Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice aka Batman v Superman: Oh Crap Avengers 3 Is Coming Out Soon We Better Hurry This Up
I think that title pretty much sums up how I feel about this movie. Now before anyone says, "Screw you P. Sage. You're just a stupid Marvel fan boy." To that I say, damn right I am. I am also a huge fan of Superman. HUGE. So I am not happy with the character assassination of Superman, and his greatest villain, Lex Luthor. Now before I take off my fan boy hat, no DC fan out there has the right to say a single thing about any Marvel movie. What was it Snyder said last summer when Ant-Man came out? Something about that movie just being another flavor of the month. That flavor of the month was more coherent than BvS: Oh Crap Avengers 3 Is Coming Out Soon We Better Hurry This Up. I won't get into any spoilers just in case anyone here hasn't seen the movie. I will still say to go see it. It is a Zach Snyder movie. So you know it's going to look good. It's going to have a lot of style. It just lacks any sort of substance. The story is all over the place. You can feel the pretentiousness of the movie wanting to be more than what it is. Lex Luthor is a joke. It is not totally clear why he does what he does. It's implied, but it's just so half assed. The trailers make you think that Superman is answering for what happened in MoS. Slight spoiler, he's not. It's something that happens at the beginning of the movie, and what happens isn't even clear. Oh, and Lois Lane, they wasted Amy Adams on the character. In fact this movie wastes the performances of a lot of good actors. Another thing that is made perfectly clear, these people have no clue with how to handle Superman. And zero fucks given. Hey, why should they? They're doing more Batman movies. Going back to their golden boy. So why waste the time right? I actually feel bad for Henry Cavil, well not much because he's making way more money than I am. But, I know he's a good actor. They just gave him nothing. It's also perfectly clear who the loved son is. Bruce Wayne. He's probably the best part of the movie. So is Wonder Woman and she was barely in it. Seriously, they should have done a movie with Batman and Wonder Woman. It could have been about him Searching for the White Portuguese, and she could have been a foil in his plans. Oh, and if you saw the trailers, they pretty much played their hand. Had I come here and wrote this yesterday, this little review probably wouldn't have been as bad. As time passes through, my anger and disappointment of this movie grows. So much so, to be honest, I'm most likely not even going to get the Blu ray when it comes out. I left this movie not feeling anything. No excitement. Nothing. Sharknado gave me more satisfaction. I didn't want to do this, but this is up there with Transformers.

Kitchen Adventures: Greek Yogurt... In A Crock Pot
So because I'm bored, I'm making yogurt. This all started because I didn't feel like paying $7 for Fage. So I bought some plain Dannon yogurt, strained it in some cheese cloth, and tada! My own Greek strained yogurt. Then I started wondering how to go about making yogurt from scratch. The process didn't seem difficult at all from what I saw online. So here I am giving it a shot First step is a 1/2 gallon of 2% milk. 1/2 cup of fat free powdered goat milk. "Why the dry goat milk. Well some recipes call for powdered cows milk. It helps to make the finished yogurt thicker and creamier. But I couldn't find any so I'm using the goat stuff. We'll see what happens." This mixture is going to sit in the crock pot for 2 1/2 hours until it reaches 180 degrees. Then it will cool off for about 3 hours until it reaches 110-115 degrees. After it cools off, add some of the warm milk with a cup of yogurt. Not just any yogurt. It has to have live cultures in it. Then add the mixture to the warm milk. Then the pot has to be incubated. For this you will cover the pot with two large towels. This will help to keep the heat in the pot. Now, this is where you can go to sleep or go out and do something. The incubation period is 12 hours. After 12 hours, and if those yogurt cultures did their thing, your milk will now be yogurt. If you want, you can go at it just like it us, but it may have a curd texture. So you have to strain it.

So what's your World of Warcraft story?
Not the story of your Wow character or guild. How were you introduced to World of Warcraft, and how much of your life did it take over? For me, it was an experiment. I was always into video games, but I was never into PC games. I had played the Warcraft RTS game, and I couldn't really get into it. I figured WoW was pretty much the same. But in maybe 2006, I purchased a gaming laptop, and I read a story on The Huffington Post about a woman who divorced her husband due to his WoW obsession. He spent all his time playing the game, and ignored her. I called bullshit. There had to be something wrong with their relationship already, and they were already on the path of divorce. This just expedited the process. So, I went to Best Buy and picked up a party. Yeah, she wasn't lying. WoW will take over your life. I found myself coming home from work and playing right away. I would wake up on Saturday morning, start playing, and before I realize, it's sunset. I had just broken up with someone, so I had the time. If it wasn't for having friends who liked to party, get turned up, and forced me out of the house, I could have played 24/7. Then there was the affair with a guild member. I was in deep. I ended up being banned from the game though. I was told that I was leveling up too fast. At the time, I was a level 50, maybe a bit higher, Night Elf rogue. There wasn't even anything special about my character. I would get my ass handed to me in PvP battles from players at the same level, and lower. Blizzard wanted personal information, more than what I was comfortable with giving for a video game, to unlock my account. That is how I exited the game.

Censorship - The Comics Code Authority
Take this cover to The Vault of Horror. It is overtly sexual. There is nothing subtle about it. Yes, there is a very creepy ghoul coming out of that wishing well. That ghoul is also clearly keeping that guy from grabbing a hand full of booty. Oh, and do you notice how nice the art is? It's beautiful and ghastly. The first comic books to be produced in the 1930's were mostly adaptations of popular novels. Conan, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars. You get the drift. The comic book publishers then began to produce original content. This is when super heroes as we know them today were introduced. They were a smash hit, and there was every type of super hero you could think of. This is the Golden Age period, and the market became over saturated with super heroes. It wasn't too different than what we have today. The Golden Age lasted from about 1938 to the late 40's early 50's. By the late 40's, the appetite for super heroes waned. You couldn't throw a rock and not hit a comic book publisher that wasn't putting out another trite superhero. A lot of the titles ended. The exception being Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They're probably the only super hero characters that have been in regular publication since before and during World War II. (And their constant state of publication creates a huge continuity problem that will be for a future card. You get a brownie point if you know what it is.) There were still some out there, but the bread and butter of comic book companies became westerns, romance, crime, fantasy, science fiction and horror. Very much like now, the kids who were reading comics in the 30's and early 40's, grew up. Their appetite changed. So the industry changed with that. There were no video games. No movies and TV with CGI. Comic books were a visual medium where you could see the fantastical happen. If you were a child, a young adult, a teenager, then you were a comic book reader. These books were selling millions of copies. There were also no checks and balances. The company that was the head of the pack for this time was EC. Chances are very likely that you have no idea who they are. If you've ever seen an episode of Tales from the Crypt, or read an issue of Mad Magazine, then you know who they are. Many episodes of Tales from the Crypt were adapted from issues of EC comics. Below are the last two pages from a 1953 Tales from the Crypt #38 story called Only Skin Deep. Only Skin Deep, was adapted into an episode of Tales from the Crypt where Lita Ford was the masked woman. The story goes, Herbie meets Sue at a Mardi Gras party and they fall in love. They meet at the same party every year, have a one night affair, and go along their way till the following year. This year, Herbie can't take it anymore. The anticipation is too much. In the end, you see what happens. These comics almost caused the downfall of the industry. Mostly due to the crime comics. Every title came under attack, but the crime comics in particular didn't paint a pretty picture of society. You can say that they painted a realistic picture of society. They did glamorize the things that just weren't talked about. The things that were shamed. They pushed the envelope. Even pre code Archie Andrews wasn't such a goodie two shoes.

Pre Code Comic Book Art - Wally Wood
Wally Wood began his career in 1950 for EC. He is known for his satirical work in MAD magazine. His art ranged from cartoony to realistic. At the time, he lampooned the legal fight between DC and Fawcett comics over Captain Marvel stealing aspects of Superman. He was influential in EC's decision, "which originally stood for Educational Comics, and became Entertaining Comics," to get into making sci fi comics. His art can be seen in Tales from the Crypt, Shock SuspenStories, Two Fisted Tales and Weird Science. After EC, one of his jobs was for Marvel on Daredevil. He didn't create the character, but he created everything about him that people care about to this day. Like his red costume. He thought the black and yellow was a bit too sissy for the character. He also gave Daredevil his billy clubs, and expanded on what his powers could do. He literally saved the book from cancellation. It went from a bi-monthly, to a monthly. He only stayed on for a year though. He left after he saw the crap that Marvel pulled with it's talent and not giving them proper credit. When the Netflix Daredevil series came out, a number of artists came out in support of also giving credit to Wally Wood. He wasn't a co creator, but it is his look for the character that has pretty much remained the same since his time on the book. And for the stuff I can't post. That's what Google is for. Canon and Sally Forth. Canon was your man's man secret agent. There was plenty of sex and nudity. Canon often found himself naked, and being tortured by a gorgeous woman. There was also Sally Forth, not the comic strip created by Greg Howard. Wood was hired by the US government to make some comics for the troops. Some lighthearted guy fun to take their minds off of reality. So these two titles were only available to US servicemen at the time. He also did erotic adaptations of fairy tales as well. Snow White and Alice in Wonderland are two that he sexed up. Apparently he didn't have an easy life. He was married three times, divorced two. He suffered from chronic headaches for most of his adult life. Following bouts of alcoholism, he eventually suffered from kidney failure. In 1978 he had a stroke which caused the loss of vision in one eye. Facing declining health and career prospects, he committed suicide by gunshot three years later. According to one biography, Wood said that if he had to do it all over again, he would cut off his hands. A sad end to a great artist. It could be a story in an EC title. Which is something that he would probably be down with. @shannonl5, @JimTurpen, @ButterflyBlu