Role of School in Child Development

School play a very important role in a person’s life. It is crucial because it teaches us about our surroundings and prepares us with the tools we will need for future success. It is a school where one spends a significant period of time, and School follows people from childhood to adulthood. As a result, it has a significant impact on the formation of children's personalities. It can also be said that the impact of school is much more significant than that of family. As a result, a school can be said to contribute in a child's overall growth and personality development. The way teachers interact with their students and encourage interactions between them has a different impact on the development of each child. There are numerous schools in India that promote not only the growth of a child but also the growth of every individual. The importance of schools in shaping child development begins in pre-school and continues throughout childhood. Children learn how to engage with teachers and other students in school. They learn how to form healthy and productive relationships while also growing them through social interactions in the classroom and on the playground. School is also important for children's social development. For example, on the playground, students learn how to play cooperatively with other team members. Outside of the classroom, they acquire many vital lessons at school such as ethical behaviour, social skills, work ethics, and so on, all while developing a sense of personal accomplishment.

Importance of Festivals in the School

India is rich in its culture, and we celebrate many festivals with different styles. Every festival represents different cultures, traditions, and customs. Children will also remember and understand the importance of festivals if they are told the significance of each occasion with the celebration. Celebrating festivals with fun and joy is an integral part of learning and developing a strong cultural belief. The celebrations make the students aware of the different traditions and bring students closer to each other's cultural believes and develop respect and understanding. Some of the important days that are celebrated in schools are Independence Day, Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Mother's Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Lohri, and many more. With so many festivals to celebrate and so many new customs to learn, Indians got multiple reasons to have fun and experience the joy of celebrations. Apart from the practical learning exposure and outstanding academics, DPS R.N. Extension, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, thrives on teaching the students' cultural values that help promote diverse Indian culture to the core. At DPS R.N. Extension, the festivals and the celebrations are discovered in unique and beautiful ways to express the reflections of various cultural beliefs and values. Festivals are inquired in a manner to express religions and their ideas and thoughts through a multitude of world festivals. It not only helps to appreciate the aesthetic values of festivals but also the creativity. Celebrating festivals is a great way to understand the magnificent Indian heritage and understand the importance of various celebrations. Being the best school in Ghaziabad, DPS R.N. Extension focuses on fun activities, qualities like sensitivity, creativity and togetherness celebrated with enthusiasm. They believe, keeping the values instilled, DPS R.N. Extension is known to be the best CBSE School in Ghaziabad and thrives to offer the right kind of educational system based on moral ethics. An effective education allows a child to bloom, blossom, and thrive when given a suitable platform.
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Things to consider while choosing the right school for your child

Education is one of the most important pillars in one’s life. Whatever a person grows up to and what he does in his life, it all depends upon where he started his journey, his school. School is also considered to be the second home of your child, so you always have to be very careful about what you choose for your children. As a parent, you always want the best for your children no matter it is food, cloth or education. But choosing the right place for your child’s education is not a piece of cake and many young parents don’t know how to choose the best out of many available opportunities. Below are some factors on which you can judge a school and find if the school is suitable for your child or not. 1. Do your research- Before admitting your child, you must know the likings and unliking of your child first. Having a better knowledge of your child’s nature, comfort zone, ability to adjust, etc. will help you find a suitable school easily for him. 2. The environment of the school- While figuring out a school, it would be better to have some knowledge about the environment of the school and how it is operated. It will also give some clarity about if the environment is favourable for your child’s growth and development. If not, you must skip that school as a major part of the day is spent in the school and it is very important for your child to be comfortable where he stays for such a long time.

How to help your child to lead a successful life?

Parenting is not as easy as it looks like; it is considered one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Every parent wants their children to have a good and prosperous life which can help them lead to successful people. There is no formal education on how to make your child successful, but day-to-day activities and events can decide a child's learning opportunities. Every parent wants to be the best parent in the world and wants their child to be fulfilled, productive and thriving in all the streams. Being successful can mean different to different people, but success is believed to get positive results. The success of a child depends on many factors. Though it is being suggested to start the healthy activities to start early ages. Basic actions to be taken care of are: Be an Accepting Parent: A parent needs to accept their child in every phase. A healthy relationship is a secret to a happy and successful life. A child with a secure environment is more likely to develop a positive attitude towards life and be more productive. So, it becomes essential for a parent to provide a better and secure environment to lead a successful life. Regular Communication and Connectivity: A parent should make consistent communication with their child that helps to build a connection amongst the relationship. Good communication leads to a better mindset and a positive thought process which leads to a successful life. Help in Decision Making: Allow your child to practice decision making in their lives. It helps them to understand what is right and what is wrong. Parents want to protect their children, but controlling can hinder their success instead of enhancing their development. Work with motivation, not rewards & punishments: All the grounds are not equal. Punishments or rewards are not reasonable long-term solutions for any problem. Sharing value is essential in learning and helps to develop intrinsic motivation.
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Top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad - Dpsrnext

Schools play a crucial role in developing a child's mental and physical health. A school is the second home for children as they spend a significant time in schools with teachers and staff. Schools help in imbibing the values, attitude and proficiency in kids to lead a successful life. Parents have become more particular about the selection of schools, as it helps their child shape a better future. Schools play a crucial role in developing a child's mental and physical health. A school is the second home for children as they spend a significant time in schools with teachers and staff. Schools help in imbibing the values, attitude and proficiency in kids to lead a successful life. Parents have become more particular about the selection of schools, as it helps their child shape a better future. Below is the list of top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad that consistently work to develop the kids for a better future, especially after the pandemic. 1) DPS R.N. Extension: DPS R.N. Extension is one of the best school in Ghaziabad that offers the holistic development approach with the growing pattern of CBSEto ensure the child's future development. The best CBSE school in Ghaziabad is well equipped with computer labs, I.T. enabled classrooms, CCTV cameras for the child's safety & security, and other CBSE norms that build the DPS R.N. Extension the best CBSE school in Ghaziabad. DPS R.N. Extension believes in creating students who are confident, responsible, happy, and booming individuals. 2) Gurukul The School: The School is located on NH-9, in Ghaziabad. Gurukul is known for its five values –RHCFR (i.e. Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Fairness, and Responsibility) are the recognized core values of cultures worldwide. These five focus values are the basis for the School's approach to Character Education and serve as the foundation for all students, staff, faculty, administrators, and parent.

How to deal with Exam Stress?

Exams are around the corner, and every student juggles the exam pressure, especially without being physically present in the classroom due to the pandemic. It has become challenging for the students to cope with the pressure while not attending the physical classes and not following a fixed routine. It is essential to follow a pattern to deal with the stress that students face during their examinations. Here are the following tips from one of the Best schools in Ghaziabad, DPS R.N. Extension, catering to the best online learning experiences and helping students deal with exam stress. 1) Make a schedule: This can sound cliche, but one must dedicate enough time to making a schedule to get everything in order. DPS R.N. Extension is one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, focusing on making its students feel more confident during exams by creating an online class more interactive and productive. When you make a schedule, you work step by step, and it helps you revise the plan according to the to-do list. It not only organizes things but also allows a student to keep track. 2) Prioritize Your Time: It is imperative to list the things that need to be reviewed and revised before an exam and how early you need to start fixing to cover everything. Then, breaking down the topic needs to be studied day by day. One must be realistic while planning and allocating time to a particular subject. DPS R.N. Extension, the best school in Ghaziabad, provides you with the study material to make the review seem more manageable and avoid forgetting the crucial. 3) Eat, Sleep, and Exercise well: Surviving on a poor diet and getting a minimal amount of movement into your day can increase anxiety symptoms. Your body needs rest in regular intervals for best performances. One must sleep for 8 to 9 hrs of sleep, enough slow-release carbs diet, less amount of caffeine with more water intake, and at least 45 mins of exercise a day.