Why is 'Buy Paintings Online' the most trending thing right now in India?

Did you know that a painting got auctioned for Rs. 32 crores in Mumbai? Yes, it’s true. On September 3, 2020, a 60x40 inch 1974 untitled V.S. Gaitonde oil was auctioned by Pundole’s in Mumbai for ₹32 crore. When the economy in India was shattering in Pandemic, Indian art was not just flourishing but making records. Indian paintings were selling online at record prices. There were multiple reasons behind this trend. In this blog of Dekor Company we will unravel all those secrets and understand why buy paintings online India is the most trending thing right now. Home Decor: Paintings are a great way to enhance your home decor items. They are splendour and portray great art. Most of the time they are affordable and are made by some genius artisans of the country. They add a touch of glamour to your otherwise dull walls and offer a great reason for your guests to stop and stare. As a piece of luxury, wall Decoration’s paintings are nothing less than regal. Safety: Wall paintings online India is one of the safest options in a pandemic like situation which we are in. You don’t have to go visit stores and come in contact with people. Various online stores ensure contactless delivery, sanitized delivery men and the packages hence you can safely buy the best home decor online. Premium Products: Online stores have a plethora of artworks across the world. You can have anything from traditional to abstract or contemporary only in just a few clicks. Products are checked for their credibility and to ensure that they are worth their price. To buy a Rajasthani Wall Decorations India, it’s not necessary that you have to travel all the way to Rajasthan and spend thousands to purchase it. All the painters, either big or small community painters now sell their paintings online. You can fearlessly purchase supremely quality paintings from the best home decoration stores online. Great Deals: Not just cashbacks but also affordable offers and discounts are available while you shop wall Decor online. It’s also an ecommerce business and you can save a lot of money by switching from physical stores to home decor online stores.

5 Common Myths/Misconceptions about Buying Home Decor Items Online

In this age of online shopping when big Ecommerce retailers are multiplying, most people are still insecure about buying products online, and when it comes to buying home decor items online then this fear even gets bigger. It might be a case of internet gossip, fake social media posts, or foul word of mouth. To burst all these myths and clear your misconception we have come up with “5 Common Myths/Misconceptions about Buying Home Decor Items Online”. Take a look and decide if your gossips were right or the fact that buying home decor online is a wise choice. Online Home Decor is Expensive If you are low on budget or you are a bargain lover and think that buying a home decor online can be a costly affair then fret not, we are here to help you. Buying home decor online is way cheaper than buying it from physical stores. Often in physical stores, Goods have exchanged many different dealers before reaching the consumer, hence driving up the prices considerably which is not the case with online stores as most brands are direct manufacturers selling direct to consumer. In online shopping, products are mostly bought directly from manufacturers so the dealer’s cost is cut, you get plenty of options to choose from and there are hundreds of sales and offers to go on which can further reduce your cost. Certain websites are specially made for low-budget shopping and they include premium quality products at an affordable range. Another huge factor driving down the costs for online sellers are low overhead costs such capital investment into retails space, very high rentals and so forth. So next time you shop, don’t think much about the cost, just SHOP! You will not get the right size Not able to see, feel and analyse the product, often becomes a primary reason why people don’t visit online home decor stores. They are scared what if the product doesn’t fit in their space. Before buying home decor online, take measurements of your space and have a rough estimate of the items that you want. Use filters on the website and be cautious of the size specifications mentioned in the product description. In this manner, you will never miss on size and in case your home decor product doesn’t fit in, return the home decor item as per the return policy of the company which means you need to look for a user friendly return policy and guidelines as well before buying.

10 Must Have Home Decor Items

How many times have you scrolled through Best Home decor Items in your feed or have browsed online decor stores to find “Best Collection of Home decor in India”? Every time you watch a home tour vlog of famous celebrities, do you also wish to have those exquisite items in your house? Are you also overwhelmed with Vogue, Elle India etc. for their sky touching prices? Numerous times isn’t it! In the era of Lockdown when most of the population is locked inside, it becomes very important to make the place where you are locked for a complete day worth living. This urge for statement interior designing is not just limited to the millionaires but has also made its way through the middle class families. Hence to suffice the demand for affordable & luxurious decor items, Dekor Company has launched a wide range of classic and stylish decor pieces which are the best collection of decor items till date in India. Understanding the needs of Indian families, our latest decor collection perfectly suits their style sense and doesn’t compromise either with space or with the budget. And to make the quest for the right fit easier, we have listed some wonderful decor items from our exclusive store in this column. Let’s dive into India’s affordable yet luxurious collection of rare decor items which have been labelled as the “Best Collection of decor items in India”. Vases: Glass or ceramic, metal or concrete, there’s no shortage in the choice of vases in our store! Handcrafted by the greatest artisans of India, these flower vases complement a range of tastes, be it traditionally royal or abstract 21 century style. Depending on the size and style of your vase, these can look fabulous as a standalone item (such as an oversized vase filled with dried branches on a sideboard) or work into a styled arrangement beautifully. Wall Art: