Types Of Pipeline Every Oil and Gas Engineer Should Know About

There has been a dramatic improvement in pipeline installation. This includes improvements in pipeline types as well. The pipelines are an important part of our infrastructure and each type serves a different purpose. Based on their function, making, and material they transport, we have compiled a list of the different types of pipelines used in different oil and gas pipelines in India. Based on the function of the pipeline: Collection/Gathering - After being extracted, most of the natural resources are being processed. These resources are pulled from their source and transported to the plant or storage tank for further processing by the pipeline installation companies. These pipelines are smaller in length because the time between the two points should be minimal. Transmission/Transport - Oil and gas pipelines in India transport natural resources over long-distance across cities or transportation pipelines are used. They are large and operate under very high pressures. Corrosion is among the most common reason for the damage of these pipelines along with defective welding and material failure. Distribution - The task to deliver the prepared natural resource to the destinations, such as industrial, commercial, and residential sectors is done by these pipelines. The diameter may range from 12.7 mm to 152.4 mm. There are two types of distribution pipelines - mains and service. The ends of the mains are sealed with end seals. The service pipeline connects to a meter and carries the resource to each customer.

4 Sports Activities Other than Gyming Where You Can Use Your Workout Clothes

People all over the world love to wear their gym clothes for non-gym activities for a variety of reasons. Activewear above everything else is designed for comfort and functionality. Choosing the right type of workout clothes can make your exercise experience much more pleasant and less limiting. It seems natural that the same clothes can be used for a variety of sports activities and yield great results. However, it is important to note that certain types of gym clothes are better suited for particular types of sports activities than others. For example, clothes made of a form-fitting and more elastic fabric are ideal for yoga or cycling while looser fits are better suited for activities like basketball and football. Certain characteristics are universally beneficial like having a sweat-wicking fabric that is breathable and keeps sweat away from your body. Here are 4 common sports activities apart from gyming, for which you can wear your workout clothes and get great results. Running: If you have form-fitting fitness apparel that is sweat-wicking then it can be the perfect option to wear while running or jogging. Runners require comfortable clothing that is breathable and keeps sweat out of the way. Cycling: When cycling, having form-fitting clothes is a necessity as looser clothing can come in the way of your pedals or cause discomfort in case you’re dealing with strong winds. Additionally, windbreakers are a great option for cycling so your nylon or gore-tex blazer worn as the outermost layer will go a long way. Basketball and Football (Soccer): Both basketball and football are sports that require light yet comfortable sportswear. The players are constantly moving, matches last for a considerable amount of time and endurance is the real game when it comes to these sports. In this case, wearing loose-fitting, light and sweat-wicking clothes is the way to go. You’ll get breathability, comfort and great sweat management allowing you to push for longer amounts of time.

6 benefits of e-receipts & why retailers must embrace it?

Over time, using Digital Khatas has proven to substantially benefit companies that go digital. However, not every organization has gone digital when it comes to E-receipts. Going paperless can have a lot of benefits for retailers. It helps in increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction. What is an E-receipt? E-receipt is proof of purchase. When customers buy something from the retailer, they create a detail of the item purchased. Earlier the purchase receipt was printed but with apps like Digichal digital khata book, retailers can now create and share the receipt with the customer through WhatsApp. The retailer can ask the customer whether he/she wants a printed copy or e-receipt or both. The retailer enters the customer’s mobile number and can send the same using various digital platforms. If you think the only benefit of e-receipts is that they help save paper, you need to go through the list of 6 benefits of E-receipts. If your business uses digital receipts, you can enjoy a number of benefits. Here are 6 advantages you can expect. Cost-effective - It is similar to a digital khata book, where you record all your financial transactions. Saves the cost of keeping manual records and then keeping someone to sort and fetch information from them. Also helps build brand value which in turn helps in more returning customers. Environment friendly - Using e-receipts means going digital and that helps the environment. Rather than printing a transaction receipt on paper using printers, you can send a copy to the customer digitally. Therefore saving paper..

Digichal Digital Khata book or digital dukaan for your retail business

Digital khata apps have helped solve a large risk associated with using the old system of diary khata, i.e. losing or misplacing the register or having it damaged. With the advent of the internet and the growing digital age, online payment modes and use of online platforms to place orders are now the norm, and going digital is the need of the hour. To ensure smooth operations and long-term profit, it is imperative to keep track of your accounts on a timely basis. As the world opens up, there are no longer any boundaries to selling products and services around the world. One shouldn't limit one's business to a small town when one can expand globally? Digichal helps businesses that have limited investment funds to turn their business into a digital khata business. Their mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses solve their financial accounting challenges at the same time compete with the big fish in the market. Installing the Digichal app is easy, and you can use it both on your smartphone and on your laptops. It doesn't require you to be tech-savvy. It's easy to use and anyone can use it. You can approach any bank to apply for a loan with your records and your records can be easily verified. Features of My Digital Khata Digichal app is a one stop shop for all your business needs. It provides solution to digitize all your business activities. 1. Digital khata book - You can store all your business transactions in one go. You can generate bills and hand over professional invoices to your customers.
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