The Introduction
It was the start of a new semester at Yonsei University. Everybody was beginning to come back from having a nice long summer vacation. Many of these students were coming back from going home to their home countries varying from America to Australia. Many foreigners with to Yonsei as well as locals. Other students stayed in Korea or visited some of the nearby countries such as Japan. But there were a small handful of students who had decided to spend their summer vacation working at part-time jobs getting some work done ahead of time to be able to get out of school a year earlier or so. Kim Wonshik was like those few students. He was using his day shifts to get more hours at his jobs. He worked at two different locations, one at a retail/electronic store and the other at a café. The café was very close to the university and he just really enjoyed being there in the environment. He loved the smell of coffee ad the scent of the teas that were sold there throughout the day. Making coffee has always been a hobby that he enjoyed doing, so this job was quite fun to him. He was always able to see new people as well as make some friends among a few of the customers. Besides, many of the customers would come in just to see him, which brought in more customers as the time went by. Jung Taekwoon was another student who went to Yonsei. He spent his days at his parents' house helping them in the restaurant that they owned. If not that then he would be writing new cords and playing the piano for the customers. He wasn't all that much of a talker or really socialized with people besides his family, so his "friends" kind of limited to just his mom. Most of the customers that would come in were there for him. To be able to hear him play was a rare chance, making them come back again to hear and witness it themselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anybody who knew of Wonshik or was friends with him knew him by the name of Ravi. Only a few people knew his real name which was his parents and teachers. He was always so sociable but the moment there is silence, he will be the quietest one you will find. Because he wasn't the best at starting conversations he would let others talk. "Hey, Ravi, ready to head back again since summer vacation is almost over." "Ah...yes sir, I guess so, as long as things don't get dramatic or anything. Besides, I am trying to get out of there as fast as I can so there goes my free time." "Well don't over stress yourself. You know you can always come and talk to me if there was ever anything going on or that you want to get off of your chest, right?" "Ah, yes sir N-ssi" I call him N-ssi because it is a lot easier to remember. His real name is Cha Hak-Yeon. He is the manager and co-owner of the café. I kinda wonder where N became his nickname but I don't really feel like questioning that or I will be here tomorrow. "You can go on ahead and leave early if you want. I can handle it here for the last hour." "Are you sure? I don't mind staying until close or after." "Go on, you start school tomorrow anyways don't you? So you will need the extra rest before being bombarded with a heavy workload again." "Well, if you say so. Thanks and good night sir." "Later"
*Always in Control 19+ (Vixx fanfic) Part 1*
Part 1 Hakyeon had been sick all week. He had a nasty cold and an interview to prepare for. Everything was prepped now he just needed to get better. His cold only got worse as days approached.  "Please dongsaeng!" Hakyeon begged following Rose around the house. "Just this once! You can take my car! Please! I would ace the course if you did this! Do you know how many favors I had to call in?!"  "Ugh fine! Just shut up already!"  Rose snapped. Hakyeon had been bugging her all morning.  "Thank yo-Wait!" Hakyeon froze. His smile turned into a frown. "Did you just tell your Oppa to 'shut up'?" His stank face was in full force. Rose gave him an innocent look before escaping to her room. She slammed the door in Hakyeon's face.  "YA! Come out here and receive your punishment!" He scolded through the locked door. Rose just giggled and laid on her bed. She needed to find a job. She taught kindergartens for a year but that's not what she wanted to do. She wanted to publish a book and her drawings.  In the mean time she was busy taking care of her two roommates.  Hakyeon  who was studying to be a journalist and Hongbin who was a photographer. He took pictures of bitterly everything. It got to the point that Rose threaten to beat him with his camera if he didn't stop.  "Your just jealous my camera makes you look decent." Hongbin snipped.  "Still look better than you." Rose snapped back. "And that's on a good day." She gave him a mocking sympathetic look.  That was when they didn't get along. Things got better after that but only because of Hakyeon. He was the oldest. He didn't allow things to go on for long. He often intervened whenever the two where fighting. He was more like a mother figure almost. Always making sure the two where keeping up on their work. He always encouraged them to go after their dreams.  Rose had forgotten about the interview until the night before. She scrambled to get ready and grabbed Hakyeons notebook. She cursed as she noticed the clock. Ten minutes to do hair and make up. A quick bun, some eye liner, mascara and lip balm. That was all she had time for. 
She rushed past Hongbin not having time to even say good morning. Slipping on her heels she grabbed the keys and rushed out.  The heat from outside hit her hard. She had trouble breathing for a moment. Once she regained her breathing she rushed to the car. It was like entering a sauna. She jerked the wheel to roll the windows down and started the car. It sputtered a few times before starting. Rose typed the address into GPS her phone and drove. The wind felt nice on her face. She was nearly half way there when the car began to sputter once more. The car shook as she pulled over cursing hakyeon for being so cheap. Just as she was about to climb out the car began to smoke. 
 "Ah shit!" She cursed and climbed out. Lifting the hood smoke poured out. She coughed and quickly backed up. Knowing the car was dead she grabbed her bag and phone out of the car. She dialed the company number. After several rings an aggravated voice answered. 
 "Yes!" The voice snapped. Rose held the phone away checking that she called the right number. It was correct. 
 "Um, hi. Is this Jung Corporations?" She asked politely.  
'Obviously.' She heard the man mutter before sighing. ' What did you need?' 
 "Um, I have an interview with Mr. Jung but my car broke down. I don't think I'll be able to make it." There was a pause and for a moment Rose thought she had been hung up on. Before she could say anything the quiet voice responded. 
 'Where did you car break down?' 
 "Oh," Rose spoke surprised and quickly checked her phone. "Um, about ten miles from the building."  
'I'll send someone to pick you up.' He stated before she heard the click of a phone.  Did he just hang up on me? Rose couldn't help but be perplexed. What kind of corporation was this again? Rose took the papers out and read them over. A corporation dedicated to helping kids. So far he had helped over five hundred kids either find homes or some place safe to live. Wow. Rose thought impressed. That takes dedication. On paper Mr. Jung sounded perfect. Successful and his own company at such a young age. He was only a year older than herself. So Oppa's age. Cool.  Rose didn't realize she was no longer alone until a man was standing in front of her. 
Surprised Rose jumped and took a step back. The man kept a straight face but she swore his mouth quirked just a hair. He bowed and spoke. 
 "Mr. Jung sent me. Please get in so we can be on our way." 
 "Oh, um, alright." Rose agreed and put her papers in her bag and walked toward the tinted window black car. "Wait!" She spoke stopped right before getting in. "My car!"  
"Mr. Jung already has someone coming to tow it away." 
 "Oh. That's very thoughtful." A small smile graced her lips. She climbed in and shivered at the sudden drop in temperature. It felt good and she swiftly pulled out a mirror to check herself. Her hair was wanting to frizz but everything else seemed alright. She did her best to smooth it down without much luck. She sighed and leaned back in the seat. 
 "We have arrived miss." The man spoke from the front. Rose looked out the window. They were in a parking garage. 
"I'll escort you to his office." The man told her before getting out of the car before Rose could respond. She reached for the door handle right as the door opened. Oh! Rose pulled her hand back surprised. Carefully she climbed out of the cool car and into the musty air.  The man led her to an elevator. On the way up Rose couldn't help but think she should of been more careful. More aware of her surrounding. The heat was so intense though, then worrying about not screwing up this interview for Hakyeons final paper. Lost in her thoughts Rose didn't realize they arrived until a gentle arm on her shoulder began to lead her out of the lift.  "Oh! Thank you." She chuckled a little embarrassed.  The man just gave a polite nod and led her down a long hall. A turn to the right revealed an empty desk with the phone ringing but no one to answer it. Rose couldn't help but find it odd but dismissed the thought. In front of her where large wooden doors. For some reason it was  more intimidating than it should have been. The man who escorted her all this way entered the office after a short knock. 
His words were muffled as Rose stood there nervously.  Not thirty seconds passed before the man reappeared. He motioned for Rose to enter. She gave a nod and walked forward. 
She walked in intending to be all confident and ready to get down to business! She knew the questions and was ready to get Hakyeon an amazing grade on this interview!  However, as soon as she stepped in she tripped. She let out a surprised yelp and closed her eyes waiting for impact. She did fall but she fell on something solid. It didn't feel like the floor. Cracking an eye open she noticed this mans cat like gaze starring at her intensely. 
 "Are you okay?" He asked. Rose couldn't help but blush. She had to bite her lip from saying something incredibly stupid. She nodded. With the help of the man that escorted helped her stand. 
 "Thank you." She spoke with a blush of embarrassment. The other man who she had fallen on top of stood and brushed himself off. Rose was able to get a better look at the man as he brushed himself off. He had broad shoulders and a thick neck. his suit complimented his body and he was tall. His gaze landed on her and Rose couldn't help but look away with a blush. 
"Thank you SunngKyu." The man spoke in a soft tone.  So that was the mans name! Rose hadn't thought to ask. His tone was soft but Rose could hear the authority behind it. She couldn't help but feel drawn to him. Shaking her head she tried to shake her thoughts. She had a slight pout at herself for tripping in front of the two men and-
A hand waved in front of her face caused her to jump. The man who caught her was leaning down slightly and starring at her. She couldn't tell if he was amused or thought she was weird. More than likely both.  
"Are you okay?" he asked after a moment of silence. 
 "Oh! Yes. I'm sorry I tend to get lost in thought a lot." she blushed with an embarrassed smile. The man didn't say anything but hummed. His gaze made Rose feel she was being evaluated. She cleared her throat and tried to gain some control over the situation at hand.  
"Shall we begin the interview Mr. Jung?" She asked stepping back. She yelped when her back bumped the door. Something about Mr. Jung had her on edge. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not. 
 "Ne. Thank you Sunngkyu that will be all. Miss-"  "Smith. R-rose Smith."  "Rose." Mr. Jung repeated eyeing her. Suddenly Rose felt more like prey than anything. "A lovely name. Come sit." He held a hand out. Nervously Rose placed her hand in his delicately. He led her over to a set of chairs that sat in front of a large window.  "Please, begin." His gaze never wavered and Rose found herself getting lost once more.  @Anime4life20