Citizen Relationship Engagement Platform for all size of cities

Technology has always pushed our world forward. Today, we live in a realm of connectivity, social media, on-demand inquires, and quick responses. And while most people use these new technologies for entertainment and leisure, businesses and governments apply them to extend their hand to their customers, partners, and citizens. This post deals with a technology that aims to improve the lives of everyday people in a very simple and easy to use way. That technology is Citizen Relationship Management. The Birth Of Citizen Relationship Management Citizen Relationship Management is one in a series of many governmental e-programs. Modern governments have realized that their old modes of operation can no longer meet the demands of their citizens, particularly young citizens. Today, many people use the Internet to access information and find data that is essential to them. They don’t want to make calls or appointments and wait in lines so that they could find information that, according to them, should have been available online. The US government started the E-Governance program to tackle these issues. The purpose of this program was (and still is) to transform the way governments communicate with their citizens and partners. The idea behind the Citizen Relationship Management is simple – develop a program that enhances the relationship between governments and their citizens.
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