Power Of Swastik

Power Of Swastik Religious symbols are important in all faiths across the world. These religious symbols are seen to be auspicious, with each emblem having its own energy. These symbols serve as a conduit for the strengthening of human-Supreme ties. There are several sacraments in Hinduism, including the Om, Shiva Lingam, Tilaka, Vibhuti, Swastika, Rudraksha, Sri Chakra Yantra, and the Lotus, among others. The ‘Swastika' is one of the most famous and auspicious symbols that has been utilised widely in all Hindu ceremonies since ancient times. The Hindu Swastika emblem has one distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart.This sign looks to be the same no matter which way you look at it. It is for this reason that it is regarded as the sun's emblem. It is also thought to be Lord Vishnu's hundred and eighth (108th) sign. The way the sun rises every morning and sets every evening, according to Hindu mythology, is analogous to how the Swastika sign, which is a symbol of infinity, never loses its shape. The Swastika is a sign that denotes both continuous growth and the ability to remain unchanging. Swastika The term 'Swastika' is derived from the Sanskrit word'svastika,' which means 'It is,' 'Good Existence,' 'Good Luck,' and 'Well Being.' According to the Sanskrit language, Swastika signifies pure and auspicious. As a result, a person who uses this symbol in daily puja ceremonies or worships it is considered to bring good luck, happiness, and optimism to them. Swastika's emblem resembles a cross, but it has four arms that bend at a right angle. The Swastika's four branches are supposed to reflect the fourfold principles of divinity, which are as follows:

Know About Planet Moon In Vedic Astrology

Know About Planet Moon In Vedic Astrology Moon is the nearest and the only satellite of the planet earth, and it shows extreme impact upon human life. It is known for the ruler of emotions, it is the best representation of an individual's inner Profundity, instincts, mood swings, emotions, feelings, and behavior. If sun rules over our spirit and soul, then Moon rules over our inner emotions and mind. In Vedic Astrology, Moon is the symbol of the goddess, that taking care of us from the very beginning of life in the form of our mother. Moon is the best symbolization of Mother, Femininity, care, love, sensitivity, compassion, and relationship between child & mother. A native of the moon turns out as best parents in the universe. According to Uttara kalamrita, a strong Moon will be good for the mentioned significations and weak will causes deficiency of the same. These significations are as follows: Mother, worship of Gauri, Pearls, Mind, Muhurta or 48 minutes duration, Intelligence, Salt, Perfumes, Fondness of Curd, Hidden of ulcerous troubles in the stomach, Strong at night, Woman, Sleep, Happiness, Liquids, Malarial fever, One who does tapas or penance, Eating, Facial Lustre, Good Fruits, Fish and other Aquatic beings, clothes. A strong moon considered as a person is emotionally and mentally strong. Such a person is capable of creating an emotional connection with others and has a good concentration. Strong moon natives are supportive and loving. They think of others' before their own comforts or needs. A weak moon considered as a person is mentally and emotionally weak, laughs a lot, cries a lot, and has no control over their senses. Such a person deals with a lot of problems, on the mental level and emotional level. As the moon is representative of fertility and bodily fluids, the weak moon in horoscope causes issues related to blood, health, milk, lungs, breast and reproductive system.