up at him with wide eyes and then smiled as I watched him order his drink and then pay for both of ours. He walked me over to the other side of the counter where we wait for our drinks and said, "It's been a long time Y/n." "It really has." 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Stars within our Galaxy Ch.17
Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung What: Fluff and Smut Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it. Y/n's POV There's a reason why envy is one of the seven deadly sins. It's wicked and makes you do things you would other whise never do to the people you loved. There's a certain evilness in it that seeks to humiliate and destory. There's a certain taste to the sin that you feel it build venom in your vains and leek from your teeth, like fangs. It is indeed a deadly sin, couple that with someone who's been corrupted by anger and greed and you find yourself in a pit. You're in a death match trying to free yourself from sins that you have no idea why they set there sights on you... The thing was, I knew why their sights were set on me. I just wished they weren't. I stood in front of Taehyung reading the e-mail and I hear Taehyung go, "So?" I looked up at him in pure shock and then I read out loud. "Dear Ms. Y/n we're sorry about the late reply our servers have been down for some time and has made it difficult to reach anyone. Our responses have, in turn, been late so thank you for your patience. I am proud to annouce to you that you've been accepted into our school and you will be receiveing a call from our admissions office to move forward in your education. Your research paper was in sightful and possed some good questions that the school would like to pursue further down the line. Once again congradulations we can't wait to have you." Taehyung smiled, "You got in." "I got in!" I hopped happily. I jumped and wrapped my arms around his neck and he spun me around as I laughed. I was crying a little just from being over whelmingly happy. I thought after all this time with no answer that I didn't get in. It was like the knots my stomach had been in for weeks had finally relaxed and gave me some much needed relief. I kissed Taehyung all over his face and he laughed before he grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. He held me still so I couldn't move but my heart was pumping I was so excited. Bangtan was the reason we broke the kiss and they all came over to ask what happened. I told them I got into the school and they all congradulated me and gave me a big hug. I saw Jin look at me for a second with slightly sad eyes but he smiled and gave me a hug. It lasted a few seconds before he pulled away from me to make sure that Taehyung was okay. I looked over to see him shifting his eyes in the other direction like he was trying to pass it off like he didn't care. but after the person he called his big brother kissed his girlfriend, even if he had moved past it, it was still going to bug him alittle. "When are you going?" Namjoon asked me. "I don't know. I've heard that if they really want you they'll transfer you in the middle of a school year." I said. "So it could be soon?" Jungkook asked. I looked at him and nodded, "Yeah." "That means you'll probably be moving halfway across Busan." Yoongi said. I nodded. Suddenly the boys looked a little sad, though they were happy I accomplished my dream there would be some distance between us. I looked at them all and grabbed Namjoon's hand and Taehyung's hand. All the boys seemed to link hands and stood in a circle. "Hey, we're going to be close no matter what. You've made me a part of Bangtan and Bangtan is forever right? Distance won't destroy us." I said. "You've been hanging out with us seprately Y/n. We just wonder how true that is." Hoseok said. I looked at him like he had a point. I felt my spirits kind of sadden a little. "I'll hang out with you all as a group then. We'll spend as much time together in school and out of it before I have to go okay. It's not like I'm moving out of Busan I'll just be a car ride away. I can visit any time right?" I asked. They all nodded and we took to partying again when the music got pumped up. Taehyung wanted to take me back to the dorm so bad before the other's arrived to do exactly what you're thinking he wanted to do but Jin was the ride for the boys and no way in hell was Baekhyun going to drop us off at his house alone. We stayed a little longer instead and partied witht he guys I think they wanted to get something to eat afterwards too. I could see Chanlee and Heejin spot me in the crowd, their evil gazes staring at me from across the room and the sudden uneasiness I got when I went to Chanyeol's party kind of hit me again. I started wondering if there was something I was missing. I remember walking in with Taehyung getting a lot of attention just because we were together but then the attention went away and separated between the other Bangtan member and the other cool kids. Baekhyun and Gi Jong were dancing with Baekhyun's "friends". I guess he didn't completely rid himself of those guys. I'm not even sure he knew how to. Still, they looked harmless enough. The meteor girls weren't harmless at all though. I was right to feel uneasy. In the middle of dancing and having fun, bodies suddenly stopped moving and Taehyung's eyes drew up to look at something behind me. It caught my attention and I turned around to look. Do you remember the night Jin kissed me? We were in an open park and I was fully enjoying this kiss he was giving me. Projecting proudly on a screen above the dj was when Jin kissed me. I felt me heart sink and then stop. I looked at Taehyung and he was just staring at the display. I felt ashamed for two reasons: he saw the kiss happen and he saw how long it lasted. It lasted far longer than I remembered. I remembered thinking it was too short but it was far too long for someone in a relationship to be kissing someone else. I couldn't handle seeing it, I headed for the door but the stopped in front of me at the door. "You don't like Jin right? You and him aren't together? You're just a lying little slut. You're dating Taehyung and kissing his best friend." Chanlee teased. There it was, venom in her fangs that she spit at me. I could feel the burn from it. I tried to hold back tears. That was different. That was a month ago, I didn't even know she was there or that anyone was there. I never looked I never paid attention. I didn't think I had too. I don't know if she took it or if she found it out from someone else and she was just waiting for the perfect time to expose me. I felt my heart pumping and my hand tightend into a fist. I couldn't do this. I couldn't keep getting abused like this but what I was about to do would affect Bangtan as well. I backed away instead but that just led me deeper into the dance room. Baekhyun ran over to me and it seemed now that people were turning to watch the display. "You even went out with Junmyeon. My my you do get around don't you little girl." she hissed. She stepped closer and Baekhyun stepped in front of me. Gi Jong took me by the shoulders and Baekhyun said, "What's your problem Chanlee? Seriously? Are you just upset because everyone likes her a lot better than you? Or maybe you're upset that Minseok didn't want to have anything to do with you. He couldn't stand the thought of touching someone's left overs. Or maybe it's because Junmyeon didn't find you worth the time to even screw." Baekhyun bit back. "She's nothing Baekhyun even you know that. If you ever cared about her than why did you let us pull the prank on her in the first place." "You know I hated myself for that but if you hadn't pulled that prank she wouldn't have been led to Bangtan. Maybe the only reason you're really so pissy is because you know it's your own damn karma coming back to bite you in the ass. Y/n is smart and she's kind to people but you bring out the worst in just about anyone. Someone like you is annoying and just not worth having around all the time. You're nothing Chanlee. Poor Heejin, you're just following the lead of someone who has to live off of attention. Taehyung isn't with you because he wants to be with Y/n. Leave them alone. Move on. Stop following human trash like her." Baekhyun bit. He turned to look at me and for the first time in a long time I was glad he was my brother. He walked over to me and gave me a hug and I hugged him back. I then looked back at Taehyung. He was staring at Jin and I just felt everything was going to be destroyed from this moment. Taehyung turned and looked at me and then walked out of the gym. I ran after him and we were both outside in the hallway. "Taehyung." I said. He punched a locker scaring me. "They're really starting to piss me off." He said lowly. "Taehyung I'm sorry but I told you we kissed." He nodded, "Yeah you told me that. I had to force it out of you but you told me that. You just didn't tell me how lonng the kiss was. It looked like you enjoyed it." "Taehyung please stop. It's not like that please. Listen to me-" I started crying and it was making it difficult to talk. I tried calming myself down but he wouldn't look at me. I walked up to him slowly still trying to calm myself so I could speak clearly to him. "Taehyung please. I- it wasn't like that okay. I was just shocked that it happened I didn't know how to react. I just-" "You weren't even going to tell me he kissed you that night though Y/n. Were you? You just told me he confessed how he felt about you." Taehyung said hurt. "No I was going to tell you I just wanted to tell you in the right way. I didn't want to cause trouble. I didn't want to risk your friendship." "Mine or yours? That was a deep kiss, that was a long and deep kiss." "Tae please stop. Please, it was a month ago, the kiss didn't mean anything. I was with you. I'm with you now. Please." I begged. He turned to walk over to me and he grabbed me by my face and kissed me hard. So hard he ended up pushing me into the lockers. He leaned his arm just above my head and his lips ravished mine, hard and hungry. They felt like they were eager to posses and take control. Mark his territory. I was his and only his Jin couldn't have me. He was earsing the taste of Jin off my lips but he didn't realize that his taste had disappeared weeks ago and that they were replaced with him. He took my hand and pulled me out of the building and walked me down the side walk. I guess I'd have to call Baekhyun later. He led me to the dorms. He wasn't going to wait anymore. He unlocked the door and pulled me inside. I took one step in and he attacked me. His lips came to my neck in a fury to taste. He kicked the door behind him not even bothering to lock it. He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed the hem of my dress. "i want you now." he said panting. I just nodded. Hey if you were this hot and heavy you wouldn't refuse either. He tossed my dress to the side and picked me up. I had a pink strapless bra on and pink panties to match. He walked me to his room and laid me on the bed before going to close the door behind him. He walked over to me riding himself of his tux jacket and dropping it on the ground. He kicked off his shoes and started to unbutton his white shirt. He climbed over my body and his hand came to meet the back of my head. His fingers invaded my panties sending a coil in my stomach and my back arched up in a soft moan. "Tae." I mewled softly. "I going to make you come for me." He said in a low voice. I placed my hands on his shoulders. "You're- not mad?" I asked through moans. "I'm pissed." He growled in my ear. It didn't feel like he was pissed as he continued to rub his fingers against my clit. I gripped onto his shoulders and whined as his fingers contiued in a rapid pace. I could feel something building and his lips dipped down to my neck to kiss me. My eyes rooled back and I could feel the coil in my stomach tighten. It felt amazing to the point heavy breathing was my only response to anything. He sat up to look me in the eyes and I could feel my eyebrows pinch in a whine. "Taehyung." I mewled. He crawled down my body taking his fingers out of my panties and he decided to undress me. He slowly pulled my panties off of my legs and then took his place between them. I felt his wet muscle reach my heat and he began to lap up my wetness. I threw my head back on the pillow and placed my hands on his head almost like trying to push him away. He moved more like he was a hungry puppy to eager to eat than notice that someone was trying to get him away. He licked me faster and with more purpose and my legs tensed and rose up more. He decided to pin them down so I was wide open and I felt so embarrassed. I covered my mouth with one hand. "You like it like this right?" he smiled from between my legs. I nodded biting the back of my finger. Didn't he say he was pissed? Why was he doing this? He pulled himself up and started to take off his pants and boxers. He tossed his shirt to the side and he crawled over me. He looked me in the eyes and I stopped him while he was trying to find my entrance. "Taehyung, what's going on? Why are you donig this?" I asked. "I want you." he said. "I know but you said you were pissed. Is it me or is it Jin?" "Neither right now. I was pissed at Chanlee. It's only been a month and I've tried to move past the fact that he kissed you but that just- pissed me off." "It's because I kissed him to long." I said. He looked away for a second and rolled over on the bed. I turned to look at him. "I just keep thinking about the night I kissed you, I caught you off guard and you fell right into the kiss. I was your first kiss....... I'm just wondering-" He stopped himself as if voicing such a truth was a good idea. I sat up more and climbed on top of him. "What?" I encouraged him to continue. He laced his fingers with mine and played with my hand as he did. "Did you like kissing him because he was something new?" He asked. I stared at him for a moment not sure if I was understanding. "The only other person you've ever kissed is me. So naturally kissing Jin would be new and exciting. It could be why you liked it so much. I know you did, I watched it. You liked his lips on yours." he said. I leaned down freeing my hand from his and placing both of them on his chest before I slid them up to cradle his face. "I love you Taehyung." I said. He smiled softly and started to brush hair behind my ear. "That's the first time you've said that to me." he said. "It's the first time I've said that to anyone. I told Jin I liked him I'm telling you I love you. I do. That kiss is in the past. I didn't persue it; I didn't encourageit; I'm with you. Promise me, nothing is going to break us up. Not Jin, not the distance, not even Chanlee and the rest of the metero girls." I said. "Promise." he said. He rolled over on top of me and kissed me softly but deep. I could feel his tongue entangle with mine with a little more tender love and care and I could feel him slip inside me. This was the first time I ever made love so to speak. The first time we slept together it was just me giving him my trust and he hadn't even attempted to break it. I trusted Taehyung and every word he ever said to me. I had no reason to believe he'd lie to me because he'd always told me the truth. Then things changed. It wasn't a fast change though, it was subtle. By next semester I was living in the dorms at school to finish out the school year and then I would finish my last year there. I was being hooked up with advisors and teachers that had connections in the science community and they talked to me about these people and even introduced me to them so that by the end of my final year in school I had a way to make it into good colleges and even have a good job or work as an intern. I had to quit at the book store and the work at the new school was piled onto me all at once. For a few weeks, I could only really spend a good ten to fifteen mintues with Taehyung on the phone. He tried to video call me but I couldn't focus on talking to him and doing homework. At some point we just realized what we were doing wasn't working so instead we decided a different approach. Every week, once a week either he would come see me or I'd come see him. I had to have everything done and settled by Saturday so that we'd have time to spend together. Jin was still keeping in contact with the boys after his graduation and for a little while the company he was a trainee with had let him stay in the dorm with the boys until things became truly offical. I think he was still competing and from what I heard he was still looking for an actually company to stay with. I heard he went to SM but he decided to leave for some reason. I honestly thought he was just doing it because he was trying to prolong until the guys caught up with him. Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook had suggested that they all just audition to become trainees now but I think when Namjoon said that it would be harder for him to spend time with me Taehyung decided it wasn't the best idea. I thought it was though, it wasn't that I didn't miss Taehyung it was just that the faster they got through their trainee days then the faster we could spend a little more time together. Even for someone who thinks as practically as possible, I didn't think about how hard it would be once he became a trainee. I didn't think about any of the difficulties that I'd face as Taehyung's girlfriends when he became a trainee. We met every Saturday, for a while it was our own private little dates. I tried to keep in contact with the boys as much as possible but anytime I came home my parents took up all my time. When I was back at school, I was staying in their dorms and the only time I was allowed to stay out past curfew was if I was working. I had a new job across town I was a waitress now but I was getting good tips and I had been saving up a lot of money just for the day I may need it. I only really spent money if I was with Taehyung and he still bought almost everything for me. No matter how much I argued with him. We reached a full year of being together but unfortunately, Taehyung had become a trainee by that time and he wasn't allowed to come out and meet me for our anniversary. Instead he video called me, all the boys, inlcuding Jin, brought out a small cup cake with a candle on it and they sang to me and Taehyung for us to celebrate our anniversary it was really cute. They stayed in the room for a little while just to catch up with me before they decided to give us some time alone together. Taehyung wished he could've been with me and honestly I thought the same. He liked that I still wore the crystal he bought me though. I never took it off unless I was in the lab. Some of the experiments we did, having a necklace on was a hazard. A full year and the most that had changed was that we had gained distance physically and at some point emotionally I think Taehyung started to lose intrest in me. We weren't able to see each other as much so I decided to have Namjoon ask whoever was in charge at the time if I could kind of sneek in and see him for a few minutes. They could just lie if anyone caught us and said that we were old highschool friends. I was still a Bangtan girl. Some how Namjoon worked his magic an got me into the dorms to see him. I was so excited I even bought him this CD, it was Celine Dion, he loved her voice and I knew he'd love it because he talked to me about her over the phone and video chat. The funny thing was that now that he was a trainee we spent more time on phone calls than we did when I first started at the school. I guess I had just got adjusted to the lifestyle of the school and his manage was a little more laid back than others. I often fell asleep on the phone with him. "I'm so excited to see him." I said smiling. "I know he'll be happy to see you too. He's been seeming kind of lonely for a while. I think he's really needed you. I told Kook you're coming as well so if you get a chance let him know you're here he's dying to see you." Namjoon said. I smiled and nodded. Namjoon walked me up to their dorm front door and we walked inside. I was so excited and Namjoon just told me to go in and not worry about my shoes. I hurried inside and then stopped to remember that I had no idea which room was his. Namjoon chuckled and said, "He's rooming with Jimin and Jungkook they're out right now though." He pointed me to the door down the hall on the left. He spoke in a whisper because his door was open which I could now see. I walked over to it and called his name as I showed myself. The big smile on my face fell when I saw Taehyung sitting on his bed kissing a girl but not just any girl. "Heejin?" I said baffled. Wait, there was one point where he said he couldn't stand her so when the fuck did this even happen? Taehyung looked at me with wide eyes and stood up. He walked over and said, "Y/n what are you doing here?" I couldn't let my eyes leave Heejin I was still shocked. I spoke inchoerently. "I-I ,came to- drop this by- say hi- I wanted to see-" I felt tears welling up. The CD in my hand dropped and I looked at him looking back at me with seemingly no expression on his face while shock was painted all over mine. I'm guessing Namjoon knew nothing about this. I turned and walked away. "Y/n wait." Taehyung reached out and grabbed my hand and I slapped him in the face. It was just the frist reaction. It was the second time I felt my heart break but having survived the first all I could feel myself do was go numb. I spoke calm despite rapid hot tears over flowing my eyes. "I think it's pretty clear that we're done." I said. "Y/n." "Don't touch me again. In fact- lose my number." I turned around and walked out the door saying goodbye to Namjoon. I heard him run out saying, "Already?" He could see me storming past him and I could hear concern in his voice when he asked me what was wrong. I opened the door and saw Jin about to walk in he smiled for a moment recognizing me. "Y/n." It was a happy sound for a moment but he saw the tears and immediately he looked concerned. I walked past him just as he looked up at Taehyung. I heard the door close behind me but I didn't really bother to look back at him. I walked outside and looked up at the sky and I felt everything shatter. I felt pieces of me break apart and fall to the floor. The one guy I gave my first time to, I gave my first kiss too, my first real love and he broke me. All of my trust and my heart. I headed home feeling like a complete moron. When did he even start liking Heejin? He texted me a few times asking if we could talk tomorrow. I just couldn't answer him. I took a shower when I got back to my dorm and changed into less pretty clothes. For the first time in a long time, I went back to the Y/n I was pre-Bangtan. There was a knock at the door and I was sure it wasn't my dorm mates. I buncked with two other girls. I got up and walked to the front. The way our dorms were was separate from the actual school building. It was almost like a little apartment complex the dorms were basically like little town houses with a set number of rooms. My dorm actually only had three girls asigned to it despite there being four rooms. The place was easy access in and out. I was here alone, I had no idea where the other girls had gone but I was happy being alone for the moment. So when i opened the door I was fully prepared to send whom ever it was away for the day. But I opened the door and saw Jin. He was panting and out of breath. He looked at me and said, "Y/n I'm so sorry I didn't kn-" I kissed Jin. I'm not sure what reflexes it was or if it was the sake of revenge or even relief that I could finally do it without being attached to Taehyung but I kissed him. I kissed him hard and I kissed him deep. I upulled him into my body and I wrapped my arms around him .I felt him do the same to me and it didn't take him long to relax into the kiss. And then another reflex came to me and I opened the door and pulled him into the dorm and in a heated breath the onyl words that I could speak were, "Take off your shirt." 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