Labrador Retriever Gifts

Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the United States as they have come in the top list of most registered dog breeds for more than 10 years. Labradors are gentle, affectionate, cute, friendly & loyal dogs and this characteristic makes them a great family dog. They are also one of the best dogs for children of all ages, and they socialize well with neighbor dogs and humans alike. Labradors have highly intelligent and pleasing characteristic that makes them easy to train and are peaceful with other animals. Exercising them regularly helps them to calm down and persuade good behavior. They need frequent grooming because they shed a lot. Labradors are a heavy eater, that’s why one needs to keep a regular check on their diet, or else they pose a high risk of obesity. The Lab is an enthusiastic athlete. They need a good amount of exercise, not just a couple of short walks to keep them physically and mentally fit. Due to their double coat Labradors can adapt to any climate. Labrador’s water-resistant double coat possesses an ability to tolerate extreme cold water for an extended period, that’s why they are excellent swimmers. They enjoy and love jogging, swimming, boating, hiking. Labradors are also used as detection dogs to track down thieves, terrorists, smugglers, and black marketers, as they possess a strong-smelling sense. There is no doubt that Labradors are great hunting dogs, guide dogs, show dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, sniffer dogs, rescue dogs, and above all they are great family dogs.

Dachshund Gifts

The meaning of Dachshund is to hunt badgers in the wild and is derived from a German word meaning “badger dog”. Dachshund’s lung capacity, stamina, shape, and size make them a great badger hunting dog. They also have the ability to track a scent that is more than a week old! In addition to badgers, Dachshunds were also commonly used for rabbit, fox, and deer hunting. The Dachshund has a big personality, an unmistakable long-backed body, and little legs. If treated well, Dachshunds are good with children and are a loyal companion. Dachshunds are good family smart dogs and are vigilant with a big-dog bark, which can also make them watch dogs. The enduring nature of Dachshunds and their unique look has won millions of hearts all over the world, despite being brave and a bit stubborn. Dachshunds are ranked high for destructiveness and were bred to be hunters. But their versatility makes them excellent family companions. The Dachshunds are usually under nine inches in height, although there are no height standards for them. They come in five colors: red, black, chocolate, white and gray. Despite their size, Dachshunds are well known for their bold and confident personality as well as their courageous nature and their cute and pleasant expressions. Over most other breeds for trailing when on the hunt, Dachshunds keen nose also gives them an advantage. However, as they have a long back, Dachshunds are prone to spinal disk problems, making it extremely important not to let them ever become overweight and always keep a close check on their weight.

Pug Gifts

Pugs in the Latin phrase are known as multum in parvo, or you can say a lot of dog in a small space. That is the personality of Pugs and it sums up its description! Pugs have a charming personality and are muscular. Pugs are very sociable and companion dogs with a large round head, black and velvety ears, sparkling eyes, and a tightly curled tail. They really can’t help but make you smile. Apart from being intelligent and charming, they are happy, affectionate, playful, and mischievous. Pugs face resembles a closed human fist and is believed that the Pug's name comes from the Latin word for "fist”. Families having children are likely to adopt Pugs as they can go easily with children and their cute wrinkled brow give them a range of human expressions. Pugs are even considered as ‘shadows’ by their owners because they follow humans everywhere and always stay close to the action, always craving for affection and attention from their owners. Pugs want love everywhere and from everyone. Pugs can’t tolerate high heat and can do best in moderate climates and with proper care. Pugs insanely want to be the center of attention and are very lovesick if ignored. They are a fond and greedy eater and can gain weight. If you are a Pug owner or wanting to have a Pug, then you are about to get followed by Pugs everywhere, including the bathroom, and want to sleep on the bed with you! One of the facts is that China is the earliest known origin for Pugs, where they were bred to be companions for ruling families in China? Pugs have been raised in luxury and were highly valued by Chinese Emperors, sometimes even guarded by soldiers.