Marijuana And The Trend In The USA

Image Credit: Pixabay Marijuana, also called a weed, pot or cannabis, was first cultivated in Asia, around 500 BC, before making its way to the rest of the world, including the USA. And this spread was aided by the fact that it is fast growing and easy to cultivate. Marijuana, during the early human era, was grown mostly for medicinal purposes. However, its application exceeds the health sector, as it can also be used in many other areas like in making paper, sail, rope, clothing, and also as a source of food. Marijuana, besides these many industrial and health applications, unfortunately, is also used in many quarters, including in the USA, for recreational purposes, as an intoxicant, to get high/ overly excited. Recreational marijuana became widely used in the USA due to migrating Mexicans, during the Mexican revolution, who introduced it to the USA in the early 1900s. But the resentment of these Mexican migrants, due to massive unemployment and social unrest, during the great depression, coupled with societal fear of the weed led to the abolition of the drug in 1931 by 29 USA states. And the abolition was consistent with the prohibition era view of all intoxicants, which included marijuana. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed to criminalize all but the industrial use of pot, nationwide. The law was later scrapped and replaced by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 to aid in the war on drugs. The Controlled Substances Act list marijuana as a schedule 1 drug with no medical use and a high risk of abuse.
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The Tattoo As A Natural Barcode And Health Indicator

Image Credit: Pixabay Tattoo, I am sure most of us have seen it and know someone that has it. But just for the benefit of those that have no idea what it is, it is a form of body art made to permanently linger on the body. Some of the arts are truly beautiful and may or may not be symbolic to the wearer. In the case of the latter, the tattoos could imply a spouse, child, dead relative, gang or any other thing that a person stands for. But in this modern day, where science is becoming more highly advanced in various fields of study, more can also be told from tattoos according to this source: https://www.efor-real.com/ Tattoos can now be used as a barcode to store music. I know right! But how is that possible you wonder? It is pretty simple, just go to the company with your picked song and the company will code your song to match a design/drawing. You then take the drawing to your tattoo artist to have it inscribed in your arm or where ever you prefer. Once your tattoo is done, using the company app, i.e, Skin Motion App, you can just scan the tattoo like you are trying to take a picture. As soon as the app senses the tattoo, it immediately plays the associated song. Pretty cool right? The application of science to tattoo does not stop there, it can also be used in the health sector. Scientists are in the process of creating smart tattoos that would change color based on the health conditions of the body. But to build the tattoo, scientists have to first overcome the limitation of anything else, apart from the body health, influencing the tattoo color. So looking forward to it, as it may be my reason for getting a tattoo. Please comment if you have any other idea(s) on what tattoos are been recently used for. Thanks for reading.