letter to Jonghyun

first of all thank you vingle family for posting so many nice things about Jonghyun. the last 3 days have been rough. I did a lot of crying. to those who don't know me I have been with shinee for 8 years. I love and support each member from the bottom of my heart. below is my open letter to Jonghyun as well as some pictures of him that I love because I trust vingle. Dear Jonghyun, Right now my heart would not hurt so much if I did not know you. But without you I would not know a lot of happiness. Because of you I was able to laugh and smile in times of darkness. I wished with all my heart that it was a lie a cruel lie. I cried for a long time and even now all I want to do is cry and stay in bed. However I have come to realize that you would not have wanted me to be so sad all the time. You told us to tell you that you did well and you did. You changed many lives and most importantly my life with the rest of the shinee members. There will be a time in the future where I will not cry from listening to your music. This letter is also my promise to you Jonghyun. I promise that I will keep on supporting shinee because i love all the members and right now they need us more than ever.I promise that I will remember you not for the sad moments now but for the happiness I felt when I first saw you in concert, when I got my first shinee album, went through my first shinee comback, and first shinee award. I will remember your smile. Your laugh and your strength and yes Jonghyun you were strong you had a lot more strength than many people I know. This is my goodbye to you for now. Ill see you again in heaven. I hope you can wait.