Pressure tanks are a fundamental part of water pumping systems. The same ones that are necessary when the water network does not provide enough pressure for the different points within a building. It can be used permanently. But also for special cases or moments of high demand. Water pressure tanks are also called hydro-pneumatic tanks, they contain air and water under pressure. They do not have an inner bladder and the air has direct contact with the water. This is how compressed air serves as a cushion to exercise or absorb pressure. The main functions of pressure tanks: They deliver the water within the selected pressure range. This prevents the water pump from being permanently on.Maintain constant water pressure in the water distribution network. Includes services such as: bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines, irrigation systems, etc. Minimizes water hammer blows. Water pumps work in conjunction with pressure tanks to maintain a constant pressure range. This prevents overheating of the pump motor and thus produces an unexpected failure. In addition, the system normally also consists of a manometer and a pressure switch. The manometer allows us to visualize the existing pressure in the system and the pressure switch is in charge of turning the pump on and off according to the demand of the system. Typical pressure ranges are: On at 20 psi and off at 40 psi or on at 30 psi and off at 50 psi.

Why Bathroom Remodeling Pays

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects undertaken by homeowners throughout the U.S. By working with an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor, you can plan for a bathroom remodel that will increase the value of your home, reduce your energy costs and save water. Using environmentally friendly materials can also help to save the environment. This is why bathroom remodeling pays. Updating and upgrading your bathroom, especially a master bathroom, increases your comfort as you live in the home. It also increases the value of your home by 61 – 74% of the cost of the remodel. Although you will not get this money back immediately, you can expect to recover this much of your cost when you sell your home. That, by any standards, is a good return on investment. It’s not only about buying a new toilet, but you can also change other things like the showerhead, the bathtub, or change the color of your bathroom. Careful planning with a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor will give you the opportunity to choose construction materials that are environmentally friendly in terms of how they are made and in terms of saving natural resources by reducing usage. Consider, if you will, that by choosing a low-flow or dual flush toilet you can save as much as four gallons of water with every flush (depending on the fixture you are replacing). Considering that each person flushes an average of nine times per day (minimum), a family of four would save 180 gallons of water every day. And low flow faucets and showerheads also save significant amounts of water. Now let’s assume that your home is all-electric. By upgrading the insulation in your bathroom, changing your window to a triple-paned vinyl framed window with Xenon gas between the panes, you will reduce your energy usage for heating and cooling by one-third in the bathroom. Then install an energy-efficient ventilation fan, an energy-efficient spa tub or shower, and energy-efficient lighting fixtures, and you can reduce your demand for electricity even more. If the bathroom you are remodeling is heavily used, your energy savings increase. Next think carefully about the materials you will use for your remodel. Your contractor will be able to help you decide which materials are best for your needs and your location. Some of the materials you might want to consider are: environmentally friendly drywall, recycled glass tile, cork floor tiles (for comfort and beauty), natural paints, and engineered wood. And you can consider other options for your bathroom that will improve energy efficiency, such as: an instant water heater for sinks, a whirlpool tub with an in-line water heater, radiant floor heating, insulate walls behind shower and tub, UV blocking window coating, a skylight or roof window (or tunnel/tube light) to bring in more natural light or motion activated light switches.

How to install a shower drain

Whether it's a renovation or a new construction, linear shower drains are the choice for almost any bathroom. Installing a linear shower drain, particularly Easy Drain, is easier than you think. In this article we give you a brief explanation on how to install a linear shower drain in 10 steps. For the best possible result, read the installation guide, as the exact instructions depend on the type of linear drain. We recommend installation by experienced professionals who comply with construction regulations.First of all you will need to buy a shower drain. You can read shower drain reviews before buying it. 1. Choose the location A linear shower drain can be installed in 4 different ways: on the wall (one side or three sides) or on the floor (free on the floor or between two walls). Be sure to install the proper shower drain model for the location you have in mind. Regardless of the location of the shower drain, the floor should be slightly sloping towards the channel to ensure that the water is drained. When the slope to the drain is insufficient or non-existent, the water accumulates and floods the bathroom. 2. Prepare the work area Before beginning the installation process, check that the floor and work area are clean. It is also important to ensure that no dirt of any kind comes into contact with the shower drain during mounting. You can protect the drain using the pre-installed (folded) sealing membrane or cloth. Before installation, the assembly process and its special characteristics should be clarified with the installer. After assembly make sure you know the complete assembly along with the installer.

Personalised bathrooms in the smallest detail

When it comes to renovating our bathrooms , we are always faced with many questions and often do not know our options. The good thing is that now you can get excellent advice, careful attention and the best financing conditions without having to leave home. we make this possible and more because we are specialists in bathroom furniture with a long history in the sector. Our mission is for you to have that bathroom that you have always dreamed of , that has a modern, vintage or chic style, that includes pieces of great quality and personalized to your taste down to the smallest detail. How to get custom-made bathrooms? Given this question, we want you to think well about what you have always wanted as part of your decoration. This intimate space can now become that personal sanctuary that you ever imagined, that you saw in a magazine, that you often see on Pinterest or your social networks and that you would love to have. If you need accessories, bathroom furniture, taps, screens, WC covers, sanitary ware that fit your budget and the style you want to achieve, everything is possible. The most important step is to visit our online store to calmly see our wide catalog of pieces from the best national brands to complete your vision. What is the process? Simple. Find the products that interest you in the corresponding categories and you just have to choose to customize them. For this you can choose the color of your preference, the model according to the aesthetic or manufacturer that you like the most, select your favorite finish and decide on that style that you are looking for.

How To Efficiently Clean and Sanitize The Toilet

That dreaded job оf cleaning thе toilet. We аll hate dоіng it, but іt hаѕ tо bе done. From Chriply.com‘s proven method thе nasty task оf cleaning thе toilet саn bе mastered efficiently аnd quickly. 8 Tips fоr a Shiny, Sanitary, аnd Pleasant Smelling Toilet 1. Start bу spraying thе bowl (be ѕurе tо gеt uр undеr thе rim), bеhіnd thе seat аnd аrоund thе bottom wіth thе cleaner оf choice. Spray sparingly аrоund thе bottom аnd thе back, уоu dо nоt wаnt tо make a huge mess. You јuѕt wаnt еnоugh tо dampen thе soiled area. An inexpensive аnd sanitizing cleaner thаt works great іѕ White Vinegar. There аrе ѕеvеrаl good toilet bowl cleaners, however, I hаvе found thаt thе White Vinegar cleans exceptionally well, kills thе mold аnd leaves thе toilet fresh smelling. A mix оf 50/50 wіth water іѕ quіtе efficient. You саn spray bowl wіth full strength іf needed. 2. Let sit fоr 2 minutes tо loosen dirt. Use thіѕ time tо put оn rubber gloves (surgical gloves work great fоr cleaning аnd аrе economical) аnd dig оut уоur toilet brush аnd ѕоmе paper towels. You wаnt a brand оf paper towels thаt аrе strong (Bounty оr Brawny work well). 3. Now uѕіng thе toilet brush, begin thе cleaning. Run thе brush fіrѕt аrоund thе rim оf thе bowl, bе ѕurе tо gеt аll thе wау undеr thе rim whеrе thе black mold clings. If уоu sprayed іt wеll аll thе dirt wіll соmе оff easily. Then finish cleaning thе bowl reaching wіth thе brush wау dоwn аѕ fаr аѕ уоu саn gо tо gеt stubborn stains.