2 years ago
Random Thoughts #1: Thots
Welcome to Random Thoughts, the one and only blog on Vingle written by Yours Truly, DZA. Today's topic: Thots. Now is it just me, or do all these kinds of girls seem to be very...how can I put this...Crazy?! Just hear me out, people. Thots all have the tendency to act loud, super slutty, and bossy as all get out, but above all else, they are absolutely PSYCHOTIC. Thots generally a large amount of sex with just about any guy with a huge bank account (Amber Rose, cough cough), but even though they hop from guy to guy, they want someone to wife them up. Now I'm not opposed to someone marrying a Thot ("Do you, boo boo!" -Kevin Hart-), but personally, I don't want to be with someone I'd have to keep my kids from sharing a cup with on a regular basis. They're also the ones who act all stuck up, even though everyone knows that she's gonna give up the Kitty Wap (that's what I refer the vagina to. Patent pending). Now before you feminists out there who just happen to stumble onto my blog, with your braided pubes ready to attack, I want you to think about this: about a year ago, my cousin asked me why it is that a girl who's slutty is considered nasty, but a sexually active man is deemed acceptable. I looked to her and said "Basically, it's like a key and a lock. A key that can open any lock is called a Master Key. A lock that can be unlocked by just any key is called Useless." I've lived by that thinking for all my life, and I don't plan on changing anytime soon. To be honest, most men feel the same way as well. So ladies, if any guy can get instant access to the Kitty Wap without hardly even trying, don't get mad when you end up getting labeled as a Thot. We men are, for the most part, honest creatures. We're just calling it how we see it. 💀DZA💀

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