nostalgic night [A Victon Oneshot]
Title: nostalgic night Rated: PG-13 (For language and some sexual references) Notes: The oneshot is loosely based off Victon's song 'nostalgic night' Main Characters: Jung Yoohyeon (OC), Victon, Kim Hyojin (OC) Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Mystery, Suspense, Nostalgia Alternate Tags: MajorCharacterDeaths Word Count: 5,424 [You can read in a better format on my AFF account here] Synopsis: In which a group of friends struggles through longing to return to the past when things were happier. - - - - - - - - The sound of the van humming as it cruised down the road was all I could hear. Silence engulfed us as Sejun drove us down the winding road towards the funeral home. I sat next to my younger brother Subin; his hand was gripping tightly onto mine. His head lying back against the headrest, eyes closed. Beside him sat Seungsik, his eyes were turned towards the window as the rain slid down it. The weather matched our emotions almost exactly. There had been a storm brewing in our friendship for a long time now and a couple of nights ago the lightning had finally struck. In front of me sat Byungchan, his head hanging low. Normally he’d be on his phone playing games but that was probably the last thing on his mind today. Hanse sat in front of Seungsik, his finger was rotating his nose piercing, a nervous habit of his he had started doing as soon as it didn’t hurt for him to do so. Beside Sejun sat Hyojin, she was for once without makeup dressed in all black and quiet. Anyone who knew her knew she always wore a face full of profound makeup and bright clothing. She was also someone who couldn’t keep her mouth shut. But not today, today we were mourning. Seungwoo was in the car behind us, driving himself. Things between our group lately haven’t been swell. In fact, there were three people who I had been avoiding. Seungwoo was one of them, for he was my ex-boyfriend. Hyojin was one of the others. Lastly was Chan, Chan who sat between Byungchan and Hanse. His head was turned to the side of the car that Byungchan was on in order to look out the window, this allowed me to see the tears that were streaming down his face in light of the situation I suppose. The four of us caused a big upset in our friendship, one that had all of us on our toes. This event would forever change our lives. - Upon arriving at the funeral home, we all step out of the van, my eyes meet Chan’s as I do. I quickly let my eyes dart away, my heart tugging in my chest. Hyojin notices the exchange of glances between us and tries to send Chan a smile but he just lowers his head causing her to turn away. Seungwoo pulls in behind us and Hyojin waves excitedly towards him but he just nods sadly in return. The nine of us stood in a line in front of the door to the funeral home, Subin’s hand once again finds mine squeezing it tightly. In another world or maybe even another life I wish what had happened a couple of nights ago hadn’t of occurred. For if it didn’t our friendship may have lasted after tonight, but I fear once we walk in those doors when we walk back out of them the nine of us won’t be the close friends we once were. In fact, I know for sure the nine of us won’t be because there’s one major thing that I have not told you yet, two of us standing here tonight are dead. Hanse is the first to head inside, Sejun and Byungchan next, then Hyojin. That left Seungwoo, Chan, Seungsik, Subin, and I standing here contemplating on whether or not to go in. Seungwoo sighs loudly glancing towards me, I let my eyes fall down to where mine and Subin’s hands were joined. Chan turns to Subin and lightly tugs on his arm. I let Subin’s hand go as Chan and him enter the funeral home. Seungsik hums glancing at me, “Are you okay?” I smile a small smile towards him, “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Seungwoo opens his mouth to say something but Seungsik just sends him a glare taking my hand tugging me inside the funeral home. - I first met Heo Chan when I was in third grade. He transferred to our school that year and the two of us quickly hit it off. We were inseparable by the time we made it to high school. By then we had already met Subin’s friends Byungchan and Sejun. Seungsik and Hyojin were my childhood friends so I had known them all along. Hanse became our friend late into sophomore year and Seungwoo followed shortly after. Seungsik, as my best friend knew everything. Even down to my big fat crush on Chan. The crush started at the end of sixth grade and grew over the years to an intense one. I don’t know even to this day how it happened. It could be his cute dimpled smile, how he would sweat a lot in gym and get super embarrassed over it or maybe even how soft he was towards me. A crush, that’s just what it was, one that was one-sided at that. When I met Seungwoo he was all for helping me get together with Chan. It was heart-warming and I thought for sure with his help I could surely find out if Chan liked me. I was wrong, for when Seungwoo asked Chan if he did, he had said no. I was torn up over it for a while but then one night Seungwoo kissed me. - My eyes met with Chan’s as he sat on the couch next to me at Hanse’s place. My heart sinks lower and lower the longer his thigh touched mine. My eyes burn through the place where our bodies met until I felt someone nudge me with their foot. I glance up and see Seungwoo smiling down towards me. He gestures over his shoulder muttering something about getting some fresh air. I wanted to get as far away as Chan as I could, so I reach up and take Seungwoo’s out-stretched hand instantly. We end up on the back porch, my head rests on Seungwoo’s shoulder as he sighs, “Are you still upset?” I frown leaning my head away from his shoulder to look at him. “I’ve crushed on him for years now, it’s going to take me a while to get over him.” Seungwoo smiles at me sadly. “He’s not worth being all sad over.” His fingers move to tug at my cheeks trying to get me to smile. I snort slapping his hands away from my face. “Have you ever had a crush before? You don’t know what it’s like.” Seungwoo hums, a small sheepish smile forms on his face. “I have had a crush; in fact, I have one right now.” My eyes widen shocked at what just came out of his mouth, “Oh, really? Who is she? Do I know her?” Seungwoo laughs lightly. “She’s you, Yoohyeon.” I suck in a breath at his statement. “M-me?” “Mm.” He pauses as his eyes bore into mine. “Chan may be crazy to not see how lucky he is to have someone like you like him, but I certainly am not.” The words in my throat get stuck at his confession. I never even imagined that this would happen. Seungwoo was drop dead gorgeous and could have anyone in the world but he liked me? He barely even knew me. I just couldn’t imagine it, especially not what he did next. His lips pressing into mine, hands roaming until they rested around my waist. I felt my heart in my chest pounding harder as our lips pressed against one another. I couldn’t help but wonder if kissing Chan would feel like this too? Seungsik ends up interrupting us, his eyes wide with shock as the two of us quickly part and back away from one another. He quickly tugs me to his side and inside to Hanse’s room to give me the third degree. The whole time he questioned me I thought to myself, while I didn’t like Seungwoo, I could certainly try to. Seungwoo and I went public with our relationship three days later when everything was official. Subin was the most shocked, Seungsik not so much since what had happened three days prior. As Seungwoo proudly laced his fingers through mine Chan’s eyes narrowed on our joined hands before looking away to return talking to Sejun. My heart sunk slightly at how he didn’t seem effected by our announcement at all. - Four years later I lied next to Hanse in his bed, our favorite movie was playing on the screen. Byungchan and Sejun were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago but didn’t arrive so we started without them. “Why couldn’t Seungwoo come again?” Hanse murmurs, his hand running through his messy blonde hair. I shrug absentmindedly, “He said he had homework?” “Oh, boring.” He hums moving his arm to rest behind his head as he chews on a gummy worm. “Right?” I snort, my hand slipping into the bag of gummies to get my own worm to chew on. The movie continues to the best part whenever Byungchan and Sejun burst through the door. The both of them were panting, like they had just run a marathon. Hanse groans annoyed at how they decided to show up and the climax of the movie. “Shh, we’re watching tv!” Byungchan glances as Sejun and gestures for him to say something to which Sejun sends him a bewildered look. “Why do I have to be the one to say it?” Sejun huffs shoving Byungchan lightly. Hanse growls under his breath moving to pause the movie, his hand returning to the gummy worm bag. Byungchan rolls his eyes and groans. “Fine.” I sit up intrigued by what they had to say that they ran all the way here. Their eyes both move to me. Byungchan clears his throat. “Um, Yoohyeon, well you see…” “Seungwoo is cheating on you!” Sejun cuts him off to which Byungchan slaps him on the shoulder for saying it so bluntly. Hanse sits up straight, the gummy worm in his mouth dropping to his bed spread. “What the fuck do you mean?” My heart cracks in my chest, somehow even though I had no evidence other than their words I knew it was true. He had been distancing himself lately. It was only a matter of time I guess. Byungchan lowers his head. “Well, he’s Sejun’s roommate you know, and I guess he wasn’t expecting Sejun home so early. And well we walked in and yeah…” “He’s cheating with Hyojin!” Sejun blurts out again. My eyes widen and my mouth opens to speak but Hanse beats me to it. “He did what with who?” My phone starts buzzing on the bedside table, speak of the devil. Seungwoo. I take a deep breath before declining the call. I did not want to deal with this right now. - From: Seungwoo To: Yoohyeon I’m so sorry, it didn’t mean anything I promise you. I was drunk! Please forgive me. “Ah, so he’s claiming he was drunk.” Seungsik scoffs sitting my phone back down. Subin sat beside him his arms crossed over his chest, he was probably even more angry than me. I shrug, I was already over this. I just wanted to be by myself. I didn’t want to see Seungwoo, I didn’t want to see Seungsik, I didn’t want to see Subin. My eyes catch on the door to the café opening behind Seungsik and my heart swirls in my chest momentarily before dipping down low into the depths of my stomach. Chan walks into the café with his newly dyed grayish-blonde-hair and I suddenly wanted to crawl into a hole and die. And Heo Chan was someone I especially didn’t want to see right now. Why did they invite him? This is humiliating enough as is. “Hey!” Chan smiles upon sitting down beside me but then as he reads the atmosphere his smile drops. “Is everything okay?” “Seungwoo cheated on Yoohyeon with Hyojin.” Subin retorts before I can stop him. Chan glances my way, one of his eyebrows raised, but I turn away, this was absolutely mortifying. I clear my throat, “I’m going to go talk to Seungwoo.” Seungsik huffs. “You aren’t going to forgive him, are you?” I felt a hand rest on mine to keep me from leaving, it irked me inside that I knew exactly that it was Chan’s hand. I rip my hand from his and stomp out. God that’s so embarrassing. - “No, Seungwoo. I’m not forgiving you. I just want to know why you did it?” I push him away from me. Seungwoo tries to act cute by pouting but it doesn’t work on me. “I already told you that I was drunk?” I scoff, eyes glaring through him. “You’ve been drunk before and haven’t slept with my best friend, so why now? Huh?” Seungwoo drops his playful pout, a hand running through his hair. Anger present on his face, I hadn’t ever really seen him look this angry before, so I take a step back. “Maybe I was just getting tired.” I roll my eyes. “Tired of what?” He laughs under his breath. “Tired of the fact that for four years now I’ve been second to someone else. I’m your fucking boyfriend and yet sometimes I don’t feel like it, hell there are very few times that I have felt like one to you.” I run a hand over my face, I was so freaking over this. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He starts to pace back and forth. “You know exactly what I’m talking about Yoohyeon, you’re not a fucking idiot.” “Well I must be because I’m not following?” “You’re still in love with Chan!” His voice raises as he throws his hands out into the air. I scoff under my breath, my chest felt really heavy hearing his words. I hadn’t ever heard or used the words love and Chan in the same sentence. “I told you before we even started dating that it would take me a while to get over him.” I gesture my hands out into the air. It was true I was still in love with him, I couldn’t lie. But a part of me did love Seungwoo as well. It truly did it even if it was just a little bit that he’d do something like this to me. Just break up with me if you aren’t satisfied with me. “A while?” Seungwoo comes forward to place his hands on my shoulders and to look me straight in the eyes. “Yoohyeon, it’s been four years.” - Inside the funeral home Seungsik’s hand tightens on mine once we enter the main area, the others who entered before us were all dispersed around the room. My eyes land on Chan, he’s got Subin next to him, my heart dips in my chest at the sight. I glance back at Seungsik, he too was staring at the two. Hanse cuts into our field of vision and I notice he’s headed straight to where the deceased are located. I release Seungsik’s hand and quickly follow after Hanse to stop him. He couldn’t go alone. I’m not quick enough though, I lose Hanse in the crowd and suddenly I’m hit with a wave of emotions. Guilt, pain, love, sadness, but mainly nostalgia. My hand reaches for my chest where my heart was pounding against my rib cage. I whip my head around quickly in search for someone, anyone that I knew, but mainly I wanted to see Chan. I needed to see him to anchor me down once again. I had avoided him for way too long all because of a stupid fucked up reason. One out of my control. I had treated him like shit, and I had no right to. My eyes land on him, he’s in front of the deceased, on his hands and knees mid-bow. My heart calms at seeing him, I take six tentative steps towards where he was before Seungsik is beside me again. He grabs my arm, “It’s not our time to go up yet.” But that didn’t stop me from seeing the two photos sitting on the table, flowers out around them, their smiles staring back at me like they were mocking me. I bite my lip; a tear slides down my cheek as I make eye contact with a familiar looking blonde-haired boy in one of the photos. Seungsik gets my attention back on him but as my eyes met his it felt like I was still staring at the photo across the room from me. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could return to four years ago?” I blink slowly, a wave of nostalgia overwhelming me as I remembered whenever we all got along. “Yeah, everything was so much easier back then.” - It was a week after my talk with Seungwoo and I sat at a party. It was Hanse’s idea, he thought I could get everything off my mind by coming here. Hanse’s blonde hair is covered up by a black beanie, and he’s got a beer in his hand. Byungchan is on the other side of me, his hair was styled up really nice and he was dressed up. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was after someone here at the party. It didn’t take me long to be proven right too since he took off shortly after his first drink. Hanse snorts beside me at his action and I can’t help but to laugh as well. He was such a dork. Hanse sits up, “I’m going to grab another drink, want one?” I shake my head glancing at the one in my hand. I hadn’t finished it yet. It isn’t even thirty seconds after Hanse has left before someone is sitting down in his place. I glance to my left and see Chan; he’s got his hair styled up neatly and casual attire on. My heart skips a beat in my chest at seeing his dimples as he smiles towards me. It had been a while since I let myself stare at him for longer than a couple of seconds. I normally avoided him because I felt horrible that all I could think about was him when I was with Seungwoo. I feel ashamed to say but every kiss and every touch from Seungwoo up until this point I had imagined it was Chan whom I was doing them with. It tore me up inside, but I couldn’t help myself because every time I closed my eyes he was there. “Hey.” Chan murmurs glancing down at my half-empty drink. “Hey.” I hum turning away from his beautiful face, I had enough of it. It’s no wonder Seungwoo cheated. I honestly couldn’t blame him. “Look can we talk?” Out of the corner of my eye I notice his hand move to hover over mine, his shakes for a split second before he pulls it back deciding against touching me. I almost wish he hadn’t of pulled back and just went for it. I sigh, “Yeah, sure.” I had avoided him for years now. I guess it was time to maybe put an end to this. I want to stop liking him. In order to do that I needed to confess and get it off my chest. Chan and I end up upstairs in one of the bedrooms, he sits down on the end of the bed and I stay standing avoiding eye contact with him until he clears his throat. “Are you okay?” “No.” I admit. “I’m sorry about what happened between you and Seungwoo, he’s-” He pauses, jaw clenching. “He’s an awful person for doing that to you.” I shrug. “It’s not like I didn’t bring it on myself.” He squints towards me. “Are you seriously blaming yourself for him not staying faithful?” I laugh softly. “I wasn’t exactly faithful myself, in a way.” Chan stands up causes my eyes to move to him. “What do you mean by that?” I swallow glancing to the floor once again. “I’m in love with someone else, I was the entire time I dated Seungwoo too.” I shrug my heart thumping hard in my chest. “Don’t get me wrong a part of me does love Seungwoo but the part of me that loves someone else is much larger.” I glance up at him and he’s biting his lip, his hair is messed up now too. He seems confused, maybe trying to figure out who it was that I was in love with even though the answer was him. “Seungwoo wasn’t dumb, he’s known all along. Though it did hurt to know that he’d go behind my back like that, especially with Hyojin. Honestly, I’m not sure which of the two I’m angrier at right now, him or her?” “Is it one of our friends that you’re in love with?” He asks eyes meeting with mine. I take a deep breath. “It-it’s you, Chan.” His eyes widen, mouth dropping open. “Me?” I felt a tear slide down my cheek and I quickly wipe it away, tearing my eyes from him. “Yeah, you. It’s always been you Chan, since the fucking sixth grade.” Everything goes silent and the air becomes suffocating. I try to breathe, but it gets stuck in my throat. I felt my throat constrict, my heart beating so hard and fast that it may breaks it way out of my chest. This hurts a lot; a lot more than I would like to admit. “I’m sorry if this ruins our friendship but I had to get this off my chest, so I could move on.” I let my hands join together in front of my waist nervously. Why isn’t he saying anything? I heard some movement in front of me until I can see his feet stopping in front of mine. My heart takes another dip as his fingers brush against my cheek bringing my face to look up at him. He’s got this small smile on his face, one that confuses me so much. Why does he seem happy? My eyes watch as his own eyes lower to my lips before he’s slowly descending towards them, eyes slowly closing as he does. I hold my breath as his lips brush onto mine. Through my confusion I mold my lips back onto his. For the first time I don’t have to imagine it’s him that I’m kissing instead of someone else. His lips leave mine and I let out a small gasp as he presses me into the sheets of the bed, his whole being making me forget everything but him. And even though what we were doing could’ve been something he was doing because he had a little alcohol in his system, if lust had taken him over and it was just something like a one-night stand, or if he truly meant it, I let him do it. Because I was afraid that I wouldn’t ever have the chance to do it again if not. After we’re done, I move to get out of bed to get dressed because I honestly felt like I should. He swings his arm around my shoulders to stop me. “Where are you going?” I pause glancing back at him, holding the sheets to my chest. “You don’t like me Chan, why would I stay?” He snorts pulling me back down to the bed leaning over me. He’s got his cute ass dimpled smile on his face as he speaks, “Yoohyeon, I’ve been in love with you since elementary school.” My eyebrows scrunch together as I shove his shoulders back so I can sit up again. “You’re lying.” Seungwoo said when he had asked him if he liked me, he had said no. He sits up quickly. “No, I’m not, you’re always on my mind. I was heartbroken whenever you and Seungwoo started dating, I was going to confess the night that you guys first started dating too.” I shake my head towards him. “I had Seungwoo ask you if you liked me and he said you said no.” Chan squints confused scratching as his neck. “Seungwoo never asked me if I liked you. The only one who knew was Sejun.” I felt anger coarse through my veins, was this true? “I need to go.” Chan tugs on my arm as I slip out of bed. “Where are you going?” “I’m going to end Han Seungwoo.” I slip out of Chan’s grasp and get dressed as quickly as I can. Chan slips out of bed slipping on his clothes too. “Let me go with you, you shouldn’t be driving you’ve been drinking!” I shake my head. “No, you stay here, you’ll only escalate the situation. I’ll be back later.” I lean forward pressing a kiss to his cheek, my own cheeks heating up slightly at the action even though we had just done something far more intimate than a kiss on the cheek. I needed to find out if what he was saying was the truth because if it was then Seungwoo lied to me from the start. He intentionally kept Chan and I apart. - Hyojin is the one to answer the door at Seungwoo’s apartment, she seems embarrassed but quickly nods her head nonchalantly, like she hadn’t fucked my boyfriend behind my back. “Hey, what’s up?” She smiles going to swing an arm around my shoulder. “Save it. Move.” I step around her and find Seungwoo in the kitchen. He seems shocked to see me here. “Yoohyeon, hey.” His expression darkens upon glancing at my neck, Chan must’ve left a mark or something. “Tell me the truth.” I cross my arms over my chest. “Did you ever actually ask Chan if he liked me?” He snorts leaning back against the kitchen island. “Oh, so that’s whose bed you’ve been in since you left me. Why am I not surprised?” I roll my eyes letting my arms fall to my sides. “This isn’t about whose bed I’ve been in; I mean at least I didn’t screw your best friend behind your back.” “May as well have.” He mutters under his breath. “Just answer my fucking question Seungwoo.” “No, I didn’t ask him. Anyone could tell he liked you back, like jesus fuck he was so fucking obvious, but I wanted you to myself. So, I did what I had to, okay. Happy?” He says voice raising to the point I’m sure the neighbors could hear. “If anything, it’s your own fault for being so dense.” My mouth drops open at his words, he’s being shut a dick right now. Sejun comes rushing into the kitchen, probably to stop a fight from occurring. “Guys calm down.” “How can I calm down whenever our whole relationship was built on a lie?” I gesture towards Seungwoo. Sejun’s mouth closes glancing at Seungwoo confused. “Oh, shut up already. You ended up getting what you wanted now anyways, you and Chan obviously slept together. You two can live happily-ever-after now and blah blah blah just like you’ve always wanted.” Seungwoo turns away to start stirring whatever food he was making. Sejun glances back at me. “You and Chan..?” He stops when I cut him off. “That doesn’t change the fact that I still loved you too Seungwoo, even if it wasn’t as much as Chan, you still mattered to me. But you lied to me and I trusted you.” Seungwoo’s eyes soften just a bit. “I-.” I glance at Sejun, my eyes filled with tears. “Call Subin or Seungsik or hell anyone but Hanse and Byungchan since they are drunk and tell them to come get me.” I stomp out into the hall and passed Hyojin who was eavesdropping. “Yoohyeon, I’m sorr-.” Hyojin starts but I close the door cutting her off. - I glance back to Chan who rose from his position of bowing on the floor. My eyes catch back on the two photos. I sit on the sidewalk outside Seungwoo and Sejun’s apartment waiting for someone to arrive to take me home. The two faces who smiled back at me made tears flow down my face. Hanse’s small black car pulls up next to me and I breathe a sigh of relief that I could finally get out of here. I wipe at my tears as I slip into the car expecting to find a somewhat drunk Hanse but instead, I find Seungsik. A hand slips into mine and I let my eyes drop down to where they met between our two bodies. “What are you doing driving Hanse’s car?” I ask him. “He was drunk at that party, so I took his keys from him, then I got the text from Sejun. So, I just took his car since it sounded urgent.” He shrugs, putting the car in drive. “Thanks for coming and picking me up, Sikie.” I nudge him. “What are best friend’s for?” He laughs. “So, what happened?” My eyes raise back to backs of our friends and I laugh softly. There was no way the nine of us would be friends after this. For two of us would be gone before everybody else left. “No way, you slept with Chan?” Seungsik laughs. I press my hands into my face embarrassed. “Yes!” “So, are you two like dating now?” He winks towards me. “I’m not sure, I sort of ran off afterwards.” I bite my lip pulling out my phone. I felt really shitty for treating him so badly now. I had basically ignored him for four years for no reason. He really had liked me and still does. “Well, what are you waiting for, talk to him or something!” I laugh putting my phone back down, “I will once we are back at the party.” Seungsik drove us slowly down the intersection close to where the party was. He goes to turn left whenever a vehicle’s head lights spill into Hanse’s car, the vehicle comes speeding through the intersection missing the stop sign and slams into Seungsik’s side of the car causing everything to go black. I glance over at Seungsik, his hand was cold in mine. Both of our eyes return to the photos to see ourselves looking back at us. Both of us looked happy in them. “It’s a shame that you couldn’t ask Chan out before we you-know died.” Seungsik sighs. I shrug glancing at the back of Chan’s head. “He knew I loved him, that’s all that matters.” Seungsik nods slowly tugging on my hand. “I think it’s our time to go up now.” I smile softly through the tears. “I think it is too.” - - - - A/N: I hope you enjoyed! Did you figure out who the two were that died before the ending? Some Hints were: -The cover is of a road and hints at an accident -Subin kept holding her hand, that was supposed to signify that he didn't want to let her go. -Seungsik was the only one who actually talked with her. Some stuff I added to throw you off: -Hanse having blonde hair -Hanse's car being the one that Seungsik picked her up in -Hanse disappearing at the funeral -Hanse being drunk at the party -Chan crying -Seungwoo being in a different vehicle than the rest of them Anyways sorry for any mistakes! [Let me know what you think in the comments!]
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I decided to make this on here so I can somewhat keep a track of who all I've written for and for you all to see/have access to all my work. -Korean FanFicton Stories- [NCT] Most Viewed NCT Story: If It's For You, I'm Alright Lee Taeyong: Oneshots Yurayura, Yureru - [My 2nd Most Voted-Up Story on AFF] 21st If It's For You, I'm Alright - [My Most Subscribed Story on AFF] - [My Most Voted-Up Story on AFF] - Qian Kun: Oneshots Red Herring Just Confess Already - Kim Doyoung: Oneshots Words Hurt; Even If You Don't Mean Them To Glow Up Boyfriend Lonely Chaptered What Was Once Forgotten (On Hold) - Jung Jaehyun: Oneshots From The End To Start (Sequel to If It's For You, I'm Alright) - - - - [VIXX] Most Viewed VIXX Story: I Know What You Did Last Summer Hakyeon: Oneshots Tagged Sort of A Secret Chaptered Boys and Girls (Complete) Imperceptive (Complete) I Know What You Did Last Summer (Complete) Reverie (A Healer AU) (Discontinued) - - - - [Pentagon] Most Viewed Pentagon Story: Denial (Lime Series #2) Jinho: Oneshots It's Not What It Looks Like, I Swear Chaptered __ Added You On Lime (Lime Series #1) (Complete) Forgotten (Complete) Cried Wolf (On Hold) - Hui: Chaptered Friend Zone (Lime Series #3) (On Hold) - Hongseok: Chaptered Denial (Lime Series #2) (Complete) - Yanan: Oneshots If I Told You That I Loved You, Tell Me, What Would You Say? - Kino: Oneshots Friendship Contract - - - - [SF9] Kim Rowoon: Oneshots Fire On Fire - - - - [Victon] Han Seungwoo: Oneshots nostalgic night - [Newest Fic] - Heo Chan: Oneshots nostalgic night - [Newest Fic] - - - - [Stray Kids] Bang Chan: Oneshots Blinded - - - - [Monsta X] Wonho: Oneshots Death - - - - [SHINee] Jonghyun: Oneshots Sun & Moon - - - - [Boys24] Park Doha: Oneshots Wisdom Teeth - - - - [Astro] Moon Bin: Oneshots Chaser - - - - [Teen Top] Chunji Oneshots Stay With Me - - - - [EXO] Most Viewed EXO Story: OhKay Xiumin: Chaptered Awkward (Discontinued) - Oh Sehun: Oneshot Truth or Dare Chaptered OhKay (Complete) Duo-ver (Sequel to OhKay) (Complete) - - - - [BTS] Most Viewed BTS Story: (Un)Lucky Me Park Jimin: Chaptered I Like You (Complete) - Kim Taehyung (V): Chaptered (Un)Lucky Me - [My Most Viewed Story on AFF] - - - - [Day6] Wonpil: Chaptered Crush (Discontinued) - - - - [Korean Actors] Woo Dohwan: Chaptered Foresee (Complete) - [My 2nd Most Viewed Story on AFF] - [My 2nd Most Subscribed Story on AFF] - - - - -Anime FanFiction Stories- my anime fanfics are so bad beware if you read them! [Psycho Pass] Chaptered Psycho Pass: Up In The Air (Complete) 10.2K Views, 316 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [D.Gray-Man] Chaptered Welcome to the Masquerade (Complete) 26.7K Views, 484 Votes (on Wattpad) Project 14 (Discontinued) 10.1K Views, 269 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [Shiki] Chaptered Shiki: Vessel of Foreign Blood (Discontinued) 2K Views, 91 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [Darker Than Black] Chaptered Darker Than Black: KS306 (Complete) - [My Most Voted-Up on Wattpad] 20.3K Views, 672 Votes (on Wattpad) -Other FanFiction Stories- [Code Lyoko] Chaptered Code Lyoko: Legend of the Five Sisters (Complete) 9.4K Views, 142 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [House of Anubis] Chaptered House of Anubis: The Two Who Are One (Part 1) (Complete) 14.9K Views, 204 Votes (on Wattpad) House of Anubis: The Two Who Are One (Part 2 & 3) (Discontinued) - [My Most Viewed on Wattpad] 27.3K Views, 368 Votes (on Wattpad)
Pentagon Hours: Yanan
5:59 PM: “I don’t think we were supposed to meet.” You tremble. “I think we just made the biggest mistake we could’ve made in our lives.” “This is what you say to me after we finally get to see each other face to face?” His lips form into a frown. "Yanan, I’m being serious. I think there was a reason we were separated and left memoryless.” You mumble backing away from him as his hand reached out to touch you. He seems broken, almost torn apart inside judging by the look on his face when he notices you step back. “Why?” “I saw something, something I don’t think I was supposed to see, but I did and now I can’t get it out of my head.” You felt your hands shaking at the very thought of the images you saw in your head, they ripple through your mind right as your eyes meet his again. “What?” He urges you to continue. You swallow, your shaky hands joining together. “I saw,” You pause. “I saw everyone dead, you, me, Hyunggu, Hwitaek, everyone. Not a soul is left,” You pause again glancing at his hands. “Not a soul is left once your skin brushes mine.” His hands, the very hands you were staring at now raise into the air as he stares at them. “Why us?” “I don’t know.” You lower your head to see that your palms have started to bleed from where your fingernails were digging into your skin. You wanted to touch him, to kiss him, to hug him, to know that he is alive just as well as you were. But you don’t think you're supposed to. --- Fantasy Hours!! What are Hours you may ask? Well they are sort of just short excerpts of a storyline that most of the time leaves you hanging. Though some of mine are excerpts of stuff that I plan to turn into oneshots or stories, etc. You can find tons from other writer's hours on tumblr if you want to dive into those! I hope you enjoyed!~ Previous Pentagon Hours: Wooseok 10:24 PM Jinho 7:28 PM Yeo One 6:12 PM Kino 1:34 AM Shinwon 8:00 AM Check out my NCT Hours Here. - Universe Citzens: @SugakookieV @mitchix5 @Sailynn @EvilGenius @Starbell808 @KpopBeat @ImHayley @Changkyunie @Infinitysky @Yugykookie97 @Just2BLoved @VeronicaArtino @SerenaArthurs @SweetDuella @BoyGroupKpop @MaeLyn @MelissaGarza @QueenyCrossGene @TaylorHill5 If you'd like to be tagged please let us know!