semutimut tutorial
semutimut tutorial
Vingle's Inspiration
When I was a kid, I had a friend who loved baseball. Every time I think about him, I always just picture him talking about baseball. He always told me who won the game, how he got this really cool star player’s memorabilia, and why this player was so great. He went on and on, but no matter how long he talked about baseball, his eyes always had this twinkle that you couldn't help but love. A few years ago, I started scuba diving. Before my first dive, I spent countless hours researching and thinking about what it would be like. But all that research didn’t matter, because as soon as I dived, nothing mattered. It was so much better than any picture, any video, or anyone could have hoped to describe. There I was, playing with fishes, watching my air bubbles, and it hit me: I was never supposed to be here, but look at me now. It was a sense of freedom and bliss that I have never before felt. Since then, I have become a scuba diving maniac, and find myself always trying to share the sensations, the sights, and the beauty of scuba diving to anyone who would listen. Then one day, one of my friends told me that whenever I talked about scuba diving, I have this little twinkle in my eyes. At that moment I realized, I had become my childhood friend. It is our hope that everyone has that one thing that for no reason whatsoever, they can absolutely love. It can be a hobby, collection, game, or whatever you want, that no matter how tired or stressed you are, it can always make things better. It can be an activity like a sport or a game, or an object like a geeky device. It can be an actor or a rock band. We all deserve something that no matter what always makes us happy and that we want to share with others. We all deserve to have such a passion. We, the Vingle staff, are a group of people gathered from 10 different countries to build an international playground that transcends all borders. We want to help people both connect, and enjoy talking about their passions. Your passion is the life of the party! Enjoy the party!