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Dab rigs under $50
Dab rigs are popular for producing highly potent and flavorful vapor from cannabis concentrates. Once inhaled the concentrates take effect after a few seconds. It would take smoking several full cannabis joints to match the potency of a single hit from a dab rig. Also, dab rigs vaporize the concentrate instead of combusting. They also have a bubbler that filters and cools down the vapor before you inhale. However, the cost of the dab rigs can go as high as $200 plus. Although the saying, “you get what you pay for” may apply in the dab rigs market, you can still get a high-quality dab rig that retails for less than $50. Thus, having a tight budget doesn’t have to bother you. Below are some of the dab rigs that can be obtained for under $50. 1: Jamer Mini Rig. MJ Arsenal’s Jammer Mini Rig goes for less than $49 in many online stores. The dab rig is made of 4mm thick borosilicate glass, which is very strong and durable. It has a reinforced percolator connected at its base. Jammer Mini Rig comes with a 10 mm banger nail (male). It stands 4.24 inches tall and its base is 2.5 inch. Its package also includes a flared mouthpiece and a 10 mm female joint. 2: Dankstop Triple Ring Mini Beaker. Dankstop’s Triple Ring Mini Beaker costs less than $40. It is only 6.5 inches tall and is created from high-quality glass, which makes it sturdy and durable. The base of the dab rig features a mini showerhead percolator that purifies and cools the vapor before you can inhale it via the bong. The dab rig also features a 14 mm female joint and a 14 mm funnel bowl. It also has a neck with three rings, which makes it easy to grip and also offers more space for the dab rig to hold more vapor. The Triple Ring Mini Beaker also has a flared mouthpiece. It makes a magnificent dab rig for your dabs. 3: Honey Labs Mini Straw. Honey Labs Mini Straw falls under a special type of dab rigs that are commonly referred to as Honey Straws. This type of dab rigs are small and don’t require a dabber/ dab tool. Honey Straws allow you to dab the concentrate directly from a dish without loading it to their nail. Honey Labs‘s Mini Straw retails for less than $20. Its body is made from North American hardwood, which offers a firm grip. The dab rig is just four inches long. The tip/ atomizer of the dab rig is made from either quartz or titanium. One with a quartz tip will give you a flavorful experience, while the Mini Straw with a titanium tip will create thicker vapor. The Mini Straw can be disassembled into four pieces; thus making it easy to clean it. 4: Nucleus Super Nano Beaker Dab Rig. Nucleus Super Nano Beaker Dab Rig goes for just less than $25. It stands four inches tall and can fit into your bag or pocket with ease. Despite its size, the dab rig features thick sturdy glass and a 2-inch base. A fixed downstem is found inside the base of the dab rig. It enhances the diffusion to match that of a larger dab rig. The dab rig comes with a 10 mm thick quartz banger nail housed in a 10 mm female joint. This nail is designed in a way that its heat does not cause the dab rigs’ glass to fracture. Nucleus Super Nano Beaker Dab Rig features a flared mouthpiece, which ensures the vapor does not escape while taking your hits. 5: MJ arsenal Hydra Mini Rig The Hydra Mini Rig from Dankstop retails for under $50. It forms the huge line of Dankstops ‘mini dab rigs that are renowned for delivering less but more flavorful hits. All pieces of this dab rig are constructed from standard borosilicate glass. Alongside these pieces is a 10 mm thick banger nail (male). It ensures you get the authentic flavor from your dab concentrates. Conclusion. The list of dab rigs under $50 is endless. Despite some dab rigs costing triple the price, manufacturers have produced these devices that can easily be afforded by those on a tight budget. Before purchasing any dab rig under $50, you should do some research about it. Know how well the dab rig can perform. You also take note of the maintenance costs of the dab rig.