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A Spring Like Date + 18
A Talking Body short story A Spring Like Date Ji Su sketched after sketch. Tossing away every single one away. She was too pissed off at the fact of what Jungkook said to her. Before work this morning was like any normal day in the Jeon household. Ji Su got up before anyone to get ready and have breakfast going. By then Jungkook was up and ready for the day while taking care of Ha Joon and Cheli. Both of their children sat and ate without a fuss before getting ready for school. Today however before Jungkook took the kids to school, he told her about the dance competition that was this following weekend. Ji Su asked him who would watch the kids when she was going to Paris the same weekend. He asked if she could move the trip to next weekend and Ji Su told him that she was unable to. He questioned her on why and she explained that she was meeting with a well-known designer and that she was going to work with him. She added that this was the only time that would work due to both her and the designer’s busy schedule. Jungkook was irritated at the fact that she was telling him about this trip of hers. Ji Su told him that she shared this with him two weeks ago. She mumbled under her breathe that he was a typical guy who only listens when they want to. Pissed at the comment Jungkook threw at her that at least he spends time with their kids and that she was lacking as a mother. Before she could say anything back to him, Jungkook was out the door with the two kids not far behind their father. Closing her eyes at the memory of this morning, Ji Su groaned in annoyance and threw yet another sketch away. A knock at her door forced Ji Su to open her eyes to see Mi Sun with a small baby bump showing. Jin and Mi Sun were on their third pregnancy. The first two was a daughter and then twin girls. Jin was praying for a boy. “Need a break?” Mi Sun asked with concern. “Maybe, I don’t know.” Ji Su stood up from her desk and walked around to sit on the front edge. “You came in today with the same face you have on now. Did you two fight?” Mi Sun walked further in, taking a seat on one the floral chairs. “He claims that I didn’t tell him about the trip to Paris and accused me of lacking as a mother.” Ji Su shared with her best friend. “So, he is pissed that you're leaving for three days and he has to watch the kids.” “That and apparently he has a dance competition this weekend that I am gone.” “Can his mother watch them?” Mi Sun suggested. “No, her and dad are on a couples cruise and his brother is down in Japan with his family. I would ask you but you’re coming with me.” Ji Su ran her hand through her hair in frustration. “We have a few days to figure it out.” Mi Sun comforted her in hopes that her best friend we just breathe. Before Mi Sun could say anything, Ji Su’s phone rang. “This is Ji Su.” She said upon answering. “This is Dr. Park's office calling to see if you can come in. The doctor would like to discuss with you on what she found.” The person on the other line shared the reasoning for this call. “I came in now if that would work.” “That would be great, I will let Dr. Park now.” Before Ji Su could say thank you, they hung up on her. Walking back around her desk, Ji Su grabbed her purse and keys. “Is everything alright?” Mi Sun asked standing up. “I hope so. I went to the doctors two weeks ago when I was experiencing some pain and about my menstrual cycle acting all weird. My results come back today, and I have to go meet with the doctor about it.” Mi Sun wrapped Ji Su in a hug thinking the worse. Ji Su hugged her back and gave her a reassuring smile before leaving. ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ He was frustrated with his wife. She didn't tell him about the trip to Paris, but she swears that she told him about the trip. This morning before work and dropping the kids off at school, Jungkook told her about the dance competition this weekend. The tables were turned when Ji Su told him about her trip to Paris the same weekend, and that she would be back that Monday. The two argued who could and couldn't go. They didn't compromise by the time he left. Jungkook was frustrated even more with himself realizing he blew up without a reason too. He even felt like as ass since he said something to her that could have been left unsaid. Rubbing his face in frustration, Jungkook took a deep breath. A knock on his office door made Jungkook take a pause on his thoughts and tell the uninspected visitor to enter. Yoongi walked in looking like his tired self. With him being married now and not a lot of time spent in the studio was taking a toll. Yoongi loved his wife and his music. He just had a hard time making the two work together. “What can I do for you hyung?” Jungkook asked leaning back into his chair as Yoongi took a seat in on the chairs in front of the desk. “Do you have to mix that I asked for?” Yoongi asked yawning. Jungkook opened the top left drawer grabbing the mix that Yoongi was asking for. “Thank you. Now can you tell me why you are contently sighing as if you are in deep thought?” “Ji Su and got into an argument over this weekend. She is leaving for Paris and apparently, I was told. This all started when I told her about the dance competition. Without sitting down and talking with her about I let my pride take over and said something that I wish I could take back.” Jungkook shared his thoughts with the only hyung who he could talk too. “Well, I am amazed that you two had an argument about this in the first place. She has always been supportive of the dancing and the same with your support with her store. Maybe you two need some time together and figure things out. When my wife and I argue we stop and go for a drive or go somewhere just to rethink and come up with a compromise.” The wise Yoongi shared with Jungkook. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his desk. He had to come up with a way to make up for what happened this morning. Yoongi got up and thanked Jungkook for the mix before walking out. Jungkook looked down at the desk calendar to see if he had anything really planned for today. Seeing that there was nothing, Jungkook got up and took his keys before walking out. Looking at his watch, Jungkook had an hour before Ji Su took her lunch and if he went to the store to gather things for a picnic, he would catch her before lunch. Wasting no time, he hopped into his car and drove to the store. Walking into the store and back out, heading back to the house they made a home in for the small family that they had and made Ji Su’s favorite foods. While he worked on this surprise for his wife, Jungkook thought back on the years that have passed by. Eight years on marriage seemed to fly by as each day went by. Eight years and two beautiful children were something that he could only dream about when he was younger. Remembering when he told her about being pregnant with Ha Joon and the birth of his son. Jungkook was the happiest in his life even more so when she agreed to marry him. Of course, things that were planned out were on hold when he was sent to the military for his mandatory service. Ji Su was stronger than he was when he left that day, he had to report in. Hating himself for what he said to her this morning. Ji Su was an awesome mother. Changing her store hours to spend time with their two kids, going on trips with the kids, and going over the top with their birthdays. That confirmed it he was an ass for hurting her. Finishing up that one last thing for the picnic for two, Jungkook called Mi Sun to see if she was able to pick up the kids after school. He wanted to spend time with Ji Su. Just the two of them and hopefully they would find a compromise. Satisfied with what he accomplished, Jungkook cleaned up quickly before heading back to his wife’s shop with a surprise lunch. ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Ji Su was back in her office in deep thought. The visit with the doctor was nothing but congratulations on being pregnant. Again, for the third time. Baffled at the thought she was pregnant. More baffled when she took a test three times and each time it was negative. When she arrived back at the store, Mi Sun jumped her for information. Ji Su told her she would share the news after she spoke with Jungkook. Hearing news on this, Ji Su was no longer pissed at her husband. She just had to come up with how she would tell him. She was happy with the news and was ready for another. Ha Joon was in the second year of primary school and Cheli was in pre-primary. With this little bundle of news Welcoming the new baby would be easy. Lost in her thoughts, for the second time that day, a knock on her door interrupted her thoughts and a small smile appeared when doe eyes met hers. “Thought you were still mad.” She got up from her chair and over to him. “Well, I know how we handled things this morning was not the way to go. So, I brought lunch and thought about going somewhere to eat.” Ji Su smiled and blushed when her stomach grumbled. Jungkook grabbed her hand and walked her to his car. Opening the car door for her and putting a seat belt on for her, Jungkook was sweating her up. Driving to a park that was all too familiar to both. The place was behind the first place the lived together in and their little family of three grew into a family of four. Another distance memory made Ji Su blush remembering taking Jungkook deep within the tree line and allowing him to take her right then and there. Remembering himself, Jungkook leaned down to whisper in her ear of the sweet moans she expressed the day. Playfully slapping him Jungkook lead her to one of the cherry trees that we lined along the path and laid out a blanket. He shared with her that he was busy making everything that she liked and that he was sorry. She leaned over and kissed. They ate in silence and then started to talk about the elephant that was standing between them. Both expressed how important the competition and trip meant to each of them. Coming up with an idea of what to do with the kids, they ate feeling better that they finally were able to talk. Finishing up the food, Jungkook moved closer to her. “You know thinking about that one time in this tree line makes me want to replay that memory.” He whispered in her ear. “Maybe we could at home where it is child-free at the moment.” Ji Su suggested. And as if that was enough of a yes for him, Jungkook cleaned up and took her hand as he ran back to the car. Laughing on how desperate he was, Ji Su struggled with running. Reason one was her shoes and reason two was that fact she could not stop laughing. ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Laying in bed with her on his chest he had a smile that never left his face. She looked up at him and kissed his chest. He played with her long black hair and thought on what they just did was mind-blowing. Ji Su sat up remembering the news she received hours ago. News that she had to share with her husband. “I have something to share with you.” She spoke breaking the silence. Jungkook looked at her and waited. “I’m pregnant.” Without a warning, Jungkook sat up and kissed her. Ji Su smiled remembering what he told her the night she told him about being pregnant with Cheli. Every time that she is with child, he would kiss her. That was his way of saying how happy he was. “Seems to be at perfect timing with the other two at school.” He shared breaking the kiss. “How far along are you?” he asked placing his hand on her belly. Ji Su shuttered at his touch. “Six weeks.” She breathed feeling his hand travel south. Acknowledging her answered he played with her making wet upon contact. Crawling to straddle him, she began to move against his hand. He removed his hand as her core’s lips met his joystick. She bit her lip as she moved slowly against him, feeling him get hard to beneath her. Leaning back against the pillows, Jungkook was enjoying the view, watching her grind against him. She never picked up the pace, she just moved slow, building up that tension. A moan rippled out of him and his hands moved to her waist. Taking the hint on what he wants, Ji Su stopped to slid him in. she gasped at how deep he went. Ji Su started back up slowly building the tension back up. The tension quickly rose when Ji Su leaned towards him feeling him deeper. Before she sat back up, Jungkook took over and picked up the pace. Faster he went the closer they both were to come. With one, two deep thrusts, Ji Su screamed as she came and with the third thrust, Jungkook came. Labor breathing filled the room. Both took the time to control their breathing. In the prosses of that, the doorbell rang. Ji Su removing herself from Jungkook, He got up throwing on a pair of pants and a shirt, before going to see who it was. While Jungkook was going that, Ji Su got up her legs wobbled. Gods above did right by choosing him as her soulmate. Gathering up the strength, Ji Su grabbed leggings and shirt, following her husband. Walking out of the bedroom, she spotted five little ones running around the couch and Jungkook talking with Jin and Mi Sun. Her best friend spotted her and demanded what happened at the doctors. To her delight, Ji Su announce she was six weeks pregnant. Confused, Ji Su had to explain that the symptoms that she was having were somehow apart of the long list of the symptoms with pregnancy. Mi Sun started to cry from being overwhelmed with the happy news. Jin and Mi Sun with their three girls stayed over for dinner and when it was time to leave the congratulated them once more. Walking back into the house, the two children of theirs was putting away their toys, which just made Ji Su so proud that her children know the routine. Though she was sad that the routine that had for four years was going to change. Jungkook and Ji Su both agreed that they would tell the Ha Joon and Cheli when she started to show. Putting Ha Joon to bed he looked upset about something. Ji Su sat down on his little bed and brushed his hair away. “Ha Joon are you ok?” Ji Su asked. “I want to take you out on a date just like dad did.” Ha Joon crossed his arms with a scowl on his face. Ji Su did her best to not laugh. “Maybe Ha Joon can take mama out next weekend. Does that work for you?” “As long and Cheli and dad stay home.” “Ok, it’s a date. Now my little man time for bed.” Ji Su got up and leaned down to kiss his forehead. Closing the door behind her Ji Su walked into the kitchen to start cleaning. Jungkook walked up behind her, sneaking his arms around her. “I love you wife.” He confessed to her. “I love you too husband.” As the night grew darker, Ji Su cleaned the kitchen and told him about how jealous Ha Joon was. They continued to talk about and among other things. the night went and the week flew by. Jin ended up taking care of his three and their two kids. Things we better and back to where things were at. As proimsed the short story is up and running for you all to enjoy. It may seem rushed but I love how it turned out. Something about Talking Body and the characters within the story just seem to make the story work. I want to thank you all once again for the support for this story. News for the Talking Body Universe I am working on Prince Charming and if you forgot what that was about. Jin’s story is in away a prequl to Talking Body so it doesn’t matter what order you guys read them. Once I have Jin’s story I am planning to add two more stories to the universe. Hint: the members are Tae and Hoseok. So keep and eye on Jin’s story to see which one of the boys with be next. Once again thank you and I truly home that you enjoyed this short story. Please feel free to leave comments. Some time today I will share the playlist that I listened to while writing this. 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