Swaminarayan Mandir Architecture and People's Belief in Swaminarayan Sanstha

All the household have a pooja room at their house, where a Diya lit every evening and God is worshipped with pure faith. The pooja mandir and idol in our pooja room serve as a gateway to communicate with the supreme power. In India, there are many different religions and every religion has different sects, their own sets of rules, traditions, and beliefs. One of the oldest and adhering to the doctrine of metaphysics as well as moksha is the Swaminarayan Sampradaya. Founded by Sahajanan Swami in 1801, who later came to be known as Swaminarayan; as he directed the devotees to chant the Swaminarayan mantra. The compound of two words - Swami and Naryan the five eternal entities viz. Parabhramha, Aksharbramha, Maya, Ishwar, and Jiva. His teachings concluded that the ultimate goal of life is Moksha i.e. liberation from the birth-death cycle. Beliefs and Practices Thought by the Swaminarayan Sampradaya All the teachings of Swaminarayan Sampradaya can be found in the Vachanmrut, the theological text. While articulating the Vachanamrut, Swaminarayan Vedanta philosophies, specifically the Vallabha, Chaitanya, Ramanuja, and Madhava. One can find the most similarities between Ramanuja’s Vishistadvaita and Swaminarayan philosophy. Significance of Metaphysics in the Vachanmrut The system of Swaminarayan Sampradaya revolves around five main entities, which are Parabhramha, Aksharbramha, Maya, Ishwar, and Jiva. Prapbrambha means God, who manifests on this planet to liberate those who seek the path of spirituality. Going by this concept, many Swaminarayan followers believe that he is the avatar of the Supreme power, including the Rama and Krisha.

Best Pooja Room Designs to Give Your Place The Royal Vibes

Everyone’s spiritual journey is extremely personalized. We all have our beliefs when it comes to prayers and faith. Thus, our idea of a spiritual space that is the pooja room designs for home is also different. We believe that worshipping brings prosperity, happiness, and peace in our lives and therefore our pooja room should be created, accordingly. With so many different cultures, castes, and religions in our Indian society, it is necessary that our pooja room compliments all the aspects. Considering the space as well as the interior of your home, you can decide on the kind of a pooja mandir for home. The pooja rooms for home combine traditions, spirituality, creativity, and innovations together. There are various designs that can be tried for big as well as small homes. Among all the designs the most popular ones are the wooden for home. It makes your home look splendid and royal. Many of them are hand carved that provides a personalized look as per your requirements. To inspire you, we have rounded up some of the remarkable ideas for pooja room designs. 1) Big Sized Pooja Room Design Many houses have separate pooja rooms. Where big sized wooden pooja mandir, usually of size 10x8x9 ft (lbh) can be placed. These rooms also have an ample amount of storage space for pooja items. This gives you an opportunity to create a novel pooja mandir design. For example, You can also fit some gorgeous brass accessories such as hanging diya, peacock brass hanging, elephant brass hanging, god idols, etc. This will totally enhance the vibe of your pooja room. Walls colours like white, off-white, cream will complement well with the brass hangings and wooden mandir. If you have a big bungalow or spacious flats, the big-sized pooja mandir is an ideal idea for your home.