The dark side in kdramas......

There are many kdramas that I,ve watched and fell in love with because of the antagonist in the drama... It is not that I agree with their evil doings but the way they portrayed their characters well gave me goose bumps lol..... The night watchman's journal- Kim Sung Oh..... I'm not a fan of this drama per say... It had too much craziness going on... The character Sadam, played by Kim Sung Oh was a really evil sourcerer... He creeped me out to the core lol, but he was one of the reasons i continued to watch this drama... He is a great supporting character in every drama he's casted in and I believe it's full time he get a main lead.. Queen Seonduk- Mishil I love this drama.. Started watching tjis ages ago, but haven't gotten to finish it. For one, it was dragging a lot and Bidam seemed to be following his mother's foot steps so i couldnt bare to finish it.. With all that said I loved Mishil's character, she gave me goosebumps after the other... She was very clever and a woman that is feared by many. I at one point started to fear her lol... Go hyun jung is a great actress and ya,ll should check her out in What's up fox as well... Who are your favourite evil villains of all time in kdramas?????