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Mẫu nhà đẹp ai cũng mê
các loại mẫu mã nhà đẹp của chúng tôi mà quý vị đã và đang xem dưới đây chính là một trong số rất nhỏ các Công trình mà chúng tôi đã thực hiện trong suốt chặn tuyến đường gần 7 năm tăng trưởng không giới hạn nghĩ và nổ lực của các cá thể của SBS HOUSE. Là một trong các nhà thiết kế thi công chuyên sâu trong các lĩnh vực nhà ở cũng như những Dự án dân dụng – công nghiệp, chúng tôi đã làm chấp thuận mọi khách hàng trên mọi miền tổ quốc có những cái mẫu mã độc đáo, thiên hướng và sang trọng. lực lượng kiến trúc sư không ngừng nổ lực để đáp lại sự tin tưởng của quý khách về dịch vụ, chúng tôi đã đem đến cho quý các bạn cộng nhiều chủ đầu cơ các bản vẽ thiết kế nhà đẹp đẳng cấp và tiết kiệm biểu lộ được sự nhiệt huyết, sự sáng tạo của kiến trúc sư, kỹ sư trong mỗi 1 Dự án kiến trúc. Dưới đây là những mẫu nhà đẹp được SBS HOUSE thiết kế trong đầu năm 2021 SBS HOUSE đã thự hiện thiết kế nhà trên toàn quốc với nhiều công trình nhà đẹp, mới lạ hài lòng khách hàng. Thiết kế nhà tại Hà tĩnh Thiết kế nhà tại Quảng Bình Thiết kế nhà tại Quảng Trị Thiết kế nhà tại Huế Thiết kế nhà tại Cà Mau Thiết kế nhà tại Bạc Liêu Thiết kế nhà tại Kiên Giang Thiết kế nhà tại Sóc Trăng Thiết kế nhà tại Hậu Giang Thiết kế nhà tại An Giang Thiết kế nhà tại Tây Ninh Thiết kế nhà tại Trà Vinh Thiết kế nhà tại Bến tre Thiết kế nhà tại Vĩnh Long Thiết kế nhà tại Cần Thơ Thiết kế nhà tại Bình Phước Thiết kế nhà tại Tiền Giang Thiết kế nhà tại Đồng Tháp Thiết kế nhà tại Long An Thiết kế nhà tại Tp HCM Thiết kế nhà tại Bình Dương Thiết kế nhà tại Đồng Nai Thiết kế nhà tại Vũng Tàu Thiết kế nhà tại Bình Thuận Thiết kế nhà tại Ninh Thuận Thiết kế nhà tại Khánh Hoà Thiết kế nhà tại Phú Yên Thiết kế nhà tại Bình Định Thiết kế nhà tại Quảng Ngãi Thiết kế thi công nhà trọn gói Quảng Nam Thiết kế thi công nhà trọn gói Đà Nẵng
CHECK CATEGORY "REFERENCES" IN THE PROFILE HOW TO APPLY FOR A PRO? "References" is considered an important item in each CV or resume of a candidate. But many employers often ignore this section without knowing that it can help them determine if a candidate is "lying" about their work experience or not. So check this item so professionally, readers refer to how to check the missing participant section below! Table of contents How to check the "reference" in the resume correctly. reference person check the "reference" item. If you do not know what the reference is and how to fill out the CV, you can see it here 1.Please ask the candidate before the test công ty thiết kế kiến trúc tại đà nẵng First, you need to let the candidate know that you will check for the missing participant in their resume. This allows candidates to have time to contact their references and agree on the method of contacting you. You should not actively contact a candidate's reference without their permission as this will greatly affect them and their current workplace. However, if the candidate is still working at a company, you should check the reference section at the end of the recruitment process. 2 should check out 2 references In candidate's resume, try to check from 2 people in the references. Checking references from 2 different companies that the candidate mentioned will help you to evaluate more objectively about the candidate. Check the person referenced in the resume How to check the "reference" on the resume If candidates take out their relatives or friends as "references", the reliability will definitely not be as high as a reference unfamiliar to them. However, if the candidate has just graduated and the reference is a teacher, lecturer, principal, ... then you can be more confident. 3. Prepare questionnaires for the participants You need to plan ahead and think about what you should ask your references. First you need to confirm: Your candidate worked there. Working time at old company. The specific work they did. Mental, attitude at work. Performance. Achievements at work. How to treat colleagues. After you have formed the questions, you should print them on paper to compare the results of candidates later. 4. Evaluation of candidates In the process of communicating with a candidate's reference, you need to be very careful because this is the time when you can accurately assess whether candidates are "honest" about their work experience or not. Often references will be less likely to give negative reviews about a candidate because they worry that their ratings will affect the candidate's new job search. However, there is still a way for you to know what it is. For example: When examining the reference, you can tell whether this person is really honest or not through a number of signs: The greedy person didn't respond enthusiastically. Not really interested in candidates. Refuse to meet you in person. Respond smoothly like "memorizing lesson" If the reference refuses to meet you in person, the candidate should not be evaluated quickly. There may be a number of inconvenient reasons. Evaluate the correct candidate using the reference section Check and evaluate recruiting candidates correctly through testing the reference section A little tip when contacting references. Call directly to their company's landline or their official email address. Avoid contacting personal phone numbers or emails as its credibility is not high and your candidate rating process will not be accurate. With the sharing in the above article, SBS HOUSE hopes readers will know how to check the "Reference" in the candidate's resume accurately and fairly. Do not miss this item in the process of evaluating and recruiting your staff! See more designs of the famous SBS HOUSE townhouse: 1.Modern 2-storey house (nearly 10m frontage) in Da Nang alley. 2.The ideal 3-storey house model for young couples of the guy TIEN S of Danang University. 3. Make money from your own 3-storey house. The house has a attachment to the modern blue tone of SBS HOUSE. Introduced by many major newspapers. Contact information: SBS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD Main Office: 152 Hoang Hiep - Hoa Xuan - Da Nang Showroom: 201 Nguyen Huu Tho - Da Nang 0972,910,046 - 0934,812,669
STYLE KITCHEN KITCHEN ROOM How is the right way of feng shui in the kitchen? "Kitchen is Home, Kitchen is Kitchen" with the concept of the East Asians kitchen is one of the most important indispensable parts of the house. The kitchen is also a space where essential foods are processed and stored. So, the kitchen in your home has been designed correctly in feng shui? The following article will tell you the "shoulds" and "don'ts" in kitchen kitchen feng shui design. Công ty xây dựng uy tín tại đà nẵng. Table of contents 1. Should - Choose the right color of the kitchen with your destiny. For example: Kim: White, yellow, iridescent. Carpentry: The colors of trees, green. Thuy: Blue, black. Fire: Red, pink, purple, orange. Earth: Brown, earth yellow, earth orange. Color for par Thuy Color of the kitchen for par Thuy - View 1 Color for par Thuy Kitchen color for par Thuy - View 2 Modern kitchen Kitchen color for par Thuy - View 3 - Place the stove and sink in a straight line or in an equilateral triangle to create a balance of Fire and Water in the kitchen, but the distance must not be less than 70cm. Modern kitchen model Perspective of modern kitchen - Kitchen you should set according to the principle of "Located in the direction of sand". That means the kitchen should be placed in a bad direction and look in the good direction of the homeowner's destiny. - Design light enough for the kitchen and combine with greenery for a fresh, airy kitchen air. Table look up hole ban quickly and prickly. Feng shui kitchen room Green space in the kitchen 2.Don't be - Do not choose colors that are compatible with your destiny. - Do not place the kitchen towards the main door of the house because according to the old concept, turning the kitchen to the main door is equivalent to the loss of wealth in the family. - The kitchen direction should not face toilets WC. Since the toilets are a highly polluted area, they can expose the kitchen to unpleasant odors and infection. - Do not place the kitchen where there are many sharp corners in the direction because it will affect the fire in the kitchen. - Do not place the kitchen under the main beam and cross beam. Modern kitchen model Perspective kitchen View 1 See more: Feng shui bedroom. Modern bedroom. Modern living room. 3-storey townhouse. CONTACT INFORMATION SBS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD Main Office: 152 Hoang Hiep - Hoa Xuan - Da Nang Showroom: 201 Nguyen Huu Tho - Da Nang 0972,910,046 - 0934,812,669 www.https: //
Pay attention to feng shui bedroom will bring you a good night's sleep to recharge the body. Join SBS HOUSE to consult knowledge about feng shui, taboo conditions and apply to your home. Table of contents BEDROOM NOTES 1. BED LOCATION Some locations that you should avoid because of bad feng shui are: That is the bed bed opposite the main door. In addition to the influence of feng shui, the bed bed opposite the main door also creates a sense of startling and insecurity for the homeowner when someone opens the door. Avoid placing the headboard next to the toilet, bathroom, or wall to the room where the altar is located. From the Asian perspective, these methods are not good, and bring many disadvantages to homeowners. mẫu nhà ống 2 tầng đẹp giá rẻ. Do not place the bed below the beam on the ceiling: This position makes the sleeping person always feel anxious and insecure, at the same time the bar also compresses the energy sources in the room, making them unable to save. information. Do not place the headboard under cabinets or with heavy objects hanging above. This creates a f eeling of insecurity for the homeowner, making the homeowner have poor and deep sleep. Feng shui bedroom model In addition, according to the concept of the Asians, each person's destiny will be suitable for different directions. If your bed is positioned in the right direction of your feng-shui, it will help you with some advantages at work, luck in life, happiness in family. 2. COLOR OF THE OFFICE In the five elements, there are 5 destinies: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Fire, and Tho. Each of us from the moment of birth will be associated with a destiny, here is a note to choose color according to the destiny. Five elements The Fate of the Kim should prioritize the choice of white or metallic light in the bedroom. The Fate Moc can choose the color blue or light green. People of Fate Thuy should choose colors belonging to Kim that will give birth to the fate of those who are destined to be Thuy. Choose from gray, white, light gray, or gray. As we all know, Hoa and Thuy are very close to each other, so the people who are destined to die should avoid the colors of Thuy. The Martian should choose red, pink, and purple colors and should not be too dark. For the Tho, they should choose brown or yellow color tones for the bedroom. 3. MIRROR Avoid placing mirrors in your bed because they will interfere with your sleep. Feng shui bedroom model 4. PLANT Do not leave a lot of trees in your bedroom because CO2 emissions at night will affect your sleep, making you more likely to have nightmares due to lack of oxygen during sleep. Trees in the bedroom The above knowledge of SBS HOUSE has partly answered questions about your bedroom feng shui, hoping to make your bedroom a true feng shui and desired. SEE MORE: Scandinavian townhouse design Minimalist Townhouse Design Template Baby bedroom design template Latest interior design price list. ————————————————————————— Contact information: SBS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD Main Office: 152 Hoang Hiep - Hoa Xuan - Da Nang Showroom: 201 Nguyen Huu Tho - Da Nang 0972,910,046 - 0934,812,669