Community Governance Policy

  • Consensus:

    The policy of communities with a council is established by those council members through consensus. Based on agreement, councils for each community develop and evolve policies on various and unique issues for each community, such as card contributions, Talk, Q&A, council member selection, and policies through consensus as their commitment to their community.

  • Transparency:

    All Council Members have duties to make decisions best for their community and to behave in a way that doesn’t undermine the authority of council. Council should keep checking itself to prevent unsavory incidents such as misusing community for personal gain, abusing of power and overlooking abusive behaviors. Council members should not hesitate to right a wrong if they notice such a thing.

  • Qualifications of Council Members:

    Any well standing citizen can become a council member of the Community of their choice. By “well standing” we mean that the Vingler has not or will not hurt other Vinglers’ experience which may include but is not limited to: no history of more than a certain amount of content being reported, not an account that represents a certain company or organization (excluding celebrities, since their contributions would benefit their communities greatly!), no record that he/she has played a role of a council member in the same community with different ID and “sock puppet” account.

  • Eligibility:
    • Take responsibility for the wellness of the entire community.
    • Be a true member of the community, not a company or promotion account.
    • Be an active member of your Community before becoming President.
    • Must have joined Vingle over a week ago.
    • Must be an emailerified Vingler.
    • Must not have had reports on previous their Cards, comments, Talk, Q&A etc on Vingle.
    • Must not have more than 3 instances of not completing a Council term (auto dismissal,impeachment, etc)
  • Policy
    • Cannot have been using multiple accounts.
    • Can only hold one position per Community.
    • Can be part of up to 5 Councils at a time.
    • Can be President of up to 3 communities at a time.
  • Dismissal of Council Members:

    Council Members are respected as leaders who are responsible for their decisions and behavior. It is understood that there will be different opinions regarding appropriateness of content, and Council Members have the right not to be removed for the reason of different views. However, it is possible that a Council Member has their title taken away in the following cases.

    1. If account is inactive for 168 hours (1 week) the automatic system will remove the user.
    2. Following cases can be the reasons of dismissal by Citizens or Council
      • If President is found to be allowing Spam/Ads
      • If President is using the Community for personal gain
      • If President is holding multiple positions in a community using different accounts.
      • If President allows Community to change to something other than the original name of Interest