Novelas for kids/teens

When I was younger there were many great shows for kids/teens. Here you will see me mention some of my favorite ones. Maybe it will bring back some memories to some of you. 😉😄 Alegrijes y Rebujos This show had magic, some great songs and dances, drama, and it also taught some great values for children. A group of kids discover and explore a mansion that is said to be haunted by its millionaire owner, Don Darvelio. They soon discover he (the owner) is not dead, but rather he is being haunted by an evil witch. The kids have to work together to bring the evil witch down and help Don Darvelio, but because one group (the Alegrijes) are the ones who truly want to help Don Darvelio and the other group (the Rebujos) want to help the evil witch, it creates a lot of drama between the friends and each of their families. I recommend it. And let me just tell you that Sofia had the greatest hairstyle that I had (at the time) wished for. I also had the biggest crush on Alfonso. Rebelde This show is more for teens and adults. It takes place at a prestigious high school in Mexico City and it basically revolves around the lives of the members of a forming pop band.