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African Magazine Launches a New Preview of Nana Aba’s “Stolen Heritage”

Washington, DC (July 10, 2021) - African Magazine has recently launched a preview of Nana Aba’s book “Stolen Heritage” in her own words. As per the preview, the life of the Ghanaian poet had been so challenging that she had to struggle a lot throughout her life. Her unique experience derived from life has helped her to gather the required wisdom and truth to write down her book. She explained her journey from African Refugee Camp to International Organization for Migration Program. The preview describes how a black woman coming from the refugee camps of Africa stood by her own feet only with the faith in herself and the undaunted determination. As per the preview reported in the news, the main protagonist of the book, named Asha, reflects the strength and courage that Nana has within her. While describing the story of Asha the book mentions “Queens do not cry, they prevail.” The book is the written documentation of her story of overcoming obstacles in life. The African Magazine, founded by Soumanou Salifou, is one of the leading African magazines majorly focusing on Africa-Black America relations, US-Africa relations, African Diaspora, and African women. For nearly two decades, the magazine has been publishing engaging and informative articles that are based on interviews with different leaders, intellectuals, entertainers, and so on. Besides introducing the exciting preview of Nana Aba’s book, they have published many other articles on various topics. From Africa’s current relationship with marijuana, online counseling platforms to counsel blacks about mental health, to the introduction of Black Tax, the magazine covers everything from top to toe. The articles published here are popular for the accurate information and well-crafted storytelling process. Therefore, people enjoy reading the articles. The founder-editor of the magazine was previously a reporter at the Washington-based Voice of America. He started the magazine in 1994. Though initially, the investors were not willing to invest in the magazine, things got sorted after that. And now, it is one of the most popular magazines on US-Africa relations. About African Magazine: African Magazine is a leading magazine providing detailed information on how the relationship is going on between Africa and the USA. From politics, business to culture, current scenario- African Magazine discusses it all.

“In the Eye of an Eagle” by John Henry Hardy Explores the Challenges Faced by the United States

(July 10, 2021): This book discloses the perils of communism and how it will negatively impact the social and political life of every American citizen. "In the Eye of an Eagle" is a powerful historical fiction novel that explores the outcome of a situation wherein the United States turns into a Socialist country, a communist country. The tale depicts the challenges that ordinary American families will face if the serious political chaos ravaging the country today continues and eventually transforms the United States into a Marxist nation. John Henry Hardy served more than 33 years in the US Marine Corps as an enlisted man and officer. He attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree and later was awarded a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. While serving in US Marine Corps as a Public Affairs Officer, he wrote numerous newspaper and magazines articles that were published by media outlets throughout the United States. He was awarded the George Washington Honor Medal by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for one of those articles. He has already written a number of books of historical fiction that represent other important political and patriotic messages. Through his book “In the Eye of an Eagle”, John Henry Hardy also warns about a possible situation in which the burden of debt encumbering our country is exacerbated by the unrestrained influx of untold millions of illegal aliens, as well as the unlimited printing of fiat dollars that can eventually turn the United States into a third world country much like those in Central America, some African nations, as well as certain eastern countries. The demise of the United States as an economic and military world power will create a situation in which the Chinese Communist Party will eventually dominate the world! About In the Eye of an Eagle: “In the Eye of An Eagle” highlights the dangers to the freedom and liberty of every American that is threatened by the looming presence of socialism based on the Marxist doctrine.

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