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Airbnb Contest for the Creative and Hardworking Adults. Winners Get a Total of a Million Dollars
Airbnb is a house-sharing company who are famous for their best home designs. They announced a new competition which is a tough one. The company will choose 10 lucky winners, who will come up with the best design and construction style offerings. The participants will be judged by the most dominant celebrities and Airbnb VIP hosts, not to forget about GRAMMY winner Billy Porter. The Airbnb Unique Fund will be giving away the promised million bucks for the construction of the best dwelling spaces on Earth. The company is eager to finance the process of construction and design, and the fund will send 33.333 USD for an aggregate of 3 milestone completions. Details on the Rules of the Contest Airbnb are sure they encourage people who have enough creativity and design taste but not enough funds to start constructing the living place of their dreams. Not only the Airbnb staff but also the majority of the world-class engineers and designers are interested in the best ideas of the participants. But there are some rules and restrictions to join the contest as a participant. First of all, the competitors should prove that they own a private property that they want to modify it according to their mind full of eye-catching fantasies. Next, the participants should apply from March 10, 2020, to April 15, 2020. If they apply later than the mentioned date, their ideas will not be reviewed. Another important rule is that they must be a resident and a citizen of either USA, Japan, China. The contest is also available in some European countries, the list of which you can find in Airbnb's Official Fund Rules. Details on the 3 Milestones of the Contest In order to breathe life into your visual creativity, you won't need a lot to do. Just follow along with the 3 phases of the competition and be in the list of 10 lucky home designers. First, you contact Airbnb and present them the model of the living space you have thought of. That can be in a written way or a graphic depiction, as well as a thoroughly designed architectural feature. After you successfully pass the first milestone, you'll be sent 33.333USD in order to take care of the construction phase. If you also manage to qualify for this milestone, you will then have the responsibility to give an outline of the interior design and arrangement, which will also cost them another 33.333$ that will be sent to you. And the final five digits of 3s you get after you are chosen along with the rest 9 participants. The first milestone is coming in May and the construction should be finished by October 2020. But Beware of the Expenses that are Not Paid for by Airbnb's Unique Fund The documentation and tax processes are not included in the giveaway of a total of one million bucks for 10 participants, thus you must take the initiative yourself. But if you can't afford the least percentage of payments, giving up is not the first thing to do. There are plenty of ways to get quick cash. You can ask from a kind friend or a family member. Also, you can sell something you don't have the need for. Otherwise, if you are short of sources though, you can request for short-term cash advances. You can easily pay for them as you get the prize or money from elsewhere. Airbnb rarely comes with such generous limited time offers, so it would be clever not to miss a chance to become a participant of the contest!