Celebrity Controversies You May Have Missed

Most of the showbiz news in Pakistan eventually turns into a huge controversy. Even with the COVID-19 and lockdown, there have been some full-blown controversies that emerged from various activities of several celebrities. The lockdown forced the celebrities to be more active on social media than they ever were before. It is safe to say that social media played a significant role in sparking and giving hype to these controversies. Before COVID-19, many things were ignored by the common user because of their busy lives, but since then, people have been highly active on social media and sparking controversies left and right. Any little distasteful online or physical activity is under come under very careful scrutiny and is turned into a big controversy. Nowadays, celebrities have to be very careful with what they post and how they act. Some celebrities are able to act and present their opinions responsibly, but some of them act rashly and put themselves in the line of fire. Tons of Pakistani celebrities got into controversies over the last year, but only some of them were able to give clarifications that got them out of the fire. Here are some of the controversies that came to light over the last year. Photo Shoots While Performing Umrah Many celebrities, including Fahad Mustafa and Aima Baig, were heavily criticized for posing for pictures and posting them on social media while performing Umrah in the Holy City of Makkah. Every other celebrity who performed Umrah posted everyday pictures of themselves on their public accounts, except Humayun Saeed.

How To Benefit From Rapid London SEO Consultancy

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How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home

There can be many reasons for you to give yourself a manicure at home. It can be either you don’t have the time and budget to go to a salon or simply because you want to pamper yourself at home after a long week at work. Self-care is really therapeutic and can brighten up your day. You might believe that manicures and pedicures require a professional pedicure kit and expertise. Although this is true to some extent, there is nothing wrong with playing around and having some fun. The goal is not perfection but simply to do something for yourself that will make you happy. Here is an easy guide to give yourself a manicure at home with a ladies’ manicure kit Nail Prep The most crucial part of achieving manicure supremacy is to spend an equal amount of time prepping as you would on polishing. Start with a good-quality nail polish remover to help get rid of all previous residues of nail paint and even glitter. Use a remover with moisturizing qualities to strengthen and moisturize your cuticles. Do not miss this step even if you don’t have any nail paint on, as it will help clean any oils or dirt. After a thorough cleaning, wash your hands with soap and water. Clip, File, Buff You can clip your nails if required, then file gently. You should file in the direction of your required shape that is square or round. If you have thin nails, hold the file flush close to your nail and tilt it to file from slightly underneath. This will protect you from over filing. After that, move on to buffing to create a smooth surface. It will brighten your nails, get rid of the edges, and make them look more youthful. Push The Cuticles