Leo+Piggies= Smiles
Honestly, I did not feel well today. I am starting to get sick, and I feel like shit when I woke up. But through out the morning I felt better, only by a little bit. So to make myself feel better, I went on Pinterest, and saw a Meme that was call How to stare : Lesson by Leo. Also, on my way to school on the bus. I see a lady in a van, crying her eyes out, (poor lady) and it didn't help looking at her and hearing Loser by BigBang. I love the song, but it just made it awkward seeing the lady and hearing Loser, including they way I felt earlier in the morning. Thank god she couldn't see me from the bus, and she wasn't bawling. (I sounded like a creeper, I'm sorry, Lady. I hope you have a good day) Anyways, I looked at the picture, and saw various stares of Leo (adorable) and there was one called "Staring at pigs" And it reminded me that they made a Vixx Diary with pigs, so I went on YouTube, and looked it up. Then I found the video (on the top^) and, of course, I watched it. This video made my ENTIRE day, I smiled and giggled through the whole thing. I know you guys have better things to do, bit I just wanted to share the video, and remind you that even if you are having a sucky day, just remember Leo with the Piggies and smile. Even if your smile is small, it's better than nothing, and can make a person's day, that is having more of a Bad day, a lot better than a minute ago. Okay? I hope you have a nice day, and weekend, Love you guys ~❤
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Block B has had enough of it!!!!
Block B say they will take legal action against malicious commenters Block B has had enough of the hate, and they finally put their foot down to declare that they will wage legal war against the people who leave libelous, malicious comments. The following is the official statement released by Seven Seasons, Block B's agency: "Hello, this is Seven Seasons. We sincerely thank everyone who show love and support for our artist Block B.  However, there have been many instances recently of libelous writing about Block B which tarnish their reputation that are continuously published.  We are giving a notice of request [to stop the libel] and a warning, and we are considering taking legal action if there are further cases of libel.  If fans happen to find writing that tarnish Block B's reputation, we would be grateful if you didn't just overlook it and submitted them to us so that they will help in our litigations.  We will guide you on where to submit the documents at a later time. Thank you." What the F***?!?! Hate comments?? Are you really F***ing kidding me? People still actually do that? I thought that they only do that in movies or something.... Or probably I haven't been paying attention to the negativity...
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