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What is CRI in Lighting?
What is CRI? Why when choosing LEDs should be concerned about CRI? This is a question that many people have been interested in lately. Let’s follow the article below to find answers to your questions. What is CRI? When learning about any lighting device, users will be interested in the CRI color rendering index in addition to the parameters of power, luminous flux or color temperature. These are all known as very important indicators on light bulbs, CRI is printed on the cover of the product or directly on the bulb so you can easily see. CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. CRI is an indicator of light quality. This indicator directly reflects the color of each light bulb. In addition, it also shows the user the true color of the object being illuminated. There are differences in each indicator. Therefore, when buying a lighting product you should also pay attention to suit the purpose of your family. Đọc thêm: https://chieusangphilips.vn/den-led-am-tran https://chieusangphilips.vn/den-led-pha https://chieusangphilips.vn/den-led-nha-xuong How is the CRI color rendering index application grouping? The value of the CRI color rendering index of each light source plays a huge role in distinguishing colors. Understanding the meaning of CRI will help customers to choose the most suitable lamps, ensure cost savings and achieve the highest lighting efficiency. Based on the classification of CRI color rendering index, Megaline has suggested the most suitable lighting application suggestion for customers to refer: CRI value Featured application CRI> 90 For places where color accuracy is extremely high. For example: check quality of print, studio, … 80 <CRI <90 Use for space that requires relative authenticity. For example: galleries, galleries, reading rooms, etc. 60 <CRI <80 No excessive fidelity is required for these lamps. For example: scientists, sports rooms, training ground, … 40 <CRI <60 The areas that require lighting do not need to be very honest but the color should not be distorted. For example: lighting public yards, street lights, … 20 <CRI <40 The application lights up only bright spaces and does not care about color deviations. Nguồn: https://chieusangphilips.vn/tin-tuc/cri-la-gi-tai-sao-khi-lua-chon-den-led-can-quan-tam-den-cri.html