is the ICO market really dead?

No, it’s not dead but just evolving. While STOs and IEOs have brought in fresh ideas to the table, ICO has not yet found its replacement as a means of fundraising for the crypto world. ICOs that offer true utility in their tokens have succeeded and will be the ones to gain traction and succeed going forward. Thankfully, recent happenings have seen collaborations between government bodies and the crypto-currency stakeholders to ensure a more level ground is found for the crypto world and ICOs. For instance, Congressman Warren Davidson intends to introduce new crypto legislation to congress. When asking for input from crypto stakeholders, he is quoted as saying: · “Your input is critical to helping us preempt a heavy-handed regulatory approach that could stall innovation and kill the U.S. ICO market. With a thoughtful, bipartisan approach that protects consumers, advances free-market solutions and defines safe-harbors for the early stage innovators, Congress can send a powerful message around the world that the U.S. is the best destination for ICO markets.” Major regulatory efforts are brewing to revive the ICO market in the US and bolster this innovation among others, in this regard, there is hope for the industry. ICOs will need a more concrete business plan, and a clearer vision on how to fundraise more transparently; ICOs have a real long term chance of success. Additionally, there is a need for regulation in the ICO space so that one does not get millions of dollar funding at the very beginning of their project and ends up wondering if there is any need to go to the conclusive end of the project. · Thankfully, the ICO space can self-regulate so that it is more secure, transparent and less risky. The industry’s use of smart contracts and Escrow-like services that could give investors the autonomy on when to join and when to withdraw could be options that would see the industry back on its feet.

The ICO evolution theory

Evaluating ICOs on the basis of being a means of raising capital gives us another perspective to the state of the ICO market. That ICO is undergoing an evolution into other forms of ICO in a bid to adapt to the changing market conditions. For instance, ICO is evolving into STOs to help meet the changing security and regulatory environment in the market while evolution into IEO is to help deal with credibility. · An objective assessment would reveal that ICO was a great tool, still convenient for all stakeholders, helping even small investors access investment opportunities that would never have come their way. If ICO is just evolving into other forms that fit the needs and challenges in the crypto-world, then it would be safe to say that ICO still has a life in the market. What investors and project leaders should do Every phase of evolution presents new opportunities and new challenges. This calls for understanding of each phase and diligence on the part of both the investor and project leaders. There is need to maximize on the opportunities that were in the last phase of evolution so that you carry them into the new phase. Additionally, look for the pain points both in the past and present phase and work around them to bring out a great investor experience. Take for instance the said ICO evolution into STOs; while STO meets the security and regulatory risk, it presents very high market entry requirements that lock out the small to medium investors. ICO major downfall theory

What Is a Bitcoin Casino?

This is a gambling establishment in which cryptocurrency is the main payment method or one of the accepted ones. You can use bitcoins in almost all known games: roulette, poker, dice, regular slots, and more. A popular example of the bitcoin’s influence on the industry is the Dice game. It is a regular game of dice, which rose sky-high after the introduction of the cryptocurrency. Now Dice's turnover reaches thousands of bitcoins, which in translation to the usual dollars can simply amaze. Moreover, the number of gambling platforms based on cryptocurrency casino script also fascinates. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to pay for goods and services, similarly to conventional money. In 2017, the word «bitcoin» was in the top of search in Google around the world. Developers of solutions for gambling business simply could not pass by this phenomenon and found a way to apply it in their field. This is how bitcoin casinos came to be. Furthermore, numerous crypto casino scripts are now freely available on the internet and work as a convenient template for new operators. Why is a Ready-Made Solution Better than a Bitcoin Casino Script? Compared to starting a project from scratch, the Bitcoin casino script looks like a more beneficial alternative. However, this is a program code that implies further adaptation and additional expenses. A turnkey business is a complex digital infrastructure that does not require adjustment. The system includes all the necessary working components: a gaming library, cryptocurrency payment agents, statistics, administrative services, and much more. The only operators’ tasks are attracting user traffic and getting profits.