Hoodies vs. Sweatshirts: Which is Right For You?

A long-standing debate: Are you a hoodie person or a sweatshirt? Are you one of those people who has ever been stuck in your closet, unable to decide what to wear? If the temperature drops below 60 degrees and the slight chill in the air mean that your usual attire isn't going to cut it, there are two options for you to complete your look: a sweatshirt or a hoodie. Every fluffy, warm option can transform an outfit from comfortable to cool, or vice versa. What is the difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie? Which side of the fashionable aisle are you loyal to? Both sweaters are basically pullovers made from cotton, wool, jersey, or synthetic materials. Although the similarities between them differ, they are all rooted in similar origins. Their paths have been paralleled over many years. Sweatshirts: The Story of a Quintessential Cool Kid The sweatshirt, a classic premium pullover with long sleeves, was created in 1926 by Benjamin Russel Jr. (a quarterback for Alabama Crimson Tide). Before this invention, players were known for wearing itchy, uncomfortable wool sweaters to practice in winter. Imagine yourself running down the field in a wool sweater while being casually tackled. Russel was aware of Medieval torture devices. He imagined a world in which his football brothers could practice their sport regardless of weather conditions. Football is supposed to be fun!

Why Do The Japanese Love Kawaii Culture?

Japan is paradise if you love all things cute. It's Mecca for kawaii culture. I'm one of those Japanese girls who have a cute iPhone case and a cute handbag. I am not a fan of American cute stuff so I get excited when I visit a Japanese supermarket. Japan is full of cuteness. My sisters and their friends decorated their apartments with cute things when I visited them. My sister had several kawaii merchandise displayed on her piano, while my brother had a toothbrush holder with a cute mascot attached. It is a beautiful thing, but it was overwhelming after having lived in America for more than ten years. Japan's teenage girls are not the only ones who love cuteness. Nearly all Japanese companies have a cute mascot. Even the Japanese police force has its own mascot. HELLO KITTY is the Japanese mascot that has had the greatest success. It is also known as Kitty-Chan in Japan and is the symbol of modern Japanese pop culture. This was something I didn't know about Japan before I moved to America. There aren't many American stores that sell cute products. Why is Japan so obsessed with cute things? Reason 1 Kawaii is often used to refer to babies, small children, and small animals. They are dependent on us and require our care. Both men and women are drawn to young things in a culture that values youth. Look at AKB48, the popular Japanese band that has attracted young girls to Japan. Reason 2 - Japanese people work long hours and are subject to immense social pressure. Japan's harsh reality is completely opposite to Japan's cuteness. My sister, who is an IT worker, says that she loves going to cute stores after long hours. Japanese people find cuteness calming and a way to escape the reality of everyday life.