Running Ropes {Craziest Thing I've Done to Impress a Crush}
I guess that I must do this one, since I suggested it... When I was fifteen, I had a crush on a guy at my friend's church. So, even though I wasn't religious at the time, I would attend all of the teen activities and even attended service on occasion. On the day of a particular activity, one that I had been eager to attend, my friend "B" asked if I'd come back to her house to feed her horses and chickens and muck out stalls. I never minded helping her, so I agreed. To my surprise, my crush "N" asked to come along and B was okay with it. I was super nervous and quiet all the way to her house (and she lived waaaaay out in the country, so it was a long ride), while they talked about school and stuff. I was in the back seat, and N would turn around and ask me stuff and I'd just nod, blushing furiously. At B's, they fed the chickens while I turned out the horses. I was starting to think B liked N, too, and I felt discouraged. I've never really been one to compete for a guy's attention, so I was already figuring that it wouldn't be long before they started dating and I was wishing I wasn't always so afraid to talk to people. B and N came to help with the stalls. B asked N to get the wheelbarrow, which was on the other side of the stable. While he was away, she told me that N actually liked me and wanted to ask me to the Gold and Green Ball that night. (What a great friend!) I was shocked! After we mucked out the stalls, we still had a few hours before the ball, so N wanted to explore B's property a bit. Her parents owned over 400 acres, and there were some interesting old buildings and the abandoned trailer her family used to live in. For some reason, knowing that he was interested in me made me a little braver, and I had started talking and joking around.

Black Students Removed from Trump Rallies in Georgia
According to USA Today the sight of African American students being escorted en masse from the rally unsettled the campus. Those directed to leave “were visibly upset, [and] being led outside by law enforcement officials created a stir at a university that was a whites-only campus until 1963.” Trump has recently come under fire for his latest waltz with bigotry — unwillingness to condemn a Ku Klux Klan leader (he later attributed his refusal to a “very bad earpiece”). Earlier on Monday, black students were removed after chanting “No more hate! No more hate! Let’s be equal, let’s be great!” during a Trump rally at Radford University in Virginia. But Valdosta State student Tahjila Davis told USA Today that she and her classmates had no intention of disrupting the GOP candidate’s speech. “We didn’t plan to do anything,” she explained, in tears. “They said, ‘This is Trump’s property; it’s a private event.’ But I paid my tuition to be here.” However, the students followed orders from the Secret Service without loud demonstration. When they “argued with Valdosta police officers,” the latter “politely, but firmly, told them they needed to leave the grounds of the Trump event.” “I just don’t understand why they would do something like that,” Davis cried, leaning on a friend for support. “I have not experienced any racism on this campus until now.” -Rachel Vorona Cote, Jezebel Has this broken your laughter, yet? Do you get why you should do everything in your power to keep this man out of office?
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