Respect Hoseok (and Hyung line) Rant :)

Hobi is the reason for my everything! He's why I like kpop, he inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what cause there's always hope, he's the reason I can get through my day with a smile, he's the one that warms my heart when I see him talk about dancing and his smile gets so big! I love him and people better give him some fucking respect before I start beatin asses! BTS WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT THE HYUNG LINE! Yes I know my UB is a Maknae, but it doesn't mean I didn't bias the ENTIRE Hyung line before I got to him. Jin is an idol figure to me! When I get older, I hope to be able to treat my kids the same way he treats the boys! Namjoon! I admire his ways of being a leader! He respect everyone and he even taught himself English! Yoongi's back story inspired me as much as Hobi's, if not more! I love these boys and I hate seeing them get disrespected by nasties! Don't even start trying this with other groups either! Cause I will stick up for every fucking one of them don't think I won't! You people who disrespect people and say that it's "Just for fun"! YOU CAN GO CHOKE! Fuck the haters! We can pull through this!💞💞💞 📢Big Account Announcement🗣 Tag List: @aliendestina @SugaOnTop @sarahdarwish @Lexxcisco @gabbycazalda @PrincessUnicorn @KristinaCaron @BetsyBleau @JohnEvans @AlyssaGelet @mitchix5 @Kpossible4250 @MariRubi @jojojordy2324 @Rosa420 @gabbylu13 @TaehyungV @OliviaZenger @RandomName @drummergirl691 @kookieandjin @MaritessSison @elainarenea @Michelle305 @FalseLove @GrizeldaZenger @Badtz @granoxgrace @reyestiny93 @slayyoongi @ashleyemmert @luna1171 @AmberFranco @LittleJiminie @SarahVanDorn @sweetwhitetiger @11erinmims @SweetDuella @ShinoYuki @kpopandkimichi @VIPfreak2NE1 @kennaxx @sophiamor @AmberRelynn @JarviaKlipka @HopefulHopie @XionHeart @AbbyRoscoe @woahdertierra @LinnyOk @Lelulge @twistedpuppy @pharmgirlerin @JinsPrincess86 @MrsJungHoseok @TaraJenner @resavalencia @CrookedShadow @SindyHernandez @RKA916 @Kpopfangirl15 @Znae If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards, let me know in the comments! And please let me know if you just want to be tagged in this story or all my cards!! Saranghae~❣😘✌️ Ps. That moment when you realize it's 2:50am which means:
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